Papa’s World – Lions – Tigers and Bears OH MY! Spiders – Snakes and Gators OH YEAH!

Our new home and the front porch.

We knew when we moved to the South – just 8 miles to the border of S.C. in Ocean Isle Beach N.C.

That we would encounter some animals – reptiles that we had never had before!

The spiders – I just do not like – having had as a child some really scary sightings!

I later found out this was somewhat harmless – but it still gave me goose bumps!

This I think was a form of wolf spider – the second one I encountered – the first was inside the lanai!

Spiders as far as I am concerned belong outside!

The one inside was very large – and when I tried to sweep it away – the thing exploded and a hundred little spiders came out!

I managed to kill them all – but it was a Twilight Zone feeling!

I do not want those type of things inside!

If you look back at the picture of the front porch – and looking straight at it and raise your right arm and point – these next two pictures were taken less than 200 feet up the street and on the corner!

This gator I would say is about four feet long – maybe a little longer!

The man who took the picture said it continued up the hill to another pond!

There are two ponds near us – one about 10 houses down the street –

and one maybe a 1/3 mile behind our house in a undevolped site that they are working on.

We have seen a gator in both of them but never in the pond up the hill!

From where this picture is taken to the pond up the hill is like 200 or 300 yards!

Now – how it got to where this picture was taken – it had to come from behind our house-

either to the right or left!

Sherry looking through the trees to her left – that is our house.

This drainage ditch runs behind our house and turns left and follows the treeline.

When you get to the end of the drainage ditch and turn right across the lawns –

you come to the street where this picture was taken.

We saw tracks in this ditch – not sure just what they were – but they had small claws on the tips!

Last but not least is the rather large COPPERHEAD!

We have not seen any of these – but we have seen a four or five foot BLACK SNAKE!

Those are okay because they kill these bad boys.

This one was near where the Gator picture was taken.

Several neighbors have seen dead ones on the road after being run over.

There are also COTTONMOUTHS around although no one has seen them.

I am more leary of these as they are hard to spot even though I constantly am on the lookout for them.

Yes – we knew in moving to the South we would experience all of this!

But – we made our choice and are so happy we did – close to golfing and close to the beach as well

as close to all these critters! SPIDERS SNAKES and GATORS! OH YEAH!!!!

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Papa World – Sunset and night time on Ocean Isle beach with company – ice cream!

Good day!

We decided to take our company to Ocean Isle Beach – play some mini golf –

walk to the ice cream store and then go out onto the beach at sunset!

Eating ice cream on the beach just before sunset!
As we walked out onto the beach – we passed this “WILL YOU MARRY ME” proposal!

The people had gathered waiting for the surprise – we did not see it – but it was beautiful.

Eating the ice cream – no wind – warm – the tide was in.
Our comapny left two dogs home!

It was a fun day – we had gone to Sunset beach in the early afternoon –

then to dinner in Calabash and after here to play mini golf and walk the beach with ice cream!

The sun sinking in the West – dusk near – they had walked to the pier – now it was time to depart!

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And now after sunset – the rising of the moon and the glow across the water!

Papa’s World – Provision Company – a place where there is a honor system on drinks – and it works!

Provision Company at Holden Beach – N.C.

After golf at Lockwood Folly golf course – we made our way to this bar and grill –

we had never eaten here and did not know what to expect ( it was really good)

We placed our order while standing in line – and there is a very large cooler right there.

You simple take out the beer or soft drink you select – there is a bottle opener on the side-

and then you walk away and wait on the deck until your party is called –

and then you are seated!

No one keeps track of the number of drinks you take out of there –

IT ALL IS A HONOR SYSTEM and there is a hole in the wall to deposit empty bottles!

We are seated on the right at a table – and the walls and ceilings are covered with car plates –

and dollar bills! Most have names on them – hundreds and hundreds of them – and the plates have dates. Some newer and some older!

After our name was called – we were seated at this table – if you need another drink – just go back to the cooler – or go to the bar inside and order – just give your name at the bar and when you go to pay the bill-

YOU Tell them what you had to DRINK! ALL ON THE HONOR SYSTEM!

Cindy and Buck – Steve and Sherry – Elaine behind the post!

The waitress seats everyone and another comes out with your orders and calls out a Name!

You just acknowledge and they serve you!

This was a first for me and THE HONOR SYSTEM works – even at the bar!

All good things must be done!
We finished up and were ready to pay – counted the drinks – and well – hey – HONOR SYSTEM WORKS!
A good day of golfing – friends relaxing and sharing a meal!

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Provision Company – Holden Beach , N.C. view from the deck.
SUNSET from the parking lot of the PROVISION COMPANY – Holden Beach , N.C.

Papa’s World – A gathering of friends – golf challenge – Gals vs – guys – rules laid out!

Gray clouds – bag drop off – LOCKWOOD FOLLY GOLF COURSE!

Elaine and Steve – Cindy and Buck and Sherry and I – all met here at the golf course!

It would be a friends scramble – Gals vs. Guys – and of course the rules have to be laid out!

It is always interesting to say the least – NO STROKES I REPEAT!

They are just so good that it is tough to just tie them!

But Cindy is always after more strokes! LOL


  1. They play the ladies tee box – anywhere from 30 to 110 yards advantage!
  2. ( they all hit it 150 to 175 yards! Add on the advantage and you can see how far we have to hit)
  3. Steve and I hit from the seniors – he is I think 63 or 64 – I am 72.
  4. They really contested that because he can hit it long – but it also goes way left or right!
  5. We would have to use one drive front nine and back nine from each of us!
  6. That nulifies his long drives – and we pretty much were even in what drive we took.
  7. Par threes took out any long drive he might of had for four holes.
  8. Buck – who has a handicap – hits from the lady tees!
  9. The Gals will get two extra putts on the front nine and the back nine! ( keep this in mind)
We expected them to be tough to beat – and we were right!

After much back and forth with them trying to get more than what was fair – we were ready to start!

It was going to be a great day – the GALS vs. The GUYS at LOCKWOOD FOLLY GOLF COURSE!

Situated between Oak Island and Holden beach N.C. – on the marsh land – a beautiful course!

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Next blog – the match begins – WAR ON THE FOLLY!

PS. Go back and look at the rules – remember the four EXTRA PUTTS!

Papa’s World – 1.4 miles South from the last house on Sunset Beach – sits a mailbox – KINDRED SPIRIT – now going onto the middle of 5 decades

A large piece of driftwood sits on a sand dune just above the mailbox – dedicated to the man who put it there some four and one half decades ago – along with another hippie female friend.

We had read about this famous mailbox – several books have been written about it –

It is a 1.4 mile walk South on what is called Bird Island – an nature preserve –

located on the Southern half of Sunset Beach in N.C.

