Papa’s World – sitting – writing – blogging


Each morning I arise – believe it or not – I have NO IDEA what I will blog!

Inspiration just comes –

it might be something I experienced –

Something I saw

or maybe read while going through my emails and face book.

Good advice – being married for almost 37 years –

( yes – I know the date – time and place )

We are each others best friend –

but I always follow one rule –




FAMILY – living life through them

Staying young and involved –

this only happens once – live it !


In my younger years –

before I met Sherry –

I was a little wild –

I rode for 6 years – had long hair –


Couldn’t help it – just natural curly –

but I had a accident – and decided it was time to get off and move on.

Our little Taylor

I have found that my everyday life is most enjoyable

and rewarding when I mix in our young grand kids .

Watching them grow –

and each different –

Taylor loves horses and someday I see her competing!

The trail of life

We walk together – we talk –

as we walk – going along the path –

I am now in the – what shall I say –

Autumn of life –

but I LIVE each day

So – every day I wake up –

not knowing what it shall bring

Not knowing what my blog will be –

Today’s storm clouds

But I do know this –

no matter what STORM CLOUDS

are about in this country –

I shall live my life to the plus each and every day –


With my best friend – living life to the plus –

never knowing what I shall write –

Makes me do –

What comes natural – one day at a time!



Papa’s World – Putting the ” T ” in TEAM !!!

The ” TEAM” is ever growing – new members each day –

from across the Country !

Welcome to our World

It started , simply by saying YES to try and better our Health –

We both needed to try and stop the insane way we were eating –

Sherry found it – I tried it – and now we are in a better place

At first in year one – it was to see if this is what we needed – then in year two – how can we PAY for it – and get our grandchildren to have it ?

Meeting folks – sharing – helping – changing them.

We decided to begin a career in health and nutrition –


We both were working full time jobs – but weekends were ours !

Our choice – our PLAN ” B”

We signed up – $50.00 a year –

just to see if we could somehow pay for our product –

and get our two oldest grand daughters some nutrients –

some fruits and vegetables daily in their diet.

Eating more healthy

Slowly – but steady – we progressed

we got help from our sponsors

( yes – that is what you do )

You help your team – you support them in most aspects of the business.

The TEAM growing

Our family joined up – both daughters –

we accomplished what we started out to do –

get all the grand kids – our kids and spouses – to eat healthy.

And add the nutrients of over 30 fruits- veggies and berries each and every day –

going directly into their bloodstreams right away !

Most important was the on going research – it was expanding –

when we started – there were 12 published – today over 34 and more each year –

By major Universities – WORLD WIDE and all independent studies.

Traveling the country every six months

Then – it started – other people saw the change in us and in themselves –

They wanted to be a part of this what was becoming a TEAM –

so they signed up for just $50.00 a year –

And got their own website – and our help – just like we were helped.

Where else do you own a business – get a web site – SHARE the product –


Take a order – send it in over the website –

Have it processed – manufactured – packaged

and shipped directly to the customer – then they collect the money –

and deposit directly into your bank account your commission !

This is where all that happens

Sharing is believing – and this is how you put a ” T ” in TEAM WORK !

It was really that simple – just share like you would a book or movie

your favorite place to eat or visit –

And that is when we decided to RETIRE –

early – and go full time.

And you know what – the people who signed us up are still helping us!

Lower right Pam

Pam – who lives on the BIG ISLAND – HAWAII – helped us 12 years ago !

And to this day still does –

often times visiting us and staying with us.

She travels the World & Sari –

who lives in Atlanta – does the same with us.

That is the CULTURE of this business and has been for over 42 YEARS !

The JUICE PLUS brand is now almost 26 years old !

Proven and durable.

It is sold WORLD WIDE

In over 22 Countries – headquarters in the USA in Tenn. and in Europe.

Down under in Australia – in the middle East and Canada.

