Papa’s World – decided to visit the other beach near the new house – SUNSET BEACH! N.C.

The pier in the distance – we went in and grab something to eat and just sat and enjoyed the view!

We knew Ocean Isle Beach was a eight minute drive from the new house- without heavy traffic.

Now – it was time to see just how far the other beach – Sunset Beach – was from the new house.

So – we drove and it was 13 minutes!

About five minutes longer in no traffic!

So – there you are – two beaches to choose from – and if we want – we can go back to NMB –

some 30 minutes away – with no traffic.

We checked out the parking as we understand that in the busy part – this could determine where we go!

They have pay parking – which you can pay a set price for the year –

and – like the other beach – off the road parking –

but we were told to be careful on that – if you do not do it right –

like blocking the bike path or sidewalk –

you will get a fine!

The other direction on Sunset Beach which we were told was voted one of the top ten beaches in the country! And it really is nice – time will tell if we like it more that either of the other two beaches!

It was a very windy day on the sand – so we decided not to walk the beach –

but rather see where we can walk among the streets and houses.

We did find a path to walk – while not going on the sand –

and could see we could easily get our three mile walk in!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World!




Sherry – too much wind – another entrance too the beach – CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH!


Her Company: The Juice Plus Company

Her position: Senior Sales Coordinator

Business: Network Marketing

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