I am not sure if this is the other half – the lady friend of Frank – but this is one of two benches next to the mailbox – a place to sit and think and write your thoughts in the journal provided in the mailbox.
The large piece of driftwood with the plaque – overlooking the nature preserve – there are trails back in there to explore – walk in silence with only the breeze – the calling of the birds and the surf .
Papa – at the entrance to the benches and mailbox – waiting as another guest takes her picture.
I can not even imagine how all those years ago – they managed to carry everything here to install the mailbox!
The KINDRED SPIRIT mailbox and benches – this is maintained by persons unknown – has been all these years – and replaced many times as the old ones have slowly eroded away.
It is a lonely spot – yet so many people walk here everyday and leave there writings and thoughts –

throught the years – those journals have been preserved and are considered historical writings –

and are preserved in a museum! I do not know which one but I plan to find out.

The view behind the mailbox at the top of the sand dune – the nature preserve and in the distance –

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH – when on Sunset Beach – go South and I think at 40th. street – the end –

just find a place to park alongside the road – be sure your tires are completly off the pavement – and if a bike path off that also.

Then find the beach access and come to a sign at the beach – it tells you the distance to the mailbox and further down the beach – the jetty and the mouth of the river – where the Casino boats from Little River enter the ocean – going out to the International border line to gamble.


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Papa’s World – Bird Island Nature walk with Sherry – Steve and Elaine – five miles walking the surf and beach!

At the Southern end of Sunset Beach is a nature sanctuary called Bird Island

Full of marsh – water and nature trails through the dunes and along the river – all sand and sea grass!

Miles of deserted beach – calm waves and warm water – 82 degrees on the shoreline of N.C.

My thoughts to this is what this must of looked like hundreds and thousands of years before the mass immigration

from Europe and the rest of the World.

No one here – just beautiful nature sand and surf.

Our friends of many years from back in NYS visited for a week.

Elaine and Steve paid us a visit – and we went to Sunset beach – early morning before it got too hot!

When you walk South – Sunset Beach ends and Bird Island begins – no houses and only walkers

like yourself – walking the surf – riding bikes or jogging.

Almost to the bay and jetty – walking trail through the dunes.

This walk round trip is about five miles – so bring water to drink – walk in the surf to cool off –

and just enjoy yourself with the wonder of solitude – the only sound is that of the surf and birds!

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My next blog is why we walked all the way South!




Papa’s World – Sunset Beach, N.C. a day on the beach with friends – sun – sand and surf!

Our friends – Steve and Elaine Starks – true friends who appreciate you for who you are!

We have known them since our volleyball days back in the mid to late “80’s.

We have vactioned with them and their children – shared meals and presents.

Moments in time of destress and family passings.

TRUE FRIENDS all these years and now they have come to vaction in our new home.

Coming in from cooling off in the ocean.

We planed a beach week – golfing day – eating out for seafood and now – minature golf –

as their son and daughter in law along with grandbaby – join us.

It has been a wonderful time rehashing old stories and listening to new news fom back home.

They are from Portville N.Y. as were we before moving to NVA and now N.C.

They visited us in NVA and now here.

We took a little five and half mile walk on the beach with them!

One of the things they agreed to do with us was walk to what is known as the KINDRED SPIRIT mailbox

that is installed about 1.4 miles down the Sunset Beach and known as BIRD ISLAND!

It was installed there going on five decades ago – by a peace loving hippie couple.

In that mailbox are journals to wrtie your thoughts.

These journals are considered historic essays – thoughts and from all types of people and currently are in a musuem.

SUNSET BEACH is listed as a top ten beach in the country!

It is very wide when the tide is out – and rather calm – hard packed sand for easy walking!

The water was a balmy 82 degrees in mid September!

Now – the tourist season is mostly over – kids back in school – college kids gone so business scale back.

But – the beach remains the same – we almost have it all to ourselves!



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Papa’s World – Walking with friends – Sunset on Sunset Beach – water was 82 degrees!

The pier and setting sun on Sunset Beach – N.C.

We decided to go to the beach early evening – late afternoon – to walk the surf!

Our friends – Steve and Elaine – came to visit for the week.

They are from back in WNY where we lived before moving to NVA!

The very first thing we saw was a young man making this sculpture

And it looked just like a cement mound with seashells in it!

I asked him why and he said the next day was his three year anniversary and he made it for his wife!

He said he had never done anything like this before and in the middle was a heart made out of black shells!

He had placed it just above the high tide line – hoping it would stay!

He did a really good job and I wondered who had collected all the shells for him?

We continued on our way – and the water temp was a warm 82 degrees!

Sherry – Steve and Elaine

We go back to the mid to late ’80’s when we lived in Portville NY.

We were there when they had the first of two children – a boy and later a girl. Josh and Brianne.

We first met them when we were rounding out our co-ed volleyball team – 16 teams in the league.

And it was not your average back yard volleyball.

If not being very watchful – you could get a broken nose!

It was competive and several teams played in weekend tournaments!

They came to visit for the week and their son and wife will also come down from Lynchburg , Va.

We are playing golf Friday afternoon with the McBrides as they know them from our neighbors in Portville!

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Papa – Sherry Elaine Steve friends for years and years!



Papa’s World – we took a little trip across the street to Ocean Ridge – Sherry and I golfed at Lions Paw – 9 holes

This is our entrance to where we live – but right at the end of the road you see here – your turn left – go one mile –

And turn right into OCEAN RIDGE PLANTATION –

and there are FOUR GOLF COURSES in there –

and they are called the BIG CATS !


We have played all 18 of TIGER EYES – and LEOPARDS CHASE –

and decided after not playing in over a month –

to play nine on LIONS PAW!

And there are gators here also!
I am always on the look out for snakes and gators!

I actually golfed the best I have doine in a long time!

I was on five greens in regulation –

but – the greens were not great –

very slow – sand kicked up when putting!

I never missed a drive or my second shots.

I had one nine iron I caught too much turf –

but other than that I was pleased except I three putted seven greens!

I found the water on the par three and had a six!

I just did not score!

Spotting Sherry when she drives. This is the course the tonado hit back in May!

We decided to play just nine as we had been over a month –

being busy with a trip back to NVA to watch grandkids!

And it was the right one –

we used our new drivers license to get the local rates –

you have to have ID!

Sherry : CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH ssherrylynn49@fitztdf

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Afterwards – we crossed the causeway and had dinner at the Ocean Isle Fish Company on the top deck!

PAPA’S WORLD – a great finish to a good day!

Papa’s World – early morning – cloudy – gray clouds – is a storm brewing? Yes – it rained all day!

Looking East – toward the sunrise – Ocean Isle Beach – four miles away.

It looked and felt like rain – warm – slight breeze –

there is one house left to build here on this street before the turn –

and they have already framed and covered it in with plywood and starting the shingles for the roof.

There are four maybe five more that are very close to closing

and then the construction continues beyond what you see –

and winds around to a dead end that we can see in a distance from our back yard.

You can just see through the woods where they are building.

Hoping that all the construction on the street back there is done by the end of the year!

Then it moves to the opposite – the West end where they are putting in infrastructure!

The stormclouds on the West side and at the end of the street is where the infrastrucure is now going in!
Looking SW and beyond those trees – far back is the new infrastructure – we can not see it!

