Papa’s World – Friends – Family – Neighbors.

Golfing with our friends of many years – Cindy and Buck – dinners afterward – joining them in the Carolinas!

Just a little smile for the day! LOL HGD!

Neighbors – our senior community – most are retired – living the SALT LIFE!

Neighbors get together at Local On The Water – good times with good friends we have made since moving in here!

Humor – laughs and funny smiles in Papa’s World!

My son and partner – family good times on the beach – family memories.

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Papa’s World – Living – family – grandkids – friends – memories.

That about wraps up my game – but – I enjoy it and it is a way to get outdoors!

Our granddaughter Ella is far right – a Sophomore at Randolf College receiving an award for her soccer performance on the team.

Our granddaughter – Taylor – grooming a horse – who loves to ride – she would spend all her free time in the stables!


Friends are priceless and memories through time – living out our senior years!

Taylor’s first ride on a horse – now her dream one day is to compete.


MARLEY and ME – Love our grandkids GOLDENDOODLE!

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Papa’s World – Family time spent together.

Family time – father and daughter – PRICELESS!

Papa – Ella Maddy ( her boyfriend Kendrick) Sherry – we stopped in Lynchburg, Va. on our way back to OIB to see them and have breakfast.

Both granddaughters are in college there and Maddy will graduate this year.

Fun time even though it was short – granddaughters!!!!!!!

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Marcus – Taylor – Tammy and Cassidy – both granddaughters straight “A” s for three semesters in a row!

Cassidy did this besides practicing for six months for the play The Little Mermaid!

Taylor – who loves horses and rides every week and sometimes works in the stalls.

They went out for a treat for the straight “A” s.

Cassidy – Tayor and Bode – grandkids – visiting them in Leesburg, Va.


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Papa’s World – Pictures – thoughts – humor!

When family visits – spending time with family – vacations and looking forward to another visit!

Our family in Va. – MARLEY – this says it all for her!

Walking the MAZE at SUNSET BEACH – one of the little things we like to do here in N.C. Beach!

Wise thought here!


SMILE – keep a sense of HUMOR!



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Papa’s World – Took the family to Fort Fisher Aquarium.

We have a tight-knit family – and all are in our thoughts and our lives every day.

Debby – Ella and Sherry – an ancient replica of MEGADON!

We had taken them here years ago -and the memories of that long ago the time came back!

Giving them a chance to once again have another memory is what we do – we share with our families those precious memories.

Afterward, we rode the ferry back to Southport where we went to FISHY-FISHY for a late lunch-early dinner.

We showed the waterfront to them – walking around –

What a great way to end our trip – a ferry boat ride both ways

and then food –

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SARAH – SHERRY – PAPA – DEBBY – ELLA – Took the family to Fort Fisher Aquarium!

Papa’s World – Good times when family visits!

Ella – Debby and Sherry – trying to solve the maze on Sunset Beach at the third street! The Maze guy is talking to Debby.

Sarah – Debby and Sherry and Ella – beaching it at the OIB community center – volleyball net in the background!

A little smile for the day! LOL

Sherry and Ella on the maze – never did solve it! There was another one up on the 15th. the street that they went to and solved that one!

We had fun and while it was not really warm – the sun made it feel warm!

They will be back in June when we will have warmer weather and the ocean is warm to swim in.

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Papa’s World – cousins coming together!

Cousins – Sherry sisters daughter and her family – the JONES – and Debby and two of her daughters – the Myers!

We journeyed to Sunset beach – to catch the sunset – it so happened that the JONES was visiting and the Myers were also here at the same time.

Through the years we have tried to be all together – but families spread out and lives are different – so many things going on in each family.

Grandmothers and granddaughters. On the beach in Myrtle beach – after some shopping at the outlet mall and some dinner all together at Barefoot Landing.

The little ones are growing up so fast – years seem to go by before we meet up.

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Papa’s World – Through the years – now living in the Carolinas!

Our married life began on June 25th. 1982 in a little town in WNY – called Portville!

We both worked for the American Olean Tile Company in Olean, New York.

We combined two sets of children – my two sons and her two daughters – although my sons lived with their mother.

We traveled with all four on vacations and weekend events.

Troy – my oldest son and Shawn my youngest – both still live back in NWPA where we all are from and raised.

They have been down to visit last summer and hoping they come once again.

Our lives with our family are so important – and hoping all will visit this summer!

Mother and daughters and their families. Debby – is the oldest on the left and Tammy is the youngest on the right.

Our life together reflects the above in our values as a family.

Today we move forward in our retirement in the Carolinas – living our dream of the salt life one day at a time!

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Papa’s World – Our life in pictures!

Celebrating our anniversary last year in NVA with family – including Marley – the Goldendoodle!

