Papa’s World – CHOICE and CHOICES – your future is in your own logic – the path begins.

Choose wisely – select carefully – and always think before you leap!

Life is full of many paths to take – one little change can result in whole different life.

Think about this for a moment- what if?

Had you selected a different place to go in your direction of life!

Today’s World would look much different for you.

Those grandchildren that you love so dearly – might not exist.

Those old friends may never have happened.

You might be married to someone else.

You may not be retired but still working and that beach chair never happens!

Dare to be yourself!

Many doors exist for you – either you open or close them. Go through or turn away. The choice you make is owned by you.

Roads are not only straight – but curves and ups and downs come at you fast or slow. You make that choice.

Look around and see where you are and then think – what would have been had I gone another way?

But – do not dwell on the past – look for the things to come – be they small or large – the choice is yours to make.

Choose your path – choose your future and make the best of it you can.

My life would be so different in many ways had I made this or that choice.

I have no regrets – I like where I am – and I like where I have come from.

I choose to write every day – to record family – friends and our life together.

I choose to be me – I own my destiny.

And I am grateful for those choices I or we made.

Choosing to be me – choosing to love – care – God – family – to record it all and preserve it for future generations.

You can choose – you have a choice and you can make Choices – it is all up to you. Be wise – careful and think.

Be brave – daring and look forward – open those doors – go forth or turn away – make that choice.

YOU have the ABILITY to make your OWN LIFE!

Whatever and wherever it leads you – is yours to choose – be kind – have belief – and go forward



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Papa’s World – Living life one day at a time!

Our three oldest granddaughters – Maddy ( 22) Sarah ( 16) Ella ( 19 ) – we have watched them grow up – two in college – one in H.S. – it seems like only yesterday there they were at the top of the stairs – giggling – waiting for their parents to get up on Christmas morning – we lived life one day at a time back then and today we also still live life one day at a time!

Our life is to give what we can – one day at a time.

The dawn of a new day with the picture of Sherry – my life – forty years married – forty-two years together – living our life one day at a time – living life to the plus each and every day!

Together we walk – together we explore and together we live our lives to the plus one day at a time.

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Good day everyone – a little smile to start your day! Humor – smiles and good thoughts – a frame of mind!

In my world – I love humor – all kinds – it makes my day and starts it in a positive manner!

Photo by Mayu on

Good thoughts – images – pictures – this is what PAPA’S WORLD is about – cross out the negative – embrace the positive – to make your day better!

What our life in retirement is all about – with S.S. – PENSION – 401K – and HOME-BASED BUSINESS WITH RESIDUAL INCOME – allows us to live our dreams!

Acts of kindness – hugs – smiles – giving – sharing – GOOD THOUGHTS – ACTS and DEEDS!

Welcome to my world – PAPA’S WORLD with my wife Sherry – living life to the plus one day at a time!

To see and read more – just subscribe – it is free and I bring each and every day positive vibes and an oral and pictorial vision of our life.

This is my way of preserving our life together for future generations.

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Papa’s World – Seasons end dinner at INLET VIEW!

One of our favorite places to go and eat – observe the water – boats, and marshland – is INLET VIEW!

Situated just a short distance from Shallotte, N.C. – it closes on Nov. 27th, until Valentine’s day when it begins a new season.

Sherry – Diane our neighbor whose husband is still back in WNY while renovations are done on their cottage on Rushford lake

enjoying our dinner at an outside table on the third-floor top deck!

While it was chilly for a late afternoon – around 52 degrees – we had thermo blankets and our jackets.

But – the dinner was good – always have had good meals there and the view is fantastic – also the seasonal holiday

boat parade met in the bay for their parade back down to OIB!

The first boat to arrive waiting to move across the bay to the other 20 boats.

As the sunset – we watched boats hunting for clams on the banks across from us – birds swooping along the waterway

and the boats that were tied up with Christmas lights on them.



Papa’s World – FAMILY – LIFE – LOVE – SMILES!

Family is big in our lives – we help as much as we can. Support – a comfort – just being there.

The distance remains far away – but in our hearts so close together.

Once so small – now all grown up – young adults and mother and father – distance afar but close in our hearts.

The LITTLE ones with their parents – growing up so fast – distance far apart – but always close to our hearts.

FAMILY – LIFE – and LOVE mean so much to us –

LAUGHTER – HUMOR, and SMILES play a big part in our lives – tough to get old but memories keep us young!

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Papa’s World – The solitude of morning coffee!

I arise early – earlier than most – this perhaps is my favorite time of the day!

