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We have been busy the last year –

Friends have visited – almost all of them –

at different times –

So we have toured D.C.

Played golf ( 2 different times – different friends)

We have just sat back and talked –

We entertained overnight a Movie Star

and a World class musician on the piano – accordion and organ.

We have traveled the country –


We both are into health –

Sherry is a certified Health Coach

after a life of Lab Tech – Office payroll – Billing – Manufacturing –

Manager – Logistics – Outside Sales –

And now a SSC ( Senior Sales Coodinator )

for Juice Plus Company

We travel – her team is countrywide.

I DO ! Both in vows
and now in life

We live life for ourselves – our friends – our family

and our kids and grand kids.


We do many things at our church and for our church

Book club ( Sherry has monitored for NINE YEARS !

Wednesday night social ministries

Altar guild

Communion assistants

SAS committee ( Steward ship for all Seasons )

Icon class



We belong and practice our faith.

And many people fulfill the above

I live life one day at a time – to the fullest –

I have experienced in my life

Four times of near death

I therefore look ahead one day at a time

This is but a few moments in our daily lives

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As our grandchildren
call us
Tom & Sherry

Papa’s World



Papa’s World – colors – lights – our yard – Fall – Christmas

The trees – both in front and along the side –

Full of reds – yellow – orange and rust colors.

I love this time – except the cold !

Tree in front yard

For as far as I can see up and down the streets – colors!

I still mow the grass – the irrigation has been blown out –

and turned off – leaves are falling –

The Tower Gardens are all down – cleaned and packed away.

Except we now have the one inside up and running.

With grow lights –

A view up the street

The leaves will be a problem – usually 15 to 20 bags!

As the landscape changes – the air cooler – darker at night –

we turn on the fireplace –

The glow – the extra blanket on the couch

Winter is peeking in!

The patio and the trees
looking over

Soon – there will be snow flakes –

The wind will blow –

our walking will be inside at the mall

And once again my mind will turn to sunny days

warm winds and sometimes gentle rain

But for now – it LIGHTS!

The color of trees and the
glow of Christmas lights
our home

Yes – SIX WEEKS and I put up the lights

set up the tree ( no decorations as of now)

The spirit of Christmas is upon me.

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Papa’s World – Eating healthy – staying active – turning 70

Me – 1967 – second shift – American Olean Tile Co.

WOW – 52 years ago – over one half century – and in a few days – 70 becomes the new norm and new start of a decade. So much has changed – so much has come and gone.

I started and ended my career with the same company 47 1/2 years later !

And it is were I met and married my second wife – we celebrate 37 years next month.

On our wedding day June 25, 1982.

Sherry and I started dating in April of 1981 – we had found out in passing that we both were going through a divorce by accident. I worked in Shipping and she in payroll – as I was passing her desk – one of the other ladies said to me – “I hear you are getting a divorce” !

I answered ‘ YES” and then went my way – she quietly observed this and when she brought my shipping orders out – she told me ” I overheard . I am also getting a divorce” – to which I relied ” Then we should go and have a drink and talk about it ” !

Oahu – 2 years ago – North Shore

That began a 15 month process of dating – engagement the following December at Christmas time – and marriage in June the following year. All the while juggling two divorces and inter mixing four children into one family. My two sons and her two daughters. WE DID IT ! Not easy – but the results have been fantastic. My two sons still live back in NWPA & her two daughters both followed us South to NVA. My son runs a energy company with state contracts for the elderly and my other son has joined him. One can build a entire house from the ground up – he did not get that from me – and the other is a ranked pool player in his spare time who travels the entire country winning his way to Vegas a half dozen times.

Our two daughters are also very successful – the eldest followed her mother into the health and nutrition field and most likely will attain National Marketing Director for the Juice Plus Company at the conference in Austin Texas in October. Our other daughter also followed their mother – but she – one year ago -opened up a franchise near where we live. She maintains both the Health & Nutrition business and her new

store which is coming up up the one year anniversary. In our very busy lives – we have managed to change our lifestyle in eating – giving up a lot of what I had eaten for 35 years or more.

About to turn 70

Sherry is my rock and has been all these years – by accident we learned of one another’s dilemma – we ventured forward on a whim – and soon became friends – she is my best friend – we combined a family – and 13 years ago – she changed our lifestyle to a healthy one. She is the guiding force and well respected as a Certified Health Coach – she is a pillar to her TEAM -known and loved by all as “MAMA BEAR ” !

Just a part of her nationwide Juice Plus Company team known as TEAM GENERATIONS

In a short while on 5 -7 -49 I will turn 70 years old – and another
WE WERE MET TO BE TOGETHER ” sign – she will turn 70 on 7 – 5 – 49 !!

