I post every day on Facebook – GOOD THOUGHTS as my way to promote Positive feelings and sharing!

Helping others as much as we can – staying neutral – staying true to our beliefs – having good relationships.

Having a sense of humor – smiling – laughing – feeling positive and focusing on the life we lead – THE SALT LIFE!

Trying to leave a footprint on Positive changes for the good of humankind – is not easy but can be done.

A smile when many years ago our granddaughter took her first horseback ride – today she rides and takes care of horses!

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Papa’s World – family – most are gone – but memories linger on – missing them.

My step father John – my mother Mary and my brother in law Bill.

John was a decorated WWII hero – with the purple heart and numerous other medals.

He captured a castle and a Nazi officer out of uniform – there is a story in a military journal

that is in the WWII museum in Eldred Pa.that chronicles that event.

He took from that officer a automatic machine gun pistol – vintage WWI – that also resides in the museum

and is worth upwards in the thousands of dollars. They keep it locked away as it is so valuable.

He was wounded several times and went back into action.

Bill was a vet of the forgotten war – Korea – he seldom talked about it but while I was growing up –

he gave to me his sleeping bag that he used in the cold winters there.

I admire his stamina as all it was is a wool blanket inside a canvas liner!

I would get very cold while sleeping outside on the ground in it!

He was more to me than a brother in law – he was my friend and like a brother to me.

One time I was out with him on patrol in the cop car – he was the town cop –

We drove down across the tracks and out past the old pipe building –

he saw a woodchuck and said to me –

“Do I get him”?
“Sure I said”!

He pulled out his gun and from the front seat shot that old woodchuck –

I almost went deaf from that gun going off!

I said ” JESUS CHRIST BILL” and then we both just burst out laughing!

Lesson – never fire a gun from inside a car – you can barely hear for like 10 minutes!

John and Mary ( my mother) holding pies that she made from scratch!

Mom was known all over the town and county and into NYS for her baking.

She would bake rolls – bread – pies and cakes. Sweet rolls and sticky buns.

There was not anything she could not knead and bake and all from memory!

She did not need a receipt – she just did it after almost 85 years of her life baking!

She baked as a child learning from her mother who passed at 85 years old.

Mom was next to the youngest of 11 kids and was almost 98 years old when she passed.

She supplied pies and cakes and rolls for a diner in town.

She was so kind and loving – warm and gentle – but she also was a strong women – way before her time – she believed in equal rights and taught me that – she would come up with these sayings that made me laugh – ” You are as useless as a two petered billy goat”

Or she would say ” You are as useless as teats on a boar hog”! She had me in stitches –

she also played the accordion my father the spoons and sang and my uncle jack the wash board.

They would do this at family picnics and if the beer was free – at social events.

When she was young – she traveled with my grandma in the logging camps of Pa.

Making breakfast – lunch and dinner as a way to make money in the depression.

My father passed away in 1969 after a long battle with cancer – leaving mom a widow and my younger brother just entering H.S. After about ten years she met John – and they remarried – both of them.

They were together until he passed away at age 81.

She called him “JOHNNY BOY” and he was so good to her – just what she needed after ten years losing my dad.

He could fix anything and construction was his forte.

His cars and trucks immaculate even though they were ten years old – showroom condition.

He fixed up and remodled the house which she had kept going all those years .

That same house today is still in the family after almost 78 years –

my great niece lives there today.

Mary ( Mom) and John ( her Johnny boy)

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Just another memory of my family gone but not forgotten.

If you are interested in good health and nutrition –

Then check out contact info:

CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH and a partner in The Juice Plus Company – SSC


Papa’s World – Friends – Family – Neighbors.

Golfing with our friends of many years – Cindy and Buck – dinners afterward – joining them in the Carolinas!

Just a little smile for the day! LOL HGD!

Neighbors – our senior community – most are retired – living the SALT LIFE!

Neighbors get together at Local On The Water – good times with good friends we have made since moving in here!

Humor – laughs and funny smiles in Papa’s World!

My son and partner – family good times on the beach – family memories.

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Papa’s World – Past thoughts – good vibes and humor!

I have always championed equal rights for women – and will to the day I die.

Life is full of humor if you look for it! LOL!

I look for positive stories to read and positive – good thoughts to share – life is too short to do otherwise.

Our brand new Community Center has opened – Pickleball courts – pool and clubhouse.

