Papa’s World – A little day trip to Holden Beach, N.C.

The public park and dock of Holden Beach, park.

We decided to take a day trip to Holden Beach – to see the facilities for future boat trips on the ICW!

We went into the park right after we crossed the causeway from the mainland.

If we rent a boat we need to check out docks with bathrooms, this one had one.

But – you need to reserve the space to dock!

So we decided if we come this way we could wait to go to the dock across the ICW where Provision company is and wait for someone to leave.

Or we could unload people at the park – and just pull back out and wait for them to use the bathrooms.

We continued on to a bar and grill with a covered top deck and had a drink and lunch!

CHEERS with a view of the ocean across the street!

Another view from the top deck – great day – warm but with a good breeze sitting up there!
We got all the info we needed on our day trip to Holden Beach, N.C.

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Not for me to question WHY – but for me to do or die! LOL

Papa’s World – morning walk on Ocean Isle Beach.

This morning – we went for a walk on the beach!

In NMB – we walked the beach every day – here – it is four miles away so it is just easier to walk the neighborhood.

But – every so often we head to the beach and I think we should do this every day!

The air was 82 degrees – the water was 83 degrees!

The water is so warm – but that brings in the Jellyfish – so they have purple flag warnings!

Not crowded at all in the morning!

Walking the surf – sort of lures you in.

Nothing to think about as you walk and hear the waves coming and going.

Sherry walking the surf of OIB – warm water and warm air.

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PAPA’S WORLD – morning walk on Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.


Papa’s World – Belief in Humanity – Kindness – Family – Friends – Church and Country.

To share my life experience – good thoughts – humor – the purpose of my blogs.
The news of today is full of sorrow – come to my blog to refresh your thoughts.
The peace and tranquility of a morning walk on the beach – my wife Sherry.

Smile when walking past another person – make their day.

This is a happy place – thanks for reading.

My blog is dedicated to all that is family – love and to promoting the good things in life.

I share with you those things daily – my hope is you look forward each day to seeing and reading it.

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Papa’s World – Cameron Woods – OIB – another beautiful start to the day!

Morning sunrise – quiet – white clouds – sun peeking through.

We do have fantastic sunrises and sunsets here.

We go to the end of the driveway – look right to the sunrise and then left to the sunset!

Looking West during sunrise – a reflection of the clouds!

It is a quiet neighborhood in this direction at the end of the road – a new phase of construction has begun.

They have already framed and enclosed some sixteen houses –

they have cleared additional lots and put in two new ponds!

A total of seventy-six more homes will be built back there.

The total of Cameron Woods would then be 170 plus homes and about forty-eight attached condos

at the entrance across the street!

A look South East toward the ocean.

We are four miles to the OIB and seven miles to Sunset Beach.

Over twenty golf courses are within fifteen minutes –

many of them twenty-seven holes.

Two of the many reasons we decided to build and live here.

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Papa’s World – Turkey family came to visit!

I just happen to look out the door of the enclosed patio and there they were – two adults and six young ones!
We have seen them all over the neighborhood – and last fall we saw about forty of them!

They do not stay long – just amble about while moving forward.

We also have seen deer – snakes – and lots of birds!

And just like that, they were out of sight!

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Papa’s World – LOVE – PEACE – HAPPINESS!

Welcome to Papa’s World

Love – family – happy – caring – together -bonding – are but a few words to describe our grandkids.

LOVE through the years!

Papa’s World tries to bring you each day – a little more happiness to your life.

A little relief from everyday negative news – sharing goodness – family and friends.

From Papa and Sherry – may your days be bright – your nights peaceful – may your journeys be safe and travels full of exploration and adventure –

THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF PAPA’S WORLD – a journey for all of us – and a day to remember!

SMILE – because you can and want to!

Papa’s World – feel good – be happy – SMILE!

Welcome to Papa’s World

In today’s world – in my blogs – you will find good thoughts – smiles and places – and times for the family.

Family for me is happy thoughts – memories and smiles.

A little play on words – smile!

Humor – smiles – a little respite from all the negative news.

Chlidren bring smiles!

True or not – smile!

The truth is out there!

I hope this has brought a smile to your face today – start your day with happy thoughts.


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Papa’s World – this site – kindness – good thoughts – trying to make a difference.

Make a difference in people’s lives – share gratitude – be an example.

My daily life on social media is to bring smiles – happy thoughts – good deeds – sharing thoughts – being a good person.

The news is filled with sorrow – hate – negative words – death and destruction.

Political discourse – friend against a friend – family against family.

Split down the middle and agitated with a false narrative.

Actions from adults are mirrored by a child – words from adults are heard by children and repeated.

Our actions as adults form the life of a child – repeating endless history through time.

The world needs us as adults to be the eyes of a child.

