Papa’s World – Life with SHERRY!

A number of years ago – we had this taken – today – they have all grown so much – the next picture was taken last year!

And now there is MARLY – the Goldendoodle of the Krohn family – the kids love her! LIFE WITH SHERRY!

Sherry and her very close friends Cindy and Dottie – for 40 years – sharing life with SHERRY!

When Cassidy was on the left and Taylor was small – this was the year SHERRY retired from Corp America! Almost 12 years ago!

At a winery in California in the area of the wine country North of Sacramento.


Doing shots on the ICW marshes with Pam and Bob – my grade school buddy!


Dottie – Cindy – Sherry – before the wine tour at our home in Brambleton, Va.


Our grandkids – Maddy – Ella – Sarah – Taylor – Cassidy – and Bode – note how Cassidy takes care of Bode – to this day – still the same way!


LIFE WITH SHERRY has led us to PLAN B – living the salt life – one day at a time and life to the plus in the Carolinas!

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Sherry – Cindy – Dottie – always through the years – friends – LIFE WITH SHERRY in PAPA’S WORLD!

Papa’s World – Through the years – now living in the Carolinas!

Our married life began on June 25th. 1982 in a little town in WNY – called Portville!

We both worked for the American Olean Tile Company in Olean, New York.

We combined two sets of children – my two sons and her two daughters – although my sons lived with their mother.

We traveled with all four on vacations and weekend events.

Troy – my oldest son and Shawn my youngest – both still live back in NWPA where we all are from and raised.

They have been down to visit last summer and hoping they come once again.

Our lives with our family are so important – and hoping all will visit this summer!

Mother and daughters and their families. Debby – is the oldest on the left and Tammy is the youngest on the right.

Our life together reflects the above in our values as a family.

Today we move forward in our retirement in the Carolinas – living our dream of the salt life one day at a time!

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Papa’s World – Our life in pictures!

Celebrating our anniversary last year in NVA with family – including Marley – the Goldendoodle!

Enjoying the SOLO STOVE FIRE PIT on the back patio of our home – in Cameron Woods Community.

Our growing system in our back patio called THE TOWER GARDEN!

Our twin granddaughters back almost 12 years ago – the memory of a time gone by!

A little humor – smile for the day!

Debby and Maddy – our oldest granddaughter – 22 years ago!

Troy my oldest son and Shawn my youngest son.

Now 12 years old – the twins sing vocals in a youth band.

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PAPA’S WORLD – OUR LIFE IN PICTURES! living life one day at a time and living life to the plus!

Papa’s World – Memories through time!

Debby – and Sherry – before we went to the Elton Awards for the Juice Plus Company – have to obtain certain statuses for an invite to the company.

Debby is a QMND and Sherry is an SSC for the company. Daughter and mother working together for better health.

A number of years ago in the California wine country – celebrating life and exploration.

Sometimes eight or more years ago – beach vacation and the granddaughters and the only boy!

Note how Cassidy takes care of Bode and that remains that way to this day!

Cassidy – pulling her beach board – when she was young!

Taylor with her floaty at the beach – when she was young!

Me and my two boys – Troy to my right and Shawn to my left – Shawn has won the Pa. State Champion in nine-ball and will go to Vegas.

Thanks for reading and seeing my memories through time.



Papa’s World – life with family and friends!

Willie is so right in this – music has always brought good vibes to us – and with friends – singing songs!

Friends for years and years – always laughs and tears – singing – playing cards and games and golfing!

We play a scramble – gals vs. guys and after 18 holes – on the last hole – we beat them by one stroke!

Family is very important to us – creating memories – having good times and now they visit us – beach time !!!!!!

My youngest son Shawn and wife Trisha!

Hoping for another visit in the future!

My oldest son Troy and partner Andrea – hoping they come back for a visit!


Papa’s World – Times gone past – our life together.

In the nearly 42 plus years we have been together – we are thankful for all we have! BLESSED!

While living near the nation’s capital – we were at many Nationals games – memories of a World Series – division titles!

Before Bode and when grandkids were young! Taken almost 12 years ago – the twins were not walking then.

After Bode – the twins are now 12 and Bode is 8! Maddy graduates from college and Ella will be a junior in college. Sarah will be a junior in H.S.

Some SENIOR HUMOR – been there done that! LOL Living life to the plus one day at a time!

Papa and MorMor with the grandkids – a few years ago. Bode loves Ella! The memories of times past! PRICELESS!


SHERRY AND PAPA – in wine country in California – living life to the plus one day at a time! MEMORIES!

Papa’s World – Memories through the years – our life!