That tree line is protected – and can not be cut back or down!

Which is one of the reasons we choose this location!

Full of wildlife – natures sounds and yes – I believe there are snakes in there!

So – I am always looking before I step = better to be safe – but this is also full of birds –

so we have now put up a bird feeder!

We love the natural setting!

The Sun made a effort to peak through – but the clouds kept coming!

So – it went – hour by hour and then a gentle rain started – getting a little bit heavier – and lasted all day!

A good soaking rain – no lightening or thunder!

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PAPA’S WORLD – SHERRY: ssherrylynn49@fitztdf
Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.

Papa’s World – random thoughts and pictures living our life to the plus!

My first thing every morning – fix my cup of coffee!

And then it is onto writing my blog – !

All this is early – and depends on when I wake up – mostly bathroom! LOL

Once up – it is hard for me to fall back asleep – so I just get up and fix that cup of coffee!

Pushing the garbage can outside before 6 am. which is the time they want it out there!

Sunrises here are really something – the ocean is but four miles away!

This street for construction is almost done – two houses left – right across the street –

and one down two lots from us.

All the rest are down where the corner is and then around the cul-de-sac.

Passwords – I write them down!

Everything today needs a password – and I just can not remember them all – so I have a special place

I keep them safe – where I am the one who knows where to look ( Sherry knows also) !

The entrance to our development – Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – mainland side.

It is a quiet place except for the on going construction – which by years end should be done where we live.

The new phase is now having the infrastrucure put in and is away from us.

Ocean Isle Beach and our grandaughters – only four miles away.

We choose this area because we are on the mainland side – then the ICW – then the houses and business

of Ocean Isle Beach and the beach itself!

We also are close to Sunset beach – another three miles!

We are near the border of S.C and a lot of golf courses!

All the towns and communities have free open air concerts – running from mid May to mid September!
And of course Calabash – the Seafood capital of the world! Only seven miles away – a place we take company!

This area is full of places to visit and dine – all with views!

And another major reason we moved here – golfing – we try to golf once a week – and we have 20 plus courses right where we live to choose from!

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Papa’s World – free open air concerts at he community park on Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.

In our second attempt to come here on a Friday night – we made it!

A couple weeks ago after we moved in – we tried to come down to the beach – a band we knew was playing –

but there was a line to cross the causeway and started a half mile before the traffic circle.

We learned that next time we would come earlier – and we did – and had no wait – we drove right in and parked.

This venue is free and runs from Memorial Day right through a couple weeks in September.

All top notch bands – and it is a bring your own food and drink –

no glass containers – and most people have plastic cups.

Lawn chairs – just sit down where you want –

and they do have pop corn – water and soda’s for sale.

Bathrooms are here and this is located right at the traffic circle – across the road from the beach.

The band “CAROLINA BREAKERS” six members plus their road crew.

A friend of ours who lives back in Lancaster Pa. –

told me she grew up in a community with one of the band members and knew him quite well!

It is indeed a small world!

We stayed for over a hour –

and then drove the 4 miles back to Cameron Woods.

This community park sits right across from the bar and grill – “PELICAN PERCH” and the MINI GOLF!

The pier is but a short walk across the intersection –

and there was plenty of parking.

By the time we left –

I would say 3 to 400 people were scattered around.

I think a lot of them were locals

but also from beach rentals.

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Papa’s World – GOOD MORNING from Cameron Woods – N.C. SUNRISE!

I opened the garage door to push out the garbage can – and this is what I walked out to!

It was a beautiful sun rise – the best I have yet to see here!

Everything was quiet – except the birds!

I went back inside and grabbed my phone to take a few pictures.

The sun comes up right there and that is where the Ocean is some three miles away.

We get really fantastic cloud formations from here and to the West.

As we learn the area driving around – we know we made the right choice to build here – when there is no construction – everything is quiet – and a lot of neighbors walk! So we are meeting people – I told Sherry we need name tags!!!!
The neighborhood bathed in a orange glow!

It will be a good year and half before they have built out – but most of that is away from us!

Each week more and more homes close – and people are moving in.

And I am surprised how easy it is to leave the Cameron Woods community and get onto the main road.

It is a good half mile stretch or 3/4 mile in both direction and is straight so you can see.

Only once have I had to sit and wait and that was only a minute of two.

Sherry on her way back into the garage – CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH – ssherrylynn49@aol,com

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Paps’s World – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode – first day of school and Marley walking to bus stop!

On Wednesday – it marked the first day of school for fifth grade for Taylor and Cassidy and first grade for Bode.

It also was the first day for Marley – the new goldendoodle – to walk to the bus stop!

I think she has become Tayor’s to walk as she takes her all the time.

Taylor – Marley – Bode in the back and Cassidy!

At first Marley would not walk just plopping down in the middle of the sidewalk – where Taylor would pick her up and carry her – but I think she has gotten over the puppy stage now – and Taylor seems to be the one who controls her!

The three plus the dog walk a couple blocks down the street to where the school bus stops and picks them up.

We are headed there and by the time you read this will already been and came back home again.

The parents are going out of state to a wedding and we will fly home( using a few vouchers we had)

to stay with the kids and Marley.

It will be a extended weekend – and looking forward to seeing everyone including Deb – Mike and Sarah.

The other two oldest are now in college.

To think one year ago – we did the same thing – only we had sold our home and stayed there for two months until we moved to S.C. – going back and forth to Winmchester and Leesburg.

We helped out with the home schooling due to the pandemic.

The kids did well but need to structure of school and friends and classmates.

Taylor in the lead with Marley and then Cassidy followed by Bode – walking to the bus stop.

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The kids really like school – making new friends and new teachers.

First day of school and walking Marley to the bus stop!


Papa’s World – sunsets in Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.

We are so fortunate – not only do we get beautiful sun rises – but the sunsets at night are just as beautiful!

Because we are on a major curve to the ocean – if you look at a global map – from below Myrtle Beach up to Wilmington N.C. – we are constanlty getting clouds and winds from the ocean – coming in from the sunrises and then at night coming in from the sunsets.

They say because of that curve – hurricanes usually by pass this area and head for the tip of Wilmington and then onto the outer banks!

Now – if there is a high pressure off shore -then that will direct the storm into the mainland – but that does not happen often.

Beautiful sky from the west.

And the lightening storms mostly come from over the ocean some three miles away! Thunder and rain!

Never tried this but think it to be funny!!! Might be my go to in the store next time! LOL!

With the sunset behind us – the ocean clouds in front of us!
The ocean clouds to the East – our neighbors house who has not closed – and the last foundation close to us.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – from Cameron Woods Community – Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.



Papa’s World – one first day of H.S. – the other first day of College and Soccer!

OH MY! Here Sarah is first day of H.S. and Ella first day of college and soccer!

Now – Maddy is also in college – her third year of classes and also playing soccer!

Life is changing – Deb and Mike – from three girls at home – to now just Sarah.

