Papas World – come laugh with me!

I find a lot of funny sayings – pictures – quotes

that make me smile –

a lot I do not post because they are political

even though they go both ways

being a straight down the middle independant

I find them funny – and I really do not care

what party they are in!

In today’s World

Today – everyone has their phone out –

I very seldom have mine out – only when I am alone

By myself with no one around!

In fact – I have been known to forget it

and leave it home!

I study people as they are doing whatever they are doing

with their phone!


I have never done crossfit in my life!

I have no idea what it consists of.

I really am not a exercise guy

But I do walk

when it is not freezing outside!


As I have written before

I got o bed early

and I get up early

so if you call or text me on the phone

that I really do not use

I will not see it until 5 am.the next morning!



When you get older – you will find it!

Although – all through my life

I loved vegetables

Boiled dinners

cukes – tomato’s – beans –


Could be me also!

Going shopping – I push the cart –

I lag behind –

I sneak things in unseen! LOL

Yep -that is me!

I hope today I brought just a little smile!

A feel better day!

A day made better by laughing!


Thank you for reading Papa’s World



Papas World – company asked – How do you know what to write about?

It’s like this!
You make something out of nothing!
The story is there – you just have to see it
in your mind!

We had company and were talking and I was asked

“How do you know what to blog about” ?

“I do not know I answered”!

I just see something and I write!

I did not PLAN to write this blog this morning

But – I have a ability to ” SEE” stories in everything I see!

” How often do you write(blog) ?

“EVERYDAY” I replied!

I try to bring humor
I try to find balance
and I try to look at life

Another conversation we had –

” You go to bed at 8 to 8:30 pm.” ?


Well – I get tired and find when that happens

If I go to bed – I fall asleep right away.

If I push past it – then I am awake until 1 or 2 AM.

And – I still will wake up before 5 am.

And then – I feel terrible the rest of the day!

That could be my wife
but not me
I am blessed with
a great memory
and I find to have that memory
is to be consistent in whatever I do!

Now – I told our company –

one other thing I do – is I never use a alarm clock!

I do not need one – I have what I call

a internal clock –

If I need to get up at say 3:45 am.

I just wake up!

Or if you tell me you want up at a certain time

I will wake you up!

I do not know how this is –

or how it works –

But it is me – and I know it not to be normal!

Smiling – laughing
seeing funny things
jogs my memory!

Today – I came downstairs at 4:35 am.

I had gotten up at 12:30 am. Bathroom break!

Could not fall asleep

So I came down and looked at my emails

Looked at my stats on my blogs.

Saw what was on face book

And then I went back to bed at 1:30 am.

And fell a sleep again.

I had gotten 7 plus hours of sleep

and I was ready to go!

While posting on face book
I came across this
and then it came into
my mind to write this blog!

My wife Sherry understands me –

not the who – what or why I am me!

But she accepts it – she is opposite –

and that is why it works!

I learned a long time ago
Just see the other side
might not agree
but it is safer!

She is all the time asking me



But – be that what it is – she takes care of all things$$$$!

She takes care of everything that deals with bills –

I – on the other hand – clean – mow the lawn

Do the repairs I know how to do


She can make almost anything
but requires a book to follow
Not me – I just plow ahead
and from memory and feel
put it together

This works for both of us –

we know our boundries

we know each other well

She is my health coach

She has taken so many classes

done the research

and attending so many health fairs

She is why I am still alive today!

I did not marry a rich women!

I married a women Rich in thought

word and deed

A women rich in history

No – I did not know what I was going to write about

when I got out of bed this morning

But I do know that all of a sudden it comes!

This is but one more blog

One that when I go – will be left behind

that is my legacy – my memory – my BLOG for the day!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

Where friends meet the family!

Papas World-Tower Garden The New Version!

The new Tower Garden

Juice Plus company has come out with a new stream lined

Tower Garden and we bought one!

The tank on the bottom has gone from 20 gallons ofwater

To 13 gallons and there now is a float –

That will tell you when to add water!

The grow lights
with built in timer
allow you to grow all Winter
We have ours in the garage
where the temperature
stays around 50 to 55 degrees.

The base also has wheels – no need to buy the wheel cart!

Just screw them in!

The top has been redesigned to allow smaller pods to grow Herbs!

The bottom remains the same for your

Tomato’s – lettuce – Cukes – strawberries – beans – peas –

celery – peppers – squash – melons –

most anything that does not grow on a tree!

All the nutrients
and testing for
PH in your water
and instructions
come with the order

The nutrients are included- enough to get you through

the first year.

All other accessories
are included
even the different seeds!

You will not have to buy anything else

And the best part –

You can set up a 12 month payment plan

with no interest!

All you need is a credit card

You get everything up front!

You do not need
No soil – no weeds!

We have two of the bigger units for Summer outside

They provide us with all that we can eat!

( We actually give away produce – because it is more than we can eat!)

We have one more set up in the garage for Winter!

Even though it is only 50 to 55 degrees

The lights provide warmth when on.

Sherry website
Senior Sales Coordinator
for The Juice Plus Company

For more information – refer to the above web site


Certified Health Coach

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Papas World -Living life – one day at a time – my way.

I am now in my 70’s – and six years ago – it almost came to a end!

Today – I am here – and have found that when you experience

a awaking such as I did –

At least in my frame of mind –

I live life one day at a time

and I am doing it my way –

With guidance from my wife!



That just about sums it up!


We have been married 37 years and together 38 years!

That is a long time!

When I had my heart attack – she had already changed our lifestyles.

But – for me – I had not done very well in what I ate –

drank or just in general lived!

