Papas World-Tower Garden The New Version!

The new Tower Garden

Juice Plus company has come out with a new stream lined

Tower Garden and we bought one!

The tank on the bottom has gone from 20 gallons ofwater

To 13 gallons and there now is a float –

That will tell you when to add water!

The grow lights
with built in timer
allow you to grow all Winter
We have ours in the garage
where the temperature
stays around 50 to 55 degrees.

The base also has wheels – no need to buy the wheel cart!

Just screw them in!

The top has been redesigned to allow smaller pods to grow Herbs!

The bottom remains the same for your

Tomato’s – lettuce – Cukes – strawberries – beans – peas –

celery – peppers – squash – melons –

most anything that does not grow on a tree!

All the nutrients
and testing for
PH in your water
and instructions
come with the order

The nutrients are included- enough to get you through

the first year.

All other accessories
are included
even the different seeds!

You will not have to buy anything else

And the best part –

You can set up a 12 month payment plan

with no interest!

All you need is a credit card

You get everything up front!

You do not need
No soil – no weeds!

We have two of the bigger units for Summer outside

They provide us with all that we can eat!

( We actually give away produce – because it is more than we can eat!)

We have one more set up in the garage for Winter!

Even though it is only 50 to 55 degrees

The lights provide warmth when on.

Sherry website
Senior Sales Coordinator
for The Juice Plus Company

For more information – refer to the above web site


Certified Health Coach

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Papas World – when I was young – roller skating!

Good day everyone –

ever get a tune in your head

over and over again?


Before I had my new WESTERN FLYER BIKE

I had a pair of Roller Skates!


Now – I just know you won’t be singing that little song! LOL

I am dating myself here – but – when I was 6 or 7 –

that is what I had – Roller Skates

and I would strap them on

and up and down the sidewalk I would go

and believe me – those sidewalks were land mines!

Great big Maple trees grew alongside them

causing them to crack – become crooked

and you needed to be a expert to navigate them!


Growing up in a little town in NWPA called Eldred.

Hours and hours I would skate up and down the street.

We lived on main street

heading East and West through Pa.

Going West to the border of NYS

Or East toward the far reaches of Pa.

All through the Alleghany Mountains

Lands of the Senaca nation.

I was a skinny thing –

so skinny my Mom wouldn’t let me take off my T shirt!

The blue veins stood out among the bones

she was afraid people would think

she wasn’t feeding me !

But – I ate and ate – see where I am today! LOL

I had one destination I would skate to down town

It was a Service Station / Furniture store

Called SLAVIN’S!

And it had a huge open paved area in front!

That was as far as I was allowed to go.

The other direction was Prouty’s saw mill!

This was it
Slavin’s service station
furniture store

I would hit that big open black top and was in heaven

after the mine field of the sidewalks!

Right behind that car was the service bays

and “Jack” – he worked in those bays.

And he befriended me

If you look close – between the bays

was a glass bottled COKE MACHINE!

And he would motion me over

And put in I think 5 cents and buy me a Coke!

I had to drink it there and he did not do it all the time!

We never had ” POP” as I called it!

And it was a treat for me.

My sister and brother in law – Donna and Bill

lived upstairs in the building next door

My Mom would walk my brother Mike and me down the street

at 5:45 am. each week day as she worked and my father

worked on the oil fields as a supervisor for South Penn

My mother worked for Alcas known the world over today as

Cutco Knives –

she retired from there as did my dad ( who died from cancer in 1969)

My Mom lived to be almost 98 years old!

We walked down in the cold Winter mornings

and climbed up those long stairs

seemed like 30 steps to me!

We would lie down – my brother in law had already

gone to work at the White Hawk Beef Company in town.

He later became the chief of police and mayor

Drove semi truck for Viko

which became Ethan Allen at the far side of town.

My sister would get us up – and feed us breakfast

and then we would walk to school.


Sherry and Tom

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A little bit about me



” LA – LA – LA- LA———LA”


Papa’s World – when Old Friends visit – we celebrate

All those years ago –

I am guessing 1988 or 1989 –

We – Sherry and myself – started playing volleyball in a 16 team league.

This was not your typical back yard game –

but you had better be ready –

Or you would get smashed in the face with a spike !

