Papa’s World – Photos of the family – historic Lynchburg, Va.

Mother and daughters – Tammy – Sherry, and Debby

We had a family get-together at an Airbnb in Lynchburg, Va. to watch our granddaughters play college soccer vs. each other.

We walked the historic area and came across what is called ART ALLEY!

ART ALLEY with Tammy – Ella – Debby – Mike – Sarah and Sherry.

This is all done by artists of the area – bright – colors – designs and paintings!

Sarah and Ella – Sarah H.S. Sophomore – Ella – college Sophomore!
Tammy’s jacket on a pole and Debby’s phone set up for a family picture!

Family picture.

Papa and family!

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Papa’s World – When sisters compete on the soccer pitch – one last time – priceless – both captains!

Randolph College – the University of Lynchburg – one a sophomore – the other a senior.

Both colleges are in Lynchburg, Va. Ella is a sophomore, Randolph – and Maddy is a senior.- Lynchburg.

Both start on their teams – Maddy a wing and Ella midfielder.

Sad this most likely will be the last game they play against each other – but as a family – MEMORIES!

Captains meeting midfield – Ella middle on left in white – Maddy on the right – middle in black.

Shaking hands

And then the procession out onto the pitch – Number 10 white – Ella and number 13 black – Maddy.

For us as grandparents and as mother and father – there is no winner and no loser !

For the granddaughters – bittersweet as for the second time – Maddy’s team has won.

Ella never came out of the game – and she has now started and played every game as a freshman

and now as a sophomore – the only freshman to accomplish that.

She will be a very good player when it is all said and done.

Maddy is ending her career for a third straight year as a starter.

Lynchburg has gone to the NCAA tournament for 16 straight and won a national title in 2016.

Wearing the same numbers all the way through – youth – travel and HS teams.

Since they both could walk with their father working with them on ball handling and passing – shooting and footwork – they both take the corner kicks for their teams.

Today Ella has grown so tall – almost 5’10”

Maddy will graduate in Engineering Science with now a 3.85 GPA!

No one lost here – proud parents Debby and Mike – the tradition of the family – love of soccer and life.


PAPA’S WORLD – no losers – only WINNERS!

Randolph – wins – 4 losses -1 – ties – 2 Lynchburg – wins – 3 – losses – 1- ties – 4

Papa’s World – ELLA – playing college soccer.


Our granddaughter – Ella – became the second sister to play college soccer –

Her sister Maddy is a senior wing for the Unversity of Lynchburg in Va.

Ella is now a Sophomore and started and played every game as a Freshman – the first player that the coach said has done this.

And that string has progressed through seven more games this year.

Number 10 Ella Myers for Randolph College in Lynchburg, Va.

He only takes her out for a short rest and most times he doesn’t take her out.

She is really good at middle defense and passing the ball.

Her position is forward midfield.

Ella – taking a corner lick – this year she has taken all of them when she is in the game.

Ella with the ball in an Orange vest warming up.

Crossing the mid-field line – Ella playing her position
on a forward mid-fielder.

She has become a good – steady player for the program.

Soccer and college are now her life and she is living it to the plus.

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Papa’s World – oldest granddaughters and parents visited.

The Myers family – Debby – Mike – Maddy – Ella and Sarah – from Lake Holiday – Winchester, Va.

They came for a short visit – the first time for Mike and Sarah.

Sarah is the youngest at 15 years old.

Then Ella at 18 years old and Maddy at 21 years old.

Here they are under the pier at OIB.

Sarah – how she has grwon – almost 5’10 – funny – laughing and full of unbounded energy.
Sarah and Maddy – on OIB beach- all the girls are sports-minded – Sarah is in track and field.
Sarah, who had years of dance.

Ella also is 5’10” and will start her Sophomore year at Randolph College –

where, as a Freshman, she started and played soccer at mid-field.

Maddy – will be a senior and three-year starter at the University of Lynchburg, in soccer.

She is co-captain this coming year –

Proud parents – Debby and Mike Myers

The time here is going so fast but they will be back in the future.

It is hard to get everyone together as college- H.S. – breaks all differ and Mike is a teacher and his breaks are different.

But we found out the two oldest will play against each other in September as they did last year.

A trip up to Va. is in the future to watch them.

The sky at night from our front yard.