We eat healthy – we love healthy and we promote health. Our family in NVA has followed us not only here – but also on the pathway of HEALTH & NUTRITION ! Soon – in October – the oldest will attain the highest level in the Juice Plus Company -living life to the plus as I call it.

We attended Debby Taylor Myers promotion for the Juice Plus Company to QNMD – our oldest daughter

This is my story – this is my life – well – part of it – many other chapters to tell

My sincere thank you to my wife and our family – a new lifestyle 13 years ago and a new life 37 years ago. I am the most lucky man in the World or so I believe – and I am WINNING OFF THE FIELD ! Thank you – enjoy & HGD !

If you would like to be a part of her team – Sherry Fitzsimmons Nationwide ( TEAM GENERATIONS ) where families meet and pass it down !

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Papa’s World – What Community means in Community – church

Sherry and Taylor
walking to Community
Lutheran Church

I sat in the Narthex – waiting for a young man –

Who would speak to the congregation on how our church

has impacted his young life.

I greeted him as he passed through and went outside

as if he was not sure quite what to do – the first service had started

In a email I had told his person of contact

He would speak at the end of the first service

and the beginning of the second service.

Community Lutheran Church
Sterling Va.

We went inside and found seats in the back –

Then it was time for him to speak –

He had told me that 2 or 3 minutes – the time he was to speak –

Was not nearly enough time – he could go on for hours !

You see – our church is a outreach church –

In the Community – in the area and beyond – Rwanda.

The young man spoke from his heart – no notes –

How when he walks through these doors twice a week –

He is safe – he is home – he is with people who love him.

Our lighted tree
in the circular drive
for Christmas

The young man described his lows and highs –

In the Granger room where they meet

and in the fellowship hall where they gather.

All in Community Lutheran Church – his safe place.

He has been sober for over a year – he is once again felt wanted.

In English
Saint Thomas
one of the Twelve

The outreach also goes to another Christian denomination

A congregation who had no home –

A congregation who holds services each Sunday afternoon

And also during the week.

They also call this home.

Mar Thoma service

A place where God gathers all his children

A place that is safe – a place of solitude –

Outreach has its many forms –

Taking place each and everyday within these walls.

All Gods children are welcomed –

Open arms- open doors – open hearts – where it is safe.

Community Lutheran Preschool

The classrooms are full – all 7 or 8 of them –

each school day – full of children

not only from the congregation

but from the Community

A safe place – a outreach – a Community .

There are Icon classes – every Tuesday night.

Book club every first Tuesday of the month.

Two groups of quilters – one from Community

and one from the Community.

There are Boy Scouts -once a month.

Youth group – Choir groups – Wednesday choir for the youth

and Dinner for the congregation –

Once a month – during the above – Green Meadows –

A group with disabilities for dinner and sing along’s after.

Bible study and adult education each Sunday.

Numerous committees meeting weekly or monthly.

Sunday school and nursery

Sherry ( MorMor) Bode Taylor and Cassidy

For years our outreach knows no borders –

We support a school in Rwanda –

each year sending two students through school until they graduate

paying all their costs – and then two more are selected.

Donating money for buildings –

Water – necessities of life – watching the campus grow

watching the increase in students

where genocide wiped out almost all adults.

Pastor Annabelle

And then each Sunday – the collection of LOOSE CHANGE

by the children from the Congregation

into the bucket –

allowing for Community Lutheran Church

to write a check last week

THE NOISY OFFERING as it is called


A program for children to have food on weekends

Where as the only meal they get are school meals

The September and October offering results of this children’s gathering

resulted in a check for $1655.25 for food for low income children

to take home on weekends.

Taylor Sherry ( MorMor) Bode during service

Prior to that -the offering went to WGB –

WOMEN GIVING BACK – a non profit in Sterling ( Community’s neighbors)

Helping Women and children in crisis

by distributing clothing at no cost.

The outreach goes on –

Link food pantry where the first Sunday of every month

is brought in on both services and taken to the food pantry

Low income family’s bags of food delivered by our volunteers

to people in need.

Coffee and conversation between services

New – THE WELL – once every 1st. and 3rd Wednesday evening –

to gather to pray for the community – neighborhood and the World.

The mitten tree -where toys are distributed for families in need.

Gifts for Hope – Sweats for Vets –

There are many more –

A festival
this December
for the Community
at Community
another outreach

A Festival to benefit MOBILE HOPE –

For children who have no home who live in tents

in the woods –

some have no parents or guardians

They are provided with coats – jackets – toilet articles -hygine

They have been deserted

left alone to fend for themselves

Cassidy and Taylor

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Today – Community Lutheran Church

Sterling Va.


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Papa’s World – Paranormal – UFO’S – do you believe ?

I have seen ” THINGS ”

heard “THINGS”

And if it is going to happen –

It will happen to ME !!!!


All my life – weird things happen to me !