It was Co – Ed – and almost everyone was good –

A lot played in tournaments in NYS – Pa. and surrounding states.

This past three days – our friends of old – spent their long weekend with us.


Welcome to Papa’s World –

where good feelings – good thoughts -health & smiles happen !

Left to right
Tom – Sherry – Steve – Elaine – Deb – Steve – Chris – Mike

We were known as ” THE BEACH CLUB ”

fitting because we all took our vacations to what ever beach we loved.

Ours – Sherry and myself – was the Outer Banks since 1981 !

Steve Starks

Steve and Elaine Starks – from Portville N.Y. – came for a visit-

And – after all these years – still are playing volleyball !

Steve and Elaine

Although those years are past for us – we still get together – play golf –

Play cards ( last night we played a card game called GOLF)

And explore the NVA – DC area –

we have taken them almost everywhere the past twenty years !

Our LOVE of life has stretched for over 32 years –

Vacations to Myrtle Beach – graduations – birthdays and holidays.

And always a get together when we visited back home

Along with playing golf at our favorite courses when we lived there.

Our close friends
Sherry -Elaine – Steve – Cindy and Buck

Friendships that last years and years –

Even though distance is between us –

The excitement of those times we are together –

Enhances the fun – the GALS vs. GUYS –

We lost but had a fun time

And sometimes – it is us vs.them – as in Elaine and I –

Steve and Sherry – last time they beat us good !

Tom – Sherry – Elaine – Steve

The years go by – we remain friends –

there is a group of us –

Four couples – SWNY – NVA – Va. BEACH – & Wilmington N.C. –

Who stay in touch – plan golf – and visit – play cards – sing a little –

Have a shot or two of fireball –

And Laugh –

That is who we are – PAST MEMBERS OF THE BEACH CLUB !

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Papa’s World – surrounded – by water – Eldred Pa. ’72

It started with some rain –

I was working second shift –

in Olean N.Y.

Around 9:00 P.M. –

I looked out back at the river –


Good morning

I left and drove through Portville N.Y.

– still raining –

and I came to the bridge that turned right –

And would take me to the border and Pa.

They had just set up the barriers –

I would be the last car through.

I had to go across the “FLATS” and it already had started to flood.

Here we are in the hills or mountains of the Allegany River

which flows North into New York State –

before it turns South back into Pa.

Eventually ending up in Pittsburg Pa.

I pushed water with my bumper –

almost up to the headlight –

But after one hour to make a thirty minute trip –

I was home.

This would be the last time I would get out for almost two weeks.

We would be completely surrounded by water !

Main Street Eldred

In this picture –

I had moved from a apartment over top of the Western Auto

Six months before the flood from Hurricane Agnes

which dropped 12 . 5 inches of rain

The water would continue to rise another three to four feet in this picture.

I never went back to work for over two weeks –

Almost to second stories

The town was devastated –

one point five million dollars in destruction.

With a population of 800 to 1000 –

The water destroyed almost every business and home in the Boro.

We were lucky – we had moved to North Mani Street – high above the water.

We were constantly moving people and furniture only to see the water rise

and cover everything we had moved up.

A helicopter made trips into the ball field before it

( the ball park ) also vanished under water

Soon the Elementary school where we had set up a sort of place to meet –

was under water.

About twelve feet of water

Through all of this –

main street turned into a water way for boats –

As did the side streets

Supplies were getting thin –

trying the back roads through the hills –

was almost impossible as almost every community from miles around

was in water or surrounded.

Rain bow

But there is a good ending to all of this –

ELDRED survived and came back –

rebuilt -and a few years later –

The Army Corps of Engineers built a dike system –

And even though there were dikes before –

this was much improved –

And as far as I know –

has not flooded since!

The Sun came out and at the end of the Rain bow –

Main street Eldred – many of these buildings still remain

She still stands there today –

The little community –

Where everyone knows your name –

Continues on as it has since the 1800’s!

Tom & Sherry

I hope this brings back memories for those that lived it.

Hurricane Agnes in June 1972

wrought much destruction in our area-

This is but one point of view.

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Papa’s World – Putting the ” T ” in TEAM !!!

The ” TEAM” is ever growing – new members each day –

from across the Country !

