Papas World – golfing- staying in touch – 38 yrs.

We played softball together in the mid ’70’s

and continued until I turned 40.

Then I played volleyball –

sometimes we played together

when I turned 48 –

I was getting too old – I turned to golf

and today – we still get together

drink a few beers and swing away

me more often than him! LOL

My buddy Jim

I am 9 years older – but we first met on the softball field

I went to his wedding

and we have been friends ever since.

We worked together before we moved

and along the way he introduced me to his friend Buck!

Buck Tom Jim
the three Amigo’s
as my wife Sherry says!

We ended up living right across the street from Buck and Cindy.

And we all would meet up-

and to this day some 35 plus years later – we still do!

Sherry Buck Cindy Dottie

Every 4 to 6 months we try to do this –

going from one house to the other

Buck and Cindy live just South of Wilmington N.C. now.

Jim and Dottie now live in Va. Beach area.

And of course we live SW of DC.

Our journey from back home – NWPA and SWNY has evolved

But we still stay in touch!

Sherry Dottie Cindy

These three together laugh and laugh –

and they sneak the fireball!

Esp. when we golf – it almost always is guys vs. the gals.

And let me tell you – NO STROKES !

Jim wants to give strokes -and they will whip us!

We have played for years and years even up

and most often it comes down to one stroke difference!

Jim and Sherry

We all were Bills fans – we kind of adopted the Redskins

only because when we moved -no one carried the Bills.

We tried for three years – there were two Sports bars

but it took a long time to get to them in DC traffic.

So – we still followed the Bills and watched the skins.

Cindy Jim Sherry Dottie

But Cindy and Buck – Dottie and Jim have remained die hard Bills Fans!

We got together this season in Wilmington

and all went to a Sports bar called the Lazy Pirate –

where we watched the Bills win!

Cindy Buck Sherry Tom

On our trip to Northern California – at a Sports bar –

in old town Sacramento!

We have been trying to get Jim and Dottie to come along

with us on one of our trips.

Maybe this year they will!

Sherry Dottie Buck
Cindy Tom Jim

It will happen one of these times

Maybe Nashville – or Gatlinburg or Oregon!

Who know where it will be next!

This is us

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


We are blessed to have friends such as these

the three AMIGO’S
Buck and Cindy’s house
is in the background

Papa’s World – Grand daughters – each selected as MVP for their teams.

Sisters – three years apart – one graduated this week –

Going on to play Soccer at University Of Lynchburg , Va.

The other – returning as a Junior – and made the Travel Team –


At the same position – MIDFIELDER – by their coaches!


Maddy will continue her play in college –

But the other story here is of Ella –

last TWO YEARS –

She suffered a broken bone in her foot

( one of her teammates came down on it )

And then – after almost six months ( growth plate was fractured )

She came down on it wrong and suffered a hair line fracture to her arch.

Maddy and Ella

They have been close –

very close – all through the years !

I remember the time that Maddy got a new bed –

Ella came to me –

And just like you see her smile here in this picture –

She looked at me and said


She was so proud to have her sisters white whicker single bed !

My own thoughts have been sort of a


Had she not broken those bones in her foot –

she lost two years of playing.

And in her first year back –

she was selected as MVP

and made the Travel Team!

Her confidence is back –

they both play the same position –

Ella is growing –

she now is a little taller than Maddy –

Has a very good skill set –

And now will play on –

She once again believes

after watching from the side lines.

They both hold their MVP plaques

Graduation Party was Saturday –

guests – players – relatives.

The training has begun –

running hills – sprints –

and Ella has joined in.

It will be a fun Fall

as both will start playing again.

Once again – both will pursue their dreams –

Maddy in college – Ella for two more years in high school.

Sherry – very proud grandma
Signing letter of Intent

Madison Margo Myers –

University of Lynchburg Va. Lady’s Soccer

Ella Myers – James Wood High School –

Winchester Va. Soccer

High School – Maddy
Ella & Maddy & little cousins


Hope you liked the tribute to both girls.

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Papa’s World – Two years in a row – ” THE MIGHTY MACAW”

She had no idea – we were told as were her parents –

Taylor – eight years old –

was to be recognized in a assembly Tuesday !

Madison Trust Elementary School –

their school ensigma is THE MACAW !

And – each year

each grade will name students

and present them with a award –

The award is for achievement – helpfulness – kindness – respectful – patience


Foe the second year in a row –

Taylor was called upfront –

and presented the award !

Taylor – on stage in front of the assembly – being presented the MIGHTY MACAW AWARD

She had no idea – and her third grade class has nearly 230 classmates !

Although they are twins –

they are like day and night !

Cassidy is the busy one –

always moving – doing – cartwheels – rollerblading

Taylor – she likes her alone time –

studying – reading – horses – animals.

Bode came to watch

She was so giddy – smiling – and surprised –


Always that smile

Her smile – her warmth – her always helping others.

She loves animals

I will always remember her

as the one who comes for a hug –

But also as the one who disappears –

to find her off somewhere alone –

Reading a book or writing a journal on horses !