A very good day bonding and gathering on the beaches –

family time together –

The Myers from Lake Holiday, Va.


Papa’s World – oldest granddaughters – Maddy – Ella and Sarah.

All three have CHARACTER

It seems like only yesterday they were running around – laughing – excited – little – little girls.

Sitting on the top of the stairs – waiting for their parents to get up on Christmas mornings.

The youth soccer games – then the travel teams – and for Sarah – dance – acting – animated.

Today – they are 21 – 18 and 15 – all about to leap forward another year older.

Maddy is a senior to be in college and Ella is a Sophomore to be in college.

Sarah is a Sophomore to be in H.S.

Maddy at 5’6″ is now the shortest – Ella is 5’10 and Sarah is almost as tall.

They take after their grandma’s Swedish heritage – Sherry is 5’9″.

Both Maddy and Ella play soccer and start on their college teams – Maddy will be one of the captains.

Sarah is a free spirit – funny – outgoing – and will run track.

Sarah – Maddy – Ella

The Myers girls – our oldest granddaughters.

Our little granddaughters are gone –

replaced now by beautiful young ladies.

Maddy has a major in Environmental Science

Ella is going to be an elementary PHYS ED TEACHER.

Sarah – who knows – she is a free spirit – a runner and dancer and acting.

She also is young and has many years left to decide.

Debby and Mike – Mother and Father – are proud parents.

Our family from Lake Holiday, Cross Junction – Winchester, Va.

Little girls have almost all grown up.

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Papa’s World – Taylor walking with MORMOR – BODE watchin ELLA play soccer all be himself!


The three older grand children all call Sherry Grandma – while the three youngest all call her MORMOR!

That came about as different grandparents are called by different names so not to confuse who you are talking with.

Me – I am called grandpa by the oldest and PAPA by the youngest.

MORMOR means MOTHERS MOTHER in Swedish – which Sherry’s grandmother came from Sweden.

She still has realatives over there and we made a trip 15 years ago.

Now – Taylor takes after the SWEDE side – Sherry is 5 ‘ 9 ” and at 11 years old – she is already up to Sherry’s chin.

Taylor ALWAYS reaches for Sherry’s hand when they walk – even with the other two – she loves her MORMOR!

She is going to be a true Swede – tall – blond hair and eyes.

She loves to ride horses and has become quite good at it at a early age.

She now plays soccer with Cassidy and Bode –

She likes to be alone and will go to her room by herself –

she reads and is quite good in school – she is the one who takes care of the new puppy MARLEY!

BODE – blond hair – blue eyes and at seven is also going to be tall – he loves Ella and sits all by himself –

Yelling “ELLA – ELLA – ELLA” as she plays on the field –

he has since he started walking following her around and she is so good with him.

BODE – no one told him where to sit – he went there and became so intense in watching Ella play!
Ella – number 10 in the white – is a Freshmen and has started every game for Randolph College.

She has played every game and only come out two minutes in each game.

She also is tall at 5′ 9″ and was recruited by two colleges.

Bode – has alwys adored her – has always cheered her on.

All three get excited when learning they will be seeing their older cousins.

Cassiy has always looked up to Maddy and chose to sit by her at the game.

Before the game Bode went to sit on Maddy’s lap and Cassidy moved over to sit by her.

Maddy starts for University of Lynchburg soccer team

which is ranked Number 22 in the national polls in Division three.

She came to watch Ella play.


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Loving our children and grand children – PAPA’S WORLD

Papa’s World – Our family time at the airbnb and in historic Lynchberg, Va.

The grandkids playing UNO at the dining room table at the AIRBNB.

We all gathered at this AIRBNB for a family time together

as both older grand daughters attend college in Lynchburg Va.

A game of UNO – laughing – this AIRBNB is a 100 year old home –

that has been completly restored.

A true caption

This had been the first time as a family we were altogther –

Both family’s are back in NVA where we moved from.

MORMOR is what the little ones call Sherry – which in Swede means MOTHERSMOTHER!

Daughter Tammy is the mother to the three little ones is what I call them!

The other three I call the three older ones! LOL

To Bode – Ella is his Idol
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Papa’s World – Sharing family time with MADDY!

Taylor Sarah Bode Cassidy and MADDY!

Soon – she will turn 21 – where oh where has the time gone?

I remember her little hands and fingers – locking her arms around my neck.