The solitude of the morning from our front porch

This is my vantage point – sitting sipping my cup of coffee – it is 6:00 am.

No one is out and about – we have a multitude of birds –

Purple Martins flying and diving about catching the bugs!

Birds chirping – in the distance a woodpecker

A crow chasing a squirrel across the lawn and then onto the street.

That I have never seen before.

The coffee is hot – I put the cup down – and a very large white bird flies across the sky – silence!

My seat on the front porch – my solitude for early morning coffee.

It is a quiet time except for nature – but also a time to reflect – a time to think.

Guess I had better either get a refill or get ready for the day!

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Papa’s World – Youngest son’s birthday – Happy Birthday!

I wish my son a happy birthday – here are Shawn and Trisha – while on vacation last summer!

Shawn runs his own Energy – Auditing – Insulation company for the state of Pa.

Along with major energy companies in Pa.

He works with the state and big companies to help the elderly cut energy costs and remain warm in the winters and cool in the summers.

I have told them to fly next time instead of the 16 to 18 hours of driving!

He also is a ranked nine-ball player in the USA and Canada – winning many times on his way to Las Vegas –

both in singles and team.

From both of us to you on this special birthday – may you have happiness and success going forward in your lives and company!



Papa’s World – A day to smile – from PAPA!

Start your day with a little smile!

The innocence of a child – brings a smile to your face!

Mine will be BEER TASTING!


Keep a loved one close!
Laugh a little each and every morning and throughout the day!


Look for the fun things in life – it helps to keep you young!

I hope this brings a little smile to you today – a beginning of a good day and perhaps an up moment to a bad day.

PAPA’S WORLD BLOG is about the good in people and a way to make people happy!

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Papa’s World – Thanksgiving with family Lake Holiday.

We traveled back to NVA to have Thanksgiving with the Myers family – as we will not see them for Christmas.

We stopped and saw the Krohn family on our way north and spent a night and day with them as they will come down after Christmas for a few days and be with us.

Our three oldest granddaughters – Sarah – Maddy and Ella in the sunroom – working on some crafts and laughing!

Debby – Mike and Sherry getting the dinner ready. It was the best-tasting turkey I have had in a long time and the stuffing was even better!

The three granddaughters set the table – the Tower Garden in the background – growing year around indoors!

Chef Mike prepared the turkey and then cut it up! I do not know what he stuffed it with – but it was really juicy!

Ella – home from Randolph College – Sarah – A Sophomore in H.S. and Maddy – A Senior at The University of Lynchburg.

Debby lighting candles at the table for Thanksgiving dinner. Time for giving family thanks.

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Good day – start your day with good thoughts – humor – laughs – and GOOD VIBES!

Being kind is thoughtful – being kind is FREE!

Share those thoughts and freedom!

Have a little humor – laugh – smile and share a hug or handshake!

Each day changes – each day is a new challenge – each day you can start over – love- peace – happiness!

Some days you just do not feel it – but smile – look at your life and be grateful – you are alive!

This is the world I try to make each and every day – this blog is part of that!

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Papa’s World – GOLF – always a trial and error!

Getting older has its little perks – like moving up a tee box on the course!

I have been attempting to play golf since I was around twelve years old – when my dad joined a club with a family membership!

My younger brother and I would just go out and play while my dad played with his friends.

My younger brother became a scratch golfer while I seemed to go the other way.

My older brother was also around par golf or a little over.

The genes seemed to be spread out between them – me – I am the one who hits a good shot at the end and wants to come back for more!

But that is why I love to play – SOMETIMES I do hit it straight and can putt!

For me, it is out in the open – fairways and greens – sand traps and water hazards!

I seem to find them all plus trees and bushes.

Whatever the club is – I seem to find everything except the MIRACLE!

But when I do – it brings me back again and again!

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Papa’s World – before there was STAND BY ME – ELDRED

In a little community five miles from the New York State border –

In North West Pa. – stands a village –

called Eldred.

Nestled in the Allegany hills by the river of the same name –

Home to me for my first thirty years of life.

The Allegany Mountains

With a population through out the years at 800 to 1000 people –

Everyone knew your name and parents !

And we had a CURFEW –

yes – the fire station siren –

would blast away at 10:00 every night !

It could be heard all over town –

Main street in the 1800’s

Many a night during the Summer –

sleeping out –

be it in my own back yard or front porch –

or that of a friend –

We found ourselves roaming the streets –

long after curfew !

We did not do anything wrong other than raid some gardens .

