Papa’s World – Toes in the water – beach life!

Finally we have made it to our dream –

We always vacationed at the beach

up and down the EAST COAST!

Today – until the end of February

we will be next to it!

Sherry and I sold our house and rented a condo

one half mile from the beach

in North Myrtle Beach – S.C.

We did this because I just happen to come upon

this rental – and the view of this small lake

from the top floor lanai!


And the bonus – during our three mile plus walk everyday

half of that walk is on the beach!

Of course said walk comes after my morning cup of coffee!

Why for five months?

Because we do not know where we want to live

only that it will fall someplace

from here to the northern border of N.C.

We have always talked of this

But where ever we go – the criteria is twofold

We will try to stay within 7 hours of our families

in NVA.

And a place that is warm – no snow – and lots of golf!

We did not know at the time just how much Sherry would come to love this place!

Being here – it is warmer than where we lived in the winter

and we walk everyday –

hardly any traffic as we walk within a gated community –

until we cross a road to the beach.

And then after a 1/2 mile walk – we have this!


She has leaned over to me and said


WE HAVE SAVED – we have worked all our lives.
We have found our quiet place – our love – and a place for family to enjoy.

We are close to the over seven hours for our trip back to NVA!

The family is now a long weekend away.

We still are searching!

Oh – you can ride golf carts here!


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Papas World – The world I live in – writing!

Here I am in the latter stages of life –

doing what I love to do – “WRITE”!

Now – I share with you – family and friends –

A daily computation of events – actions –

life in general –

to serve as a diary of sorts for those in the years to come

to know what it was like in my lifetime.

I did publish one book of memories from face book

and have it so the kids can read and look at the pictures.

Pictures are very important in my writings

as they also serve as words and memories.

Our lives are all reflected in my writings –

friends – family – special occasions

and as the years go by

a time to look and reflect back

on the lives of those I love.

That is the why in why I write daily.

I hope you like my blog –


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and “OH” I do like a nice cold draft

20 oz. and then ponder what I see around me

another blog forming in my mind! LOL

Papa's World -my memory lane – my soul – my life.

I am nearing the last part of my life

and I find it reasonable to just say no

to injustice – to unreal expectations

and yes

to to my integrity

my convictions

and my thoughts.

And I choose not become involved in a senseless argument

I select people who are like minded

I listen – I think –

and I make my intentions known

only when asked to do so.


I am the one to the left

I am the one who thinks ahead

I am the one who organizes

I am the one who cares


I am enjoying what time I have left

I am a planner

I look forward

and share my memories

I am much like a tree


I see funny things

I smile with my thoughts

I shed private tears

I try to be good

I try to share



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Papa’s World – Friends – The Library – Beer and Fireball Shots – Keeping in touch

On our recent get together – a beer tasting in a old house with a fake library !

Try as hard as we can – life gets busy – but for over 35 years – we have stayed in touch – getting together at each others houses – every 4 or 5 months.

We are now spread out – Wilmington N.C. – Va. Beach and D.C. area – but we remain good friends.

Last Fall – our golf outing in Va. Beach – guys vs. gals.

Last Fall – we all got together – to play golf on several courses in the Va. Beach area. The format was GUYS VS. GALS – and I advocated ” NO STROKES ” as some of us have done this before and ” THE GALS” are just too darn good to give up STROKES !

Well – I was right – they had a STROKE a hole and they kicked our butts ! Even without the STROKES it was almost even ! Now we all are not PAR golfers – they ended up minus par with the strokes – and we were a little over par – but the jest of the whole thing was we had fun ! Plus I think they were nipping the FIREBALL more often than not !!!!! LOL

This was taken in Oahu – when the four of us went and played golf.

My wife Sherry – has the perfect form and swing – always straight down the middle of the fairway – can not remember the last time we had to look for her ball. Cindy – hits it a ton – going out into the fairway – neither one gets into trouble – the guys – not so much – never know WHERE my ball will go ! That is what makes them so good – straight and usually on the green or close on the second shot – depending how long the hole is.

Yep – that is me on Oahu – the valley over from where they shot Jurassic Park.

We try to play golf where ever we go – but – we also do Karaoke – well – I try to – but that is the only time I sing ! Cindy has her own Karaoke machine and all the songs – she brings it to most get together’s. Our theme songs are Desperado and Friends in low places. We get pretty involved in New York – New York. I have video’s but I promised I would not share them !

On our golf outing back home in NWPA – Sherry and Cindy .

Now I am not much of a Wine drinker nor much of a hard drinker – I stick mainly to light beer – and only on special occasions. However – I will take a nip of Fireball and as sometimes – well a lot of times when we golf together – I will join the others on birdies and sometimes long pars – with a little toast of the fireball. All in all – we do have a lot of fun.

Keeping in touch – friends – beer and fireball – living our lives to the plus.

Hope you enjoyed – keep the good health up – and keep in touch with friends

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Papa’s World – Living healthy – family running for Cancer

We just returned from picking up the packets for Saturdays run for Cancer!