We form our children – we protect them yet they see our actions and imitate them for the worse not the better.

I try with my blogs and with my social media each and every day to spread love- kindness – happy thoughts –

family – friends – church – smiles – and positivity toward the human race in general.

In the sunset of my life – seeing the good – and giving what we can.

This is PAPA’S WORLD and WELCOME – thanks for reading!

Papa’s World – Golf outing – friends – Crow Creek!

Crow Creek – Calabash, N.C.

We had rain checks for nine holes of golf at Crow Creek – golf course – so – we and the McBrides booked a tee time!

Sherry Cindy Papa Buck

It was a beautiful day – however, the day before we had a downpour and so it was cart path only!

But – we made the most of it and we only played nine holes!

It is only a fifteen-minute drive from our home on RTE. 17.

There are birds everywhere!

We had a 3:00 pm. tee time – perfect as we were almost the last tee time!

It was hot – but a breeze –

And we almost had the course to ourselves!

Other than the ground being wet from the rain the day before – it was in excellent shape!

Playing cart path only – is tiring and I really do not like it!

But – – it was really wet and we would have gotten the cart stuck!

Buck and Papa in the cart – Sherry taking a selfie!

We finished around 5:30 pm. – loaded the cars and drove back to our home for dinner and drinks!

Thanks for reading Papa’s World – GOLF OUTING FRIENDS CROW CREEK!

CROW CREEK end of the day!

Papa’s World – oldest granddaughter in Costa Rico – working with children and playing soccer.

The experience of a lifetime – travel – helps kids and play soccer.

Maddy traveled to Costa Rico – part of her education at college – and with her soccer team.

She raised money for the trip with donations from many people and also knew she would be working

with the underprivileged children of this country.

At the first school children went to – the toilets would not flush and no toilet paper.

Yet the children loved having them as mentors in games and contests.

Maddy as captain – far right outside of the line of players.

They played matches against semi-pros of the country and won two of three matches –

losing 3 to 2 on a put-in from their own team!

This trip will shape her future for years to come.

Along with working with the children – they also had downtime to white water raft –

zip lines and hiking – working out and running on beaches

seeing a volcano and the rainforest.

Maddy is in the back row – fourth in white from the right – team picture of their own team and a mixture of semi-pro and college players from Costa Rico.


Maddy – on the right holding the American Flag!

She has grown up before our eyes – soon to be a senior and one of the captains of her college soccer team.

3.85 GPA – Environmental Science – Engineering

One last year of college and one last year of playing college soccer.

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Sarah MADDY Ella granddaughters


Papa’s World – ladies of Papa’s World – I am so lucky!

Debby Sherry Tammy – my world of ladies!

For forty-two years – forty married – they have been my life!

While I am their stepdad – they are like my own –

I am the luckiest man in the world.

Tammy and her family – the LITTLE ONES I call them.

They call me PAPA – and it is like a badge of honor to me.

They hug me goodnight when we stay with them – Bode gets up in the morning and the first thing he does

comes down the stairs to our bedroom – and usually, I am blogging –

He runs up to me and throws his arms around my neck –


The day we were married – 6-25-1982

We combined two families – four very young kids – and started the next forty years together.

Debby and her family

Debby was eight going on nine when Sherry and I married – we were engaged for one year prior

and dated one year prior to that.

My three oldest granddaughters – Sarah – Maddy – Ella

The three of them – laughing – giggling – so full of life – love them – proud of each of them.

The Ladies of my life – Papa’s World – Thanks for reading –


Papa’s World – A day to smile – from PAPA!

Start your day with a little smile!

The innocence of a child – brings a smile to your face!

Mine will be BEER TASTING!


Keep a loved one close!
Laugh a little each and every morning and throughout the day!


Look for the fun things in life – it helps to keep you young!

I hope this brings a little smile to you today – a beginning of a good day and perhaps an up moment to a bad day.

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Papa’s World – Cameron Woods – sunrise – sunset – storm clouds in between!

Sunrise with clouds forming in Cameron Woods Community – OIB, N.C.

The storms were out there – but also clearing skies – we seem to get all these clouds every day from the ocean!

The blue sky was soon covered with a storm cloud!

This storm rolled in from the NE – from the ocean.

It got very still and hardly any wind – the rain would come.

Soon the western sky caught up and it started to rain.
Then toward the east – it started to break up – the rain had stopped for a few hours – it was drying up!

And then the sunset over Cameron Woods Community – another day – another beautiful cloudy sky.
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Papa’s World – And on the twelfth day – the parents picked them up!

Bode – Cassidy – Taylor and their MorMor – on the waterfront at Oyster Rock.

TWELVE DAYS of non-stop activity – crossing off all that was on the list plus whatever we added!