Taylor loves riding

She is our little equestrian –

learning not only how to ride –

but care for them !

She writes books and journals –

researching – books from the library.

Her school essays are on horses.

Someday – I see her in competitions !

Always a smile – always horses

Yesterday she was recognized – walking upfront –

smiling – giddy –


good citizenship award –




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Papas World – How to deal with a BULLY!

My wife said to me –

” You have to get on face book – all your friends keep asking

about you”! circa 2011 or 2012!

So – I joined and made lots of old and new friends –

And then – about three years ago – it happened!

Sherry – independent
free thinker
church family country
I love her for that

She asked me what I thought –

She wanted to march in protest

#metoo Women’s rights The women’s march in DC.

ONE MILLION WOMEN and she wanted to represent

herself and her daughters!

I have always encouraged her to stand up –

We do not always agree on the same things

but we agree to disagree.

I have always believed in equal rights for women.

She went three years ago – I watched it all on TV.

Some of the things she saw and heard upset her.

Mostly she was proud she made a statement

and I was so proud of her – she would talk to me

she would tell me what was happening

And it was all good until she posted on face book.

The first message came in PM
Not to me but to her
from a friend of mine I grew up with
” I don’t understand why you and all hose women are there” ?

The question –

I thought “REALLY” !

But – since we were friends –

we talked it over

and she explained to him!

She did it for her self worth – her daughters and to protest

the new amoral administration.

She did it for the inequality and looking down to

she had to see and hear in her work life.

The unequal pay – and yes being harassed.

“He did not see any of that in his life – nor his wife did either” he returned.

And so it went on – as the years passed
a few more quips
then I became involved

About a year ago – I BECAME INVOLVED –

she had asked me not too-

over the previous years.

I answered – and it was a long answer –

but also based in facts.

She hugged me and said ” I wish I could think like that”!

“It was perfect – you did it the right way” !

There never was a reply – but during other conversations

I sensed he was not happy with my answer.

Then – a few months ago – it got worse-

and I could see from that on face book

it was as though it reflected the way the White house

also was responding more and more every day.

They were the same – more and more ugly.

One post came through – we were coming back from something

And Sherry had been following the little girl from Sweden

Her heritage –

and she marveled at the strength of her and her message on climate change

( If you think it not happening – then I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge)

It was so nasty as she read it – to the extent she should be shot and burried

She was mentally wrong in the head to put it in mild terms

he used something else –

She was reading this and then she said

” I do not want you to read this ” and she deleted it!

She made it so that he could not see her posts .

And asked me not to get involved.

He started to make comments
on my posts
attacking people who
commented on my post

When I posted what I thought to be a funny comparrison

I post funny – good and thought provoking quotes –

pictures and jokes every day –

to make people smile and have good thoughts.

I very rarely do Politics

And I keep it clean.

But – out of the blue he attacked the post – my friends and me.

He was doing to us what is being done every day from the White house

almost as if he were given the go ahead to do whatever he wanted!

But – in my life – I can see a BULLY when I see and read one.

And – it is not going to happen on my own face book page.

We can have a discussion
we can frame our words
not to be nasty
we can agree to disagree
but you are not going
talk down to me

I answered him for myself and my friends-

In no uncertain terms

we could remain friends but this was going to stop.

He did not like it and came back in a unflattering

description –

That was it – I replied and told him I wished him a healthy long life

and May the peace of the Lord go with him

But he was done on my site – and then I blocked him.

Over 55 years of friendship
I can see this happening all over
and it is a tell tale sign
of just what comes from
the White house
It is not the party I grew up and loved
It has gotten ugly

I had many messages –

both private and on the site

Applauding me for standing up –

not bowing before a BULLY

and also stating facts –

not groveling in the dirt

I have slowly
been not following
people who post
ugly – cruel posts

I see a lot of posts that simply are not true

The disinformation is real

they post without fact checking

sharing really ugly and slandering posts.

I would hope in this new year that it would get better

But as long as it comes from the top

it will – I am afraid become worse.

This is my setting the record
straight blog
a lot of people saw what took place
and asked me about it
I will not stand by
and see my wife harassed
or my friends bullied

Today is my putting my mind at ease

as it has bothered me

I do not take it lightly those 55 years of friendship

But I also have faith – love and compassion

I answer to my faith – family and country

Sherry and Tom

Thank you for being my sounding board today

and thank you for reading

Papa’s World


Papas World – A chunk of coal & a pigs tail!

I guess I was maybe 6 or 7 – and it was the morning of Christmas.

I had been bad – so bad that I was told –

Santa knew I was naughty!

Sherry & Tom

That previous Summer – I had run from my mother in the backyard.

I do not remember what I had done –

but my older sister and my grand mother

were watching me from the front porch – looking over the side railing.

My mother and grandmother were a lot alike.

Both small – grandma gentle with 11 children.

Mom had her gentleness but she was feisty!

She ruled the house!

Grandma passed when she was 85 – mom almost 98!

That day she chased me in the yard – I made it to the front porch

and I crawled in as far as I could go – spider webs and all!

