Papa’s World – Sherry and I went to Eagles Nest to golf – a relaxing four hours – good course.

Eagles Nest – Little River – North Myrtle Beach.

We had stopped here over the weekend – as we have driven by it hundreds of times!

Two entrances and finally I just turned in and followed the road for about a mile.

And then we were there – EAGLES NEST GOLF COURSE!

What we found out later – was this is the longest course in S.C.

and maybe the longest I have EVER played!

The back tee box – if you play that – the course is over 8200 yards long!

And full of beautiful scenes such as these!

There are many marsh areas such as this – did not see any snakes or gators!

It was more like this most holes!

We were teamed up with a father & son.

We introduced ourselves – we had not planned on playing with anyone.

But – after the first hole awkwardness

It turned into a fun day!

A view down the fairway!

I had watched my wife and how she was hitting.

I noted that she was doing everything right except two things!

I told her to tee her ball up a little back in her stance –

and to always tee it up the same height.

She was coming over the top on her ball – still hitting it good but not as far as she has.

This green – she hit the cart path – this hole for her was 299 yards – after I adjusted her stance and tee height – she ripped one down the right side and it hit the cart path and followed it toward the green – we searched and searched where we thought it had gone – the two guys we were with found it! It was laying just off the green on this side along the cart path. It had gone 299 yards!

And – I might add – she beat me by FIVE STROKES on the front nine!

So much for me showing her what to do! LOL!

After I showed her the adjustment – with her ladies tee – she was out driving the rest of us!
And she continued her good play – she also beat me the second nine!

Just a word to our friends – Cindy and Buck – the ladies have to give us strokes from now on! LOL

They are just too darn good!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World



Before I showed her a new stance – moving the ball back and then letting her swing take it!

I did not get a picture after – I was too busy trying to keep up with her shots! LOL


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