Ferry rides – Fort Fisher – aquarium – scavenger hunt – arts and crafts at the park – Wonder Works in Boardwalk on the Beach – Lulu’s and playground at Barefoot Landing – Plus Bullys for lunch –

Then there were go-carts – mini golf – beach time – tidal pool – fireworks – golf cart parade – walking and riding bikes – crafts at home – IPAD time –

There was more – twelve days worth – and yes we were exhausted – but even now we miss them.

Marcus – Taylor – Cassidy – Tammy and Bode – were happy to see them.

The parents came for overnight and then headed to Topsail Beach for vacation with Marcus’s family.

The kids were excited as they would see their cousins and grandparents.

Taylor and her MorMor( Sherry) yes – she is tall – eleven years old – and we have two more who are taller than Sherry – her cousins Ella and Sarah!

It was a full twelve days of non-stop going – playing – creating – laughing – and they were so good!

Taylor – Bode – Cassidy – so long – until next summer – but we will see them often in the next 12 months!

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Papa’s World – almost eight years since my heart attack – living in health one day at a time.

The dawning of each day is another day for me living life to the plus!

We had a lifestyle change 17 years ago – I had eaten unhealthy for 45 years – much of that time fast food!

And I am fortunate that we took steps to eat healthily – as in my mind – I would not have survived –

For I had a Massive Heart Attack almost eight years ago!

Up until then, I was a junkie at Mcdonald’s!

But Sherry started taking nutrition classes and I followed what she learned.

I had already done the damage to my heart previously

had I not changed –

Well – the doctors told me I was the healthiest heart attack they had ever seen!

What we had done for nine years saved my life!

Today – I eat greens – chicken and fish and very little red meat.

I gave up fast foods – most red meat – most dairy and no more milk!

No more sodas and cut way down on sweets.

It is a very hard thing to do – so my motto today is LIVING LIFE ONE DAY AT A TIME !

Once a day – a health drink – a rainbow of colors – a meal supplement – made by my wife for both of us, and it tastes so good!

Cilantro – frozen blueberries – orange juice – two bananas – and a teaspoon of Organic Barley Grass

and Micro Ingredients( Vitamin A – Iron – Protein – Sodium – Carbohydrates – 1 g)

Blend in a blender and then drink a full glass!

Keep a good sense of humor!

Sherry is a certified Health Coach – we have also for 17 years taken a supplement called Juice Plus.

A process where 30 fruits – vegetables and berries – are juiced – dried – and put into capsule form or gummies!

Taken every day – this is what changed the most in my health.

And as a way to watch what I eat every day so as not to overload my system –

I also drink one of their powdered shakes – French Vanilla or Dutch Chocolate

and for me, it is a meal supplement! Usually lunch!

This is so true for me!


It has been a journey – one that I can write about as I am still alive!

This is me – this is my life – my reasons to still be here –

Thanks for reading and if you are hungry –

Enter into my world and have a salad with some shrimp and let it be your PAPA’S WORLD!

Papa’s World – the parents are on their way – last morning with the grandkids – THE PIER!

A painting at the entrance to Sunset Beach Pier.

This was drawn and painted by one of the employees who work at the pier!

The morning – first a beach walk – then two mazes for the kids to work their way out –

and then to the pier to have ice cream before their parents get there from NVA!

View from the pier and in the middle is the MAZE with people walking through it!

Day twelve of having grandkids staying with us!

We were so busy – ferry rides – mazes – aquarium – Boardwalk on the Beach – Barefoot Landing –

Mini golf – beach days – go- carts – music festival – arts and crafts – playgrounds – scavenger hunt –

Fourth of July golf cart parade – fireworks – eating out for lunch and dinners!

Walking – bikes – hoverboards – monopoly (Brunswick)- games – drawing –

Huge tidal pool – riding the waves – sunset slushes and more.

Showing them to be grateful – showing them sharing – just showing them life with MORMOR and PAPA!

Twelfth day – ice cream on Sunset Beach Pier – Cassidy – Bode – MORMOR and Taylor!


The end of twelve days with the grandkids – Sunset Beach Pier – until next summer!

Papa’s World – walking the Sunset Beach and the amazing MAZES!

The MAZE on the beach between 12th. and 13th. street

Now we have found out there are two different men who are drawing MAZES on the beach!

And both are done with just a special shovel – and that is it!

This fellow I think has been doing it for years and years – although we have never seen him!

He has a Facebook page and now does it in memory of his wife who passed away.

According to a newspaper article – he does this with only a shovel and in his mind –

he draws them – starting in the middle and working out.

His wife would accompany him and test them out to make sure they were right.

I guess he may even do special requests!!!!

Sherry standing next to a huge beach chair with the name MAZEMATICIAN on it!

Now – we have discovered a second man who draws his MAZES on the beach by the third street beach access.