Smoke a cigar or cigarette

and later – up on the hill –

Drink some Colt 45 !

Rural Eldred

We had friends – from all parts of town –

I lived on North Main Street

A lot of my friends lived by the ballpark –

yes we had a ball diamond with lights !

And tennis and basketball courts !

Stand by Me

Grade school friends –

later High School –

There was a movie that came out


Well before that –

was “ELDRED” at least in my life !

My STAND BY ME FRIENDS – me second from left

We formed a group in my Freshman year –

one of my friends fathers named BUD formed it !

It was called “THE EXPLORERS” –

a step up from the Boy Scouts.

We did everything – raised money –

held the first dances in the area.

We went on trips – Pro football games –

And my favorite – a long weekend canoe trip –

down the Allegany River !

Here in this picture you can see our camp site by the river.

Streets of Eldred

We all played sports –

baseball – basketball and football.

It kept us busy and out of trouble –

It was our time in youth –

Some are now gone –

others I see once in a while –

But – all are memories of a time long gone.


This little town has a big city Museum –

rather large –

thousands of square feet –

with life size displays of people –

trucks – jeeps – armaments –


A must see on the history of this area and WWII

Part of the history of the area is that

manufacture of WWII bombs

and munitions

and bullets were made here.

It was a highly guarded site –

The museum has all

and more of the lore of the area.

Bus loads of people stop and tour it.

Work out center used to be Justice of Peace – before that – a grocery store – repurpose as the town ages

It is not a large town – small in fact –

the buildings from the 1800’s –

many are still there –

only in another form.

Main street has no red lights –

And in hunting season –

it fills up with hunters from the cities.

But it is a place where I grew up –

A place of friendship through the years

A place where NORMAL stands out –

and a place called ” ELDRED “

long before ” STAND BY ME “


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Papa’s World – I choose to be me – #livinglifetotheplus –

Now that I am 70 years old ( young ) – time to reflect -just how did I get here and where am I going down that long ( sometimes) journey of life !

My niece Terri and my brother Mike – with me in the middle

When I was born – I already had a brother ten years old at the time and a sister fifth teen years old . So – I was like the second family – and it stayed that way until I was four plus ten months – and then Mike came – shortly before that – my sister – who had married – gave birth to Terri.

My early childhood – was spent with my Grand Ma – who lived with us at that time – she was in her late 70’s and early 80’s. She was Penn. Dutch – and they had twelve children. They lived on a farm and grand pa – was a big man. The story goes during the depression – he would carry meat and flour to the neighbors to help them out. There was no money – but he had a kind heart. I never knew him as he passed before I was born in ’49 – he was hoisting a pig up to the barn rafters and suffered a heart attack. There is a family history of heart attacks on this side – all his sons suffered the same .

David and Nora Aiken – my grand parents -who lived ” Down Home ” in Pa.Corsica.

She cared for me while my parents worked – my Mom at Alcas – now known as Cutco – in Olean N.Y. and my dad as a supervisor in the oil fields for South Penn oil company , known as Penns. oil.

Tom at around age 2 or 3.

It was at this time my mother would not let me take my shirt off outside – she said ” People will think I am starving you ” ! You could count every vein and bone on my chest ! Today – well – you would be hard pressed to find either ! Where did that go !!

My great – great grand father and grand mother – Frank Schick and Sara.

I do not know much about them – other then when young – my grandmother Nora – left home and followed the lumber camps through out Pa. cooking meals and that is where she met my grand father David. But – I am told that they were Pa. Dutch .

My father – Clarence Russel Fitzsimmons

My father – he would take me to work with him when I was young- to the oil fields – I still remember the smells and the sounds. The chill air and all the big bull dozers. The tool houses that they pulled around and me riding in the seat next to Pat Murphy. Then there was Junior Greenman – and a host of other colorful men – the mud and Earth chewed up by the tracks of the dozer. My dad passed early in my life – when I had just turned 19. His family came from Ireland – County Tyrone – so I was told. A tale of FIVE brothers who came here in the mid 19th. century. Seeking fame and fortune, only to find that IMMIGRANTS such as they were – looked down on – and treated very badly – in that aspect – not much has changed – will we ever learn ?

My mother – Mary Aiken Fitzsimmons who lived to be almost 98 !