When friends visit – we have shots while Kayaking – on the marsh of the ICW! OIB!

While living just outside Washington, D.C – taking in a Nationals game!

Papa being set up for the spike – late 80’s Corporate Cup competition for American Olean Tile Co.

Debby – Papa – Sherry – Elton awards for the Juice Plus Company – I do clean up! Two beautiful ladies!

Friends – Dottie – Cindy – Sherry before our wine tour – all these years and still getting together!

In our backyard – Solo Stove fire pit! Thanks for reading Papa’s World –


Papa’s World – Over 40 years ago – MEMORIES – when we were young!

June 25th, 1982 – Papa – brown suit – Sherry – as tall as me – our wedding day – The tall young girl – Debby – Sherry’s daughter -next to her – with her arms around the little girl – Tammy – Sherry’s youngest daughter.

We combined two sets of children – my two sons and her two daughters – in the early years – not much money but we made it!

Last summer – Papa and my two sons – Troy – with the beard – my oldest and Shawn – my youngest – still lived back in NWPA!

They visited last summer and will be back!

This is me! LOL If only I could putt!

Debby with her family – three girls – and husband Mike – Tammy with her three kids and husband Marcus.

The grandkids are growing up – Maddy graduates from college this spring – Ella will be a junior in college in the fall –

Sarah will be a junior in HS in the fall – Taylor and Cassidy will be in their teens next birthday and Bode will be nine on his next birthday!

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD –

The six grandkids – Maddy – Ella – Sarah – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode – Cassidy always watching over Bode!


Troy – Shawn – Autumn – Andera – Trisha – after a week of good times and fun – will be back! The salt life!

Healthy Living – Healthy Life

In my daily life – after I had my by – pass – I choose to eat healthy –

at least the best I could ! For those of you out there – you know just how hard this can be ! It is not easy – too many temptations ! I am giving this to you from one who struggles each and every day to maintain .

I am very fortunate to have a wife who helps me and guides me and keeps me on course. She is a Certified Health Coach from Dr. Sears courses. One of my main go to’s is a Health Drink – which is a WHOLE FOOD !

That my friends is very hard to find ! Making Healthy Breakfast Drinks – with a blender – DIY – is awesome ! Mine consists of ICE – crushed – a little water from the fridge – one half banana – one cup of Soy or Almond milk – and the main source of nutrition – a package of either DUTCH CHOCOLATE + or FRENCH VANILLA + !

This is a drink in powder form from Juice Plus called COMPLETE ! Not only does it fill me up for breakfast ( lunch also ) – but it provides a Proprietary Protein blend 13 grams. WHOLE FOOD with only 140 calories without the banana or Soy or Almond milk !

With 11 grams of sugar – 20 grams of carbohydrates – Dietary Fibers at 8 grams – Soluble Fiber 6 grams and Insoluble Fibers at 2 grams – I found this the best way to go for myself !

Plus – I actually feel filled up ! I sometimes add fruit – and a dab of peanut butter – not often ! I make it what I want and the flavors – DUTCH CHOCOLATE is my favorite !

I will provide a website for you to look over – feel free – and yes it is my wife’s ! You see – without her guidance – after my WIDOW MAKER HEART ATTACK in 2013 – I most likely would not be writing this now. I know it because I survived to live it ! is her official site . It contains a bundle of information. Not only do I follow it – I LIVE IT ! There is more – much more to write about – I posted a blog on this site a few years ago on my survival – if you have health issues – please read it – if you want more info – just leave a comment and I will get back to you, God Bless and HGD !

Papa’s World – Walking Ocean Isle Beach – early March!

Sunny day – high 60’s – no breeze – workers working on the OIB water tower – not for me! LOL

We decided after Pickle-ball – to take a walk on the beach – hardly anyone there!

It was a nice warm walk in the sun.

Product of my life in the ’60s! LOL

The beach was empty – which surprised me because as we walked it got warmer!

OIB pier – a look out south to the ocean – the beaches here face south! Curveture of the coastline!

Walking we saw hardly anyone – but we got our steps in – love walking on the beach!

Ocean Isle Beach when it is warm and lots of folks there! A view from the pier!

Living in the Carolinas has been our plan “B” – living the SALT LIFE!

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Papa’s World – Sunset in Cameron Woods with the SOLO STOVE.

Good day everyone – we have a Solo Stove firepit – on our back patio – and beautiful sunsets!

We are but four miles from the closest beach which is this one called Ocean Isle Beach – which faces South!

We did not want to be in a flood zone or next to the beach – so we are on the mainland side with the ICW between us and the beach!