Picking her up from the babysitter and singing Ole McDonald Had A Farm!

Her first song she hummed to was Christopher Cross “SAILING”!

Now – she is a Junior at University of Lynchburg lady soccer team Hornets!

Starting at left front attacker – moving to right front in 2nd half and listed as midfielder in the program.

Ranked at number 22 in the top 25 in the nation in Division three soccer national polls.


We all came together to watch both Maddy and Ella play one another ( first time ever)

Ella held her own – as a freshmen –

playing almost all minutes in the entire games this season.

She lost 2 – 0 to Lynchburg –

who scored late into the second half –

the bench was the difference.

We had twelve of us – both families and all six grand kids in a air bnb –

just a few minutes from each of their dorm rooms and campus.

Tammy and the three little ones – Bode just may be our next soccer star!

We stayed four nights – watched two soccer games – had dinner both in and out –

and celebrated Maddy’s mother birthday.

While she is extremely busy – she carries a almost 4.0 in Enviomental Engineering –

She spent time with us on three different occasions.

With classes and soccer practice – that time was hard to accomplish.

Family picture – our son in law Mike had to leave to take Ella to soccer practice.

As you can see the boys are outnumbered by the girls –

We have eight ladies and four men.

All in all – MADDY got to spend precious time with us.

And we got to tour her new dorm house – three bedrooms – two bath and kitchen on campus.

Five ladies share it.

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Papa’s World – hiking Riverside Park in Lynchburg Va. with Mike – Debby and Sarah and Sherry.

We all met in Lynchburg to watch the grandaughters play soccer – the next day we went for a hike. This park was real close to where we stayed in the Airbnb.

There were many hiking trails off of the park paved path.

I did not have the shoes to hike in so we stayed on the path.

The trail is not long but requires some climbing up and down steep inclines.

It goes through the dense woods and above the James River and looks like it has access to the river.

While this was closed for the season – a locomotive and caboose – as the rails run all through this area for transportation along with the river in it’s early years of forming Lynchburg Va.
There also are FOUR colleges here –

Liberty University – Sweet Briar College – Randolph College and the University of Lynchburg.

Sarah checking out the warning sign as some of the area is fenced off near steep inclines.

The incline here is close to a couple hundred feet almost straight down.

The trail does make its way down with a narrow zig zag path.

Not for anyone who has a fear of heights like me!

Debby Papa Sarah

Sherry climbed the steps up to a beginning of a trail and said it led to a very dark dense forest!

This platform was some 25 feet above us!

A view of the train trestle across the James river.

It was a nice way to spend a few hours in the afternoon.

Later we picked up Ella so she could spend the night with us –

Maddy had practice and a lot of school work to do.

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Papa’s World – when sister vs. sister – and one team is nationally ranked – we all win!

Number 10 – Ella Number 13 – Maddy

It all started many years ago – youth travel teams – Maddy two years older –

They played together until Maddy left the travel team in Winchester –

to compete in the Ludoun soccer program 65 miles away!

She made this choice on her own as soon as she could drive.

It was soccer hot bed right outside Washington DC.

Ella remained as she was too young to travel that far.

She also suffered a broken bone in each foot different years that had her not playing.

Maddy secured a spot in the try outs and maintained a above 4.0 GPA all through HS.

Maddy selected University of Lynchburg to continue her soccer playing.

Today they are ranked nationally in the top 25 in Division III and at this date – 11 – 1.

Ella number 10 – was recruited by two colleges and selected Randolph College

She now plays for the Wildcats which are situated across town in Lynchburg Va.

Ten minutes from Maddy and the campus of the University of Lynchburg.

As a Freshman – she has started every game and played all the minutes except two per game!

Maddy number 13 – played 13 games as a Freshman and has started as a Sophomore and a Junior.
Here – Ella is about to get the ball and Maddy number 13 is guarding her.

In all these years this game is the first time they have ever competed against one another.

Here they are in the middle at the top – it was a very good game – tough – no one scored in the first half.
Each half is 45 minutes – and ended up 0 to 0 at the half.
Ella – number 10 – tallest in the starting line up – the difference was the bench – Lynchburg kept throwing fresh players into the game.

Because of the Pandemic and covid –

the coach could not travel to recruit – Ella was recruited before the pandemic!

