Papa’s World-Growing up Eldred Pa. – part Six.


Eldred – a small community situated by the Allegheny River

Among the rolling hills know as the old mountain range

” The Allegheny Mountains “

I wrote a blog a short while ago –

about the title before there was ” STAND BY ME “

There was Eldred –

where everybody knows your name.

Bob – me ( Tom ) – Greg – Mike – John – Sully – Gerry – Gus and Pat

We were friends – we were buddies –

we had each others back

And we once took a little trip down that river .

Canoeing the Allegheny River
I believe our Sophomore year

Our little group grew and grew –

We were part of a national group known as The Exployer’s !

Raising money for our trips –

Staying out of trouble –

Almost all of my buddies belonged

And the younger kids started to follow.

Me – number 65

We played sports –

we were not into trouble –

we did not smoke – which back then was a big deal !

A few who did got kicked off the team.

We lived – played and grew up in a small Western Pa. town

close to the South Western New York border

where every one knew your name

In all the years before – and the years since –

The faces have changed –

the names also –

but to this day it remains

North Main Street

The little town – where every one knew your name

South Main Street


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Papa’s World – Growing up Eldred Pa.

The grade school across from the park
with South Main Street
in the background

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From the park to Park Avenue
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Before there was STAND BY ME –

There was ELDRED PA.

Papa’s World – Positive thinking – frame of mind!

Turning a negative into a positive

This has never happened to me – but – getting older – it might !

The FISH – well – all my grand daughter talks about is –


Turn the negative into a positive –

Not so sure what the parents will think !

Remaining positive does take some work –

Looking past the negative to see the message –

and make it the best you can.

Words have hidden meanings –

One such word we had a long time ago where I worked –

” TEAM “

” Together – Employees – And – Management “

Positive thoughts –

Working to improve the situation –

Understanding –

Creating the process in your mind –

Leading others to think positive –

creates balance in your life –

Now – there is a limit for me –


But – of course with CLOSE friends –

and a beer and fireball –

well – they are FRIENDS ( Positive thinking there )

Remain Positive –

Think Positive –

Smile –

and have good thoughts –

Make it your day –

and pass it on !

Sherry – Certified Health Coach

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Papa’s World – in today’s World – being POSITIVE !

I find myself looking – looking and looking to see POSITIVE !


I try to find it always – I force myself to think it –

I believe in it therefore I find it !

Positive thinking for me has become routine.

And it has been that way my entire adult life.

My Motto

END – Effort never dies – I look for other ways –

FAIL – First attempt In Learning – I read – I watch – I search – then I process-

NO – Next Opportunity – when one door closes – open another & another –

I see opportunities – I see chances – I try to see both sides –

Give what you can

I do not have a lot – but I give what I can –

Mind – Soul – Laughs – Smiles – Greetings –

Those are FREE –

A simple act

An older couple – a diverse couple –

I later learned from India –

I was sitting on my front porch –

It started to sprinkle –

They stopped under my tree for shelter – it rained harder –

I asked them to come onto the porch –

The wind picked up –

I invited them inside until it passed –

They were grateful –


Looking – looking and looking – finding positive –

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Papa’s World – and SHE says I can’t hear !

It all starts with ” What did you say ” ?


As I gradually get older –

I find certain words sound alike !

It is not that I do not hear them –

But my brain tries to understand just which one to select ! LOL

Well – this might also be !

And that also goes for when I watch a movie –

a TV show –

Anything that has to do with HEARING –

Not when I READ !

That is different – I know what I read !

Even though I do not hear the right word –

I tend to get the message !

She is always beautiful to me

So – I ask –

“What was that ” ?

Or – ” Pardon me ” ?

That way – I am sure that I heard it right !

Funny how that works –

Because most times –

when it is repeated –

then it comes across the right way !

EXACTLY – there is a way – you just have to try to find it !

So – when we watch TV together – or a movie –

We BOTH look at each other –

“WHAT WAS THAT THEY SAID ” we say to one another ?


Must be WE BOTH can not understand the WORD !

FUNNY -and I thought it was just ME !!!


And then – I get the mail –

And one is addressed to me –

I open it up –


I look and she laughs



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Papa’s World – Grand daughters came to visit

We picked them up on Saturday afternoon – at their house –

Their parents were leaving early the next morning –

To take their oldest daughter to college –

They would not be back until early evening on Tuesday –

Good morning – welcome to Papa’s World.