We also are six miles from Sunset Beach – so named for its fantastic sunsets!

Sunset at SUNSET BEACH – which also faces south. We have the SALT LIFE!

Our children and grandchildren will have this in the future time – our gift to them.

Our Solo Stove – we use it at times to have a fire for friends and family – a way to gather and be social.

The SOLO STOVE FIRE PIT – is a great conversation piece. Plus this top – spreads the heat outwards!

Our backyard faces somewhat South-West and with a protected tree line.

Sunset from our patio through the tree line in Cameron Woods Community, Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

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Papa’s World – Random pictures and humor!

To start your day off with a smile!

While I am there – I feel good and walk every day!

My go-to for the past 16-plus years!

LOL – just kidding but it is humorous!


Sometimes I feel this way – however – there seems to be always a last great shot or putt – that keeps me coming back!

Thank you for reading my little blog – Papa’s World –



Papa’s World- Spring cleaning – front porch – sip coffee!

In the Spring – when it is warm – my go-to place to sit and sip my coffee is the glider on the front porch!

Just sit there in peace and quiet and watch the birds soar in the sky – listen to the wind coming through the tall Carolin Pines!

But first – I have to wash it all off as it is coated with the yellow pollen dust of those same pine trees!

The glider after washing it off and the siding with the crabs – the floor and the stones in front – the windows all had yellow dust.

The three Swedish horses our oldest granddaughters made for us – rested on the stones – amongst the hedges and plants.

This is my coffee place in the early morning!

The front window with the OIB sign – the place we had built and now call home in the Carolinas!

Beaches ( two of them) and golf ( 25 courses within 30 minutes) are two reasons we selected this community!

Entrance to the front door – our crabs on the wall – a welcome wreath – home – family and friends visiting – PRICELESS!

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Through this door passes family and friends – Carolina hospitality – living the full SALT LIFE!


Papa’s World – Spring cleaning – pollen season – the back patio!

The yellow pollen was everywhere – so happy that we had the back lanai enclosed with EZ-BREEZE – allowing us to keep

it outside and not all over our furniture indoors!

But – the outdoor patio was covered as were the outdoor window screens and the screens to the lanai!

So – out came the water hose – and I moved all the furniture off the patio as well as the rug.

I began to wash everything down – starting with the siding and the screens.

I gently used the shower feature on the hose to rinse off the Tower Garden – and the big chairs which are too heavy to move and are connected.

The chairs are really heavy and connected – hard to move for Sherry and me!

I also gently showered the flowers – which we have grown since last spring and the Solo Stove fire pit!

Now on such a nice day – I would rather be out golfing – but this yellow pollen from all the pine trees is everywhere.

I have even seen it in the ocean!

When done and everything is back in place – glad to have it over with and nice and clean – however – this will have to be done again as the pollen season lasts for a while.

When the wind blows it is like a yellow dust cloud floating in the air.

A good rain will wash a lot of it down onto the ground but it forms a yellow scum on the water in the ponds!

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Papa’s World – Through Winter into Spring – Tower Garden.

We now are over ten years of growing our own produce – and down here in the Carolinas – border of N.C. and S.C. –

we have grown year-round – Summer – Fall – WINTER and into the beginning of Spring!

In WINTER when it does get cold – we cover it up during the night and day if we have to – the sun can get through

this mesh covering also protects it from below freezing – 19 degrees one night – and we put our flowers under it!

Here are the last Springs flowers which I moved to the back and covered with the mesh!

The Tower Garden ( and the flowers on the back patio – we had continuous produce all year!

This spot protects the plants and also is in the sun for most of the early morning and early afternoon!

All I do is make sure water is in the base – by watching the WHITE FLOAT rod – when it goes down to the marker on the float –

I add water – and every so often – I add a cup of nutrients ( 2 different types)


We eat salads almost every night and soon in this planting – cukes and tomatoes and celery along with lettuce and herbs.

For over SIXTEEN YEARS – we have added the above natural FRUITS – VEGETABLES – BERRIES – OMEGAS

to our daily diets in CAPSULE – GUMMIE – BARS – and DRINK forms. ( 30 different FRUITS – VEGGIES and BERRIES)

The OMEGAS are not made from FISH OIL – but from ALGAE FARMS ( which fish eat Algae to produce OMEGAS)

to avoid the MERCURY found in fish.

This blog is to bring information on healthy choices from us – Papa and Sherry nearing our middle 70s

You can research and contact me through these email addresses.


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Papa’s World – married – some funny things – life with Sherry

It all began 38 plus years ago – a journey – a epic adventure –

Opposites in so many ways – but so same in other ways !