My thoughts have always been this – “DO THE RIGHT THING”!

Trying to keep the weight off – requires a sense of humor – at least I can laugh at it!

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PAST THOUGHTS – GOOD VIBES AND HUMOR – living life one day at a time and also living life to the plus!

Papa’s World – Living – family – grandkids – friends – memories.

That about wraps up my game – but – I enjoy it and it is a way to get outdoors!

Our granddaughter Ella is far right – a Sophomore at Randolf College receiving an award for her soccer performance on the team.

Our granddaughter – Taylor – grooming a horse – who loves to ride – she would spend all her free time in the stables!


Friends are priceless and memories through time – living out our senior years!

Taylor’s first ride on a horse – now her dream one day is to compete.


MARLEY and ME – Love our grandkids GOLDENDOODLE!

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Papa’s World – Life with us – in our senior years!

We have a walking group that meets every Monday and Friday at the park across the street. You walk at your own pace and usually do two complete loops – just over a mile each and then once around the track.

This in total would be 2.30 miles!

Then during the day, we will get in the rest of our 10,000 steps – my heart doctor has told me just to “MOVE”!

Growing up in the 50s-60s and 70s – the generations that wanted love and peace – still has a place in my heart today!

We have adopted a healthy choice lifestyle – I do not drink soda or milk anymore – or fast food!

We live just a few miles from the beach – often going there for our walks – sun – sand, and surf!

We try to golf once a week or every other week – usually with dear friends of 35 years.

Just being out in nature – and yes – we get STEPS in that way!

Our dear friends – golfing – having dinner together and making plans for fun trips!

SENIOR YEARS – living one day at a time and living life to the plus – LIFE WITH US –

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Papa’s World – Life with us in Carolina and before!

This is our new Community center in Cameron Woods Community – OIB, North Carolina.

We now are residents of Noth Carolina – having moved here almost 3 years ago.

Coming from Northern Va. for the past 21 years and before that in WNY!

We are the product of the ’60s and 70’s growing up thru the 50’s.

Working in WNY and transferring to NVA – our lives have transformed into senior living and retirement.

Papa taking a selfie of our neighborhood walking group an Mondays and Fridays!

Our favorite pass time is beach walking -and golfing and walking with friends and neighbors.

Living life one day at a time and living life to what I call the plus!

Helping where we can – Memory Care unit – Book club – helping people out who have dogs –

Life is full of wonderful situations – positive things and getting rid of negativity.

Growing our own produce without soil and pesticides. eating as healthy as we can.

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PAPA and SHERRY – living life to the plus one day at a time – Life in the Carolinas and before!

Papa’s World – LITTLE TAYLOR loves horses – now BIG TAYLOR riding horses!

Our grandaughter Taylor with her mother – soon to be a teenager – she has grown up riding horses!

A beautiful young lady to be – she would clean stalls and groom horses every day if she could!

It all began with her – she could barely walk – yet she knew what she wanted and today she rides so gracefully – here her mother helps to steady her on her first ride!

Now she is a regular at the riding stable and volunteers to groom and take care of the horse’s stalls!

Tall in the saddle – little Taylor does not need any help – becoming an accomplished rider.

Her dream is to someday own her own horse – she is so graceful and an easy learner.


Taylor and her MORMOR ( Swede for grandmother) walking hand in hand – PRICELESS!

Papa’s World – A little HUMOR – LAUGHS and GOOD THOUGHTS!

I try to live my life with humor – not laughing outright – but with funny thoughts that lead to smiles!

Keeping it all in perspective – I like good entertainment – shows that make me feel good!

I am not good with scary shows or violent shows although I have seen some good ones!

AAHHHH! The wisdom of our senior years – living life to the plus one-day at a time!

I tend to unfollow people who post negative or insensitive posts – I have enough negative ‘STUFF” –

I choose to read and see the positive side of life!

Life is full of choices – doors to open and walk through! LIVE TO THE FULLEST!

I hope this starts your day off in a good mood – enjoy whatever the day brings –

listen to the sounds – see nature and live life to the fullest one day at a time!



Papa’s World – Good times and Good thoughts!

Papa’s World is my blog where I bring friends – family and laughs and good thoughts.

One of my happy places is the golf course – if only I could play!!!!!