Mary – as most people called her – MOM to me – she was small but feisty – she ruled – talked soft – but I listened to her – we all did. She outlived my younger brother and my older sister. She wore a ball cap that said – ” I’M THE BOSS ” ! But she also could bake – pies – buns – cakes and home made bread ! She was known all over for that. And she also was known to a LOT of people. She would sit on her front porch – and all day long – as cars went past – horns would honk- windows come down and a big ” HELLO MARY” would come forth. If I were there – I would ask her who that was -she would just say ” OH , SOMEONE , THEY ALL DO IT ” !!!!

My brother in law Bill and my sister Donna & me.

My sister Donna – she also helped to raise me – my Mom would walk my brother and me down the street at 5:45 am. We would walk the long steps up to their apartment – and lie down in the little room set aside with a couch. Here we would sleep another hour until she would wake us up to eat and then off to school. Bill – my brother in law – was the town Police chief – but also drove all over the East coast delivering meat for White Hawk Meat Company. One time up near Boston – he was at a truck stop – and in came a crew from a radio station. Looking for a human interest story. They interviewed him – as he was both a Police chief and a truck driver – and that show aired on the radio – he got a copy of it – Larry King did the interview ! My mother outlived both of them.

My brother Roger and me.

Growing up – I had one hero in life – my brother Roger, I looked up to him and tried my best to be just like him. He was my idol and ten years older. He went away to college and became a national ” WHO’S WHO” – from all over the USA. He went into the Navy in OCS- and was a LT. during the ‘NAM war. He never came back to our home town to live – I moved into his bedroom after he left for college. I still remember all the things he left behind – on the walls – the club room he and his friends had in our basement. In his later years – after his wife passed – we would spend our Winters with him in The Villages in Florida – where this picture was taken. Hero’s and idols – I had one – and it was him.

1967 – senior picture – Tom Fitzsimmons

My life as I know it – I am writing this now because I am the last one living. All have now gone before me. I needed to get it down for my sons – grand children – great nieces and great great nephew. My brothers children and their children. A history of growing up in a little town called Eldred in NWPA. In the mountains so lush and green.

I am in the autumn of my own life – and the main purpose of this blog is to record the memories I have. As I have been writing daily for the past 8 years – only to have them somewhere in face book land.

Tom & Sherry Fitzsimmons

I owe this all to my wife – Sherry – who encourages me to write it down as she often says. So – with that being said – going back to the beginning –

“Where does it say we have to “ACT” our age ?”

As long as it makes me happy and I’m not hurting anyone –


Besides – I learned a long time ago – when you are married –


Enjoy and remember #livinglifetotheplus

#homeagain #just #HGD #JP

Papa’s World – Playing a SANTA SCRAMBLE IN DECEMBER – practice!!!!

In early to mid-December – we are playing a SANTA SCRAMBLE with our friends at Magnolia Greens in Leland, N.C.

Hoping it is warm enough – so we practiced in the sunny mid-50s!

There was no wind and the sun felt warm!

Sherry and Cindy dressed warm – and for a couple holes Sherry’s jacket came off!

It was a fun time getting ready for the scramble later in December.

I know every once in a while I hit a MIRACLE shot – but they are few and far between – I seem to hit all those other shots!

One of the fairways at Magnolia Greens 27 holes! Sherry – Buck and Papa – getting ready to TEE it up!

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Papa’s World – High and Low Tides – exceptional.

October is the month for exceptional HIGH and LOW tides!

I did not know that!

No – I did not go to this extreme to see where the tide came up to.

But – from our Lanai one half mile away –

we could hear the BOOMING of the Surf!

So – Sherry looked it up and sure enough

we were in this week of very high and low tides!

So – we went for our daily walk in the morning

Just after high tide had been there

and I captured this photo!



And then in the afternoon – I snapped this picture

looking back toward the mainland

and down the beach – that same chair would of been

where the light colored sand is!

This was not even LOW TIDE YET!

I guess this happens once a year in October!


This beach is very wide normally

during normal tides

and very flat and hard surface

you can wade way out if you want

not me – I saw a sand shark caught

within 20 yards of the beach!

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Papa’s World – To start your day – some humor!

Through time – a simple phrase brings forth smiles – start your day – laugh a little – smile a lot!
Being a golfer-hacker – I know what this means! LOL

Senior living!

Choose to laugh – start your day – feel good – life could be worse – smile!

I hope this helps to start your day and thanks for reading!
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Papa’s World – Bring some humor to start your day!

I guess the older you get – your thoughts just become words with no filters! LOL

When I was little – being bad – for Christmas I got a lump of coal and a pig’s tail! LOL

HHHHHMMMMMM! This may not be far from the truth – ELON MUSK!!!


I hope this starts your day with smiles – laughs and giggles!

