Papas World – exploring Saint Augustine – Florida

After stopping in South Saint Augustine

we decided to park just a block from the historic OLD TOWN!

The harbor at Saint Augustine
We parked and walked the seawall

We had been here maybe four years ago

but decided this time to just take a walk around

and end up at the old fort!

The air was warm – at least to us in the sun!

We walked the old streets and I thought just how commercial

this has all become.

It seemed like every other building was a ICE CREAM STORE!

And although the old buildings were still there

they were mostly shops and places to eat!

I was somewhat disappointed in that I wanted history –

and sadly – it just is not there like I expected!

However – with all these shops
they had provided a place for ME!!!!!

We still walked the old street and made our way to the OLD FORT!

Now that was still like it was all those years ago!

So we walked the sea wall
and straight ahead
is the Fort
with walls jutting out
to make a enclosed little harbor

The fort had walls that looked to me

were built so that a small rowboat

could disembark from a ship

row through a opening

and people could then step onto the steps

leading up to the area outside the fort walls.

We managed to be there at the right time!

As we stood beneath the wall

where the steps from the enclosed harbor were

we were just in time to witness the firing of the cannon!

It was loud and must of been a couple hundred people watching!

I still am amazed that this was built
all those years ago
when this country was so young!

The town itself is impressive when you consider

that there was no place to BUY materials to build it!

They had to shape all these huge boulders

and life them into place!

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The streets of OLD TOWN
Saint Augustine
almost all commercial now!

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Papas World – roads less traveled – coastal highway

We continued our trip North –

on the Coastal highway 1A1 –

toward Saint Augustine Florida!

On the entrance to the beach
just South of the old historical
Saint Augustine!

We stopped at a red light and Sherry said

“Lets turn right here & see if we can see the ocean”!

Well – it happened to be the access road to the beach

and this bar sat right there on the left hand side!

The Beachcomber Bar
and eatery
had fantastic fresh caught RED SHRIMP!
Very large steamed and peel!
Along with a honey IPA!

We had no idea but it was time to stop

for a bite to eat!

Come to find out – both Debby and Tammy had been here.

Along with some friends of ours

and other friends said they also were going to stop!

It also happened to be the entrance to the beach
and where you pay to drive on the beach
there was a very small parking lot
mostly for the Beachcomber
and a guy sat on a camp chair
directing people into and out of the lot

The shrimp were extra large

steamed and peel – with melted butter and hot sauce dip!

The beach street is called
“A ST”
And all the rules and directions to follow

While we sat outside – a lot of cars- trucks etc.

came and went in and out!

We actually ordered a half pound

and it was so good we ordered seconds!

Looking back from the beach
to the entrance and the Beachcomber

It was a relaxing time -sitting in the Sun –

eating shrimp – sipping some beer

and knowing our journey to Jacksonville Beach

would continue – but first we were going to stop


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Papas World – traveling the back roads of Florida!

We left our rental on Friday – the 28th at 8:45 AM.

But one last stop and picture

one of our walks we took almost everyday!

There was a blocks long park with a walking path
right across the street from us.
Either direction we went – trees – oak – palm
and these yellow flowered trees!
Everything was blooming and so green!

We decided that we would avoid the major four lanes

and drive the roads less traveled

even though it would take us through towns

red lights – and maybe a little longer!

We would end up at Jacksonville beach

for two nights for Sherry to attend a regional conference

for her Juice Plus Company – and our room –

was Ocean front – with a balcony!

Flagler Beach

The roads were straight – mostly four lane

speed limit 60 and hardly any traffic!

It was just peaceful and full of wonderful views!

And we made great time and were at 1A1 –

the highway that runs alongside the Atlantic Coast!

The first beach we came to was Flagler Beach-

very narrow but really a blue color to the water!

Hard to see the color
but it was not the typical Atlantic
color you see up and down the coast!
Very narrow beach
going in both directions
no houses on the beach side
all across the road!
I do not know what it would be like in a storm
not much space on the beach!