This is the man and his shovel talking to another man.

The grandkids loved both of them – if you take the grandkids to the beach –

this will keep them entertained for a long time! LOL

Sherry – Taylor to the far left and Bode and Cassidy to the right!

His MAZES seem to be larger – I watched him and he would go into the maze and do some patch-up work with the shovel.

The MAZE on the third street entrance.

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Papa’s World – Arts – Crafts and Grandkids -oh my!

Cassidy – our little artist.

We had lists of things to see and do while they were here for twelve days!

The downtime was also on those lists and arts and crafts for each of them.

Keeping three kids on the go – with rest times.

Bode and the crafts he made – along with his stuffed shark.

While he did the crafts by himself – we had to read a lot of the instructions to him so he would understand them. He will be in second grade in the fall.

He did very well and made the contraption to pick up items from the floor.

Taylor with her crafts – the picture frames they all picked out the colors.

She would much more like to ride a horse but she was game and made the things you see here

even stitching the leather notepad holder.

She is our reader – books and books – always reading.

This is Cassidy’s element – she loves her arts and crafts!

She is so talented – making things – she made the cards – painted the switch plate covers –

painted rocks and copied the American flag that President Bush painted – exactly like he did.

Cassidy’s drawing with a pencil.

Cassidy’s other little girl drawing.

The list was long – but downtime was important and it showed in the arts and crafts.

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Papa’s World – Through the eyes of children – INNOCENCE!

And also our children!

They show no prodigious – they share – they love and they sometimes cry but hug afterward.

They are children and we as adults are responsible for their eys in the future!

It is this that makes their world a wonder.

Our time here on earth is short – but our influence goes generation to generation –

Our historical presence is passed forward

If only we could overcome those thoughts and ideas and actions.

Sad but so true.

Look for the goodness of people – share love and gratitude – have compassion.

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Papa’s World – our Cassidy – seems she is an ARTIST!

Cassidy – calls her MorMor ( Sherry) every week – or texts her – whom she adores.

While I have known she has the ability to create – it surprised me just how well she can draw.

Sherry saw a picture on social media of an American flag painted by President Bush –

for the celebration of July 4th.

I guess he just did it in a few moments – as he also is a good artist.

She asked Cassidy if she could do the same thing by looking at the picture!

Cassidy’s painting after seeing the picture of President Bush painting.

It looks just like his!

She has a unique ability to look at something and reproduce it!

A few down days and she sat and started drawing!

No one bothers her and she is very quiet – only a pencil and paper.

She sat at the counter with her IPAD – and watched a video of this drawing and reproduced it on a larger scale.
She produced the drawing – and showed it to me – I was just struct at how good she actually is!

She is her own self – and a quiet sweetheart.

Her third picture – all three we are going to have framed – she is only eleven years old!

She has a focus on detail – a sense of shade – these are all just penciled drawings.

I showed them to her mother and I think she needs to pursue this talent.

Cassidy with Taylor and Bode behind her.

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Papa’s World – Grandkids list – busy times!

No need for this with these three – they are always busy!

When they are home – it is outside they go – playing with friends – riding bikes!

So – before they came to visit for twelve days – we asked them to think about what they wanted to do!

And they came up with a list for each one to do and day by day we crossed those items off –

somedays more than one!

Beach days were our sort of down days – and usually in afternoons – here we are in a tidal pool on OIB – the water was warm and they loved it!

I still can not believe we did all of this – each day we added and crossed off – one by one.

And yes – by the end we were exhausted – but it was a good feeling and now –

They are gone and I wish they were back.

The grandkids – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode – “PAPA – WHAT ARE WE DOING NEXT”?

Papa’s World – North Myrtle Beach – Cherry Grove – old neighborhood!

At Cherry Grove looking South toward the tall buildings of North Myrtle Beach.

Here is where we took the grandkids for lunch after mini-golf – to SNOOKY’S.

This was the area we lived in for nine months at Ocean Keyes while the house was being built.

We would walk this beach every day for our three-mile walk.

This area here is where you ride the jet skies – paraglide and the big banana boats!

A great family beach!

Walk to main street and shopping.

The grandkids wading and looking for shells and sharks’ teeth!

SNOOKY’S is our favorite beach bar and grill in NMB!

We have taken most family and friends here.

Also – the water was very warm and great for swimming and wading.

A lot of people also were shell hunting!
Bode and Taylor in the surf.

What a good day – mini golf which is all Bode talked about and he picked out the mini golf course.

Lunch at Snooky’s and then some time hunting shells in the surf of Cherry Grove.

If you are interested in making the Myrtle Beach area your vacation spot – I recommend this area

as it is a great place for families and the beach are fantastic.