Enjoying the SOLO STOVE FIRE PIT on the back patio of our home – in Cameron Woods Community.

Our growing system in our back patio called THE TOWER GARDEN!

Our twin granddaughters back almost 12 years ago – the memory of a time gone by!

A little humor – smile for the day!

Debby and Maddy – our oldest granddaughter – 22 years ago!

Troy my oldest son and Shawn my youngest son.

Now 12 years old – the twins sing vocals in a youth band.

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PAPA’S WORLD – OUR LIFE IN PICTURES! living life one day at a time and living life to the plus!

Papa’s World – life with family and friends!

Willie is so right in this – music has always brought good vibes to us – and with friends – singing songs!

Friends for years and years – always laughs and tears – singing – playing cards and games and golfing!

We play a scramble – gals vs. guys and after 18 holes – on the last hole – we beat them by one stroke!

Family is very important to us – creating memories – having good times and now they visit us – beach time !!!!!!

My youngest son Shawn and wife Trisha!

Hoping for another visit in the future!

My oldest son Troy and partner Andrea – hoping they come back for a visit!


Papa’s World – Memories through the years – our life!

When friends visit – we have shots while Kayaking – on the marsh of the ICW! OIB!

While living just outside Washington, D.C – taking in a Nationals game!

Papa being set up for the spike – late 80’s Corporate Cup competition for American Olean Tile Co.

Debby – Papa – Sherry – Elton awards for the Juice Plus Company – I do clean up! Two beautiful ladies!

Friends – Dottie – Cindy – Sherry before our wine tour – all these years and still getting together!

In our backyard – Solo Stove fire pit! Thanks for reading Papa’s World –


Papa’s World – When they were young and small – MEMORIES!

Today – I look back – back to the little ones – who now are the older ones and the next three whom I now call the little ones!

All six of the grandchildren several years ago before we moved to the Carolinas – this at our home in NVA!

Today – the oldest graduates from college – the second oldest is a Sophomore in college – the third oldest is a Sophomore in H.S.

The twins are in sixth grade and Bode – is in second grade.

All have been down to visit us – and the younger ones have spent a week’s vacation with us here at our new home!

The twins – Cassidy on the left and Taylor on the right – with Papa – they were so small when born – both just three pounds plus!

Today – Taylor – then Sarah ( who is 5’10”) and Cassidy – who is actually now growing faster than Taylor!

Sarah is a Sophomore in H.S.

MORMOR – Sherry – and Papa – at the beach shortly after Sherry retired early to pursue her Juice Plus business full time! She is a certified health coach and guides me in healthy eating.

Today the three oldest are with their parents – Maddy – then Ella and Sarah. They have all grown up!

Our memories of times gone by – forever young in our minds! Maddy – Sarah and Ella!

TAYLOR – love her smile!

Cassidy – the little determined one – loves her feisty attitude!

Bode – the only grandson out of five granddaughters – my little buddy – PAPA and BODE!

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PAPA and little CASSIDY.

PAPA and TAYLOR – who has turned into a horse rider and works in the barn!


Papa’s World – Sarah – Cassidy – Bode and Taylor go ice skating!

Taylor – Sarah – Cassidy and Bode – cousins – at the ION ice rink in Leesburg, Va. There also is a full-size ice hockey rink here other than what you see behind them – with thousands of seats!

We got together with Sarah and her mother Debby for a two-hour skate – the kids loved it and they all helped Sarah who hasn’t skated since she was little!

The adults sat here at the table with a full view of the rink – I also went to the hockey rink and watched the youth hockey play – full pads!

Quite impressed with the arena which could rival the pros!

We were able to have food and drinks while watching the kids and they could join us for food!

Taylor who is 12 is almost as tall as Sarah who is 16 and around 5’10! Cassidy has been catching up to Taylor for the last year.

We then went to the grandkid’s house – for a short visit – exchanged clothes – and say our goodbyes!

Here are Sarah – Sherry – Debby – Cassidy and Taylor!

The afternoon ended too quickly but we all had such a good time and all the kids loved the ice skating!

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PAPA’S WORLD – just another day in our life – living life to the plus – one day at a time!

Papa’s World – Good times – Good thoughts – Good humor!

Spending time with my sons – Troy on the left and Shawn on the right – MEMORIES OF VACATION LAST SUMMER!

Papa and Sherry – our life together for over 41 years – memories of past GOOD TIMES and those yet to come!

Our GOOD THOUGHT for the day – living life one day at a time – past and present memories!

Good friends – Good times – Good memories – living the salt life in the Carolinas! MAKING LASTING MEMORIES!