The twin girls – soon to be 11 years old and Bode – soon to be 8 years old.

Are also growing up so fast – and so we live on through them!

Sarah growing up – almost as tall as Ella who is taller than Sherry at 5′ 9″ !

She is now in her first year of H.S. following in the footsteps of the other two. She also could of been a really good soccer player – but has chosen the arts as her focus – dance – acting – and writing!

She looks to me just like her mother Debby!

Full of life – independent – caring – and gives her dad a run for his money! LOL

Fashion – make up – leader in trends – this is Sarah!

Full of life – she wanted grandma to take her to NYC – now I think it is Paris!

She will walk her own path in life – always looking forward.

All three of these girls – are like this – never asking just giving – helping and caring for others.
Ella from her dorm room on campus of Randolph College in Lynchburg Va.

Her picture is her first day of classes and her first day of soccer practice.

She will compete against her sister Maddy in the same cofference – and Maddy is at

The University of Lynchburg – right across town from Ella!

Maddy played in 15 games as a Freshman and was a starter her Sophomore year.

Our calender is marked for when they play each other.

We hope to plan a long weekend to see them both.

Ella is so excited – on her own – no pressures from peers – just being Ella and playing soccer and taking classes.

As you can see in the picture – smiling – gentle – caring – “TINY” as we called her – all grown up!

And then there is Papa – Thomas David Fitzsimmons – graduating in May – 1967 – all those years ago.

My best H.S. friend – bottom right hand corner – Bobby – who we have reconnected the last ten years –

who in October will come for a visit – with his wife Pam – and we will play golf – beach it –

and just be talking of old times past!

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Papa’s World – the skies of Ocean Isle Beach – Cameron Woods – N.C.

The entrance to Cameron Woods walking from our home to the gate.

It is a quiet walk – not much traffic – no sidewalks or walking path – just the road.

At the entrance is the first phase – maybe 30 or 40 homes and the model.

Then – you look at the sky – and the clouds – before you head back to where we live .66 mile away.

There is only one house in the tall pines and live oaks along this route.

There are lots here sold but for whatever reason – no one is building on them –

so it reamins street lights and street signs – paved roads and empty of houses.

Then you arrive here – our brand new neighborhood – just over one year old.

This is pahse two and it is almost all sold out – phase three is having the infrasturcture put in –

and everyday – you have the clouds sweeping in from the ocean three miles away.

We have to drive some four miles to reach the causeway to cross over to OCEAN ISLE BEACH!

But we get these clouds almost anytime of the day!

Then bright sunshine – some rain and lightening shows with thunder!

Great for falling asleep at night – listening to it rain and thunder and flashes of lightening.
Just before the causeway to Ocean Isle Beach at Lowes parking lot!

Beyond those clouds is the light sky of the ocean.

And – it has been warm – mostly in the ’80’s but high humidity.

On the beach – you do not even feel hot!

And the water is warm!

Once again back home with the blue sky and white clouds.

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Papa’s World – random pictures and random thoughts –

Living life one day at a time.

We live each day as it comes – we plan ahead – we experience life – always searching the unexplored roads.

Niether one of us are drinkers – when we are with friends – but that is only a couple.

We will go weeks without even thinking of having a drink – I like to sit and watch people while sipping a beer –

she most likely will sip a unsweet ice tea – after one or two – I am done – and then a month later – do it again.

“DUDE – YOU GOT THAT RIGHT”! from a long haired young man commenting on my shirt!

That made me feel good – impressing the younger generation – he did not have to say that – and that made my day.


We often wonder WHY people do what they do – say what they say – think the way they do?

Make your day bright as the sunrise!

Each day is a new day for us – a new way to look at things and a new way to make a difference.

Passing that on to the next generation one day at a time.

I hope this brings some joy into your life – some purpose – life is a gift – cherish it – make changes

subtle if needed – a difference means so much – a purpose –

To you we give a gift of hope –

Pass it on!

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Papa’s World – early mornings – coffee – quiet – sunrises – clouds – hear the birds?

The trees behind the house are alive with the sounds of nature – frogs- cicadas – birds and the gentle breeze of the wind – the leaves – the pine needles –

I am a morning person – waking before sunrise – my favorite part of the day – seeing the breaking of the dawn.

Here – you can still see the lights on the garage – they come on at dusk and off after the Sun shines on them.

Across the street – just peaking through – the pink sky – the sun is about to shine. A new day set to begin.
Think about this sign – live life to the fullest – one day at a time.
Captured a neighborhood about to come alive.
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The quiet solitude – before the start of the day – neighborhood about to awake!

Papa’s World – golfing with wife – SHERRY!

We have always done things together!

One thing we wanted to do when moving farther South – was golf together – and we selected this area

because it was right in the middle of all the golf courses that we want to play.

Back in NVA where we moved from – we did like golfing there but it could be expensive!
We have always golfed – even back in WNY where we belonged to Saint Bonaventure golf course.

But when we moved to NVA – we found it was just too much money and not enough time!

Our friends – the McBrides – live about forty minutes from us – but they do most of their golfing within 5 miles of our new home.

We usually do a scramble for 18 holes – guys vs. the gals.

And – as usual – they always beat us by one or two strokes!

No shame there – they are putting in regulation and we can not putt! LOL

Sherry hits a straight ball – almost everytime – down the middle – I never know where I am going!
Here she is and she got a hold of this one!
The result of the previous picture drive – the green is like less than one hundred yards away!

And this was on a 320 yard hole!

Good second shot and she was putting for birdie.

Golfing with my wife SHERRY!

We try to get out once a week – sometimes we do and other times we do not.

But golfing is being outside – green grass and trees.

Wildlife sometimes – down here it is gators.

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Papa’s World – Tigers Eye – Ocean Ridge Plantation N.C. – golfing with friends.

Sherry and Cindy – we do a scramble – husbands vs. wives – and we can not beat them!

Try as hard as we can – we can stay even – first nine we lost by one – we pared and they birdied –

they never get into trouble – if one does – the other is in the middle – just consistent –

they are almost always putting for par and when they are on with the putts –

they will beat you!

This is Ocean Ridge Plantation – right across the road from our new home.

There are four courses in here and this one – TIGERS EYE is the second one we have golfed on.

This is called the bIG CATS courses – all named after the big cats of the world.


We have what is called the FIRST TEE CARD – all four of us – and we can play 32 different courses on it at almost half the going rate for the course.
Sherry just hitting the ball and right down the middle!
Cindy hitting off the tee – she hits about 150 to 175 every time!

We have fun first – laugh a lot and plan our shots – but – hey – they are tough to beat!

They play the ladies tees as does Buck – I play the senior tees.

The courses here in NC and SC are mostly all like this – except if they have a special theme.
Very challenging with lots of water and sand traps which the sand I found off my drive on every hole!
There is wildlife and water fowl all over and most courses here have “Gators”!

You just are careful – looking always for them and watch for snakes in deep grass or wooded area.

My buddy for 35 years – BUCK!