Sherry Cassidy Taylor and Bode in the surf at Cherry Grove, S.C.

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Papa’s World – Giant tidal pool and flying kites on Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

East end of Ocean Isle Beach – as low tide forms – giant tidal pool – one to two feet deep!
The water in June is really warm , and here Taylor- Bode – Cassidy and I wade around the pool. It was huge and a sand bar formed as the tide went lower.

The Ocean Isle Beach tidal pool is on the east end of the island is near the new groin break wall.

The grandkids played in her for a couple hours and a group of teens just laid on their stomachs in the warm water.

The area does not have many people come to it as you have to walk from your car to get to it!

But – the beach here is so peaceful and quiet.

The tidal pool makes it easy to not have to watch the little ones all the time!

You can see the new groin break wall in the background!

Taylor decided it was time to fly a kite while the other two continued to run and play in the tidal pool.

What was nice was she did not have to worry about other people on the beach as we were in a spot with no one within fifty yards of where we sat.

East end of Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

She spent a good one-half hour with the kite in the air!

You can see in the pictures just how many people were around – a great spot to spend some quiet time!

Our three youngest grandkids – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode.

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Papa’s World – Downtime with the grandkids and their own sleeping spaces!

The little ones are like this!

We had them all to ourselves for twelve days! It was a busy time with a list that we completed!

And downtime scheduled in for time to relax!

One of our many things on the list – Is a boardwalk on the Beach.
Downtime scheduled – Bode on the couch.

We had to have downtime – for us and for them! LOL!

We planned events every day – and played during beach time –

But also crafts that all three did!

All three are talented!

A multitude of crafts they completed!
Each had its own space for sleeping – here is the pull-out single bed in our bedroom for Bode!

Cassidy had her own room – everything had its place!
Taylor loved her own pull-out Queen bed in the sunroom!

In her downtime – this was her go-to – headphones and reading her books or watching movies.

They had their own creative space to do whatever they wanted for a couple hours!

Each in their own way is an artist and creates excellent crafts.

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Painted rocks are now part of our front flower bed from each of them!

Papa’s World – Barefoot Landing- Crooked Landing – Lulu’s – Playground – dinner at BULLYS!

Cassidy – Bode and Taylor – at Crooked Hammock Brewery – is one of our favorites!

We left Boardwalk on the beach and drove back to Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach.

We lived for nine months near here and often came to just walk our three miles!

Around the lake and by the ICW and the marina.

Crooked Hammock – we watched it being built during the nine months we lived at Ocean Keyes.

Today – when we have friends staying with us or family – we try to bring them here.

They were so good the whole time with us – “Papa – are we being good”?

A smile every day – is just a way to make it a little better!

The huge old oak tree in the playground.

The playground across from Lulu’s – is another place we like to go and just have a drink and people-watch.

This huge tree – was in another spot some 800 feet away –

they made that area into a parking lot and kept this tree by moving it here!

It is a few hundred years old and they wanted to save it.

That is conversation!

We also bring the family here sometimes to eat – great place and friendly.

A good way to wrap up another busy day with the grandkids.

Going to miss them – life as grandparents – PRICELESS!

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Papa’s World – Boardwalk on the beach – upside down house – WONDER WORKS!

Bode – Cassidy, and Taylor getting their harnesses on.

If you are in Boardwalk on the beach – Wonder Works is tough to miss – it is a huge Mansion –

Completly “UPSIDE DOWN”!

I really did not know what to expect – only that some time ago I had asked a family –

that was exiting if it was worth it?

YES – YES – YES they replied – take your grandkids – they will love it and you can go in and out all day long!


Bode – harnessed up and attached to the rail system. Climbing the first set of stairs – up two stories!

Taylor – on her way up two stories!

Cassidy – is on her way up to the first platform two stories up!

Once there – you can head in a number of different directions – on beams six inches wide!

Cassidy – walking the narrow beam – attached to the rail above but only a rope every 3 or 4 feet to grab ahold.

There were routes that had nothing to hang onto other than your attachment to the rail.

The routes would go higher and higher – some 30 to 40 feet off the floor!

And the surfaces would change – always an obstacle course to navigate!

They played up there for over two hours and went up twice!

But – this was only one game to play in this building –

A maze on the bottom floor for LASER TAG – which we also did!

In this room, you did anything you wanted to do – a flash and then your shadow on the wall –

showing your pose – they did this a couple times.

There was a virtual ride where you are strapped in your seat and it moved to whatever was being shown.

For instance a roller coaster for a coal car – up and down and around sharp corners.

The whole time you feel as if you are actually doing it!


A selfie as we sat and waited to watch them above us walking from one story to another.

All in all – we were in the UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE WONDER WORKS for over FIVE HOURS!

They loved it and so did we as we also got to do things!

It also is very educational there.