Laugh – smile and have a sense of humor – living life one day at a time – and to the plus!

We love living close to the beach – walking – sitting and just enjoying sun-sand and surf!

We are retired – with a home business – living out our senior years – having family visits and returning back home to see them

With friends, we just may do this in modest consumption! LOL!

PAPA – thanks for reading – my site: GOOD TIMES AND GOOD THOUGHTS!

Papa’s World – Past times in pictures!

In North Myrtle Beach for the Saint Patricks Day parade – living out my heritage!

During the Holidays home is where the decorations are!

One of our “WHY” reasons to love the Carolinas – golfing at Christmas time!

Sunsets at SUNSET BEACH – never is old!

Of course – you have to smile! PAPA’S WORLD!

LIVING THE SALT LIFE – PAST TIMES IN PICTURES – PAPA’S WORLD – beach chairs – sun – surf and sand – PRICELESS!

Papa’s World – Life with Papa in PAPA’S WORLD!

A selfie at local on the Water in North Myrtle Beach – Papa – memories through time!

One of my favorite past times – golfing with my wife and friends!

Marley and Papa – the little grandchildren – not so little anymore – their Goldendoodle – Marley!

I do have a sense of humor – I found this to be amusing!

I love our SALT LIFE and the beaches so near – always has been my dream to live near a beach – I feel as though we are on vacation all the time!

My feelings toward life in general – living life one day at a time and life to the plus – giving what we can!

PAPA’S WORLD – LIFE WITH PAPA IN APA’S WORLD – my site: a daily journal for my family!

Papa’s World – Family time spent together.

Family time – father and daughter – PRICELESS!

Papa – Ella Maddy ( her boyfriend Kendrick) Sherry – we stopped in Lynchburg, Va. on our way back to OIB to see them and have breakfast.

Both granddaughters are in college there and Maddy will graduate this year.

Fun time even though it was short – granddaughters!!!!!!!

PAPA’S WORLD – my site:

Marcus – Taylor – Tammy and Cassidy – both granddaughters straight “A” s for three semesters in a row!

Cassidy did this besides practicing for six months for the play The Little Mermaid!

Taylor – who loves horses and rides every week and sometimes works in the stalls.

They went out for a treat for the straight “A” s.

Cassidy – Tayor and Bode – grandkids – visiting them in Leesburg, Va.


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Papa’s World – our granddaughter – Cassidy in Little Mermaid.

She has been in practice for six months – she played a Starfish and a Swan – in all the performances.

She did not try out for a speaking roll as she still is shy but has a beautiful voice.

Cassidy as a Starfish – she danced on stage and did a cartwheel in both directions and sang.

We were amazed at the costumes and the skills of the 6-7 and 8th. grade cast members.

Cassidy is on the right dancing and singing – once she gets over being shy – she will shine – she sings in front of the congregation in the choir and does vocals in a youth group band.

Cassidy as a swan between her sister Taylor and mother Tammy.

As a swan she danced and sang – she was very graceful.

Our shy little Cassidy – getting more brave to perform in front of a audience.

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Our granddaughter – Cassidy – Starfish and Swan in The Little Mermaid – 2 1/2 hour production.

Papa’s World – Inside 529 kids consign – Loudoun.

Down the stairs and straight ahead in a historic old Leesburg, Va. building – is the entrance to 529 Kidsconsign.

Upscale children’s and women’s clothing – brand names – Facebook 529kidsconsign Loudoun.

The faces of the owner – Tammy – three children – grace the walls of the shop.

Shirts with slogans – shoes – and other items for sale!

Childrens books and many more upscale items!

Tammy – Taylor and Cassidy – and MARLEY – the Goldendoodle – the family pet.

Upscale items for sale along with children’s and women’s clothing.

Stop by in Leesburg. Va. 529 kidsconsign Upscale clothing – SMILE PASS IT ON!

Take time out – sip your coffee and then google on Facebook 529 kidsconsign – direct shipping –

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Papa’s World – Historic Leesburg, Va. Boutique – daughters upscale consignment store – 529kidsconsign.Loudoun

Our daughter moved her consignment store to the historic district of Leesburg, Va.

She owns an UPSCALE consignment store of women’s and children’s name-brand clothing!

A unique store she first opened five years ago and moved to Leesburg. All sizes and ages for children’s and women’s clothes.