A grade school friend of mine is embarking upon a bike ride –

a 450 mile bike ride – for charity – his wife is driving the motor home

I ONCE rode a bike for 34 miles –



She talked me into riding through the streets of DC.

They were playing the theme song of ” ROCKY” at the start !


That is my wife Sherry –

she always knows no boundary and that is why I married her !

About 3 miles from the finish line –


I had to get off the bike and walk –

or they would have to take me to the hospital !

My thighs were balling up –

That was my first and last time riding in a bike tour !

Didn’t bother her a bit –

But – I will say up to then it was fun !

I will get dressed – we are going somewhere –


Your shirt has a spot on the back of the shoulder !

I look – and look – pin head size – yet she spotted it !

Change shirt –

put in laundry room –


She could actually take the place of those satellites in space

The kind that can see a golf ball from a thousand miles away !

Give me a drink and friends

Now she can sing – I can’t –

I sound like a old love sick coon hound !

But – when we do get together with friends –

The KARAOKE MACHINE comes out –

Cindy ( the lounge lizzard ) has a portable one –

We always sip a few – toss back some fireball

and begin our singing !

Sherry gets into it after a glass or two –

Again – having fun – laughing –

38 years of it !

Together all these years

The ability to laugh with and at each other –

Parking lots – we always end up in a parking lot when she drives –

No good reason to be there –

we laugh about it –

I can’t hear or so she says

I get mail on hearing aids –

She swears she had nothing to do about it

It is the little things in life that makes her my best friend.

38 years is a long time

life is good

life is funny


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Papa’s World – When they were young and small – MEMORIES!

Today – I look back – back to the little ones – who now are the older ones and the next three whom I now call the little ones!

All six of the grandchildren several years ago before we moved to the Carolinas – this at our home in NVA!

Today – the oldest graduates from college – the second oldest is a Sophomore in college – the third oldest is a Sophomore in H.S.

The twins are in sixth grade and Bode – is in second grade.

All have been down to visit us – and the younger ones have spent a week’s vacation with us here at our new home!

The twins – Cassidy on the left and Taylor on the right – with Papa – they were so small when born – both just three pounds plus!

Today – Taylor – then Sarah ( who is 5’10”) and Cassidy – who is actually now growing faster than Taylor!

Sarah is a Sophomore in H.S.

MORMOR – Sherry – and Papa – at the beach shortly after Sherry retired early to pursue her Juice Plus business full time! She is a certified health coach and guides me in healthy eating.

Today the three oldest are with their parents – Maddy – then Ella and Sarah. They have all grown up!

Our memories of times gone by – forever young in our minds! Maddy – Sarah and Ella!

TAYLOR – love her smile!

Cassidy – the little determined one – loves her feisty attitude!

Bode – the only grandson out of five granddaughters – my little buddy – PAPA and BODE!

Thank you for reading PAPA’S WORLD –

PAPA and little CASSIDY.

PAPA and TAYLOR – who has turned into a horse rider and works in the barn!


Papa’s World – Christmas presents from our son-in-law!

Our son-in-law Mike with Debby and their daughters – Maddy (L) and Ella ( R ) and Sarah ( RR) – make fantastic items from


A lamp made from driftwood with birch bark shade! Everything is hand-crafted and we have put this in our Lanai as a night light!

We both love these types of presents and this was a Christmas present.

All the older granddaughters have made our items for presents and those are cherished!

We are a close-knit family – and have visited back and forth. They are about 8 hours away!

We just love this as it goes with our beach theme and how we live close to several beaches. I think he could make and sell these down here!

He makes so many things and is very talented! He has his own workshop.

Thanks for reading Papa’s World –

Debby and Mike when the girls were younger – CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FROM OUR SON-IN-LAW!

Papa’s World – reflecting back – thoughts!

I started this blog because I wanted to leave memories for generations to come – in pictures – thoughts – words and actions!

I grew up not really knowing my cousins – aunts or uncles – my sister was 15 years older than me and my brother was 10 years older.

By the time I came along – all those cousins were already that much older than me – and I just never knew them!

The few I did know – lived in the township and went to the other schools.

So – here are my blogs for the family now to have after I am gone – to know who we were and how we lived.

Sherry – we have been married 40 plus years – my soulmate and the one who guides me in health!

We are retired and living our life out in the Carolinas – where it is warm – I do not like cold and neither does she!

We live one day at a time – always exploring and doing new things – together!

This is her and my why all these years – living life to the plus!

Be kind – care for others – smile and hug often – this is me.

Thank you for reading PAPA’S WORLD – my site:


Papa’s World – Sarah – Cassidy – Bode and Taylor go ice skating!