Bode had no fear of heights – like a tight rope – he went from one to another – leaving the girls behind him

Cassidy was the same way but she promised Taylor she would not leave her!

Then it was back outside and an Italian Ice for a treat.

We decided to leave Boardwalk on the beach and drive to Barefoot Landing for an early dinner.

But – to anyone who wants to visit Boardwalk on the Beach in Myrtle Beach –

The upside-down house WONDER WORKS is a treat for yourself and your kids or grandchildren!

NOTE: Check it out online as it does have some height restrictions!

Bode was fine – he passed all the restrictions.

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Papa’s World – Ocean Isle Beach fireworks with grandkids.

The moon shining over OIB before the start of fireworks.

It was a warm evening – and the kids were excited – we made our way onto the island and found a spot to park right across the street from the pier – we carried our chairs to a grassy area next to the roadway – we were about to have front row seats!

To our left is the traffic circle and it seemed like hundreds of cars and golf carts were still streaming in and around the circle – most going past in front of us.

Papa and the crew – this was in the other direction from the circle – and there was a constant stream of cars – I have no idea where they went because that end is the end of the island some three miles away.
The opening of the fireworks continued for a one-half hour!
The view – palm trees – and parking lot of the pier – and then the ocean.
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Ocean Isle Beach fireworks with the grandkids!

Papa’s World – OIB – 4th. of July golf cart parade!

Front row seats – 284 decorated golf carts – thousands of people.

We were front row with our chairs and the grandkids were so excited!

Here you see Bode – Taylor – Cassidy and Sherry.

It was a joyous celebration of our nations birthday!

There were also other participates in the parade!
Sherry ( MORMOR) Taylor Cassidy and Bode watching as the parade begins.
As the parade continued – dark clouds were rolling in – thunder in the distance!
The clouds rolled in and the thunder got loud – soon we saw lightening and we headed across the street beneath the wine – beer and coffee shop!
Just before we crossed the street – this man saw me take this picture and his comment was – THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL REMEMBER THE MOST ABOUT THIS PARADE – THUNDER- LIGHTENING- AND POUR DOWN RAIN FROM THESE CLOUDS and he was right – we made it just in time and two houses on the beach were struck by lightening – MOTHER NATURE PREVAILED!
Later that day – sunset – the storm cleared out – we made it back from OIB and all was well!
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OIB – JULY 4th. GOLF CART PARADE – and then the RAIN CAME!

Papa’s World – Spending time with the little ones!

These three are like this at home – they are outside all day long!
Taylor – Bode, and Cassidy – are our youngest grandchildren.

You should see the LIST – things that they wanted to do and wrote down!

We have one more to do – tomorrow – MINI GOLF!

Bode has wanted to play mini-golf on this one course in North Myrtle Beach

since we have been down here for two years!

The one that has the Airplane and Helicoper!

Bode Cassidy Taylor
It has been a busy TEN DAYS, to say the least! LOL

And the crafts they have done and completed – hours and hours of doing them!

Bode and Cassidy – once in the water they are still there hours later!

We have been going to the beach every other day, mostly in late afternoons or early evenings.

That way – they will not get sunburned and they are now so tanned!

The sun sets on another adventure day.

Having them here has been a joy – it will be twelve days total and their parents will pick them up.

Excitement – laughter – and some groans – but all in all – they have been very good.

Cassidy – Taylor and Bode

Last year it was one week – this year twelve days – and we have done a lot in those times!


I am going to miss them when they leave but will see them in a couple weeks –

they are going with their parents for an additional week on the beach at Topsail, N.C.

Then home and for two weeks will practice with a professional crew from California

in the musical LION KING!

We are going home to watch them.

Papa’s World – thanks for reading!

Papa’s World – The amazing MAZE on Sunset Beach!

Sherry – Cassidy – Taylor and Bode trying to solve the MAZE on the beach on the 12th. street beach access!

Almost every day weather permitting – for the last 8 to 10 years – a man ( I do not know his name)

appears on the beach with just a shovel and draws these amazing MAZES!

There have been numerous newspaper articles – Facebook and other social pages and stories

of his unique style of PUZZLES on the beach at low tide.

Sherry is about to enter the MAZE and right below to the left is a diagram on how to SOLVE the MAZE!

The diagram also has instructions on how to TURN at each intersection –

you can not just walk straight through – you must turn in any direction.

The instructions are written in the sand – all done by freehand – and with just a shovel!

The articles I have read – he does this as a hobby and for years for his wife until she passed away.

He decided to continue in her memory each day – she would accompany him and test out the MAZE!

I would like to meet him and talk to him!

While we were there for 45 minutes – at least a hundred people stopped and tried to solve the MAZE!