Their own store and brand at conference

As we have grown – the company has expanded –

it is huge and no one has the research –

we are the largest company

with encapsulated health product in the World.

Sherry started all this
Still growing from conference to conference

Sadly – but not too so –

I am the only MAN who goes to conference with the TEAM –

but – hey – someone has to do it ! LOL


Being the only guy – has its advantage – I can just sit back and observe !

Every conference has this

Sometimes – I just say I will meet you – but I am never far away .

Being retired – able to travel – seeing the Country – actually I call it


Sherry – in yellow

It started part time 12 years ago – today – we travel – we share –

Sherry – Debby – Tom

In October – in Austin Texas – our daughter Debby –

will walk the stage in front of 8000 people –

and will make a speech with her family standing right there with her.

You see – she has surpassed her sponsor –

her mother Sherry –

and gone to the top –

she is now a QMND

and soon to be a NMD ( National Marketing Director)

She decided to go full time before her mother –

and went right past her.

And – we still get paid off what she does !


Team sharing

What has all this meant to us ?

Freedom – travel – good health – family – sharing – team work – money !

Twelve years ago – we went part time to help our families

Today – it has worked and has been a journey of health – nutrition –

It has paved a way for us to retire and remain where we are.

I hope this helps someone out there – someone who is looking –

We were and it was shared with us –

the best in life sometimes comes from out of the blue !


If you would like more information – feel free to contact us –

We are changing lives one day at a time.


Sherry’s website or email

Thank you – hope this helps someone

#homeagain #livinglifetotheplus

Papa’s World – cleaning up the desk – one day in my life

YES – this is me !

EARLY TO BED – EARLY TO RISE – so do not text me past 8:00 PM.

I will answer at 5:00 AM.

Our daughter

Our daughter( Tammy ) and her husband ( Marcus ) – celebrated 14 years of marriage yesterday –

and one year of her store which she is standing in front of – 529KidsConsignment !

Very proud of them both – and her taking the leap of faith and running with her dream.

My brother in law

Although he is gone – I will remember him always – his wit and humor –

his nick names for everyone – he was my friend.

Two in the morning – none at night – makes sleep just right – MILD !

Maddy – 3 rd. from right orange
Maddy – waiting for bus
Maddy -middle under coach Donavan – white shirt

Through the years – Maddy – and once again last night – a playoff win –

advancing to the final Thursday night – against Handley –

and guaranteed a spot in Regions next week .

Papa – Maddy – MorMor

At least two more games in H.S. before graduation –

then on to University of Lynchburg – Va. to play soccer !


We once had a dog named Samantha – Sam for short –

Now we have a salamander – in our Strawberry patch – courtyard –

So – I named him / her Samantha or Sam –

Anyway – IT eats BUGS – so it works for me !

I picked these yesterday – this is the 5 th time of picking !

I take the strawberry plants out of the Tower Garden in the Fall –

and plant them in THE PATCH beside the house – and they spread –

And we have Strawberry’s each Spring !


My wife and best friend – Sherry –

called MORMOR by the three youngest grand kids –


Just cleaning up my desk – odds and ends of another day in my life.

I have a LOT of stories and blogs here – and mostly deal with my life

and that of family and friends.

Health – nutrition – lifestyles –

Up beat and positive – good news – bringing a smile –

But most of all – after I am gone – a place for family to go and read.

A place that I call home and a place of memories.

I hope you enjoy a little piece of that.


Here’s to you ! ” CHEERS ” !!!!! #homeagain

Papa’s World – “HEY WILMER – HERE’S A NEW LIST “

Every week – this little tidbit shows up in my emails – and the frustrating part – it is a ad with a ” NO REPLY ” email from SIRIUS RADIO !

The first time I got this – not knowing – I replied –


After I got the second one – I then saw in the address-


The urge – after the next 4 or 5 – was well not something I will say here – but – to let you know –

I do remember four telephone numbers –

the first is that of my Mother – the second is my sister – both gone –

the third is my wife’s and lastly my own !