Taylor – Sarah – Cassidy and Bode – cousins – at the ION ice rink in Leesburg, Va. There also is a full-size ice hockey rink here other than what you see behind them – with thousands of seats!

We got together with Sarah and her mother Debby for a two-hour skate – the kids loved it and they all helped Sarah who hasn’t skated since she was little!

The adults sat here at the table with a full view of the rink – I also went to the hockey rink and watched the youth hockey play – full pads!

Quite impressed with the arena which could rival the pros!

We were able to have food and drinks while watching the kids and they could join us for food!

Taylor who is 12 is almost as tall as Sarah who is 16 and around 5’10! Cassidy has been catching up to Taylor for the last year.

We then went to the grandkid’s house – for a short visit – exchanged clothes – and say our goodbyes!

Here are Sarah – Sherry – Debby – Cassidy and Taylor!

The afternoon ended too quickly but we all had such a good time and all the kids loved the ice skating!

Thanks for reading Papa’s World – Sarah – Cassidy – Bode – and Taylor go ice skating!

PAPA’S WORLD – just another day in our life – living life to the plus – one day at a time!

Papa’s World – Our granddaughters practice vocals in Inspire!

Taylors on the left and Cassidy on the right – practice vocals in the youth group band Inspire! At Community Lutheran Church – Sterling, Va.

They sing in front of a lot of people and I think that is awesome of them!

Performing at the Pancake dinner – they have been in the church choir since they were in First grade.

It takes courage to put yourself out there! So proud of them.

Taylor rides horses and Cassidy acts in plays and does gymnastics.

Both Play the violin and Cassidy the piano.

Papa’s World – Thanks for reading – OUR GRANDDAUGHTERS PRACTICE VOCALS!

Papa’s World – Life in general!

My morning ritual – every day – hard to break habits when you enjoy it so much – just my LIFE IN GENERAL!

One of the big reasons we moved to the border of N.C & S.C. – our LIFE IN GENERAL!

Friends for almost four decades – besties – getting together makes this our LIFE IN GENERAL!

For SIXTEEN YEARS – our health supplement of choice – – OUR HEALTH LIFE IN GENERAL!

Thank you for reading PAPA’S WORLD – Our LIFE IN GENERAL – my site!

Papa’s World – Life in good thoughts and laughs!

Mr. Rogers – good thoughts and caring – life with Mr. Rogers!

A laugh = a smile – along with good thoughts – life in Papa’s World!

Kindness – every day – we show kindness – hoping that it is passed on!

In my house, I change the cushions – instead of where I sit! LOL!

I want to show good thoughts and humor as a way to instill positive news into the lives of my readers.

The world is so full of negative news – and lacking in smiles – hug a person – shake a hand –

give kindness and caring for free!

Notice the sights and sounds in nature – the peaceful journey on a walk – look for sunrise and sunsets!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – my site:


Papa’s World – In Leesburg, Va. Sunrise and sunset!

I am always up before sunrise – I love that part of the day – quiet – good nights sleep –

of course by 8:30 pm. I head for bed – so I get to see every day Sunrise and Sunset!

The sunrise at our family’s home in Leesburg, Va. Early morning hustle of kids getting ready – the youngest Bode is the first off to school – heading out the door at 6:50 AM.

Along with both of his parents to walk him to the bus stop!

Of course, Marley – the Goldendoodle – on her leash – leads the way!

The sky is getting lighter at this time – this was the sunrise before they headed out the door.

Then – after the late afternoon – the sunset out the front door!

The ever-changing skies of NVA – a beautiful wide expanse – in their neighborhood which is country!

Sunsets here are also beautiful – after dinner – kids are in from outside –

The TV is on – the dog sleeping – Taylor is reading –

Family time.

Thanks for reading – PAPA’S WORLD my site: IN LEESBURG, VA. SUNRISE-SUNSETS!

PAPA and BODE – living life to the plus – one day at a time – each day is one more day – thank you for reading!

Healthy Life – Fresh Food

Seven years ago – we were introduced to ” GROWING ” our own FRESH produce.

Neither one of us ( Sherry) my wife – were gardeners – and the thought of weeding was completely out of my vocabulary !

Then we ordered our first ” TOWER ” Garden –

A aeroponic garden system – using Air – Water and Minerals.

We grow some of our seedlings – others we order and have them shipped to us.

Healthy eating – knowing we use no pesticides – and fresh produce –

allows us to eat healthy all year round !
( We also grow in our garage using grow lights during Winter. )

The system is really quite simple – a tank in the bottom – holds 20 gallons of water.