Welcome to our World

It started , simply by saying YES to try and better our Health –

We both needed to try and stop the insane way we were eating –

Sherry found it – I tried it – and now we are in a better place

At first in year one – it was to see if this is what we needed – then in year two – how can we PAY for it – and get our grandchildren to have it ?

Meeting folks – sharing – helping – changing them.

We decided to begin a career in health and nutrition –


We both were working full time jobs – but weekends were ours !

Our choice – our PLAN ” B”

We signed up – $50.00 a year –

just to see if we could somehow pay for our product –

and get our two oldest grand daughters some nutrients –

some fruits and vegetables daily in their diet.

Eating more healthy

Slowly – but steady – we progressed

we got help from our sponsors

( yes – that is what you do )

You help your team – you support them in most aspects of the business.

The TEAM growing

Our family joined up – both daughters –

we accomplished what we started out to do –

get all the grand kids – our kids and spouses – to eat healthy.

And add the nutrients of over 30 fruits- veggies and berries each and every day –

going directly into their bloodstreams right away !

Most important was the on going research – it was expanding –

when we started – there were 12 published – today over 34 and more each year –

By major Universities – WORLD WIDE and all independent studies.

Traveling the country every six months

Then – it started – other people saw the change in us and in themselves –

They wanted to be a part of this what was becoming a TEAM –

so they signed up for just $50.00 a year –

And got their own website – and our help – just like we were helped.

Where else do you own a business – get a web site – SHARE the product –


Take a order – send it in over the website –

Have it processed – manufactured – packaged

and shipped directly to the customer – then they collect the money –

and deposit directly into your bank account your commission !

This is where all that happens

Sharing is believing – and this is how you put a ” T ” in TEAM WORK !

It was really that simple – just share like you would a book or movie

your favorite place to eat or visit –

And that is when we decided to RETIRE –

early – and go full time.

And you know what – the people who signed us up are still helping us!

Lower right Pam

Pam – who lives on the BIG ISLAND – HAWAII – helped us 12 years ago !

And to this day still does –

often times visiting us and staying with us.

She travels the World & Sari –

who lives in Atlanta – does the same with us.

That is the CULTURE of this business and has been for over 42 YEARS !

The JUICE PLUS brand is now almost 26 years old !

Proven and durable.

It is sold WORLD WIDE

In over 22 Countries – headquarters in the USA in Tenn. and in Europe.

Down under in Australia – in the middle East and Canada.

Their own store and brand at conference

As we have grown – the company has expanded –

it is huge and no one has the research –

we are the largest company

with encapsulated health product in the World.

Sherry started all this
Still growing from conference to conference

Sadly – but not too so –

I am the only MAN who goes to conference with the TEAM –

but – hey – someone has to do it ! LOL


Being the only guy – has its advantage – I can just sit back and observe !

Every conference has this

Sometimes – I just say I will meet you – but I am never far away .

Being retired – able to travel – seeing the Country – actually I call it


Sherry – in yellow

It started part time 12 years ago – today – we travel – we share –

Sherry – Debby – Tom

In October – in Austin Texas – our daughter Debby –

will walk the stage in front of 8000 people –

and will make a speech with her family standing right there with her.

You see – she has surpassed her sponsor –

her mother Sherry –

and gone to the top –

she is now a QMND

and soon to be a NMD ( National Marketing Director)

She decided to go full time before her mother –

and went right past her.

And – we still get paid off what she does !


Team sharing

What has all this meant to us ?

Freedom – travel – good health – family – sharing – team work – money !

Twelve years ago – we went part time to help our families

Today – it has worked and has been a journey of health – nutrition –

It has paved a way for us to retire and remain where we are.

I hope this helps someone out there – someone who is looking –

We were and it was shared with us –

the best in life sometimes comes from out of the blue !


If you would like more information – feel free to contact us –

We are changing lives one day at a time.


Sherry’s website or email

Thank you – hope this helps someone

#homeagain #livinglifetotheplus

Papas World- embracing women's rights – proud

I always knew that her innermost thoughts

were for social justice – equal rights

She just needed encouragement.

She has compassion – she shows her daughters

and grand daughters her heritage

her beliefs – her church – and her spirit.