Brand named clothing – seems hardly worn – and discounted each month for three months – also sold online and shipped.

Racks and racks of clothing – complete inventory changes every three months and monthly partial inventory.

HISTORIC BUILDING IN OLD HISTORIC LEESBURG, VA. 529 Kids Consign – Loudoun Facebook page.

You can see items each day and select to buy and she ships direct to you!

Other items for sale – love this shirt!

TAMMY – at her counter – Old Town Leesburg HISTORIC DISTRICT – 529 kids consign – Loudoun – check it out!

Papa’s World – Into the Present!

So I wonder if this is MIDDLE AGE – SUNSET years mean you forget where all those plastic bags and Tupperware lids are? LOL

Living our unset years in OIB in N.C. – warm temps – cool ocean breezes – sand and surf – golf and walk – pickleball –

senior years can be watching and working to age healthy!

Hard to do but working on it! LOL

Eating healthy – drinking water ( and throwing in a beer once in while) maintaining and looking ahead – enjoying our dream life.

My habit for each morning – is one cup of coffee!

That is my limit and the smell in the morning of brewing coffee – to start my day!

Living near the sand and surf and sunrises over the water – LIVING THE SALT LIFE – not for everyone but for us our dream life.

When family visits – joy – laughter – smiles – great feelings – family time is our asset in life!

Family of youth helps to keep us feeling young – MORMOR and PAPA – living our life to the plus!

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD – INTO THE PRESENT!

Papa’s World – Looking at the Past!

SIXTEEN YEARS and counting – taking this supplement – trying to AGE healthy – walking – playing golf and pickleball!

Enjoying a Washinton Nationals game during the World Series season while living in Brambleton, Va.

Walking the beach with the twins 12 years ago – Sherry holding Cassidy and Papa holding Taylor!

Summer of 2022 – on the ICW – OIB and Sunset Beach – living the SALT LIFE – our dreams come true!


Thanks for reading Papa’s World in the sunset of our lives – living as healthy as we can.

PAPA’S WORLD – LOOKING AT THE PAST – living for the future – one day at a time.

PAPA and SHERRY – dream life in OIB, North Carolina – the early years – thanks for reading!

Papa’s World – Looking at the Past!

Thanks to this man – our past is preserved in our National Park systems – keeping America beautiful and preserved.

Our national parks are priceless – seeing what the long-ago past was like!

The beauty of a sunrise on the beach in N.C. What it must have looked like hundreds of years ago!

Sunset over the marsh of Sunset Beach, N.C. The wonder of nature painted in the sky!

The resources of the ocean and the wildlife around it!

Conservation of the environment – clean air – clean water – recycling – part of our lifestyle.

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Papa’s World – Memories of Life!

Our new memory we are making is here this beach is but four miles away! Living the SALT LIFE in OIB!

Our granddaughter Taylor who now is twelve years old – loves this and would like to have these times back!

We are now living our dream life – here in OIB close to the border of S.C.

Music is the path to the soul and our way of finding peace – comfort, and gratitude!

Spending time together and living life one day at at time!

Memories from childhood!

Living life to the plus with a sense of humor!

Enjoying the SUNRISES of our life together in OIB – living life one day at a time!

Laugh a little – laugh a lot – just laugh!

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Papa’s World – Pictures – thoughts – humor!

When family visits – spending time with family – vacations and looking forward to another visit!

Our family in Va. – MARLEY – this says it all for her!

Walking the MAZE at SUNSET BEACH – one of the little things we like to do here in N.C. Beach!

Wise thought here!


SMILE – keep a sense of HUMOR!



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Papa’s World – North Myrtle Beach – dinner at Local on the Water!

Good day – while living for nine months at Ocean Keyes – which is in North Myrtle Beach – we became fond of

the place to eat right on the ICW is called LOCAL ON THE WATER!

View from the deck looking West along the ICW from the deck.

This complex has several bar areas and places to eat.

This also is the place where dolphin cruises depart along with boat rentals!

A big campground sits across the ICW on the other side.

The outdoor stage along with the covered outdoor bar – plenty of room to spread out and listen to the music –

this afternoon was a lone singer who was quite good!

Get there early as it fills up fast!

Our family was at their table – the rest of the kids were playing on the swings! You can see the main bar area in the background!

If in NORTH MYRTLE BEACH – check this place out – we have taken many guests here!

