Papa’s World – Watching football on Sunday afternoon at Chubby Buddha!

Watching the BILLS play!

One and one-half miles from our house sits this unique little bar – right along the airstrip –

of Ocean Isle Beach airport.

CHUBBY BUDDHA is the name – I have no idea why it is called that!

In N.C. if you do not sell food – you are considered a private bar –

so, therefore – when you come in – there is a terminal – you put your information in –

get a coded password( your telephone number) and pay the grand sum of ONE DOLLAR-

and you are a member for the year!

It is what I call a “LOCALS” bar – some people show up to watch the game – others to play the state KENO GAMES on a wide screened TV on the wall.

Most beers are $3.00 – except the IPA which we do not drink nor do I drink the draft there.

Those all cost more.

But it is a fun little hangout – no one bothers you – and you can ask for what game you want to watch

on one of the many TVs on the walls.

The bar itself is U-shaped – there are two rooms and big outdoor seating – some of it covered.

We go with neighborhood friends – mainly because it is only a short distance from the house.

Thanks for reading Papa’s World

I like local bars where all the locals go! If you are ever here with us – then we just might take you here.

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