We had the girls stay with us for three days – and it was a pleasure.

Oh – and we also had Sarah’s ( with a “H” ) she says –


Our three oldest grand daughters
Maddy & Ella holding Sarah

Finny will be coming to live with us for a week when they go on vacation !

Sarah – is the youngest at 13 while Ella will be 16 next month.

Sarah – our dancer – actor

Never a cross word – extremely funny – giggling and laughing –

Sarah can be a hand full – but she is so outgoing –

And she is sprouting right up there – Ella is already as tall as Maddy –

And I think Sarah will be taller than either one.

Ella is within a inch and half of Sherry – who is 5′ 9 ” !

Ella on this board that you wiggle back and forth and it moves forward

We took them everywhere

and they also spent a lot of time with their cousins

They constantly – the both of them – went up and down

and around the house on some type of board.

Sarah on her board

I would of been upside down in a second on these things !

Ella and Sarah

We went to the pool yesterday afternoon –

and they almost had it to themselves !

Packed up and waiting

Sadly – it all came to a end last night as they waited for their ride home.

People ask why we don’t move to a warmer climate –

Two of the reasons were here this weekend.

The house is quiet now – no laughter – no giggling –

No noise going up and down the street

I gaze at their beds where they slept –

And think just how fortunate we are –

Sherry and Finny

In a couple weeks – Finny will be coming back

But I miss them already –

Little ( tiny) Ella
Sarah growing up

Looking forward to the next time –

Two young ladies – laughing –

Made these grand parents happy for the weekend.

Tom and Sherry

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Papa’s World- heart felt thanks – over 700 views!

Where do I begin –

first – my blog yesterday on –

“Stand by me ”

“ELDRED ” drew over 700 views !

That is amazing from a little town with just 800 population !


I grew up in this little town –

at Halloween time – almost every house –

I knew who they were and their names !

I helped my child hood friend –

Brent Wood – deliver papers –

That was when he bought his go cart and we would ride around town !


I was truly amazed yesterday –

I would check in every once in a while –

And I realized right away –


The last I counted –

it had been shared 15 times !


Back when I was growing up –

this was the sentiment of growing up here

At least that was my impression .

All us kids –

from each end of town and all the streets in between –

It was a real friendship –

heading for the park to play TACKLE FOOTBALL –

Choosing up sides –

Then – the creek by the park –

with all those trails into the woods toward Park Avenue –

When I was young –

I did not go far into the woods –

Instead – just playing in the water with one eye

always on those ferns and trees !

And I guess –

that the feeling still exists today judging by the response –

From people who left years ago –

yet still consider this home.

I am grateful –


I have many more memories and I shall attempt to put them into a blog.

I always wanted to write a book –

My wife Sherry suggested I go back to blogging –


That way –

we could save them all in one place –

have a history so to speak –

A place where future generations can go and read and see pictures.

North Shore – OAHU

Thank you for your support –

Thank you for your comments –

THANK YOU – ALL 700 PLUS – you made my day !

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Papa’s World – building the – BRAIN one Omega at a time

For the last year plus –

I have been taking a OMEGA –

To try and keep my memory intact !

I have been told –

OMEGA’S are good for this !

In fact – I have been taking multiple OMEGA’S !

Omega’s 3-5-6-7-& 9

This is the newest product –

by Juice Plus –

And the big story here it is NOT made from fish oil –

But from ALGAE –

which is where the fish get it from !

And – secondly –

Juice Plus has its own ALGAE FARMS !

So – you do not have to worry about MERCURY

or the fishy taste !

It tastes like a ORANGE CREAMSISCLE !!!!


This has become part of my road to good health –

( I actually take double – four capsules a day ! )


Memory plays a big role in my life-

Writing a blog every day –

Thinking back to times gone by –

Seeing in my mind the Past –

So – I try as hard as I can to maintain that edge!

I do not want to go to the store to buy a fish –

Nor do I want to come home with a Rabbit –

I want the ability to WRITE ABOUT IT –

not live it !

It works for us –

It provides a insurance for us in what we do not eat –

I hope this helps you out there –

We have believed for 13 years !

Thank you for reading –

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