Papa’s World – when sister vs. sister – and one team is nationally ranked – we all win!

Number 10 – Ella Number 13 – Maddy

It all started many years ago – youth travel teams – Maddy two years older –

They played together until Maddy left the travel team in Winchester –

to compete in the Ludoun soccer program 65 miles away!

She made this choice on her own as soon as she could drive.

It was soccer hot bed right outside Washington DC.

Ella remained as she was too young to travel that far.

She also suffered a broken bone in each foot different years that had her not playing.

Maddy secured a spot in the try outs and maintained a above 4.0 GPA all through HS.

Maddy selected University of Lynchburg to continue her soccer playing.

Today they are ranked nationally in the top 25 in Division III and at this date – 11 – 1.

Ella number 10 – was recruited by two colleges and selected Randolph College

She now plays for the Wildcats which are situated across town in Lynchburg Va.

Ten minutes from Maddy and the campus of the University of Lynchburg.

As a Freshman – she has started every game and played all the minutes except two per game!

Maddy number 13 – played 13 games as a Freshman and has started as a Sophomore and a Junior.
Here – Ella is about to get the ball and Maddy number 13 is guarding her.

In all these years this game is the first time they have ever competed against one another.

Here they are in the middle at the top – it was a very good game – tough – no one scored in the first half.
Each half is 45 minutes – and ended up 0 to 0 at the half.
Ella – number 10 – tallest in the starting line up – the difference was the bench – Lynchburg kept throwing fresh players into the game.

Because of the Pandemic and covid –

the coach could not travel to recruit – Ella was recruited before the pandemic!

She plays midfield defense – the coach wants her to shoot – five times a game instead of always passing.

She is young and it will come – she plays so effortlessly.

As soon as he can he puts her back in after she rests for two minutes.

So proud of Maddy number 13 who drove herslf 65 miles each way to practice – so she would get noticed – and now plays on a team that is ranked in the top 25 in the nation at Division III.

She is fast – quick and plays attacker both left and right and midfielder in the front.

You can just tell she has the skills – the coach tells the team –

with Maddy do the 1 – 2 – do not worry – she is fast enough she can break for the goal – just get her the ball – this is where she passes back to the middle and breaks for the front!

SISTERS – Ella – number 10 Maddy – number 13
Proud parents – Mike and Debby

Ella made the shirts representing both schools and their mascots and colors – she is such a artist!

Ella and Maddy – Randolph and Lynchburg – sisters going head to head.

Lynchburg gutted out a 2 to 0 win –

scoring both goals late in the second half –

they just had a stronger bench.

Sarah – sister – freshmen in H.S.

Sarah – will turn 15 later this month – she could of played soccer – but had no interest and will run track.

She already is just above six and one half minute miler.

She played soccer when younger and also was fast and good.

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