If you are ever on SUNSET BEACH – go to the 12th. street beach access – either drive or walk the beach- and you most likely will come across a lot of people walking THE MAZE – and it is different each day. He says he starts in the middle and just works his way to the outside and they come in straight lines – curves and other forms of drawings!
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Sunset Beach, N.C. with the grandkids!

Although Ocean Isle Beach is closer to our home – we always take the company to Sunset Beach!

The beach is wider and more flat and shallow!

Plus – Sunset Beach is more residential and not as commercial.

This time we had our three grandkids – Cassidy – Bode and Taylor.
All three love the beach – but Cassidy and Bode – you have to pry them out of the water!
Bode and Taylor
Cassidy is the one who calls MORMOR ( Sherry ) all the time!

The two – Bode and Cassidy are just alike although it is Taylor and Cassidy who are the twins.

Taylor takes after her MorMor who is tall – as do her cousins Sarah and Ella.

All three are going to be over 5’10”!

Cassidy and Taylor hunting for Shark teeth – Cassidy found one!
Cassidy has a heart of gold.

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SUNSET BEACH, N.C. with the grandkids

Papa’s World – Grandkids – GOKARTS – Slushes – oh my!

Cassidy, Bode ( not tall enough to drive), and Taylor are going around the track.
Cassidy and Bode – these two-four years apart – but they are more like twins!
Cassidy and Bode – she did well for the first time ever driving.
Bode and Taylor – on the second time – Bode says afterward – I want to ride with Cassidy – she goes faster!
Cassidy – by herself – both girls respected the course rules and did not do anything reckless.

They both remind me of their mother Tammy driving around and around.

From a distance, I thought it was her.

We also found out that the show Hightower on Paramount – was filming there.

They were there once and the next day shooting again.

We passed the enormous white tents of the production crews –

and there was a flashing traffic sign announcing the date and shooting of the show.

Taylor waiting to start.
Taylor – Bode – Cassidy, and Sherry – their MORMOR

After going on the go-karts twice – it was down time –

we stopped for Italian ice and then into the park to just relax and enjoy the evening.

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PAPA’S WORLD – Grandkids – Go-Karts – Slushes – OH MY!!!!

Nature in our backyard – Snakes and Turkey!

The open patio in the backyard with the protected tree line.

We have an enclosed lanai along with an open patio with a fire pit.

It does get really hot in the sun out in the open – but mornings are shaded and so are early evenings.

Papa sitting outback watching for snakes!
And I spotted the first of two that I have seen!

Needless to say – we are not happy with this – I spread snake-be-gone around and mow the grass short.

But – it is a protected area in the woods – and since I put down the snake-be-gone –

we have not seen anymore – but I warn the grandkids to watch what they are doing!

This one I later found out was not poisonous and as soon as I took the picture-

it turned around and very fast went back into the woods.

Then a few days after – two large turkeys and little ones crossed the yard as I sat out there!
I was sipping my coffee and all of a sudden they came from between the houses.

We have also seen them down by the pond!

At night – deer will set off our motion light in the backyard as I will look out and see them.

We are only four miles from the beach – but it is real country.

One of the reasons we picked this area.

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Papa’s World – Golfing THE LAKES with friends on our Anniversary!

Good day from PAPA’S WORLD!

On the day of our anniversary – June 25th. – we journeyed to Boiling Springs, N.C. to play golf-

at THE LAKES golf course with our friends Buck and Cindy McBride!

Cindy – Buck – Sherry and Papa.

We have been friends for over 35 years – and now that we live some 38 miles from them –

we get together to play golf as often as we can.

Looking for Bucks golf ball in a pond – no gators in there – we checked it out!

The course is off the beaten path and is the oldest course in Brunswick County, N.C.

But it is a fun course and not crowded when we played in the early afternoon.

Most golfers like to play early – when it is not so hot –

It does not bother us and we like no one pushing us!

Buck and I have been golfing partners for years and years – going way back to WNY!

We all like music and when together sing!

It was a great way to spend the day – celebrating our anniversary – then having dinner at their house.

Sherry and Cindy – are good friends – good golfing partners.

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Papa’s World – Through the years – our life!

June 25th. 1982 – our wedding day – Papa and Sherry

We dated a little over a year before we got engaged and then a year later married.

We both were married before – she had two daughters – I had two sons – and we had each other.

We lived way out in the country – the driveway was 1/10th of a mile long –

great in winter to sled ride.

That first year I mowed everything by hand – it took five days!

And then – rest for two and start over again – we bought a riding mower!

On marriage was based on the Church on the rock-solid!

Those early years were lean years – combining two sets of kids –

running back and forth – very little extra money –

but we survived and to this day look back fondly on all those times.

We always traveled by van – all of us.

We would pack breakfast – lunch, and dinners – take adventures –

the kids loved it.

