Papa’s World – oldest granddaughter – Spring Break visit!

She chooses to spend her Spring Break with us –

this will be the first time she has been to our new home in N.C.

Maddy Sherry Papa

She is 21 years old and a Junior at the University of Lynchburg – in Va.

Her major is Engineering Science.

GPA of almost 4.0.

She excels in soccer and has played all three years in college.

She has been selected to be a captain in her senior year.

As a Sophomore, she was third-team all-conference –

As a Junior this year she was selected to the second-team all-conference.

This is her – very smart – great judgment.

This summer she will travel to Costa Rico to do humane work –

along with playing in three scrimmages with her team

against the Costa Rico National – World cup – Olympic team!

For a young lady who in H.S. for three years – in order to play better competition

Drove herself 65 miles each way for practice three days a week into

Loudoun County Va. just outside Washington DC.

She was recruited and ended up at the University of Lynchburg.

Maddy and Papa

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Papa’s World – Family vacations part two!

Our little fashion girl – SARAH who now is a Freshman in H.S.

She is the fashion queen amongst all the grandkids – and is almost as tall as Sherry!

Today – Sarah and Bode!

The years have passed and she is growing up!


Maddy and Sherry

The oldest when she was little – the memory of then!

Maddy today – as a Junior – playing forward attacker

She is playing soccer for the Unversity of Lynchburg – and has played since she was a Freshman.

As a Sophomore, she was third-team all-conference and as a Junior – second-team all-conference!

So proud of this young lady who pursued a college soccer career.

They went to Division III NCAA 64 team playoffs where they lost in the last 2 minutes 3 to 2!

MEMORIES of when she was young!

FAMILY VACATION Sarah Cassidy Ella Taylor Maddy

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Papa’s World – Taylor walking with MORMOR – BODE watchin ELLA play soccer all be himself!


The three older grand children all call Sherry Grandma – while the three youngest all call her MORMOR!

That came about as different grandparents are called by different names so not to confuse who you are talking with.

Me – I am called grandpa by the oldest and PAPA by the youngest.

MORMOR means MOTHERS MOTHER in Swedish – which Sherry’s grandmother came from Sweden.

She still has realatives over there and we made a trip 15 years ago.

Now – Taylor takes after the SWEDE side – Sherry is 5 ‘ 9 ” and at 11 years old – she is already up to Sherry’s chin.

Taylor ALWAYS reaches for Sherry’s hand when they walk – even with the other two – she loves her MORMOR!

She is going to be a true Swede – tall – blond hair and eyes.

She loves to ride horses and has become quite good at it at a early age.

She now plays soccer with Cassidy and Bode –

She likes to be alone and will go to her room by herself –

she reads and is quite good in school – she is the one who takes care of the new puppy MARLEY!

BODE – blond hair – blue eyes and at seven is also going to be tall – he loves Ella and sits all by himself –

Yelling “ELLA – ELLA – ELLA” as she plays on the field –

he has since he started walking following her around and she is so good with him.

BODE – no one told him where to sit – he went there and became so intense in watching Ella play!
Ella – number 10 in the white – is a Freshmen and has started every game for Randolph College.

She has played every game and only come out two minutes in each game.

She also is tall at 5′ 9″ and was recruited by two colleges.

Bode – has alwys adored her – has always cheered her on.

All three get excited when learning they will be seeing their older cousins.

Cassiy has always looked up to Maddy and chose to sit by her at the game.

Before the game Bode went to sit on Maddy’s lap and Cassidy moved over to sit by her.

Maddy starts for University of Lynchburg soccer team

which is ranked Number 22 in the national polls in Division three.

She came to watch Ella play.


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Papa’s World – when sister vs. sister – and one team is nationally ranked – we all win!

Number 10 – Ella Number 13 – Maddy

It all started many years ago – youth travel teams – Maddy two years older –

They played together until Maddy left the travel team in Winchester –

to compete in the Ludoun soccer program 65 miles away!

She made this choice on her own as soon as she could drive.

It was soccer hot bed right outside Washington DC.