My past caught up with me –

I had lived pretty much as this quote!

Then we changed – and I reformed –

lucky that I did – because I should of died!

A Widow Maker Heart Attack should do that!

They told me they had never seen someone

who had a massive Heart Attack – so healthy!

Made me feel good – but did not change the fact


and – If I had not changed when I did

I wouldn’t be here!

Very sobering!

I learned a lesson – the hard way !

You get one chance at life –

I consider myself as having a second chance.

I am not wasting it this time –
I had my six year check up –

A nuclear test and a ultra sound

and a stress test.

I passed all with flying colors after six years!

I still have scar tissue on my heart

I have to take med’s because of the heart attack.

Certified Health Coach

But – I am following the course Sherry has sent me on.

After SIX YEARS – I have no signs of hardening of the arteries!

After FOUR BY PASSES – I am well –



Thank you for reading Papa’s World

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Papas World – Our grand kids and health- eating healthy

Crazy as it reads
this is true
sugar is in everything

When we go to shows as a vendor-

we will demonstrate how much sugar is in

each popular drink – snack or breakfast cereals.

We do this by taking the total amount of grams of sugar

and dividing it by three – which then equals a 3 gram sugar packet

Like you find on tables to sweeten your coffee – tea etc.

The twins
Cassidy and Taylor

This method is a eye opener –

for parents to see just how much sugar is in a can of soda!

Or a packet of skittles – a candy bar – a snack bar!

Little children do not know and it becomes a addiction – SUGAR!

Our small grand children
all were born with their
mother taking Juice Plus

We found Juice Plus almost 14 years ago –

and were hooked when we read the research and what it does

over time in your body –

Health is not a quick fix –


My regret – it has been around for almost 25 years

I wish I had been there from the start.

Taylor with MorMor
Non sugar drink

The twins were early – taken out of the womb

as Taylor was growing faster than Cassidy

At 32 to 33 weeks they came into the World.

And from day one – no complications


Tammy took Juice Plus for years before they were born

and all during the time she carried them.

The same for Bode
born healthy


where one child is sponsored by one adult

Between the age of 4 and 19.

If the adult orders – a 4 month supply

The child will also get a 4 month supply ( free – just pay shipping)

and this will continue for FOUR YEARS –

as long as the adult continues!

And this apply’s to college students also ( you know how they eat)!

Sherry and Tom
We promote health
at 70 years old

This program has all our grandchildren on it

Yes – we sell Juice Plus –

Yes – we promote health

And yes we have helped hundreds

We travel – we attend seminars on health

Sherry is a certified Health Coach ( from Dr. William Sears)

We live the talk

and – in all these years

We have seen the results


Thank you for reading Papa’s World

where friends meet the family

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Papa’s World – we took a trip South – to see some “COWS”

We visited a resort called
where they have
black belted COWS
and Chickens and Goats!
And a community
of different houses!

We went South to Fuquay-Varina

Just outside Raleigh N.C. where

Sherry’s sister moved about two years ago.

Sherry and Debbie

We have been here once before and decided to take

a quick long weekend trip

One of the things we did was visit Fearrington Farm

a resort that has white belted Cows – Goats and Chickens.

I have no idea HOW they produce the breeds

but they are Black with a white furry belt

In fact all the Cows – Goats are really furry

as are the Chickens ( fluffy feathers)

Belted Goat
Fluffy neck belted chickens

The animals were all inside pens or pastures

and we got to see them up close

It was the first time I had ever heard of them!

Sherry sitting with
what I call
The rabbit
made from strands of Copper wire
Sherry had farm fresh
Tomato soup
and I think Goat toasted cheese
She said it was very good
Debbie had the same
I had the farm fresh salad
squash – shrimp(cooked)
with goat cheese
and it also was very good

They have several places to eat

and a spa and Inn to stay at ( $450.00 / night)

There is shopping and a really neat BOOK STORE !

Just outside where we ate
a quiet place to reflect
and next to outside seating

We walked around the bookstore & hundreds of books

had little review notes attached to them

All the books were colorful colors

and I found myself a little over whelmed

As I was unable to just focus

there were so many!

Mr. Frog
water fountain
Belted goats
Tom & Debbie

I found the place charming

interesting and colorful

Goat pen with belted goats

I also thought I would like to come back

In the Summer

and try out the upscale Inn

Pregnant Belted Goat
you could see the baby
moving and kicking

Thank you for reading my blog

Papa’s World

my site

my email

Sherry Certified Health Coach


just outside Raleigh N.C.

at least that is what
I thought him to be!

Papa’s World – ten years living life – looking ahead

Living life – doing it my way – the name of my blog –

And that is how our life together has gone.

Phoenix TEN years ago
Juice Plus Conference

The years have passed – but we still maintain a healthy lifestyle

Traveling – helping other people –

To this day – we love our life

When you come close to passing away

at least for me

there was no flashes of my past

no profound moments

but there was a inner peace

one that just ” LIVE FOR THE MOMENT”

and be grateful for what I lived.

Summer of 2019
Napa Valley
wine country

We could not do this without each other

Sherry – Certified Health Coach

Her health business

and my number one cheerleader

The one who keeps me healthy

Raleigh North Carolina
75th. Christmas Parade

Today – we gather our belongings

pack up and head home

but first a trip to the Farmers Market

then the highway.

Our next long awaited trip

in February with our second oldest grand child

a trip for her 16th. birthday

One month in the warmth of Florida

and one week for her and a trip to

Star Wars theme park.

She is a huge fan !

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

Looking ahead to the next ten years


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