My go-to GOOD START to every day – thank you for reading Papa’s World –

Good humor to make you smile – and hopefully – fall to sleep! LOL PAPA’S WORLD!!!!!!

Papa’s World – Family memories with photos!

Debby and Mike with Maddy – Sarah and Ella – the next photo is the present – MEMORIES!

Maddy – Debby – Mike – Ella – Sarah – MAKING NEW MEMORIES!

Tammy with Taylor – Papa with Cassidy – the twins who now are 12 years old. MEMORIES!

Looking back and remembering all the times we had together – MEMORIES!

Our grandson – Bode and me – love the little guy – making MEMORIES!

Papa with his two sons – Troy on the left and Shawn on the right – MEMORIES!

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Papa’s World – Pictures – Family and friends.

Introducing myself and my wife – Tom ( Papa) and Sherry – married over 40 years – from NWPA – in the Alleghany Mountains!

We have lived in Pa. N.Y. Va. S.C. and N.C.

Second marriage for both of us – combining two daughters ( hers ) and two sons ( mine) –

The two daughters live in NVA and the two sons live in NWPA.

Both retired from a major producer and importer of Ceramic tile

We both strive to be kind – generous – caring – loving – helpful and make a contribution to humankind.

We have had close friends for almost 40 years and some beyond that – here Buck and Cindy who live about 40 miles from us.

We were neighbors back in WNY and have continued to see each other through the years.

Now that we are within one hour of each other – we often times get together to golf – have dinner – or see theater shows in our area.

For SIXTEEN years Sherry has been a partner for the Juice Plus Company – she is a certified health coach –

and has had an internet business during all this time.

This has provided a stable extra income for our retirement for the past 10 years that she has been retired.

Family is very important to us – all have visited us in our new retirement home in N.C.

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Papa’s World – Our life – family and friends.

Papa and Sherry and friends golfing New Years Day – living life to the plus one day at a time! MEMORIES!

Now this would be ME! As I absolutely do like the cold. Bundle up is my way of coping with the winter chill here!

Family is and always has been so important for us – they all have at one time or another come and stayed with us in OIB, N.C.


Papa’s World – Memories and the family in them.

Bode – Taylor and Cassidy at Luckets in NVA. An Antique store – one of many in this small community.

This was just prior to Thanksgiving when we made our trip North.

Our granddaughter Maddy – who in a few months will graduate from the University of Lynchburg – after four years on the soccer team –

and captain her senior year.

Third and second-team all-conference – with a degree in Environmental Sciences. So proud of her!

Memories of our family back in NVA – priceless for us! SMILE – it is going to be a great day!

Ella Myers – now a Sophomore at Randolph College – a two-year starter on the soccer team – Physical Education –

She wants to be a teacher of PHYS ED to children.

Kind – sweet and caring – that is Ella – so very proud of her.

The family back in NVA – Sherry doing a selfie – a trip home for thanksgiving giving us lasting memories.

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Papa’s World – Family – Pictures – Memories.

At the beach after Christmas – Taylor and Bode – warm enough for short sleeves and no shoes! MEMORIES!

At our Santa Scramble a week or so before Christmas with Sherry – Papa – Cindy and Buck! FUN MEMORIES!

A visit back in NVA at Thanksgiving time with Tayor – Cassidy – Bode and Tammy at Lucket’s – a community of antiques!

A beer tasting with friends in Historic Edenton, N.C. Good times – good tasting and friendships!

A singing blast from the past with our friends in our home in Brambleton, Va. They always do this!

Thanks for reading and HGD!

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Papa’s World – Memories – Random and family and friends!

We are so blessed to have the family and friends we have in our MEMORIES!

Sherry and Cindy – friends since we were neighbors all those years ago – in WNY at Pleasant Acres Drive!

Elvis was in the house at the Carolina Opera – great show and memories of a bygone age! MEMORIES!

Troy – my oldest son and his partner – Andrea – summer visit – hoping they come back this summer. MEMORIES!

Walking in the neighborhood with family and friends – creating lasting – MEMORIES!

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Papa’s World – Random memories and smiles.

Our oldest daughter Debby and her husband Mike when they were young! MEMORIES!

My little smile for the day – a sense of humor I think keeps you thinking “YOUNG”!

When they were little – our twin girls – Cassidy in the front – Taylor behind and their mother – Tammy! SMILES!

Back in the office at A.O.T.C. (DAL TILE) in Olean, N.Y. during the run of FOUR SUPER BOWLS for the BILLS!

Sherry third row – second from right!


Tammy and Marcus and the twins – before we had Bode! Miss this time of their lives!

One of our road trips to a winery with friends – Dottie Jim and Sherry – fun times over all these past 40 years!