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PAPA’S WORLD – Bring some humor to start your day!!!!!

Papa’s World – Loving our life – the SALT LIFE!

Living life one day at a time – in N.C and S. C. – THE SALT LIFE!

While we love Christmas – the lights -music – trees – – grandkids – leaving behind the cold – snow and ice – instead enjoying the sand and surf!

Toes in the sand – warm sunshine – blue sky and white clouds – our retirement dream come true!

Gingerbread houses – egg nog – Christmas carols – but we also have decorated boat parades and golf carts!

The beach – sand surf – and sand castles and sculptures – living the SALT LIFE!

We still root for the BILLS team of our roots in WNY! From the cozy sports bars here in N.C.!

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Papa’s World – Our patio – cool nights – relaxing with our Solo firepit – campfire on the patio.

In the world of camping – firepits – roasting marshmallows – I admit – I am not all that into it!

This was really my wifes idea – as she was growing up – camping – boating was what her family did.

I did all the normal young lad stuff – sleeping out under the stars( freezing in those NWPA nights.)

We sometimes had a campfire while on the hill sleeping out.

I was a scout and we did overnight camping in tents –

as a youth group counsler – we spent a week in the far northern Canadian Parks.

Canoeing and camping for a week with 14 young students – 7th – 12th. grade kids.

But it is not on my bucket list!

Sherry showed this picture to me – saying how would you like that on the new home patio?

It is called a SOLO STOVE – and once it gets going – smokeless!

It will burn more efficiently so it says – and is toasty warm to sit around with no smoke and sparks!

OKAY – I say – thinking there goes my couch – snacks and Netflix!

So now – we buy little bags of wood ( $$$$$$) and those little tiny firestarters!

I prefer those wrapped in paper logs that you light and they burn for like 4 hours! LOL

So now I am an official campfire sit-in back patio sort of guy!

I really did not expect this – and yes – once it starts – there is no smoke or sparks.

It does get toasty warm – so much so that sometimes you have to move back!

We have the perfect set up – almost sheltered on three sides – concrete slab – comfy chairs.

And when the family came – Marcus and Tammy and the three little ones ( I call them) we had a fire each night!

And they had SMORES!

We even went scaveger to find old dead wood in the woods behind and across the street!

Do you know when the tempature gets in the low 50’s – snakes become almost inactive?

Otherwise – that was a no-go for me!

I have been converted – I am a SOLO STOVE convert – basking by the firepit – no shoes – no socks and no problem!

Now – the patio concrete has been painted a slate gray ( I did that) two coats – and we have two small bags of wood to burn!

I still like the single wrapped in the paper log to burn for four hours which you can see here as a trial!

And – this SOLO STOVE is everything they say it was!


I am now a firepit official starter –



get ready for some warm toasty evenings –



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Belief , Faith and Positivity – REACH FOR THE STARS.

2014-10-24 08.30.09             What to look for in a home based business.

Many times when you attempt a HOME BUSINESS , the biggest obstacle can sometimes be ones self! You just have to get out of your own way !   Ask yourself not WHY ?  But HOW you can accomplish what needs to be done.

During my years I have learned that success for me has come in the form of three principles that I follow.

BELIEF :   Believe in what you are doing – follow your heart – ones belief is a potent force when you apply it to your convictions. Stay the course – remember – in order to succeed – take care of all the small things and the larger problem will most likely take care of itself.

FAITH :  Listen – observe – and then have the FAITH to act. Plan – ask questions – and then formulate a plan of action – list your goals and have the FAITH to act on them. If you have FAITH in yourself and those around you – you are on your way !

POSITIVITY  :  I was asked once to give my impression on the HALF FULL vs.  HALF EMPTY GLASS .  To me , it is neither HALF FULL or HALF EMPTY !  There are two ingredients that are involved here.  AIR  &  LIQUID.  Without one or the other , you can not survive as far as I know!  The Glass has both – both essential to you and your team !  Positivity is something I wake up with every day. I always look at whatever is positive in the situation and act on it !

In a home based business – and with a TEAM – what comes out of you goes into them !  LEAD FOR SUCCSS !

I hope this little bit goes a long way in helping you overcome the fear of leadership – look at your team and then look in the mirror. Your team will be reflected back to you !

If you are interested – then go to or drop me a email at

The first is my wife’s web site and you can navigate – just look for the business – product and research.

If you contact me – we can send information – my wife retired with this business.

Go forth and have a great day !

Papa’s World – Feeling good – Helping others – pass it on!