I find that this sometimes is helpful

So – now instead of getting mad – and needing something for the head ache –

I will just delete as soon as they show up !!!

Now – the thought I have is that SOMEWHERE out there

is someone by the name of WILMER –

wondering why he has not been contacted by SIRIUS RADIO !!!!

All right – just forget it !

So – I have come to accept this – I thought about calling them –

but I have negotiated with them every 4 to 6 months on pricing –

yes – you can do that –

HINT – never give them a credit card – make them invoice you – and not automatic renewal –

And if you can get through all the transfers – you can do it – but it takes time.

Make the most – delete them – and live on

My advice when you get a email addressed to WILMER – just move on –

DELETE it – smile and live another day –

it is funny in a way –

WILMER – I truly hope that when you see THOMAS –

just delete it –

think nice things and smile –

life does go on – one day at a time !

#homeagain #JP #HGD #just


You see – they have this club – the little ones that is –

called “THE MERMAIDS” – you must believe in order to enter !

The CLUB rules

It’s a rare club – only those ( the girls ) are allowed in – but little Bode – is a guest – but not a Mermaid !

Bode – a guest – just how can you keep him out !!!

The club was formed a few years ago – there was a planning session – at a Soccer game ( Maddy’s) and they convened – making it hush – hush !

Looking up club rules for the MERMAID CLUB

RULE # ONE – you must believe – you must recite the chant – and like water!

Maddy and Ella

Even though you like water – you can not belong if you do not believe – just ask Maddy and Ella – who were left out !


The club ‘ s picture was drawn just before we checked out on the turn around – declaring the member’s.

The main three

As the years go by – and they continue to grow up –

“THE MERMAID CLUB ” will always be a part of it –

imagination – the remembering their youth – innocence –

three little girls and one boy.


My memory shall be not only the MERMAID CLUB –

but sharing a week – smiling – watching – seeing them come together –

and one little boy in awe of his sisters and cousins – looking at them !

Tom & Sherry – PAPA & MORMOR

This blog is about family memories –

a time that I have put down in writing – and photo’s –

to share but foremost –

a place to look back on and reflect on just another day in my life.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do –

memories are a test of time

Having a place to read and see them is priceless !

Thank you !

#livinglifetotheplus #homeagain #HGD #JP #just

Papa’s World – Lets take a Metro Ride – to the WHARF

She came downstairs – and said to me ” What do you plan to do today “?

“Mow the lawn ” I replied !

Wait – we have to walk – 10000 steps !

So – that is when she said –

let’s take the Metro –

and go into the WATERFRONT to the WHARF !!!!

The WATERFRONT and the WHARF – Washington D.C.

It had been years since we had gone to the FISH MARKET on the waterfront. And – the whole city line had changed –

to a beautiful waterfront plaza – with many eatery’s and bars – music and venues for top of the line entertainment nation wide.

Harbor view on one side of the Wharf – other side has even bigger boats

The transformation is stunning – and construction is everywhere. Huge buildings – grand boardwalk and tons of people.

What looked to me to be a Lynx was a breed of cat

You see everything – and there are electric scooters all over – you just put your credit card in –

ride it to where you want to go – get off and leave it for the next person !

On both sides of the boardwalk are places to eat and drink and be social with the harbor and boats.

Me walking into what is left of the OLD FISH MARKET

There are vendors with huge piles of fish – shrimp – lobsters- clams and oysters –

all freshly caught and brought in from the East Coast.

You can buy just about anything and even have it cooked right there!

The smells of cooked fish – shrimp – lobster – were everywhere !

Late lunch sitting on the board walk

We selected a place to eat in the shade but on the waterfront – public restrooms were available and very clean.

It could be a little pricey – so come prepared.

A lonely Catamaran sits in anchor

We decided to continue our 10000 steps and walk the the harbor way to the ball fields about a mile away.