She plays midfield defense – the coach wants her to shoot – five times a game instead of always passing.

She is young and it will come – she plays so effortlessly.

As soon as he can he puts her back in after she rests for two minutes.

So proud of Maddy number 13 who drove herslf 65 miles each way to practice – so she would get noticed – and now plays on a team that is ranked in the top 25 in the nation at Division III.

She is fast – quick and plays attacker both left and right and midfielder in the front.

You can just tell she has the skills – the coach tells the team –

with Maddy do the 1 – 2 – do not worry – she is fast enough she can break for the goal – just get her the ball – this is where she passes back to the middle and breaks for the front!

SISTERS – Ella – number 10 Maddy – number 13
Proud parents – Mike and Debby

Ella made the shirts representing both schools and their mascots and colors – she is such a artist!

Ella and Maddy – Randolph and Lynchburg – sisters going head to head.

Lynchburg gutted out a 2 to 0 win –

scoring both goals late in the second half –

they just had a stronger bench.

Sarah – sister – freshmen in H.S.

Sarah – will turn 15 later this month – she could of played soccer – but had no interest and will run track.

She already is just above six and one half minute miler.

She played soccer when younger and also was fast and good.

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Papa’s World – one first day of H.S. – the other first day of College and Soccer!

OH MY! Here Sarah is first day of H.S. and Ella first day of college and soccer!

Now – Maddy is also in college – her third year of classes and also playing soccer!

Life is changing – Deb and Mike – from three girls at home – to now just Sarah.

The twin girls – soon to be 11 years old and Bode – soon to be 8 years old.

Are also growing up so fast – and so we live on through them!

Sarah growing up – almost as tall as Ella who is taller than Sherry at 5′ 9″ !

She is now in her first year of H.S. following in the footsteps of the other two. She also could of been a really good soccer player – but has chosen the arts as her focus – dance – acting – and writing!

She looks to me just like her mother Debby!

Full of life – independent – caring – and gives her dad a run for his money! LOL

Fashion – make up – leader in trends – this is Sarah!

Full of life – she wanted grandma to take her to NYC – now I think it is Paris!

She will walk her own path in life – always looking forward.

All three of these girls – are like this – never asking just giving – helping and caring for others.
Ella from her dorm room on campus of Randolph College in Lynchburg Va.

Her picture is her first day of classes and her first day of soccer practice.

She will compete against her sister Maddy in the same cofference – and Maddy is at

The University of Lynchburg – right across town from Ella!

Maddy played in 15 games as a Freshman and was a starter her Sophomore year.

Our calender is marked for when they play each other.

We hope to plan a long weekend to see them both.

Ella is so excited – on her own – no pressures from peers – just being Ella and playing soccer and taking classes.

As you can see in the picture – smiling – gentle – caring – “TINY” as we called her – all grown up!

And then there is Papa – Thomas David Fitzsimmons – graduating in May – 1967 – all those years ago.

My best H.S. friend – bottom right hand corner – Bobby – who we have reconnected the last ten years –

who in October will come for a visit – with his wife Pam – and we will play golf – beach it –

and just be talking of old times past!

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Papa’s World – When they were little – now one in college – one to start in fall – one into H.S.

A few short years ago – Maddy ( finished Sophomore college) Ella – (enter college in fall) all grown up now!

Maddy has been named to third team in her conference playing soccer – as a Sophomore she was in the top five on her team in four different categories –

Ella – is playing her last soccer for her senior year – undefeated – and aiming for states. She is one of five or six off her team to have signed letters of intent to play in college – she will be attending Randolph College and in the same conference as Maddy.

Ella – Papa – Maddy – it seems like just yesterday – we were the support team for their mother and father and uncle and Tammy and Sherry running the ten mile Cherry Blossom Race in Washington D.C. – where we stationed ourselves to welcome them all across the finish line! Here we are in our front yard before we left for D.C. They were troopers – following me around – standing up on a bench so they could watch the race! Carrying clothes – back packs – water bottles – everything needed for the finish line that day in May.

As the years passed – Sarah came along – the baby little sister – always making the older two laugh.

She has a way about her – always the forefront of fashion.

Wants her grandma to take her to N.Y.C. to see Broadway and shows!

Sarah – Maddy – Ella and Papa – Christmas eve waiting to go to bed – and wake up for Christmas morning!