And I have used all the other ones when playing. LOL

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Papa’s World – Shopping and lunch at Southport, N.C.

The boat harbor at Southport – we took the grandkids and parents shopping and then lunch on the water!

Cassidy and Bode and Taylor – on the main street intersection with all the little shops.

Southport is a neat little town – with many side streets with all types of mom-and-pop shops!

The parents loved it as did the grandkids.

Waiting for our table at FISHY-FISH on the water.

The sheriff pulled in for a lunch stop while we were there!

At our table after waiting a few minutes!

Papa – Taylor – Marcus – Cassidy – Tammy – Bode – and MORMOR – family lunchtime!

This is the second time we have eaten on the water in Southport and both times were very good!

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Papa’s World – The power to take your life in a new direction!

It was not easy to decide to sell our home – almost everything in it –

and move to another state – some 450 miles away!

It all started with the stock market slide – around the time the Pandemic hit!

Our retirement is in the 401 K and it took a big hit!

But – there is always a but!

The housing market was taking off!

From the last reduction in prices around 2006 –

and losing in that market –

We were now almost even – a rebound!

And it was going up!

Our oldest grand kids – Maddy Sarah Ella

With the three oldest grand kids

One in college – one in the fall in college and one who has a life of her own

And the three little ones – we would make it a point to return often –

after all – we were retired – and Sherry had her home based business –

that could go anywhere with phone and internet service

We would sell!


After 14 1/2 years – with the downturn behind us in the housing market

WE MADE A PROFIT and had all of our equity!

We followed our plan – sold our house and furniture –

for three months we went back and forth between our daughters houses!

We had our equity to either rent – or buy – we had choices!

And then by chance – I stumbled upon this – having no thought of moving to S.C. !

Our view today – we left end of September and went to North Myrtle Beach to Ocean Keyes!

Since that time – we have been home twice – holidays for three weeks – and now for a week!

The grand kids have been down – the little ones – and by the time you read this –

the older ones will have been here!

Our family – when we returned for a visit.

Our family when they came to visit!

We have started a new life – away but close enough to make it home in seven hours.

We are happy in our senior years – living life to the plus each day!

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A new life – walking the beach every day –

We have each other – we have family and we have friends.

It was not easy – but God works in ways I can not explain.

We have started a new life and a new house build!

It will be done around the early part of June!

We had no idea a year ago we would be doing this!


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Children’s Heath Study – each child FREE with adult order for up to FOUR YEARS!

Same with College! 19 to 22!

Her home based business has allowed us to live this life –


Makes commission from her own orders and also from her team members.


Your life is what you make it – DREAM – live life to the PLUS!

Papa’s World – Thinking of family far away!

The family is far away – but ever so near in our hearts – all have at one time or another come for visits – bringing us together again.

Trisha and Shawn – my youngest son – from NWPA – a long way to travel – FLY MY SON – FLY!!!

Andrea and Troy – my oldest son – also from back home in NWPA – a long way – close to our hearts.

Ella – Mike – Sarah – Debby ( Sherry’s oldest daughter) Maddy – the Myers family from NVA – not as far – but still a drive!

Marcus – Taylor – Doggy Marley – Cassidy Tammy ( Sherry’s youngest daughter) Bode – NVA – the closest to us 6 1/2 hours away.

The beach beacons to one and all – the WHY we moved here – “THINKING OF OUR FAMILY – FAR AWAY”!


Papa’s World – to my oldest son – Troy – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sherry – Troy – Papa – it is hard to believe that the years have gone by so fast – here he is another year older – the man who builds houses from the ground up – everything – he is like my father – who as a young little boy – called him “FRITZ”!

Proud Papa – today he has hung up the house building and runs the insulation and energy side of Shawn’s business. Working on becoming able to also do the audits and be certified by the state.

Kindness – patience – loving – he got all of this from my mother – who, when he was young would go and stay with her as she was alone.

Today he and Andrea live together and do everything as one – hoping they both will come back and visit us!

In this picture, the eyes and smile so remind me of my older brother!

Before he went into the business of my younger son – a fireplace he built in a house he built!

My son – happy birthday and many more to come – love dad.

Troy – Papa – Shawn – oldest and youngest – love dad.

Papa’s World – To my oldest son Troy – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Our happy place awaits you to come back to – love Dad!

Papa’s World – my brother Mike – known in the family nicknamed by Bill as JUICE – gone – but not forgotten – we grew up together.

Mike – shoveling snow for my mother.

He had red curly hair – a smile a mile wide and a laugh and giggle that you knew right away who it was.

He was my younger brother – we were like a second family for my parents –

Donna and Roger were 15 and 10 years older.

We had a sister who died at birth in between the two sets of kids.

We fought like cats and dogs do – but we also were close.

