Papa’s World – both alike – both so different – twins.

Cassidy and Taylor on their 10th. birthday with mama Tammy. Who also shared the same day as a birthday!

Recently – two pictures were taken

one of each girl

Taylor and Cassidy.

My gosh – when did they look so grown up?

Cassidy with MORMOR & Ginger

Cassidy – the little of the two

actually – their difference has about stayed the same

but now Taylor is growing fast

she is going to be really tall

like her MORMOR – Sherry!


This is all she wanted when small

Cassidy had dozens of stuffed Panda’s

all lined up by her bed

today she is the TECHIE one

and the CRAFT one.

She also is a perfectionist

everything has a place

and she knows right away if anything has been moved!

Note how neat her desk is.
Taylor – going to be so tall – she looks a lot older her than ten years old!

Taylor – whom I think will be taller than Ella ( 5 ‘ 8 1/2 “)

and Sarah at 14 (5 ‘ 6 ‘) and going through a growth spurt.

She is laid back – needs her own TAYLOR TIME –

And loves horses and riding!

Her room is full of stuffed horses and horse toys.

Taylor who rides once a week

We have been monitoring them at the start of the school year.

But – we are now gone

It has its challenges

for both the twins and the monitors.

It also is Bode’s kindergarten year

But – we are glad we have been a part of it for the start.

We will be gone for five months

coming back for Holidays


They still are so alike – I can not tell the difference

if they get excited – and I hear them talking.

Yet – they have different interests

so alike yet so differnet

when they all three sing

you do not know who is who!

As a monitor for two weeks – TEACHERS DO NOT MAKE ENOUGH!

I will not be surprised when we come back

the changes in both of them

it is not that Cassidy is small

but Taylor is really tall for her age!

Bode Taylor Cassidy

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Papa’s World – when sister vs. sister – and one team is nationally ranked – we all win!

Number 10 – Ella Number 13 – Maddy

It all started many years ago – youth travel teams – Maddy two years older –

They played together until Maddy left the travel team in Winchester –

to compete in the Ludoun soccer program 65 miles away!

She made this choice on her own as soon as she could drive.

It was soccer hot bed right outside Washington DC.

Ella remained as she was too young to travel that far.

She also suffered a broken bone in each foot different years that had her not playing.

Maddy secured a spot in the try outs and maintained a above 4.0 GPA all through HS.

Maddy selected University of Lynchburg to continue her soccer playing.

Today they are ranked nationally in the top 25 in Division III and at this date – 11 – 1.

Ella number 10 – was recruited by two colleges and selected Randolph College

She now plays for the Wildcats which are situated across town in Lynchburg Va.

Ten minutes from Maddy and the campus of the University of Lynchburg.

As a Freshman – she has started every game and played all the minutes except two per game!

Maddy number 13 – played 13 games as a Freshman and has started as a Sophomore and a Junior.
Here – Ella is about to get the ball and Maddy number 13 is guarding her.

In all these years this game is the first time they have ever competed against one another.

Here they are in the middle at the top – it was a very good game – tough – no one scored in the first half.
Each half is 45 minutes – and ended up 0 to 0 at the half.
Ella – number 10 – tallest in the starting line up – the difference was the bench – Lynchburg kept throwing fresh players into the game.

Because of the Pandemic and covid –

the coach could not travel to recruit – Ella was recruited before the pandemic!

She plays midfield defense – the coach wants her to shoot – five times a game instead of always passing.

She is young and it will come – she plays so effortlessly.

As soon as he can he puts her back in after she rests for two minutes.

So proud of Maddy number 13 who drove herslf 65 miles each way to practice – so she would get noticed – and now plays on a team that is ranked in the top 25 in the nation at Division III.

She is fast – quick and plays attacker both left and right and midfielder in the front.

You can just tell she has the skills – the coach tells the team –

with Maddy do the 1 – 2 – do not worry – she is fast enough she can break for the goal – just get her the ball – this is where she passes back to the middle and breaks for the front!