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Sherry – orange ball – another one down the middle. CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH –
Cindy – best friends – hitting another one over the trap – we have to bring our A game everytime – she has a traveling shot bag – biries and sometimes pars – just a sip – and then laugh and on our way!

Papa’s World – birthday dinner with Sherry at Sharkey’s – Ocean Isle Beach!

The sunrise on Sherry’s birthday – 7-5 looking like a wonderful day.
Before we celebrated I said ” YOU READ ME THE DIRECTIONS” and I will follow – three hours later we were done!
We decided to go to Sharky’s just off the causeway bridge to Ocean Isle Beach with views of the little harbor and ICW!
This is just outside of Sharky’s – sheriffs dock and ramp. Sherry did not know NO TRESS-PASSING until I spotted it!
Before we ordered a little selfie.
The wait was not long and the view was boats coming and going – refueling or picking up to go dinners!
This is what she wanted for her birthday dinner – fish tacos!

It was a very good day – from unpacking to putting the first of two desks together for our home office

and business –

She selected where she wanted to go and being so close – 8 minute drive – and then after – a short walk on the sand of the beach at Ocean Isle Beach –

We are but 15 minutes to another beach SUNSET BEACH!

Thank you for reading PAPA’S WORLD –

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERRY – the best is yet to come!


Papa’s World – first walk after moving in the new home – Ocean Isle Beach – water – WARM

Sitting in our lanai – we decided it was time to take a break from unpacking and enjoy our first walk on the new beach!
Papa walking the surf line – the water was warm! Made me want to have my suit on and wade in!
The beach here is not as level as NMB or as wide and the waves on this side of the pier – are rougher!

This is the view looking North after you enter the beach by the community center where the showers and bathrooms are – a large volleyball net is here as well as a very long walkway and deck system.

dThe beach also is not as crowed as back in NMB!

This is more of a resident area beach!

Looking South toward the pier – we walked down there to the other side and it was not as rough or the waves as big!


Sherry – always drawn to the waters edge – wading – it was really warm – both in and out of the water!



Papa’s World – a view from the new lanai in the new house – Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.

This is the third home we have built – one in Fairfax Va. one in Brambleton Va. and now in Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.

When we came down here in late September of 2020 – we had no thought of building a new home.

We simply wanted to check the area out and were interested in the Leland area.

Our friends lived in Magnolia Greens in a golf course community.

We had been visiting them for almost 25 years and loved it there.

But – at that time we had a number in mind and could not find anything to buy.

Our new enclosed lanai – with chairs we saved from the old house.

So – we moved on – to North Myrtle Beach to stay a few months – check out the area and fell in love with it!

The problem then became – while we could find homes in our price range – they all needed updated!

Just not our taste and way to much work to do just that!

We searched for condo’s – but the problem was space and storage and a garage to protect the car.

Our view looking out to the West and the open patio

Then by chance just wandering into a new community and the model – Sherry whispered to me –

I love this concept and want this house!

So – we checked it out and with all the upgrades and getting exactly what we wanted

we were still in our price range!

We would move into N.C. six teen miles from North Myrtle Beach area which gave us a half hour drive back to.

We would be right in the middle of all the golf courses on our first tee card

and almost one half hour closer to our friends in Magnolia greens!

The view out back – the tree line is protected and will not be cleared out!

We signed the contract in mid November and completed the sale and closing on July 2nd. 2021.

We are in our happy place – when we go to the beach – it is a eight minute drive with no traffic

and a 15 minute drive to the other beach.

We are but 2 1/2 minutes to three places to buy food – and lots of bars and grills.

Our doctors are twenty minutes away as is the major hospital.

AND GOLF – four courses right across the street!


We made the right choice – we are where we want to be – Sherry – CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH –

can run her home based business from our new office. (that was one requirement we had)

And I get to sit on the front porch( requirement I had) and also from the open patio and now the lanai!

PAPA’S WORLD a view of our new lanai

Papa’s World – some porch time at the new house – Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

AAAHHHH – cup of coffee – sitting on the glider – front porch – early morning – just me!
A look down the street at the houses under construction – we have been told by end of August – this street will be done. The sunrise from the beach some 3 miles away.
Looking West where the sunset will be. Farther up this street is the last phase – already cleared – infrastructure going in. I would guess most likely another year or more before that will be done – but there should be no more construction activity in our area after the end of the year.

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After that relaxing morning coffee on the front porch and it being Sherry’s birthday – I told her –


Three hours later desk number one was completed and we headed out to the ICW for her birthday dinner!


PAPA’S WORLD Living life to the plus one day at a time!

Papa’s World – almost complete – new home in a couple weeks – dreams come true!

Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – mainland – North Carolina

This is the new house – most of the outside is complete – and the inside is almost done.

The kitchen and to the right – the breakfast nook.

The floors are all done as is the carpet and tile.

They move pretty fast when they all show up to complete what they have to do!

View from the sun room looking through the vaulted living room – office in the middle – front door to the left and garage door to the right.
The office with french doors.
The sun room and looking out to the patio.

The text message came yesterday – we are still on schedule for a walk through on 6-22-21 –

which most likely will of happened by the time I post this blog.

The screened in covered lanai off the breakfast nook and sun room.
Master bed room with bump out windows.
Master bath – tiled shower.
The tiled shower – all the tile came from where we both worked for a combined 79 1/2 years! DAL TILE CO.
We choose to make the shower and linen closet bigger and not have a bath tub in here.
Looking back into the master bedroom from the bathroom.

We were able to pick what we wanted for the house – as long as there were options.

Second bedroom – a hall bath is between the two front bedrooms across from the office and by the front door entrance – the entrance is covered as is the front porch.
The third bedroom which is on the side of the house.

It is almost done and we are two weeks out to closing which by the time I post this – will of happened.

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The kitchen – walk in pantry and another closet that I will convert with shelving for the kitchen.

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Papa’s World – new trails -roads – paths – new neighborhood – new chapter for walking health.

Our new neighborhood – Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – mainland side – North Carolina

We decided to walk the new trail at the end of our road before the culdesac.

This winds around the pond and through the woods and back to the pond again.

Leaving our new home and walking down the street to the entrance to the trail – path.
The entrance to the trail head with the pond on the right and headed to the woods.
These lots were our first choice had they been available – but they were all purchased – in fact – someone backed out on our wooded lot and we grabbed it right away as we wanted a private back yard.
This is the smaller of two ponds and maybe a third they are developing – the other larger one is in the new construction area and am hoping this trail will eventually be tied into that one!

The new construction area is just over that treeline which is considered a wetland and is protected and will remain that way.

Into the woods – the path winds through the wooded area and in the shade – a lot cooler on a hot 90 plus day!
Sherry walking the path – birds were everywhere! There were areas where it looked like other paths would be planned and paths expanded.

The walk was about 15 minutes long – not quite a mile – but this is only one place to walk –

the other places all together add up to another 3 or 4 miles!

Here we come out of the woods to the opposite end of the pond from the start.
Now we are walking into the culdesac which is behind the tree line in our back yard.