He instigated a lot of it and would scream bloody murder as loud as he could when I had enough.

I was the one who into trouble but mom always knew as she later told me.

He was just o darn likable with that hair and giggle.

MOM ( Mary) Sue ( Susan) his wife and Mike ( we look alike here I think.)

We played all the time together – cowboys and Indian’s – running the neighborhood –

He was always hurting himself – one time he climbed up on top of a attached shed at a neighbors house.

He was going to ambush me but I saw him and pretended to shoot him.

I saw what he was going to do and I yelled STOP – but he did it anyway –

always acting real life he sort of collapsed and rolled off the shed to the ground as if dead.

But there was a stone bird bath under the shed roof and when he came down he hit his elbow on it!

Off to the doctors office we went and then in the ambulance to the hospital to have surgery on the elbow!

He had to have a pin put in and that elbow was off to the side -making his arm seem crooked.

Mom ( Mary) talking to Mike’s daughter Jennifer at the kitchen table.

A few years later – we were on the front porch – and he had climbed up onto the porch railing – I told him he had better get down before he fell.

Well – as always – he gave me that silly laugh and giggle – and I could not help but smile until he did fall.

At the end of the porch beneath that railing – a 2 x 10 stuck out – he came down and hit that board with his other elbow and we repeated the same thing all over again with another surgery – now he had two elbows exactly the same!

But -it seemed like it was a perfect solution for him as it perfected his golf swing and he had a lot of power and strength in those arms – one time I was with him – and this was way before anyone was hitting the ball 300 yards.

We were playing the old number one hole at Smethport – he was a Freshman – me just beginning my senior year –

He hit that ball and because of how his elbows were now shaped – he hit it straight with power. That hole was a gradual uphill some 305 yards!

His ball ended up past the hole and into the yard behind it! Some 50 or 60 yards past! Uphill!

If I had not been there to see it – I would not believe it!

Gene Fazio – who was a card member of the PGA and a premier golfer in the Pa. and NYS area –


Mike was a scratch golfer even with those elbows.

Mike later with a red beard and that red curly hair!

Mike ended up bigger than me – he was as tall as my father who was a little over six foot tall.

The brother’s – Roger – Mike and I got our curly hair from my dad – my grandfather was bald.

Mike ended up around 215 pounds and played football – but he could kick that ball just like he hit golf balls.

Far and straight – he became a field goal kicker way before that was common in H.S.

His kick offs were always through the end zone and he went on to college at Mansfield University of Pa.

Where he became the kicker for the college football team.

He graduated in Criminal Justice.

My step dad John – Sue and Mike.

As I said before he was always doing something and getting hurt!

He was riding my bike one day and I told him to get off as he was not big enough to ride it!

His legs could barley touch the pedals – sure enough his foot slipped and he came down on the cross bar –

off to the hospital we went again – operation for a rupture!

My brother in law Bill nick named him JUICE!

I really do not know why other than he was like electric – energy running through him – always a live wire!

Then one day Bill and I were sitting on the front porch –

and he said “HERE COMES JUICE”!

And then Bill said “JESUS CHRIST”!

And Bill hollered at him – “JUICE- PUT THE ROPE DOWN”!

But too late!

Mike was walking up the street twirling a dog rope with a clasp on the end of it over his head like a cowboy!

He got it too low just after Bill yelled to put it down and it started to wind around his head lower and lower.

It came around and smacked him right on the mouth –


Off to the dentist office we went – oral surgery to extract what remained in his mouth of that tooth.


Red hair – bearded – always smiling and that silly laugh – giggle.

I MISS HIM as he passed away when I was 35.

Sue Mike Jenifer

My brother MIKE – loved – close as brothers are – gone way too young – but never forgotten.




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Family from WPA – far away but close to our hearts – MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

While they live far away – they are always near our hearts – love them and hope they come back down again!

Back in NVA – the little ones as I call them – MORMOR and PAPA we are to them – they always want us to come home! It was hard leaving them as they were with us constantly – but so far the three little ones have been down twice for a week to two weeks being with us – memories – fun times and “WHAT ARE WE DOING NEXT”?

Before there was Bode – now they are mostly grown up or about to be teenagers – memories – memories – not forgotten – loving


Back just north of Winchester, Va. the oldest now – two in college – one in H.S. where has the time gone?

Two oldest played soccer in college – one her senior year this year – one a sophomore – the youngest a sophomore in H.S.

PAPA and SHERRY – family means a lot to us – memories of times gone past and memories of times to come!

CHRISTMAS DAY at our home – our first we have been here to celebrate – soon the young ones will come – MEMORIES!



Papa’s World – FAMILY – LIFE – LOVE – SMILES!