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BEACH TIME a long time ago – Grandkids – now we live near the beach – all will come and all have!

MEMORIES – when they were young with GIGI – Sherry’s mother!

SUNSET over the marsh at SUNSET BEACH – never gets old!


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Papa’s World – The MAZE at Sunset Beach!

We have what everyone calls THE MAZE MAN – who starting in the Spring – creates MAZES on Sunset Beach near the 13th. street!

He creates the by hand and free to the people on the beach to walk and solve!

They are really big and you walk them from a starting ENTRANCE point to the end EXIT point!

there is only one way to make it through to the exit and requires several attempts most times and sometimes you can not find the way out!

Here our granddaughter Taylor is on her way to solving the MAZE!

That would be me in the woods – rabbits have nothing to fear from me!

The MAZE is a fun activity to keep exuberant grandkids occupied! LOL

Sherry takes a selfie of Taylor and Bode solving the MAZE on Sunset Beach, N.C.

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The grandkids – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode – PAPA’S WORLD – THE MAZE AT SUNSET BEACH, NORTH CAROLINA!

Papa’s World – Revisited our old neighborhood – NMB!

Main Street and Beach Blvd intersection of North Myrtle Beach – during our nine-month condo stay here – we walked this almost every day – heading for the beach – you can see the stage at the entrance to the beach.

The radio station 94.9 THE SURF is on the left along with HODO’S Beach Club and the Old Arcade on the right.

The parking lot on Friday nights is full of beach chairs and the streets are closed off for concerts on the stage.

Turning around from the intersection is Main Street and you can see Sherry walking up the street.

We were here at the beginning of the Pandemic and this was a ghost town – although the stores were open.

Our favorite nightclub to go to where we finally learned what THE SHAG was!

A dance that came from the Rythem and Blues of the 40s and became a cross-over called Carolina Beach music.

And has become the state dance!

This scene has been ongoing for 80 years!!!!

“ENTER THROUGH THE JUKEBOX DOORS” so goes the advertisement heard on the radio.

This club is full of history – pictures and items from the past 80 years!

The dance is like the STROLL-JITTER BUG – SWING where you never lose contact with your dance partner.

Yearly competitions are held here and every four months SHAG comes to town –

Bands – music- dancing in the streets!

Like the Hollywood Walk of Fame – the sidewalks are full of plaques from all through the years of people and dancers and dates!

The big water tower that overlooks the town has a picture of a couple dancing THE SHAG!

On the beach from the beach entrance – we walked this every day while we lived here!

Sherry walking North Myrtle Beach – one of the widest beaches at low tide I have ever been on!

Exiting the sixth street beach entrance and looking up the street to where we stayed at the back entrance to Ocean Keyes.

Over 700 condos and a huge lake with six water fountains.

Six pools – tennis courts and a workout room.

Loved living there but no garage and no storage space – or else we might have stayed there.

Looking back from sixth street beach parking to the main town of North Myrtle Beach – our old neighborhood.

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Papa’s World – Our life in Pictures!

Our closest beach – is four miles away – Ocean Isle Beach – and then Sunset Beach is only six miles away!

Sunset Beach – known for its fantastic sunsets – this one is over the marsh!

Where we live – one phase of the build-out is left – we are close to shopping – golf – beaches – entertainment and lots of fun!

We try to see things all as good thoughts and kindness.

Our little palm tree in the backyard with the protected tree line behind it!

We grow our own produce year-round on the back patio!

We choose to do this with water – air, and nutrients only – no pesticides so we know what we are eating.

If you want info on this product – contact

My dream growing up was endless vacations near the beach – today we have that – watching others packing up to go back home – while we can come back the next day and the next day whenever we want!

Our dream now – living life to the plus one day at a time!

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Papa’s World – Thoughts and pictures of life.

Our life in thoughts and pictures – life is full of surprises!

Our daughter and her two youngest daughters came for a surprise visit!

Saint Patrick’s parade in North Myrtle Beach – fun day with parade – vendors – three stages and six bands!

One of our favorite pastimes – golfing with lifelong friends!

A wise saying but also very truthful!

Papa watched our granddaughter Ella trying to solve the maze on the beach. Did not solve it!

Our go-to system for growing our own veggies with no dirt or pesticides! Year around where we live!

We BOTH KNOW a friend like this! LOL

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Papa’s World – Family pictures – memories.