I miss those special times – all three sitting at the top of the stairs – waiting for their parents to get up – smiling – laughing – such great kids and polite.

Today – we are scattered – us being in S.C. Maddy – coming home from Lynchburg Va.

Ella completing her senior year of H.S. and Sarah about to enter H.S.

Papa with Maddy at one of her early travel team games – she went on to driving herself 65 miles each way for practice three times a week to join a more elite travel team where we lived in Loudoun county , Va. catching the eye of college coaches – now playing at The University Of Lynchburg in Va.

Thinking back to the early years – the smallest one out there with a skill set – determination and quickness. I always thought she should of gone into track as she ran a 5:40 mile and did not train much!

Now – today all three are so tall – athletic – Maddy at 5 ‘ 6″ Ella at 5′ 8 1/2 ” and Sarah almost to 5’ 8″ ( 15 years old soon)

I miss those days of the three little ones – giggling – laughing – on the trampoline – hiking – soccer – dance – running –

being little girls – climbing up into my lap – singing songs as I picked them up!

Today – they are young ladies with their grandma – the little ones are gone but not forgotten – MEMORIES!

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PAPA’S WORLD – when they were little – now all grown up!




Papa’s World – She will turn 18 this summer – it seems like yesterday she was Tiny – Ella College – Randolph College Va.

Ella – our second oldest granddaughter – enrolling in Randolph College in Lynchburg Va.

We called her “TINY” as she was growing up –

Her father came up with that nickname –

Today she stands 5′ 8 1/2 ” –

Our little girl is all grown up!

Along with her entrance into the four year program – she will also play college soccer – being recruited – she had two schools to select from – and it just so happens to be cross town from the University of Lynchburg – where her sister starts on the soccer team there – and yes they will compete against one another!
Ella with her mother Debby – all three granddaughters are as tall or taller than their mother. Debby’s mother – Sherry – is 5′ 9″ – so they are most likely inheriting the Swedish genes from her.
It is a beautiful campus – nestled in the foothills surrounding Lynchburg.
The soccer field a easy walk from the dorms.
Ella with her father Mike.

She endured two injuries during her Middle school and H.S.

Both were broken bones in her feet.

One she was stepped on with a cleat

and the other she just landed wrong on it.

She lost two seasons of playing soccer

but when she did – was recruited by two different colleges.

Today she walks the path to her future!

Due to the Pandemic – her H.S. soccer season was moved from the fall to the spring.

She is about to begin playing –

Her travel soccer was played although the number of games reduced.

She competed and will move onto the next level in the Fall.

Ella and Sarah – sisters.

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Sherry and Ella






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Papa’s World – life with the three oldest granddaughters – growing up!

These three are anything but this!

They love playing games – competitive games!

They play sports – the two oldest – soccer – and one is in college playing

and the second – next fall will do the same.

The youngest is into dance – loves the arts – and wants to go to NYC!

When they were little – Sarah – Maddy – Ella with their father and mother.

All three love their Grandma – laughing with her and at her!

She loves to take them shopping – getting nails done and ear piercings! Here – Sherry – Sarah – 14 years old – Maddy – 20 years old – Ella – 17 years old – Sherry is 5′ 9″ tall – they all are tall!

We took Sarah and Ella for a week to the beach last summer –

We took Maddy to swim with the Manatee’s for her 16th. birthday

We took Ella to Disney Star wars for her 16th. birthday

And now when Sarah reaches 16 – she wants to go to NYC and Broadway!

I will sit that one out – her mother can take my place!

Maddy has made the leap to college – now in her Sophomore year

as a Freshman she played in 13 games at the University of Lynchburg – Va.

And has maintained a GPA – over a 3.85!

She just played this past weekend – having one assist –

one barely missed assist and one barely missed shot on goal.

They won 2 to 0!

Mike Debby Ella

Ella will finish her H.S. soccer this Spring –

She had two colleges to pick from and choose Randolpf College in Lynchburg Va.

Just across town from her sister and they will compete against one another!

Maddy Ella Sherry Sarah

Sarah is all about fashion – no interest in soccer at all!

Although when little – she played as well as her older sisters!

She loves to dance in competitions when younger and shows.

Her goal is one day to create fashions and design – produce movies – acting!

All three are like this – beautiful on the inside – smiling on the outside – living life to the good.

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