We also could of chosen a lot back in here – but these houses would of been a later closing date.

Walking back up the street toward our new home which is just beyond the last house you see here along that tree line – that house would be our neighbors house.
The street leading back to the house.
SHERRY CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH almost home – just beyond that white truck. The Juice Plus Company home based business

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Papa’s World – the new home landscaped – irrigation in and trees planted!

In a few days we will close and be in!

The landscape is done – I am not a fan of pine needles instead of mulch – but we had no choice –

May be one of the first things we change!

But – here are two Crepe Myrtles on either side of the house –

plus a live oak tree in the front!

Here is my favorite – front porch – covered and in shade most of the day!

I am a front porch sitter – talking to people as they walk by –

this is one of the main reasons we choose this elevation –

plus the fact we could convert the dining room into a enclosed office space with french doors!

The back of the house – master bedroom to the left – open patio center and the covered enclosed lanai.

We will have a portable fire pit out here with furniture – and it was suggested to maybe a retractable awning!

The lawn runs to the treeline – which will not be cut down – and these will be the only houses you will see on the other side! This is a protected area – can not even touch the tree already down.

We have a decent sized yard – and since we sold all our yard work tools – we will contract out the mowing!

Inside the covered lanai looking out – first thing to go will be the pine needles!
The protected tree line to the right of the house.
Looking straight into the woods from the open patio!

We are happy with the back yard and the way it slopes into the woods. Drainage will not be a problem.

We are in a no flood zone here and 54 feet above sea level.

The ICW is straight East from here 2 to 3 miles away.

If a Hurricane does present itself – we will leave and go inland or to our friends.

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Papa’s World – the trim work is done – the grading complete – doors hung – almost there!

The dormer siding is done – landscaping in and irrigation done – the grass is in even though I have no pictures!
Before the landscaping and irrigation – the grading – has to be smoothed out!
The irrigation in and being tested – the landscaping in – grass has now been added – as has the garage door – and gutters are on – the lanai has been screened in and painting on inside started!
The trim is done – repairs made to drywall and sanded down – painting has begun! This is the sun room.
The lanai which has since been screened in – Sherry standing where door will be to the open patio and fire pit.

We get daily updates from a neighbor – the Quartz has been delivered – I know there was a wait for the tile!

French doors to the office – this is one of the main reasons we selected this model – along with a front porch! The layout provided us a place for desks for Sherry’s Internet business and a place for me to write!
Nice size trees and one more on the other side of the driveway! I like the bushes – and we will develop the back the way we want to plant – we envision large planters of flowers also.
Sherry standing in the covered front porch which I wanted as I sit on the porch all the time- Love when it is a light rain!
Walking is our way to stay healthy – praying for World peace – loving our family – friends – neighbors!
Hall closet – pantry and kitchen with island – quartz counter tops and 12 inch subway tile for back splash!
Breakfast nook with windows out to the enclosed screened in lanai!


MASTER BEDROOM – Tray ceiling – bump out – ceiling fan to be installed – there will be a total of seven ceiling fans to circulate the air when not using the AC!
The left side of the house with landscaping and third tree!



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Papa’s World – Drywall done – cabinets in – tile next – getting close!

We pulled up to the front of the house – DRYWALL in the trash bin!

You see – there has been a delay and shortage in drywall – all over the country –

which has held up our completion by a month! Along with inspectors and inspections!

I was excited as this meant the drywall was being put in!

When I walked into the garage – it had the first coat of MUD on!
Then – I went inside and it was all done – first coat of mud – we were back on schedule after four weeks!

It has been a long four to five weeks with hardly any progress – but we prayed and it is now moving forward.

Looking toward the front from the sun room – to the left – hallway – entrance to the bedrooms and bathroom – middle is outer wall to the office – and to the right hallway to laundry room and garage. Open space is vaulted living room.
The kitchen and breakfast nook.
Window to the left – breakfast nook and the yard – rear windows – the outside enclosed lanai.
Looking from the hallway into the living room – to the left – kitchen island and the breakfast nook – to the right – Sherry standing in the sun room. The whole back of the house is windows – open patio behind her through the windows.
Master bedroom with bathroom to the left and hall way door to the right.

And two days later when we visited – the mud on the dry wall was completed – sanded – and we had CABINETS!

Kitchen and Island
Master bathroom
Guest bathroom

We are excited – they told us tile is going in – grading outside – doors to be hung.

Now there is a delay and shortage on PAINT!

Because of the ICE STORM in Texas and the Pandemic.

They told us they would continue doing the things they could until they got the paint.
Master bedroom

Thank you for reading Papa’s World





Our new community – Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – mainland side – LOT # 89!

We are happy – moving forward -perhaps by the time this posts – we will have a move in date!

Our lot is backed by trees that will not be cleared – it is deemed protected wetlands.

We will have lots of roads to walk and new trails going in.

Almost all the purple area has been sold years ago – but no one has seemed to build on them –

maybe a half dozen really big homes!

We do not know why – investment?

You can buy lots there from individuals for a hefty price!

For now it remains paved roads – old growth shaded trees and street lights – utilities

and beautiful green areas and ponds.





Papa’s World – Sunrise – Ocean Isle Beach – Fish Market and the views of the ICW!

A Sunday morning sunrise from our condo – in Ocean Keyes – North Myrtle Beach – S.C. WELCOME!

On this Sunday morning we decided after church service at the new church we will be attending –

We decided to visit Ocean Isle Beach – which will be less than ten minutes from the new house!

We need to explore this area as most likely it will be where we go to.

They have a summer concert series of live music beginning the end of May.

So we checked out the stage and open seating area – it is bring your own chairs and maybe food and drink!

We walked to the community center which sits right on the beach –
has bathrooms (clean) and outdoor showers plus covered picnic tables.

Beach access and a volleyball net and court. We found where the public can park for free –

and it will be a great place to take family and friends.

Close walking distance to bar and grills and shops!

One of the two walk ways to the beach from the community center – the other is a long ramp for handicap access! Well thought out and it is open from 10:00 am. to about 5:00 pm.
One direction of the view of Ocean Isle Beach at almost high tide!
The opposite direction of the beach at almost high tide!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – the next blog will be of The Fish Market bar and grill!

We found Sharkey’s also but will return to try that one!





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Papa’s World – Memories from the last six teen months – Ocean Keyes – S.C. – new home.

On October 1st. 2020 – this became our new home for nine months!

We had no idea we would end up in North Myrtle Neach.

My friend would ask me WHY we choose there?

Well – the best answer I can give is I came across this condo –

on a site that listed houses and condos for sale!

I expanded the search area and this picture or one like it – came into view!

I showed it to Sherry and we decided right there and then we would rent it!

First – for three months – then we extended it to five months –

all because we looked and looked and decided it was just as good to build –

as it was to buy! We could have what we wanted and not upgrade someone’s home!

So – we made our choice in Cameron Woods – across the border into N.C.

