Papa’s World – Our family time at the airbnb and in historic Lynchberg, Va.

The grandkids playing UNO at the dining room table at the AIRBNB.

We all gathered at this AIRBNB for a family time together

as both older grand daughters attend college in Lynchburg Va.

A game of UNO – laughing – this AIRBNB is a 100 year old home –

that has been completly restored.

A true caption

This had been the first time as a family we were altogther –

Both family’s are back in NVA where we moved from.

MORMOR is what the little ones call Sherry – which in Swede means MOTHERSMOTHER!

Daughter Tammy is the mother to the three little ones is what I call them!

The other three I call the three older ones! LOL

To Bode – Ella is his Idol
Thank you for reading PAPA’S WORLD – my site:

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