My youngest son Shawn and I last summer at the pier. Sunset Beach.

Spending time with children and grandchildren – making memories

Om oldest son and his partner – Andrea at the beach last summer – looking forward to them visiting once again.

Four of the grandchildren – Taylor – Sarah – Cassidy and Bode – this year when we went back home!

SIX grandkids – Bode – Cassidy – Taylor- Sarah – Ella and Maddy – years ago – love the memories.

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Papa’s World – Life in pictures – memories!

Bode – now 8 – Cassidy – now 12 – Taylor – now 12 – Sarah – now 16 – Ella – now 19 and Maddy – now 22 – grandchildren.

Cindy and Sherry – golfing partners – the first time we golfed – they wore mittens and looked on in wonder as we washed out balls on the course! LOL

A little humor and laughs!

Guess – am I “IRISH”! My family on my dad’s side came from County Tyrone in Ireland.

On a wine-tasting trip in Sonoma Valley in California. Sherry and Papa!

Cindy – Cindy – Cindy – Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A view across the marsh at Sunset Beach at sunset! Always love going there and taking the company to see it!

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Papa’s World – Randon pictures living life to the plus!

Our community in OIB, N.C. We selected this for its charm – tall trees – quiet – new build and close to things we want to do.

We are minutes away from two beaches and close to several more – golfing – we can choose from over 30 courses.

Our backyard is bordered by protected trees – we have several palm trees and crepe myrtles!

Living life to the plus in more ways than one!


THE BEACH LIFE – living our dream – living life to the plus – one day at a time!

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD –


Papa’s World – living life in OIB!

Here we are on Sunset Beach – OIB is all the way up by the tall building – we are minutes away from either one near the border of N.C. and S.C.

A view in our backyard of the sunset – always a treat to walk outback at sunset!

We are thankful to be living our dream life in the Carolinas – no snow or ice – at least most of the time!

Golfing with friends right across the street at Leopards Chase in Ocean Ridge!

When family visits – my two sons – Troy and Shawn – wait for them to come back down this summer!

Childhood memories!

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PAPA and SHERRY – on the ICW – LIVING LIFE IN OIB, N.C. living life to the plus one day at a time!

Papa’s World – Random thoughts and pictures!

Good day to all – here is a good thought – a way to start your day!

A cool evening with a welcoming Solo Stove firepit! A way to take the chill off in the evening!

One of our favorite pastimes – just enjoying being out there!

Holding our twin granddaughters who now are twelve years old!

Memories of fondness from the past!

My LITTLE SMILE for the day! LOL

The twins today – Taylor to the left singing – the tall one and Cassidy to the right singing – Taylor is just tall for her age!

Love Willie and love his words of wisdom.

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Papa and Sherry were at a Washington Nationals game before we moved to the Carolinas!


Papa’s World – golfing at Leopards Chase with friends.

Every week or two we meet up with old friends – we were neighbors back in WNY – to golf.

They live about 35 miles away in Leland, N.C.

We have stayed in touch even though they moved South some 26 years ago!

Sherry and Cindy – on the golf cart at Leopards Chase in Ocean Ridge, N.C.

One of four courses right across the street from where we live in Cameron Woods Community.

The courses are known in the area as THE BIG CATS courses as they all have names of the big cats of the world.

We have been golfing together for about 30 years.

We have traveled the world with them on trips –

and all over the country.

Buck and I have been friends for almost 40 years.

Today he is my golfing partner – we play the girls in a scramble and they usually beat us!

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD –


Papa’s World – Took the family to Fort Fisher Aquarium.

We have a tight-knit family – and all are in our thoughts and our lives every day.

Debby – Ella and Sherry – an ancient replica of MEGADON!

We had taken them here years ago -and the memories of that long ago the time came back!

Giving them a chance to once again have another memory is what we do – we share with our families those precious memories.

Afterward, we rode the ferry back to Southport where we went to FISHY-FISHY for a late lunch-early dinner.

We showed the waterfront to them – walking around –

What a great way to end our trip – a ferry boat ride both ways

and then food –

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD –

SARAH – SHERRY – PAPA – DEBBY – ELLA – Took the family to Fort Fisher Aquarium!

Papa’s World – Good times when family visits!

Ella – Debby and Sherry – trying to solve the maze on Sunset Beach at the third street! The Maze guy is talking to Debby.