We then headed North and our next stop was at the

first Marine land!

I had no idea this was here
And it was the location where they
shot the old TV series
which I watched as a child!
I actually met Lloyd Bridges and his wife
at a airport as they were waiting
for their flight.
Somewhere I have a picture of them!

Many famous people have been here and at one time

it says there were more Dolphins than people!

This beach was much wider
and the boardwalk and restrooms
were very nice.
At first I thought these boulders
were put here
but the sign says they are 100’s of thousands years old
made from sand and other substance
A very nice boardwalk along the beach

And you can see where sand has either blown in

or washed in?

Not sure – but in the next picture – there was a lot of sand

on the boardwalk!

Sand on boardwalk at Marine Land!

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Papa's World – Traveling the highway – off the beaten path

We went South to Virginia Beach for a surprise birthday party –

’95 has a new express lane –

toll – opened up in the last year –

Where it merges causes a major back up for miles and miles

bumper to bumper –

four lane – MILES !

going perhaps five miles a hour !


On our return trip – I told Sherry – no more –

I am not going to get into that mess –

I AM TAKING ROUTE 17 all the way home !

I checked Map Quest – only eight miles different –

slower speed limits – so one hour difference –

Now factor in the stop and go traffic from Fredericksburg to Potomac Mills

you lose

thirty to forty five minutes –

ROUTE 17 here I come !


What a peaceful ride – hardly any traffic –

speed limit – high of 60 posted –

35 through towns –

Almost all four lane roads through the countryside!


This picture is exactly as we saw it mile after mile –

Countryside for most part flat –

Green and well kept farms and homes.


A beautiful town along the river – Tappahannock Va.

Note to myself –

Have to go back sometime to check this out !


We followed this river –

the RAPPAHANNOCK for miles –

A really nice area.

Countryside along route 17 in Virginia

The countryside along 17 reminds me of back home in SWNY & NWPA

You could do this almost the entire trip
and not see much traffic!

I will almost always take this way when I head South –

At least to get below Fredericksburg –

It made for a great attitude

I hope this helps you out when you travel South through Virginia –

Even in stormy weather it is better –

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Papas World – Big Bend power & the Manatee's

Look closely in the water
there are hundreds
of Manatee’s

We took a trip to the West Coast Of Florida

To a power plant at Big Bend ( water power)

And in the cold weather –

it is a haven for hundreds of Manatee’s!

In the water
by the power plant

The water is also loaded with all types of fish!

The bay is calm –

the water warm from the power plant

There is a brand new
multi million dollar
state park viewing area
and it is all free!

The park is run by the state park service.

The walk way extends hundreds of feet out into the bay.

Sherry and Ella

There is also a tank where you can pet sting rays!

Looking down from
the observation platform

The bay is hundreds of feet across to the power plant

and full of Manatee’s!

You could watch them play

Jumping up and flipping over-

two or three together!

The walk way extended way out to the bay
The walk way cut through the mangroves!

I have no idea how anyone could walk through the mangroves!

You could hardly see through them!

Nature walk

There also was a nature walk of one mile

out through the mangroves and marsh land

to a very high ( 72 steps) observation tower!

The top of the observation tower
with Big Bend Power Plant
in the back ground
and the bay where
the Manatee’s were!

I felt the last twelve steps to the top! LOL

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High above the mangroves
and the water and marsh


Papa’s World – Grateful – Living – New Memories

Thinking back to THAT day –

And now – the MEMORIES

I have gathered for the past almost six years –



Everyday – I wake up – I look around – ” WHAT IF ” ?

When you go through something that changes your life –

Knowing that it could of gone the other way

You tend to view life a little bit different !


That is when I realized that I wanted to be different !

Given another chance at life –

I wanted to leave SOMETHING !

I wanted to recharge my inner self!



Writing had to mean something !

So – I formed SOMETHING !

I put in place THREE RULES !

RULE NUMBER ONE : Make people smile !






