Papa’s World – Watching football on Sunday afternoon at Chubby Buddha!

Watching the BILLS play!

One and one-half miles from our house sits this unique little bar – right along the airstrip –

of Ocean Isle Beach airport.

CHUBBY BUDDHA is the name – I have no idea why it is called that!

In N.C. if you do not sell food – you are considered a private bar –

so, therefore – when you come in – there is a terminal – you put your information in –

get a coded password( your telephone number) and pay the grand sum of ONE DOLLAR-

and you are a member for the year!

It is what I call a “LOCALS” bar – some people show up to watch the game – others to play the state KENO GAMES on a wide screened TV on the wall.

Most beers are $3.00 – except the IPA which we do not drink nor do I drink the draft there.

Those all cost more.

But it is a fun little hangout – no one bothers you – and you can ask for what game you want to watch

on one of the many TVs on the walls.

The bar itself is U-shaped – there are two rooms and big outdoor seating – some of it covered.

We go with neighborhood friends – mainly because it is only a short distance from the house.

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I like local bars where all the locals go! If you are ever here with us – then we just might take you here.

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Papa’s World – Wild Wings – Buffalo Bills – Barefoot Landing – “OH MY”!

Sherry Dottie Jim Buck Cindy Papa – at Wild Wings in Barefoot Landing – to watch the Buffalo Bills football game – they put on special for us TWO TV’S!

It was a long – long time ago that Sherry and I were Bill’s fans!

Back in the late ’80’s to late ’90’s!

But then we moved and for three years we hung on –

But – to watch them we had to travel some 30 miles –

In D.C. traffic to find a sports bar that would show the games!

Sherry and Dottie

‘We eventually adopred the Washington DC team as EVERYTHING

was all about them – newspapers – radio – TV – and people!

Yes – we became fans – but our hearts where still BILL’S fans.

We would cheer for them from a distance.

However – our very close friends are still and have been

BUFFALO BILL’S fans – watching them every Sunday!

Barefoot Landing North Myrtle Beach S.C.

We searched out the area – and found several sports bars

a couple were Bill’s Bars – but I found out they would be packed

and they were small venues –

NO SOCIAL DISTANCING there even if we tried!

Speak no evil – see no evil & hear no evil!

Sherry and I had checked out Wild Wings the week before

and come to find out – THREE of their employees

had graduated in 2016 from the very H.S.

in the place we raised our families –

The McBrides and us –


Sherry Dottie Cindy

That was a omen for us and we went with it !

Plus – it was very large inside –

plenty of places to sit and they put two TV’s on with the Bill’s Game!

We did our morning walk on the beach –

then drove the less than twenty minute ride

and arrived about 1/2 hour before game time!

Cindy and Buck

We gave our orders to start out with and settled in!

Papa Jim Buck

We watched the game – the whole game from there!

22 oz. drafts and all!

It never got crowded – for this is a Brown’s bar –

we knew that ahead of time –

but they had a bye week!


After the game we walked around –

enjoying the warm weather

and another “W” for the Bill’s.

Who knows – maybe we will once again

become fans – but down here it is all

Carolina Panthers!

But – we know where some Bill’s Bars are now

but Social Distancing shall prevail



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Papa’s World – onto the Lazy Pirate – Buffalo Bills bar !

Buffalo N.Y.
home of the BILL’S

We finished golf – changed and headed out to Carolina beach –

to the LAZY PIRATE – a sports bar – open air – covered

wild Buffalo Bills bar !

The Lazy Pirate

During our many years back in NYS – we were Bills fans –

all through the years up to the four super bowls

and beyond.

For three years after we moved – we tried to follow them.

But – alas – in the DC area – they were not to be found

unless we went into the city every Sunday

to find the Bills places !

This was and is Redskins country !

How ever our friends remained
loyal followers
and no matter what
find the game somewhere
each and every Sunday !
The crowd is picking up !
They kept filing in !

I was surprised – I met and talked to people from back home

All with their red- white and blue

true Bill’s fans !

Even met Eric – who was in a band for ten years
with a lady both Sherry – Jim and I worked with
at the tile plant
in Olean NY.
Donna !
As you can see – open air – covered
and corn hole in the yard !
Waiting for the call !
Dottie Cindy Jim
Cindy – rabid fan !
Bills score !

The place was nuts – everyone shouting !

Buck and Cindy

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Dottie and Jim
Jim and Sherry
email for business
The BILLS make you want to

It was a great time –

Had the real wings from Buffalo !

And some had the “BEEF ON WICK ” !

Victory song

All things come to a close-

we spent the day golfing and watching the Bills

Laugh – joke – and friendship
Cindy Jim Sherry Dottie

Papa’s World


Sherry Buck Cindy Tom Dottie Jim

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