Family is big in our lives – we help as much as we can. Support – a comfort – just being there.

The distance remains far away – but in our hearts so close together.

Once so small – now all grown up – young adults and mother and father – distance afar but close in our hearts.

The LITTLE ones with their parents – growing up so fast – distance far apart – but always close to our hearts.

FAMILY – LIFE – and LOVE mean so much to us –

LAUGHTER – HUMOR, and SMILES play a big part in our lives – tough to get old but memories keep us young!

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Papa’s World – Thanksgiving with family Lake Holiday.

We traveled back to NVA to have Thanksgiving with the Myers family – as we will not see them for Christmas.

We stopped and saw the Krohn family on our way north and spent a night and day with them as they will come down after Christmas for a few days and be with us.

Our three oldest granddaughters – Sarah – Maddy and Ella in the sunroom – working on some crafts and laughing!

Debby – Mike and Sherry getting the dinner ready. It was the best-tasting turkey I have had in a long time and the stuffing was even better!

The three granddaughters set the table – the Tower Garden in the background – growing year around indoors!

Chef Mike prepared the turkey and then cut it up! I do not know what he stuffed it with – but it was really juicy!

Ella – home from Randolph College – Sarah – A Sophomore in H.S. and Maddy – A Senior at The University of Lynchburg.

Debby lighting candles at the table for Thanksgiving dinner. Time for giving family thanks.

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Papa’s World – I choose to be me – #livinglifetotheplus –

Now that I am 70 years old ( young ) – time to reflect -just how did I get here and where am I going down that long ( sometimes) journey of life !

My niece Terri and my brother Mike – with me in the middle

When I was born – I already had a brother ten years old at the time and a sister fifth teen years old . So – I was like the second family – and it stayed that way until I was four plus ten months – and then Mike came – shortly before that – my sister – who had married – gave birth to Terri.

My early childhood – was spent with my Grand Ma – who lived with us at that time – she was in her late 70’s and early 80’s. She was Penn. Dutch – and they had twelve children. They lived on a farm and grand pa – was a big man. The story goes during the depression – he would carry meat and flour to the neighbors to help them out. There was no money – but he had a kind heart. I never knew him as he passed before I was born in ’49 – he was hoisting a pig up to the barn rafters and suffered a heart attack. There is a family history of heart attacks on this side – all his sons suffered the same .

David and Nora Aiken – my grand parents -who lived ” Down Home ” in Pa.Corsica.

She cared for me while my parents worked – my Mom at Alcas – now known as Cutco – in Olean N.Y. and my dad as a supervisor in the oil fields for South Penn oil company , known as Penns. oil.

Tom at around age 2 or 3.

It was at this time my mother would not let me take my shirt off outside – she said ” People will think I am starving you ” ! You could count every vein and bone on my chest ! Today – well – you would be hard pressed to find either ! Where did that go !!

My great – great grand father and grand mother – Frank Schick and Sara.

I do not know much about them – other then when young – my grandmother Nora – left home and followed the lumber camps through out Pa. cooking meals and that is where she met my grand father David. But – I am told that they were Pa. Dutch .

My father – Clarence Russel Fitzsimmons

My father – he would take me to work with him when I was young- to the oil fields – I still remember the smells and the sounds. The chill air and all the big bull dozers. The tool houses that they pulled around and me riding in the seat next to Pat Murphy. Then there was Junior Greenman – and a host of other colorful men – the mud and Earth chewed up by the tracks of the dozer. My dad passed early in my life – when I had just turned 19. His family came from Ireland – County Tyrone – so I was told. A tale of FIVE brothers who came here in the mid 19th. century. Seeking fame and fortune, only to find that IMMIGRANTS such as they were – looked down on – and treated very badly – in that aspect – not much has changed – will we ever learn ?

My mother – Mary Aiken Fitzsimmons who lived to be almost 98 !

Mary – as most people called her – MOM to me – she was small but feisty – she ruled – talked soft – but I listened to her – we all did. She outlived my younger brother and my older sister. She wore a ball cap that said – ” I’M THE BOSS ” ! But she also could bake – pies – buns – cakes and home made bread ! She was known all over for that. And she also was known to a LOT of people. She would sit on her front porch – and all day long – as cars went past – horns would honk- windows come down and a big ” HELLO MARY” would come forth. If I were there – I would ask her who that was -she would just say ” OH , SOMEONE , THEY ALL DO IT ” !!!!

My brother in law Bill and my sister Donna & me.