It would be a brand new build and we set about making our selections –

and at that time we extended our lease until the end of June!

Which would be a total of nine months!

We tried very hard to stay in this area – but cost and being too close to the Ocean

played a big part in where we ended up!

We are with in four miles to a beach and six miles to another beach!

We can drive one half hour back here to North Myrtle Beach.

We are in a new development – and right in the middle of a dozen golf courses!

We are in the country but a mile and one half to a gas station and a couple miles to a Publix!

In November we signed our contract and made all our selections.

We are on schedule for a early June closing!

We will walk a beach everyday – which has been our dream – we have a community of neighbors we have already met.
Our new home – roof done – siding almost done – stacked stone done – doors and windows – done – plumbing done – electrical done – insulation done – dry wall to start and by the time this is published – will be done – as will most of the inside – outside trim – almost done – utilities – connected – we are almost there!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World.





Papa’s World – more memories of the past 16 months – living life doing it my way!

Papa Jimmy Buck

In this picture – my friends of the last 36 years for Buck and 40 plus hears for Jimmy!

Jimmy and I worked together and played softball together in the mid to late ’70’s!

In the back ground across the pond on this hole in Magnolia Greens –

sits Buck and Cindy’s new home they built a couple years ago!

I really like this area and would of moved here if we could of found something

like this and in our price range.

Friends and golfing buddies – MEMORIES!

Buck Cindy Dottie

Dottie – Jimmy’s wife and Cindy – Bucks wife – all these years still getting together!

We all moved away from our home town areas.

Yet – at least twice a year we manage to get together –

here we are at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach!

Speak no evil – see on evil and hear no evil!

In the last 16 months – sometimes we struggled to balance social distancing –

and that was very true with family.

Sitting in our garage while the three little ones sat on a tarp in the lawn at the end of the driveway.

Or visiting them standing outside and little Bode hiding behind his parents peaking out at us!

That broke my heart.

But – we have come a long ways on this – we did stay with family after we sold our house

at the end of June last year!

Family is important and we have been tested twice and so have they!

My little buddy – Bode – who when we stay with them – will come down the stairs to the bottom area where we stay –

PAPA – can I sit on your lap!

This is at 5:45 am. – while I am writing my blog!

He knows I wake up early and down he comes- when we are not here – he sleeps in!

Last week he asked me on a kids message –

he had called me – “PAPA – WHEN WILL WE SEE YOU AGAIN”?

I tear up when he talks to me like that!

When the family Krohn – the three little ones and Marcus and Tammy – came to visit on their Spring Break.

Here we are having lunch after they drove 6 hours – at Crooked Hammock at Barefoot Landing!

They spent all weekend and until Friday of the following week with us!

This made us very happy as they got to see where we are and where we are building our house.

They now know it is but a six hour drive for them to visit!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World-

My blog on memories will continue with my next blog.





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Papa’s World – A new church for us and the stacked stone installed in the new house!

Our life has moved on – left behind memories of our former church – just as we did 22 years ago.

Each one holds a special place in our hearts – the first where we were married –

the second where we found a home and friends.

And now the journey begins – another one near our new home.

The stain glassed window – the same as in our last church – a reminder of friends and services – memories!

Right now – this is our future choice – Saint Lukes Lutheran Church

in Ocean Isle Beach right on route 17.

We have to call to be put on the list each Sunday – because of covid restrictions.

But – we were welcomed and social distancing practiced.

Time will tell if we have found a new place to worship –

one that is but 4 plus miles from our new house being built,

Our first time inside the roof and walls of a place of worship in over 13 months.

We left the service and drove to the new house build –

The windows and doors are all installed – the roof is done and almost all the siding and outside trim is done.

Driving up – the beautiful stacked stone is all done!

Our first view of the siding and the stacked stone and the outside trim.
A closer look – the front porch and the garage – the front door and the front bedroom.
This will be my place to sit – the covered front porch – I had told Sherry when selecting which house to build – I must have what we had back in NVA – for I loved sitting on the front porch in the rain or just talking to people walking past!

I have always loved front porches – we had a large one as I was growing up –

I would spend hours on it watching the cars go by with my mother –

Talking to people as they walked by – everyone knew “MARY”

and would call out to her or honk their horns –

I am most like her in tat way!

The two car garage – which will have pull down stairs and storage overhead!

Our thoughts on this – have shelves with towels as the outside water bib is just to the left of the corner.

That way – when coming back from the beach – a place to wash off the sand!

Second thoughts we have discussed – putting a enclosed white vinyl fence with a gate –

And a tank less water heater – for a place to shower – as a third shower for the house if we have lots of company!

I have seen them all over down here – really nice with a place to sit and a place to hang clothes and towels!

On our wish list along with taking the screens out of the enclosed covered patio and glass it in with sliding windows!

It has been a adventure these past six plus months.

Building a new home – and moving South!

But – the electric is done as is the plumbing – they are starting the insulation and then the dry wall.

We are excited – and ready to move in and begin out next phase of our new chapter.

Going to miss our view – but we will have pictures and memories!


Thank you for reading Papa’s World




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Papa’s World – decided to visit the other beach near the new house – SUNSET BEACH! N.C.

The pier in the distance – we went in and grab something to eat and just sat and enjoyed the view!

We knew Ocean Isle Beach was a eight minute drive from the new house- without heavy traffic.

Now – it was time to see just how far the other beach – Sunset Beach – was from the new house.

So – we drove and it was 13 minutes!

About five minutes longer in no traffic!

So – there you are – two beaches to choose from – and if we want – we can go back to NMB –

some 30 minutes away – with no traffic.

We checked out the parking as we understand that in the busy part – this could determine where we go!

They have pay parking – which you can pay a set price for the year –

and – like the other beach – off the road parking –

but we were told to be careful on that – if you do not do it right –

like blocking the bike path or sidewalk –

you will get a fine!

The other direction on Sunset Beach which we were told was voted one of the top ten beaches in the country! And it really is nice – time will tell if we like it more that either of the other two beaches!

It was a very windy day on the sand – so we decided not to walk the beach –

but rather see where we can walk among the streets and houses.

We did find a path to walk – while not going on the sand –

and could see we could easily get our three mile walk in!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World!




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Papa’s World – visit to the new build – roof is done – siding half done – insulation this week!

Every Sunday we go to Cameron Woods where our new home is being built – no one is working on Sunday so we can look it over outside and inside – and our builder calls us each Monday to give us a update. That way we can ask questions if we see something and get answers without meeting in person.

Here is the front – siding in entrance way is done – roof shingles done – back and side siding half done.

The right side of the house – back to front – breakfast nook – kitchen – window laundry room and then the garage.

At the rear will be the covered – screened in lanai.

The covered – screened in Lanai with the back door and then the open patio. To the right is the breakfast nook and kitchen – all windows.
To the right – covered Lanai – open Patio and windows of the sun room – then the master bedroom.
The rear – Master bedroom and going to the front – master bath – bedroom 2 and then bath two and then bedroom 1.

