Bio: Retired - The Blog is a result of prompting from my wife Sherry - who encouraged my love of writing - putting down in words and pictures - a journal of our lives - family and friends. I had been writing on FaceBook - but those go into the cloud never to be seen again. Now - with this site - I have hundreds and hundreds of stories of our life together. Our adventures and our home-based business. The Juice Plus Company - health and nutrition plays a major role in our retirement both in aging healthy and providing that extra income to sustain our lifestyles. Welcome to Papa's World - WHERE FRIENDS MEET THE FAMILY & FAMILY MEETS FRIENDS! Thank you for supporting and reading this blog site. To join for FREE - click LIKE at end of the blog - then click SUBSCRIBE. You will get an email for each blog I write - enjoy - the best is yet to come!-

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    • Lisa – how exciting! We have used all the products going on 16 years! If you need to ask any questions – please feel free to ask. My wife – Sherry – is an SSC for the company and our daughter – Debby is a QMND. We love it and as long as we live will take it. You made a wise choice and an investment in your future! Thank you for commenting and thank you for following my blog – please share that with other peeps – I now have 475 followers and it simply is just my way of writing down our lives daily for the future generations of our family’s. HGD!


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