A pump – is attached to the center of the Tower by a hose –

and pumps water straight up to the top and then drips down through holes in the center of the Tower.

The water also contains minerals from the Earth. Patented – and in liquid form.

Which are supplied when you order for one season. Everything you need is supplied – for your original garden season – this system we have is seven years old and looks as good today as when we bought it !

There is a timer for the pump – 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off. The whole process boils down to making sure you have water – and once a week add some tonic – or in the heat of Summer – every other week.

The fresh produce grows at a very fast rate – in four weeks time we are eating lettuce – Kale – leafy greens . Cuke’s and tomato’s & peppers take longer – but much shorter than a normal garden plot. You can grow most anything that does not require a tree. Mellon’s – Strawberries – squash – egg plant – herbs etc.

Simple – fast – and best of all ” I DO NOT HAVE TO WEED ” ! I HATE TO WEED !

Since we were some of the first in the Country as a test – we decided to purchase two more ! We have one set up for Winter in our garage and two outside as you see here – the produce is only a couple weeks old – the smaller ones about a week !

We also are distributor’s for what is called the Tower Garden – and have placed them in schools as part of a curriculum established by the Juice Plus Company – to teach children how to grow their own fresh produce all across the Country – presently 5,500 Towers are teaching the process nationwide. We are responsible for about 70 – our team is very active.

Promoting health – one green at a time – and some reds!!!! LOL

For more information just go to

Have a great day – eat healthy.

Papa’s World – Granddaughter’s performance singing!

Our youngest granddaughters – Taylor( the tall one ) on the left and Cassidy on the right – sing vocals in a band performance for their Community Lutheran Church – a band called INSPIRE!

They sang soft rock classics- 500 miles – I love Rock and Roll – Give it your best shot – and ended up with Sweet Caroline!

So proud of both singing in front of a group audience!

Both fraternal twins and 12 years old – Cassidy has a part in a play in April that we plan on coming back to see and both of them have begun Violin lessons.

Taylor loves to read and Cassidy loves to draw and is quite good! Both love their MORMOR – Sherry – MOTHERSMOTHER!

Taylor – Cassidy – Bode and mother – Tammy – our family in Leesburg, Va. MEMORIES!

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD – my site:

The band INSPIRE with Taylor and Cassidy on vocals – GRANDDAUGHTERS PERFORMANCE SINGING!

Papa’s World – Good times – Good thoughts – Good humor!

Spending time with my sons – Troy on the left and Shawn on the right – MEMORIES OF VACATION LAST SUMMER!

Papa and Sherry – our life together for over 41 years – memories of past GOOD TIMES and those yet to come!

Our GOOD THOUGHT for the day – living life one day at a time – past and present memories!

Good friends – Good times – Good memories – living the salt life in the Carolinas! MAKING LASTING MEMORIES!

My go-to GOOD START to every day – thank you for reading Papa’s World –

Good humor to make you smile – and hopefully – fall to sleep! LOL PAPA’S WORLD!!!!!!

Papa’s World – Family – Friends and Memories.

Good day – all things with me start with that first cup of coffee in the morning – two cups and I am done!

Our youngest grandchildren – Bode – the twins Cassidy and Taylor 12 years old –

Being 433 miles away from them – either they come down or we go home to see them – 6 to 8 times a year.

LOL – I seldom drink hard stuff – light beer is more to my taste – esp. RED OAK and then not that often!

Our oldest granddaughters and their parents – Maddy – mother Debby – father Mike – Ella and Sarah – growing up!

We also try to see them as often as we can and everyone has come down for vacation and visits.

Our Autumn years are being spent living life to the plus – THE SALT LIFE!

My oldest son – who is now a senior citizen – with his partner – Andrea and Troy! Come on back – we would love to have you!

They came last summer and want them to come back down – being a 16-hour drive – FLY and we will pick you up!

My youngest son and his wife – Shawn and Trisha – I hope they come back down – we had such a good time last summer – love ya!

Thank you for reading PAPA’S WORLD – living life to the plus one day at a time.


Papa’s World – Humor – Smiles – Good Thoughts!

My day always starts off with humor – smiles and laughter on my social media page – setting the tone for the rest of the day!

A positive outlook on life! I will drink to that! LOL

WHAT is THIS? Why – to protect it from the low temps below freezing – a metallic cover for our Tower Garden – and it does just fine – but to me, it looks like something from “ET” or “STAR WARS”! LOL

A good thought for the day – one to think about – positive vibes!

HHHHHMMMMM – and here I thought it was the JUICE! LOL

Sherry with Cindy and Dottie – friends that make friends laugh – smile and just have good times!