Like – I will be thinking of someone –

The phone rings – and it is them !

My wife will say something about someone –

And I was just thinking the same thing !


My two favorite movies of all time –

” ET ”



My look alike view

Early one morning – in the early 70’s –

I was arriving at work –

I was just getting out of my car –

I reached back inside to grab my lunch –

I looked up and across the sky came a cluster of lights !

It looked like 7 or 8 Stars or Satellites – moving in formation –

Not one big object –

And as they came across

They would move sideways !

Within seconds they were gone across the sky

and I could no longer see them !

Are there UFO’S ?


I have had thoughts –

And all of a sudden –

That thought happened –

Nothing bad –

But strange that I was thinking about it !


When we were first married –

we lived far out in the country –

Our driveway was unpaved and 1 /10 th. of a mile long –

We could really only see one other house –

This was SWNY – and Bear and Deer country!

The movie Halloween had come out the previous year –

And it was on TV !

I started to watch it –

NO WAY – it was dark outside and spooky –


But I do watch paranormal shows –

I watch Finding Bigfoot –

One segment was shot in Sherry’s hometown

At the KINZUA bridge –

There are many stories of sightings in that area ! LOL

I like trick or treating –

But I do not go into dark places –

Haunted houses –

my wife will not encourage me to go –

She knows I am JUMPY when it comes to those kind of things !

A new show on NETFLEX –


I really like that show –

I think it is the kids that make it so I am not jumpy !


Yes – strange things happen to me –

I woke up this morning & a song was going through my head –


And I looked at what my next scheduled blog was –

Planned a week ago –

SMILE – BE HAPPY – was the title –

YEP – things just happen to me !

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Papa’s World – Living healthy – family running for Cancer

We just returned from picking up the packets for Saturdays run for Cancer!

Since I do not run ( I WALK ) – I am in charge of the little ones until my wife – son in law and daughter finish their run – FIVE K !

But as soon as they are done – then it is the little ones turn to flash their own styles ! They will run the kids mile.

The two oldest are twin girls – both eight years old – and the little one is four years old ! ( you would swear he and one of the twins are twins )

He is a runner jogging with his mother and MORMOR ( my wife) – which is Swedish for MOTHERS MOTHER !!!!

They have gone on 2 1/2 mile jogs and he is there step by step with them ! The parents bring them up in the healthy life style promoted by MORMOR !

She is a certified health coach and is the main reason 13 years ago – we as a family – other daughter – husband and three kids – turned away from the process food – the fast food – soda’s – and as much as possible – gluten – dairy and sweets !

LIVING LIFE TO THE PLUS as I call it ! Anyway – tomorrow – at 8 am. I am ON DUTY so to speak – and cheering everyone on . I have done this numerous times when they ( adults) ran the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in D.C.

I wish I could run but the last couple times I ended up with injury – my wife says I am a very HARD RUNNER as in THUD THUD PLOP PLOP !

Which causes a lot of stress on joints and leg issues !

So I walk for one hour each day -usually 3.10 miles at a steady but doable pace – WORKS FOR ME and my wife chooses to walk with me !

Which is awesome ! Our lifestyle changed along with members of our family – and this all is because of my wife which we both will reach a major milestone in a few months – 70 YEARS OLD !

I hope you enjoy my blog – I have written for years and years on face book daily – about myself- family and friends.

I wrote for two other blogs but my computer crashed and I lost everything only to a few days ago – by accident – finding this my second blog site from 2014 !

I enjoy reading about my followers and am trying to figure out all the in’s and out’s – trying to become followers of anyone who follows me.

With all this being said – enjoy – read – follow – comment – If I can find it I will answer !

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Papa’s World – all he wanted was his cousin – ELLA !

The birthday was earlier in the week – turning five –

His one request – ” I WANT ELLA TO GO TO TOP GOLF ” !

This is a five year old who adores his sixteen year old cousin !

at Top Golf

For the last few years – he has been fascinated with her.

Going where she is and asking her to play with him.


And she is so good with him –

You can hear him yelling ” ELLA – ELLA ” when she plays soccer !

Cheering her on and she in turn can hear him.

I do not know how to explain this –

only that he became attached to her when he was between 2 and 3 .

The other two – Taylor and Cassidy –

form that same bond only with Sarah –

Ella’s younger sister.

We are a family of mostly girls
mother and daughters
Bode the lone boy
Bode and his father Marcus
instructions on golf

It was Bode who asked to go here

It was chilly – 35 degrees –

but we kept warm with the overhead heaters.

Debby – Tammy – Sherry
Mother and two daughters

We had a fun time – over two hours –

It is always fun when you spend time with family.

Sarah after a shot
Debby and Ella

A cold night – but a time he wanted to spend with Ella

Bode and Ella

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Family time

PAPA’S WORLD – all he wanted was his cousin ELLA !