MORMOR – Swedish for Mother’s Mother

When we first met – I could see the hidden strength

The courage of convictions

I have always believed in equal rights

She just needed someone to believe as she did

Sherry has that ability

To make people wanted

To trust – to be a leader

She makes me smile

Today she is that leader- for the children

and the community at church

and when she worked

before retirement

Many stay in touch

Still admiring her.

We make each other smile

She marched in 2017 in the Women’s march in DC.

She constantly stayed in touch with me

describing the event

what she liked and what she disliked

What troubled her with some of the people there

Her ideals are set at a high bar

some were beneath that

THAT is what makes her the leader

THAT is what sets her apart

39 years have passed since that first time we dated

We have been married 38 years.

There is no one I would want to share my life with

other than her.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Jo and Sherry

In the capital building a statue

of the greatest women in America’s history

Not completed

one spot left



This is why – this is what – this is who she is.



Thank you.

Papas World – welcome to my World of thoughts!

I started this blog with the idea of putting my thoughts

into writing – trying to keep it simple

and good humored –

about family – friends and my life

I spread happiness
whenever I can
something positive
something funny
and something
to feel good about!

There is so much negative – so many postings that hurt.

So – here I am – bearing my soul!

I am too!

For to be able to post everyday

and to scroll past the negative

I welcome being the quote above!

And my wife
is the same way
a little bit left
of where I fit in
but we always agree
to disagree
and move on!

And I am fortunate to have found her

When we made our vows all those years ago

The sermon was based on

The Church on a rock

as in foundation

That remains true 38 years later!


Not a day goes by –

“Have you seen my phone”?


And this is true
about me!

She is the driver on health

walking – ( I DO NOT RUN) !

Been there – done that –

and I always end up hurting myself!

But she is a runner

she likes it

and has always placed high in her age group!

I am not a drinker!

I – for some reason – do not like wine!

Nor do I do SHOTS!

Not into Whiskey etc.

I will drink beer –

but it has to be light!

Generally – I am not a drinker –

but with our friends

I can hold my own!

And that is rare when it happens!

We had a dog!

A few years before we moved South

we had to put her down

she had been with us for almost 14 years!

I held her on the way to the vet.

She would lose the ability to walk

Her hind legs just would not work!

She licked my face –

Sherry drove – I cried!

And that day in my mind I made a pact with her-

She would be the last – but never forgotten

R.I.P. Samantha – Sam for short.

One of the great!

My first Super bowl watching

on a color TV!

It was in the I think mid 60’s.

My father was part owner

of the Western Auto in the small town

I grew up in.

On the floor was the first color TV in that store.

We gathered there and watched the game!

The next week – it was in our living room!

Prior to that –

He came home and announced


on our TV!

He then put this plastic colored film

over the black and white TV!




That was the rage back then –

Funny today!

My mother – God bless her!

We all ate at the table –

my younger brother

My older brother and sister – 10 & 15 years older

were gone – college and married

Friday’s were no meat –

pancakes –

Salmon patties – and my dads favorite


I do not know how he ate that!

But he sat at the head of the table

with a hot electric griddle

And flipped pancakes

while my mom stood by the stove

Frying the salmon patties!

I still can see and smell it today

The best of home cooking

and my mom baked cookies- rolls and bread every day!

And home made pies and cake!

She was known all over town for her baking!

I can cook!

I think I got that from my mother –

And I really do not need instructions

I just sort of remember and just wing it!

Sherry -not that way –

and she is a excellent cook

love her homemade soups!

This would be me!

I am neither half full

or half empty

I love solving problems and organizing

and I pay attention to details

I am a bull dog when it comes to doing something

once I start

( that sometimes is not starting)

I carry on to the end!

Ask me to arrange a outing –

and I am on it!

Just something I am good at!

However – working on a car – repairing something-

well – I have no patience –

and if something breaks or goes wrong

I am done – and that is what I am bad at!

This is me!

My blog –

That is exactly me and why I titled it that way!

It works for me

But I have a partner who watches over me

who takes care of me

who is my one and only soul mate

That allows me to be me!

Who is my caution

Who is my sounding board

Who is my opposite

and that is why it works so well!

The way I feel!

Thank you for reading –

This is a glimpse into Papa’s World

This also is me.

Today I showed you my soul

my inner thoughts

Today – this is why I write.

Sherry & Tom

Welcome to Papa’s World