What makes me feel good is either doing a kind act or passing on to another a kindness done for me!

And it does not take a lot – opening a door – waiting for someone to walk by!

My wife and I often clean out our closets and head to goodwill or habitat for humanity.

Giving what we can at church and also on on special occasions.

Smiles – kindness – gratitude- blessings – helping others – our lives!

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Papa’s World – Thanksgiving day walk on Sunset Beach – N.C.

Sherry and her sister Debbie

Auntie as we call her – came to spend four days with us over Thanksgiving – we kept her busy!

Fat Harolds – Carolina Opry – beach – shopping – Boundry House to eat – Christmas boat flotilla –

Ocean Isle Beach golf cart parade – more shopping and exploring the upper end of OIB.

It was a good four days – tired but got a lot in.

Beach access and Sunset Beach pier.
That would be me and Sherry!
For Thanksgiving day – there were quite a few people on the beach and a couple in the water!

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Papa’s World – Smiles – Laughs – funny things!

To start your day with a smile – a positive look ahead to the day – enjoy some funny cartoons and sayings!

For our friends back home in NPA and WNY – I know you like the white stuff – me I like the sand and surf!

A little play on words – LOL have a great day!

I hope this makes you smile and starts your day off – thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD!

Papa’s World – Welcome to my world – OIB!

We have now lived here for 17 months – where did that go? Our home is most likely ( hoping) our last major move.

We decided on moving here – near the borders of N.C and S.C. because it was still within 61/2 hours and 8 hours of our families in NVA.

We have close friends who live about 33 miles away and more close friends who are building in that same area.

We enjoy our location for the close access to the beaches and major shopping and golf while still having that country feel.

While we do have the threat of Hurricanes – we are not in a flood zone. Having gone through category one – we have decided on anything past an category two – we most likely will leave.

We enjoy the 30- minute drives to shopping at the outlet mall and the many offerings of shows and entertainment of Alabama Theater and Carolin Opera!

Sunrise on OIB with boats racing for a fishing tournament – warm weather – ocean breezes in summer-time

lead to what locals call down here “THE SALT LIFE”!

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Papa’s World – Sharing good thoughts and cheer!

Life – love, and gratitude – share it – it is free – PAPA’S WORLD.

Select your news – read – there are good happenings out there – be informed – but be careful – fact check!

Give what you can – when you can – smiles – thanks – gratitude – kindness – are free!

Help feed the hungry – open a door for someone – a little act like this – brings thanks from the needy.

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People down on the borders of N.C. and S.C. call this “Living the Salt Life” as we are so close to fine beaches!

We live four and six miles from two of them – Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach!

However, we are thirty minutes to more than another three beaches.

Neither of us like the cold weather – ice and snow – much prefer the sun and sand this area has to offer!

THE SALT LIFE – ten minutes in a car away – we are on the beach yet we live in a no flood plain – back on the mainland!

We are so grateful that we are able to do this – retirement – living life to the plus!

Thank you for reading a glimmer of our SALT LIFE!


Papa’s World – Life in the Carolinas!

Tough choice – made easier by the drop back in 2020 for our 401K –

but also the increase in the value of the housing market!

We decided to sell – our daughter and family had moved – not far away – about thirty minutes on a good day of traffic!

But – before they were a mile away – we would pick up the little ones from school and have the youngest sometimes also.

It was an easy walk to their home and we spent a lot of time with them.

But it was the 401K – losing 30 plus % – yet the house gained more than that!

Another door had opened – an adventure awaited – we disclosed our plans – and we said we would be within an easy days drive

6 to 8 hours – but someplace warm and near a beach!

We also wanted to golf – for far less expensive than it was in NVA!

After a couple months of searching – we found our beaches – Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach – one four miles and the other six miles away – we wanted to stay on the mainland – and not in a flood zone – we found Cameron Woods Community.

We built our home – six to eight hours from our NVA families – they have come to visit numerous times and we have been back the same.

We live right across the street from four 18-hole golf courses and are within 30 minutes of another twenty-five!

We have new friends and neighbors – and are close to dear friends we have had for 35 years.

Our life had changed – we went through that door – it was not easy –

now we are in the twilight of our years – but every day brings new adventures and experiences.

A new day begins – another day to explore and live the Carolina life – thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD – OUR LIFE!


Papa’s World – Life in general – living healthy.

We grow our own produce year-round on our back patio.

You also can see my wife’s sun tea on the table to the right!

Since I had a heart attack almost eight years ago – I LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME!

We walk almost every day and try to play golf once a week!