I hated spiders and still do to this day.

She managed to coax me out – but I got a licking from her.

As I get older – I look back in fondness at those times.

My mom was very good to me –

That morning of Christmas – all my family was sitting in the living room.

And for my first present they handed me a wrapped box-

all red and white with a ribbon.

I was excited – my little brother was maybe 2 years old

I took the ribbon off and then the wrapping paper.

It was like a shoe box and I could rattle it by shaking it!


I opened the lid and looked inside –

I did not say anything – but I bolted for the door –

No shoes or boots and out I went in my PJ’S!

Down the side yard – I ran as fast as I could –

Through the snow toward the big red barn.

And I reached the railroad tracks –

And with all my might I threw that box as far as I could.

That was the Christmas for being bad –


Funny how things remain in your head –

I had learned my lesson

My mom taught me well – until she passed- we laughed about this.

She was tiny – she was gentle – she was my mom.

And today my angel in heaven smiling down.

She couldn’t catch me – but in the end

She taught me a lesson in life that I will always remember!

Sherry & Tom

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Papa’s World – OLD ? Maybe – but still thinking !

Good morning World – ever think out loud ?

Ever nod off around 2:00 PM. ?

Ever get up and it takes a moment to take that first step ?

Good morning everyone !

Getting “OLDER” is a fact of life – feeling it is also !

But – you also have to have the right frame of mind !

When younger – couldn’t wait

Now – in my before retirement life –

for my lunch hour ( because I did not know what else to do )

I would eat my lunch –

kick the seat back ( Buicks are made for comfort)

And take what I called a POWER 20 minute nap !

In the shade – warm breeze

I would leave the windows down – park in the shade –

And fall right to sleep!

Now- since retirement- it seems like that years & years habit –

Followed me – each afternoon – I feel it coming on !

Me on most nights

Thing is – now every day I go and pick up my 8 year old grand daughters –

I actually get there in line early – like a hour –

and there is a method to my madness !

I take a small couch pillow with me – kick the seat back –

Tune the radio into my favorite SPORTS show –

And slowly drift off for my 20 minute power nap !

I do this all the time

A lot of times I will just sit and think – using silence to sort out thoughts !

Over the years – I have quietly trained my mind to recall –

I picture events – that way it is easier for me to remember .

So true

But there are times when I just stop – and think – what was I going to do ?

I am a creature of habit – I have a place for most things –

I find that it makes it easier for me to remember !

I also concentrate on what I am doing or am going to say.

Concentration for me is my way to remember things !

Have done this

Now – I am also not one who measures every thing I do –

I learned from my Mother to cook from scrap –

She often would bake every day – pies – cakes – bread and rolls.

She did a lot of it with memory – and I am the same way.

Music soothes the soul

I love music – most all kinds –


I try not to limit my listening – on long trips –

I will listen to Country – Classic’s – Rock – Easy listening – Bluegrass –

It is my way to reconnect to past events !

My wife says I have a hearing problem

Hearing – I have found as I get older – I hear things – but –

A lot of what I hear SOUNDS like something else !

I think that as you get older – at least for me – that happens !

Still the same

My little thoughts for today on getting older –

But some things never get old – they just get better !

This month – 6-25-82 – will be 37 years –

I can still walk – I can still think –

I can do just about anything I want – only slower!

I am getting OLDER –


BUT – I also am living –


Thank you for reading –

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Have a great day !

Papa’s World – first round of golf – some good – some bad !

Last week – I said to Sherry –

why not use Monday morning –

And go to the Par three course at Sterling Golf Course !


We did not have to go early

as she had a video conference at 9:00 AM.

And I had some things to do –

retirement has a way of being busy –



Even though we belong – we do not rest !

10:15 AM. We headed out –

I had loaded the clubs –

it was going to be a beautiful day –

HIGH 74 – Sunny – blue skies – white clouds

Sandra and Sherry

Sherry knows the owner –

Sandra through her net working


She met us at the desk –

the course was open on the front nine –


( hail and high winds and downpour )

that came through Sunday

Had brought down some trees on the back nine –

they were cutting them up

and removing them !

First hole

No problem – we only wanted to do nine as we were walking –

and it was our first time out !

Sherry first hole

No rust for Sherry –


That is why when we play a scramble with



this goes out to my good friends

” JIM – STEVE – BUCK ” !

And Sherry’s playing partners



There are some long holes that if you tee off on the back tee –

you can use driver !

The course was in good shape

We had no one in front of us –

and one guy behind us –

So – we just played and walked –

A really nice breeze –

sometimes hitting into it –


Came close but I found it –

and it was playable.

The course – is good to practice your short game –

Most greens are hit able – with obstacles –

You have to FLY this one

All in all – we had a very nice round –

walking – pulling the cart –

would go back in a heart beat –

This is the second time we have played this.

Being together


When you have a hobby to share –

When you are with your best friend –

When you do not care who wins –


Then – you know – you are in your best place !

Tom & Sherry

I hope you enjoyed our little trip –

Just another day in my life –

Welcome to Papa’s World