SISTERS – Ella – number 10 Maddy – number 13
Proud parents – Mike and Debby

Ella made the shirts representing both schools and their mascots and colors – she is such a artist!

Ella and Maddy – Randolph and Lynchburg – sisters going head to head.

Lynchburg gutted out a 2 to 0 win –

scoring both goals late in the second half –

they just had a stronger bench.

Sarah – sister – freshmen in H.S.

Sarah – will turn 15 later this month – she could of played soccer – but had no interest and will run track.

She already is just above six and one half minute miler.

She played soccer when younger and also was fast and good.

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Papa’s World – random pictures – kids – golf – and a rainbow in the fountain on the lake.

Today – I post some pictures – just random pictures – but ones I have close to my heart!
Taylor holding MorMor’s hand – in turn MorMor also holding Bode’s hand.

They adore Sherry – whom they call MorMor – Swede for Mothers Mother!

When we walk with all three – it usually is Taylor who loses out to the other two in holding her hands.

This time it was Cassidy – who with each passing day – is becoming more and more independent.

These two are coming closer and closer together as they grow up.

They are twins – but had to come early as Taylor was taking all the nutrients.

Taylor is going to be really tall – close to six foot while Cassidy will be like her mother 5’6″.

Taylor loves to ride horses – Cassidy has a variety of interests –

but will sit for hours drawing off her computer and is really good!

I thought this to be funny – it brought a smile to my face!

We moved south to find more time to golf – warmer weather and being close to our friends!

Sherry and Cindy – we have been friends with the McBrides for almost 35 years.

They moved about 25 or 26 years to the Wilmington N.C. area – and we would spend time with them once or twice a year.

Then we moved to NVA and they would do the same.

Now – we are building a new home about 40 miles away from them –

and if the weather is nice – we golf once a week with them –

always on a new course – could be on the weekend or a week day.

They can and do stay with us and we do the same with them.

If our new home is not done on time and we have to give up the condo – they have offered us a place to stay.


This is what we have wanted to do for a very long time – it was too expensive in NVA and down here so many courses to choose from.

We both have a love to golf – one of Sherry’s highlights in golfing came with the day she broke 50 –

and it was a day she was golfing with her father!

A memory she shall always carry with her on the course. Now – she beats me! LOL

The view we have almost every morning when we wake up – the master bedroom has a big glass sliding door on her side of the bed – where all she has to do each morning is open her eyes and see this.

I see it each morning also – but I always am up before the dawn – have been that way all my life.

My favorite time of the day – writing my blog – sipping my coffee and watching the sun rise –

listening to the sounds of nature and just enjoying morning time.

Now the sun shines – causing a rainbow in the mist of the water fountain!
A peaceful setting we shall miss when we leave – but we have had by the end – nine months.

A memory we shall carry forward into the new home.

You can hear the pounding surf a half mile away –

We walk there almost every day –

the water fowl – geese – ducks – mallards – swans – otter – turtles – snakes

and really huge fish we can see when we look down onto the water.

Storms blowing in and out – rain and wind – nature at its best.

It would of been nice to have lived to the left of the picture – single family homes!

But – they were way too expensive – and the condos here – not enough space and no garage.

We have a storage unit – not a lot – but enough so that it would not fit.

The town houses here besides the condo’s – were out of our price range –

plus the one we looked at – needed a lot of work.

This is a beautiful area – one I shall remember –

We were blessed to have spent time here – but it also was expensive!

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Papa’s World – Coloring eggs on the lanai -exploring Barefoot Landing – LITTLE ONES!

One of the first things Sherry did for the little ones after they had a good nights sleep-

Was to color Easter Eggs!

So – she hard boiled the eggs – set up on the Lanai – and they got to it!

Taylor Cassidy Bode – on the Lanai overlooking the small lake at Ocean Keyes – coloring Easter Eggs!

This has been a tradition with MorMor – as they call her -Swede for Mothers Mother!