One of the reasons we moved to the border of N.C and S.C. – was to be near the beach – which we are very near two of them!

We also find humor in a lot of people- places and things!

This is but a small view of our life together for 42 years.

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Papa’s World – Living life one day at a time!

Our little family picture about 12 years ago – since this picture – our grandson Bode was born and today is 8 years old!

We are also retired now – moving from NVA to the border of N.C. and S.C.

We now are in our retirement house – about four miles from the beach.

My sons from my first marriage and their partners – on the Sunset Beach Pier.

They remain in NWPA where they grew up – we transferred to NVA for our jobs and they stayed behind.

Today they work in the energy field of state and power companies winterizing homes for the elderly.

We live our lives one day at a time to the fullest we can manage. Retirement has been good to us and the weather here is what we like.

Bode – who is following in the footsteps of his older cousins playing soccer – I hope one day to follow him in college like we do with his cousins.

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD –


Papa’s World – Good thoughts and smiles! HGD!

Kindness is free – smiles are free – share often!

Each day can and will be a challenge – but at the end of the day – feel gratitude – for you have done good – sleep well!

Enjoy your children – enjoy their youth – it goes so fast – and soon they are gone also!

Life is short – but it can be fun – find the humor and smile – laugh and share – you are who you are!

I hope this brings some good thoughts – some smiles to you and loved ones –

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Papa’s World – Watching the BILLS at the LAZY PIRATE

We traveled to Carolina Beach, N.C. to the LAZY PIRATE – A BUFFALO BILLS BAR!

Being from WNY – we were fans of the BILLS from the mid-’80s to when we left in 1999!

We still follow them and try to watch them on TV.

Sometimes we know where different BILLS bars are and go to watch.

Our close friends Buck and Cindy were our neighbors back in WNY and moved first to Leland, N.C.

Through all these years they remain staunch BILLS fans.

Our neighbor Diane and her husband Steve are both from WNY and have a cottage on Rushford Lake where they spend their summers.

A perfect venue to watch the games and of course when they score the song “SHOUT” is played and everyone joins in.

FAMILY and Friends enjoying the game!


Papa’s World – A little dinner get-together with neighbors at Local on the Water in NMB!

We had 13 peole who made it – good time – was very loud with the music – hard to hear – and we were spread out!

The music was country western and very good – I would go again to just listen and watch them.

The venue here is impressive – but if we come back I would want to eat in the back room where we could talk and visit – and maybe in smaller groups where we could see everyone and hear them.

But – for dancing and or just listening to the band – AONE in my book!

Our little neighborhood group – plus several could not make it – good times – good company –

Thanks for reading Papa’s World – my blog:

PAPA’S WORLD – A little neighbors get together at Local on the Water – in North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Papa’s World – Feeling good – Happy Thoughts – it is a good day to be alive!

Good day everyone – waking up – watching the sunrise – sipping my coffee – gathering my thoughts – I am awake – I am alive!

SUNRISE – one of my favorite parts of any day!

Welcome to my world – spread a smile – give a helping hand – be kind – it is all free to give.

Laugh a little – laugh a lot – laugh at yourself – just laugh!

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Papa’s World – Taking the ladies to the driving range!

Sherry and two other neighbor ladies wanted to hit balls so I took them.

MARCEA to the left and DIANE to the right.

The ladies will go to Sandpiper on Monday late afternoon for a golf lesson and nine holes of play!

So the two above wanted to hit some golf balls just to get their swings back.

We talked about it and I said I would drive them to the range!

I also hit a few down at the end.

I asked the owner if we could hit off the grass instead of the mat and he put us over on the side!

THIS IS ME – I lose a lot and find a few – but I just like being out there!

SHERRY – DIANE – MARCEA – I took the photo – they soon were hitting the balls – I gave some instructions –

and they all appreciated it – now if I could only follow my own advice! LOL



Papa’s World – Papa and Sherry – beach & golf and shopping! Retired with part-time income!

This is me! LOL, but we do enjoy golfing – by ourselves or with friends!

Sherry and Papa – married for over 40 years – together for 42 years! Living now what is called THE SALT LIFE!

We are retired – although for the past sixteen years – Sherry has owned and operated a network marking business!

Allowing us to retire in N.C. in Cameron Woods Community, Ocean Isle Beach!

We are four miles to one beach and six miles to another beach.

Here we are with a neighbor on Sunset Beach – relaxing in the sun on a weekday – living what locals call THE SALT LIFE!