Since I do not run ( I WALK ) – I am in charge of the little ones until my wife – son in law and daughter finish their run – FIVE K !

But as soon as they are done – then it is the little ones turn to flash their own styles ! They will run the kids mile.

The two oldest are twin girls – both eight years old – and the little one is four years old ! ( you would swear he and one of the twins are twins )

He is a runner jogging with his mother and MORMOR ( my wife) – which is Swedish for MOTHERS MOTHER !!!!

They have gone on 2 1/2 mile jogs and he is there step by step with them ! The parents bring them up in the healthy life style promoted by MORMOR !

She is a certified health coach and is the main reason 13 years ago – we as a family – other daughter – husband and three kids – turned away from the process food – the fast food – soda’s – and as much as possible – gluten – dairy and sweets !

LIVING LIFE TO THE PLUS as I call it ! Anyway – tomorrow – at 8 am. I am ON DUTY so to speak – and cheering everyone on . I have done this numerous times when they ( adults) ran the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in D.C.

I wish I could run but the last couple times I ended up with injury – my wife says I am a very HARD RUNNER as in THUD THUD PLOP PLOP !

Which causes a lot of stress on joints and leg issues !

So I walk for one hour each day -usually 3.10 miles at a steady but doable pace – WORKS FOR ME and my wife chooses to walk with me !

Which is awesome ! Our lifestyle changed along with members of our family – and this all is because of my wife which we both will reach a major milestone in a few months – 70 YEARS OLD !

I hope you enjoy my blog – I have written for years and years on face book daily – about myself- family and friends.

I wrote for two other blogs but my computer crashed and I lost everything only to a few days ago – by accident – finding this my second blog site from 2014 !

I enjoy reading about my followers and am trying to figure out all the in’s and out’s – trying to become followers of anyone who follows me.

With all this being said – enjoy – read – follow – comment – If I can find it I will answer !

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The Bear and the Fox. Existing to live – live to Exist.


In the early years of us being in Northern Va. , a couple of things happened. First , Tammy followed us down. Then a year later Mike and Debby and our new baby grand-daughter , Madison Margo Myers , known to us as Maddy , joined us.

I often thought if I were to open a bed and breakfast or a Cafe – I would give it the name of “THE BEAR AND THE FOX!” Why, I don’t know except that it sounded cool and I could envision a picture of a Bear and a Fox having dinner together at a table with some wine!

Now I see the picture of Maddy & her Father , our little Fox being carried by her father , The Bear of the woods, as he loves to hike the Northern woods of New York State. kinda out there in left field , but that is how I see it!

Teaching the ways of life to their children and bringing in the Health & Nutrition – showing how you EXIST TO LIVE  &  LIVE TO EXIST – always molding a way to blend their lives into harmony with nature.

The Bear and the Fox. A little girl and her father – hiking into their lives of Existing to live – Live to Exist.

Papa’s World – LIVING LIFE


Gratitude to being alive –

which if you know me-

I really should not be here !

I can count four times in my 70 plus years

that it could of gone the other way.

North Main Street
Eldred Pa.The cluster of houses
on the left side
at the top.

I was perhaps 4 or 5 years old –

I was going to cross the street – between two parked cars.

I stepped out and I heard the brakes –

I looked up and a matter of feet to my left

was a car stopped

we locked eyes – the driver and me

I was shaking – he just gripped the wheel

I came within several feet of being run over.

That has stayed with me to this day & I still see him in my mind.

My car accident

I was 17 years old – senior in H.S. playing football.

I went to visit my girl friend

My father had one big car and one small car.

The small one was a SIMCA – 5 speed – it was not fast at all !

It was like a square VW !

I was going toward the state line –

I put my turn signal on to turn left – I was in second gear

Just as I turned – a car came up from my rear going really fast

and decided to pass me instead of slowing down

The right front bumper and fender plowed into the door right behind me

I was thrown to the right passenger seat – my legs still on the gas pedal side

The back of my seat was pushed into the steering wheel

I spent 51 days in the hospital – not knowing if I would ever walk again.

The mid to late ’70’s – I rode motorcycle for 6 1/2 years

I was on my way to Amherst N.Y.

I was at a red light – up the one block was another red light.

There was a young girl in a VW – just got her drivers permit.

She started out – I followed and had only gotten into second gear

when I realized she had stopped and no brake lights

Somehow she had stalled the car

and had not hit the brake – just sat there.

The only thing I could do was lay the bike down

and slid right up under the bumper

I had no serious injury but I decided that was enough near miss’s

After so many of watching out for other drivers – I sold the bike

and never rode again .

Five and one half years ago – I had a WIDOW MAKERS HEART ATTACK


they told me I should not be alive

but they also told me

I was the most healthy heart attack victim they had ever seen.

Less than 48 hours after open heart surgery

I was home standing in my living room

with FOUR by passes.


She changed my health 13 years ago – with out those changes –

I am convinced I never would of made it !

She still manages me day to day

and my tests this Summer show ZERO hardening of the arteries!


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