Oh – I could write multitudes each and every day –


Those are my criteria – my three rules –

And along with that –

To write about my life – each day as it unfolds !


To write about FAMILY – to leave a bit of history for future generations !

To record events –

A BOOK to look back on years from now !


To share our adventures that we do with FRIENDS –

We have traveled the World –

New York State & Pa.

Va. and N.C. – Florida –


And now in six weeks –

a tour of Northern Cailf. !

Wine Country – Reno – Lake Tahoe –

Red Woods -San Francisco -Napa Valley

Yosemite – and more !

Being grateful – living – memories –

It happens when something major happens to your life.


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Papas World – a small kid in a small town – growing up!

There is a small community
in North Western Pa.
Just a few short miles
from the New York State Border
Situated in what are called
of The Alleghany Mountain Chain

Rolling green hills now -once as large as the Rockies

millions and millions of yearsago

now considered as just “Foothills”

Back in the late 1800’s
or early 1900’s

The small community is well

a place where every one knew your name

you parents and exactly where you lived!

Coming into town on North Main Street
from the border of NYS
sits a junction known locally
as The Kendall Bridge
The Alleghany river runs beneath it
as does the Rail road tracks and trains
A span comes off it
and a road runs under it.
The Kendall Bridge
looking Northward
to the foothills of the mountains
and New York State

The age to drink was 21 in Pa.

But 18 in NYS!

Traveled this road many times

to legally have a beer! LOL

And believe me – the adults knew!

Main Street
Eldred Pa.
and one of the reasons
we moved South
SNOW !!!!!

The post office to the left – the old red fire hall

to the right as I grew up.

And the building up farther in brick

The doctors office & the dental office

and also the Masonic Lodge!

I spent a lot of time there

Dental and Doctor!

Today the leading business
of incoming funds
The Historic World War ll Museum

A full size tank bursting through the wall

a Museum that also encompasses the next large building

Tour buses stop every day!

It is a quality sight to behold!

This little town had many WWll heros

Purple hearts -medal of honors

And I knew everyone of them!

King Street
my stomping ground
when we slept outside
after curfew at 10 PM.
Running and hiding
raiding gardens
Just growing up!
The park where I played baseball
tackle football
and flag football
And everyday rode my bike to!
The park below the tracks
where in my 20’s
we all chipped in and helped to get it started
and mowed and tuned into a softball field!
Playing our home games here
and holding many tournaments
The Catholic church I attended
as a small child
confirmed in
Another small church
on King street

My older sister Donna on the right and my cousin Patty

Donna helped raise me

as she was 15 years older

and lived right down the street

and later on next door!

My best friend
Bobby Goodman’s house
spent many a night there
on the porch sleeping out
and he at mine
we did not want to sleep inside!

My sister Donna -caught us one night

we had gotten into my parents whiskey!

And she came outside and there we sat on the curb in front

of her house and mine.

After so many questions

I had her almost convinced we were not drinking

Bobby not saying a word!

A car came down the street and we were in its headlights

And that is when Bobby got sick

and threw up in front of her!

Later she laughed and laughed

and always reminded me we did not fool her!

My brother in law Bill – was the police chief

and always took care of me and my friends

as long as we did not get into trouble or do anything bad.

Back after the war
Eldred had a top notch
soft ball team
made up of many who came back
from the war.
My best friend Bobby’s father
is at the bottom right
I knew almost all these men
later in life!
They almost were all my fathers friends!
Most of us joined The Explorer’s
when we were 16
and took many a trip
to Pro games
here we took a three day canoe trip down the river
which when I was in my mid 30’s
I – along with our pastor
took a youth group down the same river
Bobby – far left and then me
Oak hill cemetery
Where in winter
we would ride our sleds
down the hill
between and around
the tombstones!
The high school
where I graduated in 1967
Known then as it is today
Home of the TERROR’S
Our team on the varsity
Bobby is number 83
and I sit to his left
number 65
Those were the best of years.

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