Along the way we saw dozens of hikers in full packs – hats and outfits – I asked what they were doing as they had some sort of GPS – phone like instruments – they were on a 50 mile challenge – one women told me !

It reminded me of The Amazing race ! And they were all in a hurry !

Tree lined street – going by a Army Base
Really nice flowers along the paths

We walked where we had never been before – in all the years we have walked D.C.

Audi Field -new home of DC UNITED SOCCER

We came first to Audi Field –

the brand new home to DC UNITED SOCCER TEAM.

And within a 1/4 mile to the NATIONALS PARK – baseball field !


We have been to the baseball park a lot of times – but this was a first for the soccer field as it just opened this Spring.

Main entrance to NAT’S PARK

We were there at 4:00 PM.and fans were already arriving for the 7:00 PM. game.

We crossed the street – and it was right out of a movie set – every table outside – and there were dozens of them – six to eight people a table –

were packed full of thirty something young people – all dressed like well dressed college students – sitting – drinking and talking.

Everywhere I looked including the outside bar and inside was the same – as if hundreds of them decided to descend upon the scene at the same time !

We went inside to get into air condition as it was hot in the Sun – each having a drink before we found our way to the Metro stop !

We can actually leave home – drive 15 or 20 minutes – park and ride the Metro right to the gates of the park.

Flowers on our 10000 step walk

A over six hour journey – ( ended up with over 12,000 steps )

was a perfect way to spend a Saturday mid morning – getting back home around 6:00 PM.

Just in time to settle in and watch the NAT’S on TV playing the Cubs !

Always take a picture of where you park

Hint of the day – we always take pictures of where we park in whatever venue we leave from –

makes it much easier to find your car ! LOL

I hope you like this little journey – living healthy – walking –

And sometimes on a whim –

change it up and adventure into something new –


#livinglifetotheplus #homeagain #HGD #JP #just

Papa’s World – eating healthy is not the only thing – flowers

We walk – we eat healthy – but the mental part is also important !

Our roses out front

A healthy body also has to have a healthy mind – at least mine does !

So – when we moved into our house thirteen years ago –

I started digging up – replanting – moving – shrubs – putting in trees

( 3 Crepe Myrtles ) and numerous rose bushes – flowers that came back year after year.

Crepe Myrtle out front

I had to dig these trees on my hands and knees – being so many rocks ! With that being said – when they bloom a bright ruby red – I just love them – and it all was worth it !

Ninety five per cent comes back

Flowers and color do a lot for my mind and peaceful thoughts.

But – as you get older – weeding kills your back – at least mine !

So – this year – I bought the mulch from the boy scouts – and actually paid them to spread it around – 25 bags !

It was well worth it and half the cost of anyone else.

Flowers and flags

These roses will bloom off and on until Fall – most everything in the beds comes up each year.

Walking home – when coming in sight of the house- gives me a great calming thought – seems like any stress just goes away –

and that is for my mental being.

Front steps and door

Sherry always plants the planters around the house – in back -the patio and the front porch.

So – when people visit – the visual of flowers – the welcome mat – sitting on the front porch or in the enclosed patio – brings calm – that is why we do it .

The back patio and Tower Gardens

Each year – in the back – we plant flowers and the Tower Gardens –

which provide our vegetables daily.

In front of these are the other two Crepe Myrtles that I hand planted – all the trees and bushes here I also planted.

Yesterday’s harvest from our strawberry patch

We also grow our own strawberry’s – enough to provide us each morning for breakfast while they last.

Living a healthy lifestyle – to reduce stress – we plant – we grow and produce vibrant colors all Spring – Summer and Fall.

We actually grow even in Winter inside our garage.

For a stress relief – try flowers – smell them – watch them grow –

it can do wonders for your mental health.

I hope this blog helps you today – #livinglifetotheplus


#homeagain #JP #HGD #just