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Papa’s World – in today’s World – being POSITIVE !

I find myself looking – looking and looking to see POSITIVE !


I try to find it always – I force myself to think it –

I believe in it therefore I find it !

Positive thinking for me has become routine.

And it has been that way my entire adult life.

My Motto

END – Effort never dies – I look for other ways –

FAIL – First attempt In Learning – I read – I watch – I search – then I process-

NO – Next Opportunity – when one door closes – open another & another –

I see opportunities – I see chances – I try to see both sides –

Give what you can

I do not have a lot – but I give what I can –

Mind – Soul – Laughs – Smiles – Greetings –

Those are FREE –

A simple act

An older couple – a diverse couple –

I later learned from India –

I was sitting on my front porch –

It started to sprinkle –

They stopped under my tree for shelter – it rained harder –

I asked them to come onto the porch –

The wind picked up –

I invited them inside until it passed –

They were grateful –


Looking – looking and looking – finding positive –

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Papa’s World – Our life today and yesterday.

Good day everyone – our lives have changed – from city living to the SALT LIFE in the CAROLINA’S!

Before – we called home in NVA 30 miles from Washington, D.C. and near the Dulles airport –

5 miles to the Washington Commanders headquarters!

A very busy area – traffic – thousands of homes being built –

They were just completing the fourth H.S. in our community since we moved there 16 years ago.

And then we moved South – to the borders of N.C. and S.C.!

We thought we had our retirement home when we built our last house in NVA!

SURPRISE – housing values went up – the stock market and 401 K went down – SO WE SOLD!

The adventure continues – hoping this is THE DREAM HOME!

And we took our internet business for SIXTEEN YEARS – with us!

This has been a blessing in residual income – better than a second job! if you want to ask questions!

Today – all of our family has come here for visits – we hope that continues through the years –

living our dream and sharing with family THE SALT LIFE we have found near the beaches.


Papa’s Worldf – Pleasant thoughts – life with us!

Our life has evolved over the years – from humble beginnings – struggling – to now living our dream near the beach!

We want pleasant – good news – not negative – we choose to be positive and caring and helpful. SMILE!

We are careful with the environment – and we grow our own produce knowing there are no pesticides and is edible without worry.

We have been doing this for over ten years – if you have questions or seek info – contact:

Try to have humor in your lives – smile often and hug! Our way of life.

This is just a little bit about who we are and how we live- Thanks for reading!


Papa’s World – Living the DREAM!

One of the reasons we choose to live in Cameron Woods – is GOLFING!

We are right in the middle of about 25 golf courses in any direction.

It was too expensive to golf back in NVA and we love to golf.

Just out riding around you pass the fairways and greens and we want to be out there!

Another reason is we wanted to be on the mainland side of the ICW – here – we are with our neighbors – Diane and her husband Steve – who own a boat – cruising the ICW.

There is also a boat rental on OIB that we have taken friends out on – this is only a ten-minute drive away for us!

We are thankful for our family – whom have at one time or another visited us in our new area.

Of course, we are the tour guides – we did that for years in the D.C. area and love it.

Here – we take them everywhere and show them the area.

This has once again followed us to where we live – we are living our dream.

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Papa’s World – HAPPY LIFE – memories – good thoughts!

In my autumn years – I channel out the negative press – news – and look for the good in humankind!

Papa – chilling at Brickyard Landing golf course in N.C. – a fifteen-minute drive from our home on the ICW!

We had come to the driving range to hit some golf balls and then have a drink on the veranda overlooking the 18th fairway and green!

HAPPY LIFE living each day one day at a time!

While I have never done this – I have come close and one time my buddy did this and went over to the homeowner and said he was sorry!

That proved to be a good thought and outcome as the owner then accepted his apology!

My go-to when I feel the need to SNACK! Can get more info by contacting

I have been eating these for 16-plus years – sometimes in place of a meal or on the golf course.

I tend to like the TART CHERRY!

My wife Sherry and myself on the ICW with friends last summer – living the retired life in the CAROLINAS!

I live my life to the plus one day at a time – HAPPY THOUGHTS!

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HAPPY LIFE – MEMORIES – GOOD THOUGHTS living life one day at a time PAPA’S WORLD!

Papa’s World – Family memories with photos!

Debby and Mike with Maddy – Sarah and Ella – the next photo is the present – MEMORIES!

Maddy – Debby – Mike – Ella – Sarah – MAKING NEW MEMORIES!

Tammy with Taylor – Papa with Cassidy – the twins who now are 12 years old. MEMORIES!

