Papa’s World – hiking Riverside Park in Lynchburg Va. with Mike – Debby and Sarah and Sherry.

We all met in Lynchburg to watch the grandaughters play soccer – the next day we went for a hike. This park was real close to where we stayed in the Airbnb.

There were many hiking trails off of the park paved path.

I did not have the shoes to hike in so we stayed on the path.

The trail is not long but requires some climbing up and down steep inclines.

It goes through the dense woods and above the James River and looks like it has access to the river.

While this was closed for the season – a locomotive and caboose – as the rails run all through this area for transportation along with the river in it’s early years of forming Lynchburg Va.
There also are FOUR colleges here –

Liberty University – Sweet Briar College – Randolph College and the University of Lynchburg.

Sarah checking out the warning sign as some of the area is fenced off near steep inclines.

The incline here is close to a couple hundred feet almost straight down.

The trail does make its way down with a narrow zig zag path.

Not for anyone who has a fear of heights like me!

Debby Papa Sarah

Sherry climbed the steps up to a beginning of a trail and said it led to a very dark dense forest!

This platform was some 25 feet above us!

A view of the train trestle across the James river.

It was a nice way to spend a few hours in the afternoon.

Later we picked up Ella so she could spend the night with us –

Maddy had practice and a lot of school work to do.

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