She has done this even before Bode – who is six was born!

Afterward – things were washed up and packed for Tammy to take back to NVA!

Cassidy Bode Taylor

I think Cassidy and Bode should of been the twins!

They are so much alike and act the same.

It is hard for me to tell the difference if I am not looking at them – to see who is talking!

Now – Bode is going to be tall like Taylor – who is so laid back!

She likes her “TAYLOR” time!

She also is going to be the tallest of the granddaughters

With Maddy being 5′ 6″ – Ella 5′ 8 1/2 ” and Sarah pushing Ella at 14 years old!

We took the family to Barefoot landing in North Myrtle Beach –

We had taken them there before and the little ones love the playground!

There was a Easter Egg hunt – scavenger – find the different stores hunt going on!
Cassidy at one of our favorite stores!
Cassidy and Taylor with I think Frozen Princess’s

Then it was time for a late lunch – our reservations were ready!

Family time

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Papa’s World – She will turn 18 this summer – it seems like yesterday she was Tiny – Ella College – Randolph College Va.

Ella – our second oldest granddaughter – enrolling in Randolph College in Lynchburg Va.

We called her “TINY” as she was growing up –

Her father came up with that nickname –

Today she stands 5′ 8 1/2 ” –

Our little girl is all grown up!

Along with her entrance into the four year program – she will also play college soccer – being recruited – she had two schools to select from – and it just so happens to be cross town from the University of Lynchburg – where her sister starts on the soccer team there – and yes they will compete against one another!
Ella with her mother Debby – all three granddaughters are as tall or taller than their mother. Debby’s mother – Sherry – is 5′ 9″ – so they are most likely inheriting the Swedish genes from her.
It is a beautiful campus – nestled in the foothills surrounding Lynchburg.
The soccer field a easy walk from the dorms.
Ella with her father Mike.

She endured two injuries during her Middle school and H.S.

Both were broken bones in her feet.

One she was stepped on with a cleat

and the other she just landed wrong on it.

She lost two seasons of playing soccer

but when she did – was recruited by two different colleges.

Today she walks the path to her future!

Due to the Pandemic – her H.S. soccer season was moved from the fall to the spring.

She is about to begin playing –

Her travel soccer was played although the number of games reduced.

She competed and will move onto the next level in the Fall.

Ella and Sarah – sisters.

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Sherry and Ella






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Papa’s World – she picked her choice from two – Ella is playing College Soccer!

Ella – back when I called her ‘TINY” – a nickname her father to this day still calls her!

When she was small – she would follow me around –

when there was company she was not sure about –

she would hold my pant leg or climb up into my lap.


She has the kindest heart – always doing things you ask of her with no complaint.

Our only grand son – Bode – adores her – hanging onto her as she did to me.

She has had a trying past four or five years –

Twice braking a bone in her feet

so that she was in casts and crutches so she could not play soccer.

Missing valuable time – but when she did

she proved she belonged out there!

She caught the coaches eyes when she played – and when healthy – she was voted MVP of her JV team – alongside of her sister – who was voted MVP of her varsity team!

Today – she has sprouted up – four inches taller than her big sister

who is in her second year of college soccer at University of Lynchburg.

Ella and Maddy – loved these two little ones.

With all the adversity of her broken bones in her feet

and this past year – her senior year – because of the Pandemic

her soccer season was postponed to be played in the Spring

if they can!

The whole World has changed – but for Ella – she had choices.

Two of them – where to go to college and which coach to play for!

Not a easy choice for a 17 year old!

Taking classes on line – working her job and not playing H.S. soccer

although she did play travel team this past fall.

Ella – when she is able to play – shows great speed and control

Those two teams and coaches recruited her

attending her games when she played

It would be a hard choice to make!

Sisters – Ella will be attending Randolph College – playing against Maddy at the University of Lynchburg with youngest sister Sarah – only 14 years old!

She now is almost 5′ 9″ tall – TINY has grown up!

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