Looking back and remembering all the times we had together – MEMORIES!

Our grandson – Bode and me – love the little guy – making MEMORIES!

Papa with his two sons – Troy on the left and Shawn on the right – MEMORIES!

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Papa’s World – Family Photos and Memories!

Our daughter Debby and her daughter Maddy – memories from long ago!

Debbby and Maddy – from 2001 – our first granddaughter!

Today – she is a senior – having completed her fourth year as a Hornet at the University of Lynchburg soccer program

and as a captain in her senior year.

Twice going to the NCAA tournament in her four years and winning the Conference title in her senior year.

Our little granddaughter will graduate this spring with an Environmental Science degree!

My two sons from my first marriage – Troy on the left and Shawn on the right.

Shawn and his wife – Trisha! He runs his own business contracting out to the state and energy companies for auditing energy and installation for the elderly.

Shawn is a ranked nine-ball player in both Canada and the USA – winning his way to Las Vegas numerous times.

Troy and his partner – Andrea visited us this past summer.

Until four years ago – Troy built houses from the ground up – doing it all – then he joined Shawn and runs the installation side of the energy auditing business contracting out to the state in insulation for the elderly.

Papa’s World – – FAMILY PHOTO AND MEMORIES – thanks for reading!

Papa’s World – “My fit bit isn’t recording my steps” !

For the last 4 or 5 years – I have heard this over and over !

Notice fit bit on wrist

Sherry tells me this all the time – my fit bit records differently than hers !

Even though we walk the same distance !

So – I swapped – I wore hers -she wore mine !

And she is right – I still recorded more steps !

Then she posted on face book asking if anyone knew WHY !!!!!

Well – you can imagine the response –

anything from she has longer legs – most likely true –

to I take more steps – untrue –

as we walked today and she was matching my stride –

and I still had plus 300 steps !

She is tall – I have her by a inch !

She has to swing her arms – I grabbed some books from the free trail library

I didn’t swing my arms carrying them – I still had more steps !

She has a much longer stride – there fore I take more steps !


So – how do you explain it ?

Some say calibrate the fit bit – she did –

still the same !

Now – like me –

when I walk by her computer –

( she tells me to stay away from it )

Something will happen –

It is just the way of my life !

So my theory –



What I say

So – I tell her –

it is not how you got to the THREE PLUS MILES –

But the fact in the end –

it still is THREE PLUS MILES !!!!!

Now that goes over like a lead balloon –

But in the end – we both did the same distance –

And to be truthful

It just does not mean as much to me as it does to her –

sort of like my PHONE –

I only use it to talk to her or take pictures ! LOL

( by the way – it does the same things as my computer – it isn’t me )

So – today – she still thinks that I am not doing all those steps !

Of course – I just think –

” It isn’t me to question why – but for me to do or die “

So – I ask her first and adjust my steps according to what she says ! LOL

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Papa’s World – Random pictures – thoughts – memories!

Good day everyone – hope all is well – the weather is beautiful here in N.C. Blue skies – sunshine – a little breeze – warm!

Sherry and Cindy went to Wilmington to do a class on making these plants in a glass bowl that becomes self-sufficient!

Our go-to supplement for the last 16 plus years – FRUITS – VEGETABLES – BERRIES – all this in a capsule!

For info contact!

We love to golf – maybe once a week sometimes twice – if the weather does not permit – we walk instead.

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Papa at the Links of Brickyard Landing along the ICW! RANDOM PICTURES – THOUGHTS & MEMORIES!

Papa’s World – Wonderful thoughts – memories!

I always thought this – now in retirement – I still think any day of golf is better than – well you choose it! LOL

The Tower Garden – the smaller unit can be used indoors with grow lights – the outdoor unit is larger – producing with just water – light and nutrients and air!

Our Tower Garden is covered up for freezing temps – looks like something from Star Wars! LOL

Sherry and Dottie – best friends for over 40 years – living life to the plus one day at a time!

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Papa’s World – Memories and random humor!

A good season – waiting for next year – we are from WNY a long time ago – MEMORIES!

Can you remember this happening/ I CAN!!!!!!

Walking the ramp to the beach at Sunset Beach for the sunset – priceless – MEMORIES!

Been there – and doing that! LOL Life as a senior! MEMORIES ARE BEING MADE!

My go-to drinks during the day – are COMPLETE – DUTCH CHOCOLATE – ICE – ALMOND MILK – BLENDED!

Now it is just sitting back and watching – knowing what will happen and having learned from our pasts! MEMORIES!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –

On the ICW with our neighbors Diane and Steve – MEMORIES AND RANDOM HUMOR!