Sarah – Debby and Sherry and Ella – beaching it at the OIB community center – volleyball net in the background!

A little smile for the day! LOL

Sherry and Ella on the maze – never did solve it! There was another one up on the 15th. the street that they went to and solved that one!

We had fun and while it was not really warm – the sun made it feel warm!

They will be back in June when we will have warmer weather and the ocean is warm to swim in.

Thanks for reading – some more beach time – relaxing. Papa’s World –


Papa’s World – cousins coming together!

Cousins – Sherry sisters daughter and her family – the JONES – and Debby and two of her daughters – the Myers!

We journeyed to Sunset beach – to catch the sunset – it so happened that the JONES was visiting and the Myers were also here at the same time.

Through the years we have tried to be all together – but families spread out and lives are different – so many things going on in each family.

Grandmothers and granddaughters. On the beach in Myrtle beach – after some shopping at the outlet mall and some dinner all together at Barefoot Landing.

The little ones are growing up so fast – years seem to go by before we meet up.

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Papa’s World – Life with SHERRY!

A number of years ago – we had this taken – today – they have all grown so much – the next picture was taken last year!

And now there is MARLY – the Goldendoodle of the Krohn family – the kids love her! LIFE WITH SHERRY!

Sherry and her very close friends Cindy and Dottie – for 40 years – sharing life with SHERRY!

When Cassidy was on the left and Taylor was small – this was the year SHERRY retired from Corp America! Almost 12 years ago!

At a winery in California in the area of the wine country North of Sacramento.


Doing shots on the ICW marshes with Pam and Bob – my grade school buddy!


Dottie – Cindy – Sherry – before the wine tour at our home in Brambleton, Va.


Our grandkids – Maddy – Ella – Sarah – Taylor – Cassidy – and Bode – note how Cassidy takes care of Bode – to this day – still the same way!


LIFE WITH SHERRY has led us to PLAN B – living the salt life – one day at a time and life to the plus in the Carolinas!

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Sherry – Cindy – Dottie – always through the years – friends – LIFE WITH SHERRY in PAPA’S WORLD!

Papa’s World – Through the years – now living in the Carolinas!

Our married life began on June 25th. 1982 in a little town in WNY – called Portville!

We both worked for the American Olean Tile Company in Olean, New York.

We combined two sets of children – my two sons and her two daughters – although my sons lived with their mother.

We traveled with all four on vacations and weekend events.

Troy – my oldest son and Shawn my youngest – both still live back in NWPA where we all are from and raised.

They have been down to visit last summer and hoping they come once again.

Our lives with our family are so important – and hoping all will visit this summer!

Mother and daughters and their families. Debby – is the oldest on the left and Tammy is the youngest on the right.

Our life together reflects the above in our values as a family.

Today we move forward in our retirement in the Carolinas – living our dream of the salt life one day at a time!

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Papa’s World – Our life in pictures!

Celebrating our anniversary last year in NVA with family – including Marley – the Goldendoodle!

Enjoying the SOLO STOVE FIRE PIT on the back patio of our home – in Cameron Woods Community.

Our growing system in our back patio called THE TOWER GARDEN!

Our twin granddaughters back almost 12 years ago – the memory of a time gone by!

A little humor – smile for the day!

Debby and Maddy – our oldest granddaughter – 22 years ago!

Troy my oldest son and Shawn my youngest son.

Now 12 years old – the twins sing vocals in a youth band.

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PAPA’S WORLD – OUR LIFE IN PICTURES! living life one day at a time and living life to the plus!

Papa’s World – Memories through time!

Debby – and Sherry – before we went to the Elton Awards for the Juice Plus Company – have to obtain certain statuses for an invite to the company.

Debby is a QMND and Sherry is an SSC for the company. Daughter and mother working together for better health.

A number of years ago in the California wine country – celebrating life and exploration.

Sometimes eight or more years ago – beach vacation and the granddaughters and the only boy!

Note how Cassidy takes care of Bode and that remains that way to this day!

Cassidy – pulling her beach board – when she was young!

Taylor with her floaty at the beach – when she was young!

Me and my two boys – Troy to my right and Shawn to my left – Shawn has won the Pa. State Champion in nine-ball and will go to Vegas.

Thanks for reading and seeing my memories through time.