My sister Donna – she also helped to raise me – my Mom would walk my brother and me down the street at 5:45 am. We would walk the long steps up to their apartment – and lie down in the little room set aside with a couch. Here we would sleep another hour until she would wake us up to eat and then off to school. Bill – my brother in law – was the town Police chief – but also drove all over the East coast delivering meat for White Hawk Meat Company. One time up near Boston – he was at a truck stop – and in came a crew from a radio station. Looking for a human interest story. They interviewed him – as he was both a Police chief and a truck driver – and that show aired on the radio – he got a copy of it – Larry King did the interview ! My mother outlived both of them.

My brother Roger and me.

Growing up – I had one hero in life – my brother Roger, I looked up to him and tried my best to be just like him. He was my idol and ten years older. He went away to college and became a national ” WHO’S WHO” – from all over the USA. He went into the Navy in OCS- and was a LT. during the ‘NAM war. He never came back to our home town to live – I moved into his bedroom after he left for college. I still remember all the things he left behind – on the walls – the club room he and his friends had in our basement. In his later years – after his wife passed – we would spend our Winters with him in The Villages in Florida – where this picture was taken. Hero’s and idols – I had one – and it was him.

1967 – senior picture – Tom Fitzsimmons

My life as I know it – I am writing this now because I am the last one living. All have now gone before me. I needed to get it down for my sons – grand children – great nieces and great great nephew. My brothers children and their children. A history of growing up in a little town called Eldred in NWPA. In the mountains so lush and green.

I am in the autumn of my own life – and the main purpose of this blog is to record the memories I have. As I have been writing daily for the past 8 years – only to have them somewhere in face book land.

Tom & Sherry Fitzsimmons

I owe this all to my wife – Sherry – who encourages me to write it down as she often says. So – with that being said – going back to the beginning –

“Where does it say we have to “ACT” our age ?”

As long as it makes me happy and I’m not hurting anyone –


Besides – I learned a long time ago – when you are married –


Enjoy and remember #livinglifetotheplus

#homeagain #just #HGD #JP

Papa’s World – Thanksgiving day walk on Sunset Beach – N.C.

Sherry and her sister Debbie

Auntie as we call her – came to spend four days with us over Thanksgiving – we kept her busy!

Fat Harolds – Carolina Opry – beach – shopping – Boundry House to eat – Christmas boat flotilla –

Ocean Isle Beach golf cart parade – more shopping and exploring the upper end of OIB.

It was a good four days – tired but got a lot in.

Beach access and Sunset Beach pier.
That would be me and Sherry!
For Thanksgiving day – there were quite a few people on the beach and a couple in the water!

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Papa’s World – Living life one day at a time!

Our little family picture about 12 years ago – since this picture – our grandson Bode was born and today is 8 years old!

We are also retired now – moving from NVA to the border of N.C. and S.C.

We now are in our retirement house – about four miles from the beach.

My sons from my first marriage and their partners – on the Sunset Beach Pier.

They remain in NWPA where they grew up – we transferred to NVA for our jobs and they stayed behind.

Today they work in the energy field of state and power companies winterizing homes for the elderly.

We live our lives one day at a time to the fullest we can manage. Retirement has been good to us and the weather here is what we like.

Bode – who is following in the footsteps of his older cousins playing soccer – I hope one day to follow him in college like we do with his cousins.

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Papa’s World – Family in Lynchburg, Va.

Granddaughter Ella and Sherry – she is now taller than her grandma!

We came to Lynchburg, Va. for a family get-together and to watch both granddaughters play each other in college soccer.

Maddy is a senior at the University of Lynchburg and Ella is a Sophomore at Randolph College.

Both are starters on their teams.

Maddy is a senior.

Our daughters – Tammy and Debby.

Tammy’s family would join us later in the week – she came down with Debby and her family.

Family fun time.

Sarah and Ella – sisters – Sarah a sophomore in H.S.

It was a fun time exploring Lynchburg – family time together.

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Papa’s World – Photos of the family – historic Lynchburg, Va.

Mother and daughters – Tammy – Sherry, and Debby

We had a family get-together at an Airbnb in Lynchburg, Va. to watch our granddaughters play college soccer vs. each other.

We walked the historic area and came across what is called ART ALLEY!

ART ALLEY with Tammy – Ella – Debby – Mike – Sarah and Sherry.

This is all done by artists of the area – bright – colors – designs and paintings!

Sarah and Ella – Sarah H.S. Sophomore – Ella – college Sophomore!
Tammy’s jacket on a pole and Debby’s phone set up for a family picture!

Family picture.

Papa and family!

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Papa’s World – Not goodbye – but until you return again – FAMILY!

Shawn and Trisha

Our family from WPA came to visit – driving some 16 hours – a very long trip!

First time for my two sons and their families to make the trip South.

Troy the eldest – Papa and Shawn the youngest.