Camping – in tents – visiting friends.

Then the kids started leaving one by one.

Marriages – moving – college – our family was just the two of us.

We started to travel – the country and the world

The kids were gone – we had moved from the country and into town.

Now – the house was empty and we had the opportunity to transfer to NVA.

We went to NVA and the daughters and family followed us.

We bought and sold three houses in NVA.

My sons stayed in Pa.

But – it seemed like the extended family all moved to NVA.

Retirement came – and once again – we thought of selling and moving farther south.
We made the move in 2020 – and today we are in OIB, Cameron Woods, N.C.

The family stayed in Pa. and Va. – her sister is building a small condo near us.

The family has visited us many times – my sons are coming end of summer.

Forty years have passed since that wedding day – and we still are one and going strong.
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Papa’s World

Papa’s World – our grandson Bode – whacky dress-up day for school!

Near the end of each school year – elementary children have different themed days!

Our grandson – Bode – put together an outfit for this particular day!

BODE in his WHACKY outfit!

He selected everything here and his mother helped him attach the Star Wars figure on his shoulder.

Papa with his hands on BODE’S shoulders
Quite the imagination this young man has.

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Papa’s World – And just like that – granddaughters graduate from Elementary school!

I can see it like it was yesterday – taking them to pre-school – singing a song!

Twins – dressed alike and their little HELLO KITTY backpacks!

They are different – Taylor was the bigger – in fact, the reason they were brought into this world early!

Cassidy at 3 lbs and Taylor at almost 4 lbs.

For some reason, she was getting all the nutrients and growing – so at 32 weeks plus a day or two

the doctors decided it was time – and it also was their mother’s birthday!

So now we celebrate birthdays in threes!

First day – Taylor and Cassidy.

Cassidy is the one who calls every week to talk to her MORMOR ( mothersmother) Swedish.

While she looks short – she is of average height – Taylor is going to be tall like her MORMOR!

Cassidy does soccer while Taylor has ridden horses since she barely walked.

Today they are both alike and different.

Taylor and Cassidy

Taylor would spend all her time riding and carrying for horses.

Cassidy – searching YouTube for projects to make – she is really good at that.

And just like that – going into Middle School!

Our little ones with the HELLO KITTY backpacks –

So grown up and doing their own things.

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Papa’s World – North Myrtle Beach – Barefoot Landing – Crooked Hammock – FAMILY!

Ella – Maddy – Sarah granddaughters visiting the NMB entrance by the Arch!

Decided to go to North Myrtle Beach where we lived for nine months until our house was built!

Mike and Sarah had not been there and we wanted to do a little shopping.

Then it was onto Barefoot Landing – another place we would go to while living in this area.

On the ICW and boat marina of Barefoot Landing.
Walking along the lake at Barefoot Landing

Shopping – looking around and Mike and I went to the waterfront bar of Crooked Hammock.

Waterfront bar of Crooked Hammock in Barefoot Landing – NMB, S.C.
The brewery and restaurant of Crooked Hammock

It was a fun-filled day exploring with the family –

Sarah got to go to her store that sells crystals

Mike got to see where we lived for nine months

All the ladies are like this!

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The ladies in Mike & Papa’s World

Papa’s World – When did they grow up?

It seems like only yesterday they were little ones running around!

Today they are grown up – two in college – one in H.S.

Where did that time go?

They still are full of laughing – smiles and giggles.


Sarah came along unexpected – and was always running around – clinging to her sisters.

All three are athletic – Sarah in track and the other two in soccer.

Walking the beach – Sarah – Maddy and Ella

The growing up – in college – and now young adults – and coming to our home – loving the beach.

They are these women

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PAPA’S WORLD – When did they grow up?

SARAH – MADDY – and ELLA – the Myers girls!

Papa’s Worl – Go-cart racing – OIB Fish Company – Family fun times.

Sherry – Sarah – Maddy – Debby – Mike – Ella

It was family time – a little bit of competition – racing GO-CARTS!

I sat this one out as I had a little kink in my back!

But – they all had a blast – round and round!

We found out later that the next day they were completing shooting a movie right there!

We had passed huge white tents being set up and there were flashing road signs – saying the movie set filming would be the next day.

Then I read in the news that they had already filmed at the track and were coming back to wrap it up!

The OIB FISH COMPANY restaurant – docks and boat landing.

Before the go-carts, we went to OIB FISH COMPANY to the top Tiki deck to have lunch!

And then down the stairs to the open-air bar to watch the boats coming and going.

Family fun time at the bar watching the boats and the ICW!

We packed as much exploring time along with the beach as we could.

Being this was not a whole week as the older girls – who are college students-

had to return for work.

But – we did do the beach every day – we took them all into North Myrtle Beach

Leaving so many things to do when they come back.

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