They have told us we still are looking at early June for closing!

Keeping fingers crossed!

We are in the condo until end of June – we have a storage unit 3 miles from the new build.

If needed – friends have offered us a place to stay.

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Papa’s World – Stopped at Patio’s in Little River S.C. Saw Weekend with Bernie and a Eagle

We had journeyed to Cameron Woods – to see how the construction on the house was coming along!

No one works on Sunday – so we could park and walk around!

Then – after we left – I said – ” How about we drive down into the waterfront at Little River”?

When we first came down here – we had driven down into the area and saw all these neat local places to eat!

First impressions are – you want to go with someone else – there is a biker bar there.

But – after walking around – I can now see it is okay!

We followed some signs that led us to a place called PATIO’S!

Off the beaten path but we walked to it!

And – then we were greeted by BERNIE!


I laughed – this was funny – and a place I felt comfortable in! BERNIE!
We seated ourselves on the outside patio decks – and listened to the live music.

I had my first draft beer in three weeks!

I really do not drink all that much – seldom the hard stuff – mostly drink water!

But – for some reason sitting on the ICW – listening to a good lady singer –

singing from requests all the music I love – EAGLES – when low and behold – one perched just outside the deck!

A bald eagle landed and sat there while she was singing a EAGLE’S song!
Then it lifted off and soared overhead – circling the entire patio!
And landed once again on the peak of the fishing shack right beside us!
We decided we are going back here and bring our guests here!
Sherry had the Sushi from the Sushi bar! And said it was very good!

I on the other hand did not eat – but rather had my second draft of a light IPA


Normally I do not drink IPA’s as I feel they are too heavy – but I liked this one –

enough so I had a second one!

12 oz drafts are just enough for me!

View of the ICW from Patio’s!

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And of course come and visit Bernie at PATIO’S – you just might also see a EAGLE while listening to a EAGLE’S song!


Papa’s World – Our happy place – back from the North – walking the beach!

We had made our second trip back home to NVA!

It was cold – no snow – sunshine – seeing family –

Running errands and keeping appointments.

Arranging the clean out of our storage unit and moving it South

To Ocean Isle Beach storage.

Admiring the sunsets of NVA.

But – once again we set forth and traveled back to “HOME” in S.C.

Where we will be for a total of nine months until our new build is finished!

Sherry – videoing the surf and calmness of the Ocean!

Back to our HAPPY PLACE as Sherry calls it!

THE BEACH where we try to walk every day.

SUN- SAND – WATER – life is good.

Looking toward North Myrtle Beach!

We had always talked of one day being able to walk the beach every day!

I never thought we could make that happen.

But – then the stock market slid South last March –

Taking 30 % or our 401K with it!

On the positive side – our house gained in value!

We discussed it and decided now was the time to cash in on the home value!

We started the process and with 24 hours sold our dream home.

For way over the asking price and most of the furnishings!

We were now Vagabonds!

Free to go where ever we wanted to.

First for three months we would stay with the daughters – helping out!

Then we would head South where it is warmer and no SNOW!

And by chance we ended up here – in Ocean Keyes – North Myrtle Beach!

Today – we are building some sixteen miles away

In Ocean Isle Beach – West of the ICW!

Sherry walking to the water’s edge.

Where a short ten minute or so drive – we can walk the beach!

Healthy living – eating ( I love Kale) and walking three miles a day –

in the sand – warm – listening to the sound of the waves!

All because of the stock market slide a year ago!

Papa and Sherry – our HAPPY PLACE!

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Team partners welcomed!


Papa’s World – Where did the time go? New build – garage and entry.

Our new home being built in Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – Brunswick County – N.C.

As you can see – the garage has a entrance directly into the hallway and laundry room!

Our life has evolved – from NVA to S.C. and eventually N.C.

All in the span of some nine months!

Where has the time gone – and when did those 40 years fly by?

We started dating in early 1981 – married in June of 1982 –

and today – building a house!

The garage with Sherry looking into the laundry room and the kitchen straight down the hall.

The garage has a overhead storage area with pull down steps.

The three entrance doors are leaning against the walls.

There is a pipe coming up out of the cement floor that I have no idea what it is for!

We are hoping to be in by early June!

We have a storage unit nearby and have our belongings in there.

The beginnings of the kitchen – island and the breakfast nook – bump out window and beyond the covered over windows – the screened in covered lanai!

The walls have been coated on the bottom with a termite barrier!

The floor plates are bolted down into the cement

and metal corner braces to code for hurricanes installed!

Solid construction to N.C. building codes.

The vaulted living room and the extended sun room and to the right – the master bedroom and bath and closet.
Sherry inspecting our office – where we will do our home based internet business – – which will have french doors – and beyond her is the hall and laundry room and to the right the kitchen.

It was exciting to tour on a Sunday with no one around!

The spare bath – just across the hallway of the office and to the left and right will be two bedrooms.

This is the third house that we have had built – most likely our last – both of us will be 72 !

If you wish to see more of the build – visit my previous blog

Where did the time go?

It has the pictures of the rest of the house!

The living room – sun room – breakfast nook – kitchen and beyond the patio and screened in covered lanai!

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Sherry and our family – the Winchester Va. family!




Papa’s World – New home – the build begins – living our dreams.

As the day begins at the condo – the build of our new home begins some six-teen miles away – in Cameron Woods at Ocean Isle Beach – N.C. We searched and searched – but all in vain as the cost to buy was equal or more than to build what we wanted!

Our view here I shall always remember – in all we will be here for nine months!

I captured this shot as a flock of geese were coming right at me before

rising up over the lanai and roof.

We decided to build – that way we would have everything we wanted

A single story – no stairs – covered front porch – screened in covered lanai.

Close to the beach ( four miles) in the country!

Close to golfing ( over 20 courses near by)

And with in 6 1/2 hours to travel back home

or family to travel here!

Materials for the new home – ground is ready – all utilities in and inspected – waiting for pour of concrete!
Forms and moisture barrier
Some view in one direction of neighborhood – I think in total maybe fifty homes will be here.
When done – a two car garage with pull down stairs and finished storage overhead.

We will have around 1900 sf. of heated space –

in addition to a 140 sf covered and screened in lanai

and a open 10 x 14 concrete patio.

There will be a covered front porch

and views of the neighborhood.

The back will be woods with no one building there

as it will be a conservation area.

We will be four miles to Ocean Isle Beach and six miles to Sunset Beach

A thirty minute drive back to North Myrtle Beach

and a fifthteen minute drive to Calabash

and a fifthteen minute drive to Shallotte.

All this in the middle of some twenty golf courses we will be playing!

The concrete is poured – and rain is now slowing up everything!

But – all the inspections have been completed

and our contractor calls us every Monday to give updates

and answer any questions!

The forms are out – concrete is in – framing will be next!
View of the garage and the woods behind the new build.

We drive over every Sunday – no one is working!

That way – if it is not raining – we can get out and look it over!

This will be our third house together building.

All three were unique and we have input on all of them.

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