We tried to work as much into the seven days as we could –

sometimes letting them go off on their own as we had other commitments

but we did sunrises and sunsets all together – beach time and places to eat out together.

Visiting the area and nature walks along with mini golf!

Andrea and Troy – selfie!

Our time together was priceless and I encouraged them to fly next time to be able to spend

more time on vacation and less time driving!

When we moved south to NVA in 1999 – they stayed in WPA for their families and jobs.

Relaxing on the mainland side of Sunset Beach in the park.

Our garage became a favorite place to meet and talk during rain and hot sunshine while at the house.

Shawn and Troy

Shawn runs his own Energy Auditing business contracting with major energy companies for the states of Pa. and firms from NYS. Troy works for and runs the insulation side of the business for Shawn and government and state programs for the elderly.

In the morning they left to drive back to WPA – not saying goodbye but until we meet again.

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Papa’s World – Last night and family dinner at Inlet View!

Family from NWPA – our final dinner together.

We went all the way to the third floor of Inlet View to eat and see the waterfront!
The bar area on the third floor.

It was Sherry and my first time being on the top floor and we said when we go back we will go up there!
We were told this is where all the locals come when they come here and also on the side is another deck they hang out on.

This is the view from that side deck – no one bothers them up there!

We had such a fun week with family and told them to FLY back and we would pick them up!

My youngest son Shawn and his wife Trisha.

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Papa’s World – Dinner on the waterfront – Calabash – Captain Nances.

Shawn – Trisha Autumn Sherry Troy Andrea – family from NWPA!

It was planned for Thursday evening – dinner – on the water – family night – and it did not disappoint!

View of the waterfront – Shrimp boats bring their catches here!
Boats and docks of the fishing fleet of Calabash – you can buy fresh catch – and all the bars and grills serve the fresh catch!
Family gathering – first time for all of them coming this far south to visit.

A little humor for the day!

Sherry Troy and Andrea

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Papa’s World – Sherry and I spending time with my sons and their loved ones!

The first time they have come South to visit from WPA!

We have been planning this for months – both sons will visit at the same time with their loved ones!

Papa – Troy the oldest – Andrea his partner – Sherry – Trisha and Shawn my youngest and his stepdaughter Autumn on the pier at Sunset Beach.

We moved South to NVA in 1999 – both boys stayed in NWPA.

They still work and live there.

It took them 14 1/2 hours to drive down to our new home in Cameron Woods, Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

Andrea – Troy, and Sherry – on the pier at Sunset Beach, N.C.

They spent a whole week with us – beach time – exploring nature walks – Boardwalk On The Beach and

Barefoot Landing.

Holden Beach – Mary Gone Wild – Calabash waterfront – North Myrtle Beach –

Free open-air concert – Mini Golf – plus many laughs and a few drinks!

Trisha – Autumn, and Shawn at Sunset Beach pier.

Smile – you are reading Papa’s World!
Shawn – Autumn – Andrea and Troy – pier at Sunset Beach.

Trisha and Sherry – pier at Sunset Beach.
YEP – this is ME! LOL

My youngest son – Shawn and Papa.

Andrea and Troy Sunset Beach pier!

Troy Sherry Andrea

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Papa’s World – MORMOR – BODE – TAYLOR ( BEAR)

Sherry ( MORMOR) walking with Taylor ( bear) as mommy calls her.

She is eleven years old in this picture – she is going to be very tall – as Sherry is 5′ 9″!

Everytime – she will reach for her hand – to hold as they walk.

Quiet – always does what you ask – sweet – caring – until she gets upset – then it is TAYLOR BEAR!

Taylor and her mommy – Tammy.

She is the one who takes care of the new puppy MARLEY –

She also loves to ride horses and takes lessons once a week for the last 4 or 5 years!

And then there is Bode – who adores Ella and when he watches her play –

you can hear him all over the stadium!

BODE – sitting all by himself – cheering her on!

She is his idol – and he is following in her footsteps playing soccer.

Someday his time to shine will come!

And when it does – I hope Ella is there to see it and then Cheer him on!

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Papa’s World – Wishing my wife – Sherry – a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

She is looked up to by so many peers – loved by many and respected by most.
Co-founder along with her daughter of TEAM GENERATIONS

For sixteen years she has strived for helping many – many people in health and nutrition.

Founding the Tean Generations for friends – family and others –

she has encapsulated her Certified Health Coach into an East Coast team

of like individuals – all striving to help adults and children into a healthy lifestyle.

Her daughters and granddaughters adore her and look up to her.
Her grandson Bode – loves his MORMOR ( Swede for MOTHERSMOTHER)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERRY – with all my love.

“SHERRY – SHERRY BABY – why don’t you come out tonight”
Here’s to many – many more sunsets together – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!