We found this little piece of paradise – where the temps are moderate during FALL – WINTER and SPRING!

It can and is HOT in the summer – but we find the ocean – with a breeze – more than comfortable.

5 to 10 minutes and we are sitting on the sand!

The beach was a major factor in choosing this area – but also – love to golf!

We are within thirty minutes of over 30 golf courses!

Four of them are right across the street!

We can choose whatever we want to play!

Now – we are not all that good – but being out in the open on the golf course is what we love.

We have purchased what is called the first tee – which gives us major breaks in what we pay each 18 holes!

32 different courses – just call up and make an afternoon tee time!

We like playing afternoons as most people like to play before noon!

Major shopping – outlets and big box stores – are only a thirty-minute drive for us down Myrtle Beach.

Sherry and Papa at Tanger Outlets – Myrtle Beach – S.C. Thanks for reading Papa’s World –

Being retired with an income additional to SS and Pension and 401K –

Has allowed us to select where to live and this is THE SALT LIFE!

CONTACT: ssherrylynn49@fitztdf


Papa’s World – On OIB for sunrise – boats racing out of the bay!

Papa – predawn – on Ocean Isle Beach by the groin – waiting for sunrise, cool enough for a hooded sweatshirt – SALT LIFE!

The beginning of the sunrise over the groin on Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

Sherry standing against the beginning of the sunrise. We could hear this sound coming from the bay behind us – I thought

it was an airplane as it got louder and louder!

We lost count at 40 as fishing boats raced out of the inlet beyond the groin wall – spreading in all directions!

The loud noise we heard was the roar from the boats as they came out of the inlet to the open ocean!

I can only guess that it might have been a fishing contest and this was the start!

A police car parked to the right of us on the beach observing the boats racing to the ocean!

Whatever it was – it was loud and echoed across the inlet!

PAPA’S WORLD – we not only see the sunrise – but hear the boats racing out to the ocean – an added bonus to our

visit OIB for the predawn sunrise – thanks for reading – my site:

Papa’s World – laugh a little – smile a lot!

Be the one who leads the way – be the one who smiles and greets people – just BE THE ONE!

If you are the first – others will follow – my wife is always picking up things and I follow!

Smile – laugh – be the reason someone’s day is great to start off with!

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Papa’s World – TRIFECTA- Watch the BILLS – VOTED EARLY and sit on the beach in 75-degree weather!

We lived in WNY for 50 years – we were there when the Buffalo Bills went to four straight super bowls!

So – it is somewhat of a treat for us to watch them on TV down here in N.C.

Mostly it is the Carolina Panthers on tv down here.

Watching them on tv on a major network was the first of a trifecta couple of days for us.

Our first time voting in N.C, and we decided to vote early – we were able to find a parking space –

which is a win-win – no line so to speak – just a few people – another win-win –

The election workers were pleasant – helpful and did a great job!

No one being rude – no deniers present – or watchers –

this is what it is supposed to be.

The air was warm – the sun was hot – the temps were 78 degrees – NOVEMBER 1st. !!!!!!!

The water was chilly although we did see some people in.

For the time of year, I thought there were quite a few people!

Being able to do this on a whim – sit for an hour – relaxing taking in some rays!


Papa’s World – Kindness to be remembered by!

A gesture – “HELLO” – a wave – a “SMILE” – holding the door – a greeting – all are FREE!

Helping out – good neighbor – watching over others!

All of this is at no cost – acts of kindness and you will be remembered!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –

Many acts will not go unnoticed – giving freely your time and effort –

Live life – greet others and share your smiles!


Papa’s World – Cameron Woods – neighbors have a Halloween Party – can you think Stranger Things and Good Witch!

Sherry and I were invited to Harvey and Joanne’s house for a Halloween party – bring a dish to pass – beer and wine were provided!

Of course, we also brought jello shots as did others – To be honest – that is all I had besides some water – I LOST COUNT!

There were some perfect costumes – a couple I did not know who they were until they told us! ( the people)

It was a blast – music – dancing – food – beer – wine and shots!

We left after four hours and walked home – good thing we walked!

It went on for another two hours!

We missed a block party while we were back in NVA!

On Halloween night – I set up the SOLO STOVE in the driveway –

A few neighbors brought chairs and a table and we again had some SHOTS –

no kids trick or treated but we had three hours of just sitting and talking – Impromptu –

Great neighborhood –

Sherry and I went as her – The GOOD WITCH and me as the pizza guy on STRANGER THINGS!

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD – Cameron Woods neighbors have HALLOWEEN PARTY –