Ella remained as she was too young to travel that far.

She also suffered a broken bone in each foot different years that had her not playing.

Maddy secured a spot in the try outs and maintained a above 4.0 GPA all through HS.

Maddy selected University of Lynchburg to continue her soccer playing.

Today they are ranked nationally in the top 25 in Division III and at this date – 11 – 1.

Ella number 10 – was recruited by two colleges and selected Randolph College

She now plays for the Wildcats which are situated across town in Lynchburg Va.

Ten minutes from Maddy and the campus of the University of Lynchburg.

As a Freshman – she has started every game and played all the minutes except two per game!

Maddy number 13 – played 13 games as a Freshman and has started as a Sophomore and a Junior.
Here – Ella is about to get the ball and Maddy number 13 is guarding her.

In all these years this game is the first time they have ever competed against one another.

Here they are in the middle at the top – it was a very good game – tough – no one scored in the first half.
Each half is 45 minutes – and ended up 0 to 0 at the half.
Ella – number 10 – tallest in the starting line up – the difference was the bench – Lynchburg kept throwing fresh players into the game.

Because of the Pandemic and covid –

the coach could not travel to recruit – Ella was recruited before the pandemic!

She plays midfield defense – the coach wants her to shoot – five times a game instead of always passing.

She is young and it will come – she plays so effortlessly.

As soon as he can he puts her back in after she rests for two minutes.

So proud of Maddy number 13 who drove herslf 65 miles each way to practice – so she would get noticed – and now plays on a team that is ranked in the top 25 in the nation at Division III.

She is fast – quick and plays attacker both left and right and midfielder in the front.

You can just tell she has the skills – the coach tells the team –

with Maddy do the 1 – 2 – do not worry – she is fast enough she can break for the goal – just get her the ball – this is where she passes back to the middle and breaks for the front!

SISTERS – Ella – number 10 Maddy – number 13
Proud parents – Mike and Debby

Ella made the shirts representing both schools and their mascots and colors – she is such a artist!

Ella and Maddy – Randolph and Lynchburg – sisters going head to head.

Lynchburg gutted out a 2 to 0 win –

scoring both goals late in the second half –

they just had a stronger bench.

Sarah – sister – freshmen in H.S.

Sarah – will turn 15 later this month – she could of played soccer – but had no interest and will run track.

She already is just above six and one half minute miler.

She played soccer when younger and also was fast and good.

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Papa’s World – some random thoughts and pictures – “DAYS OF MY LIFE”!

Our granddaughter – number 13 – she deked this player out and went right past her!

She is now a Junior at the Unversiy of Lynchburg in Va. Starting the last two years – and only one loss this season – currently sole possession of first place in their conference.

Papa – Maddy Myers – Sherry

This young lady not only starts and plays most of the entire games – but is a ALL ACADEMIC –

Into hiking – sunrises – and her major is Enviromental Engineering.

And coming down the soccer pipe line – is the youngest and only boy – BODE!

Will soon turn eight and already golfs with his dad – is all boy – bikes – running –

always looks at trucks – barefooted while outside – cold weather and all.

Loves and adores his older cousin Ella who as a Freshmen at Randolph College –

starts at midfield and plays most of the whole games.

I believe Bode will be the same!

Beyond those protected trees is our backyard and our home!

This drainage ditch is at the end of the cul de sac –

and allows the runoff to make its way to a very large second pond in the development.

We have seen a gator in each pond!

And we found some unknown tracks in this ditch going back and forth.

I told Sherry not to get too close to the high grass as we also have snakes around here.

Just down the street – two houses – two pictures were taken in the road –

A small gator was on its way to a third pond up the road and a large copperhead was also there.

Not at the same time – but N.C, has them both where we live.

I have also seen a very large black snake – which are good as they kill the copperheads!

All part of living in the South near the marsh and beaches!

Cassidy and Marley on football game day!

At least three times a week – she either calls her MorMor or zooms!

Sherry is MorMor – Swedish for Mothers- Mother!

She is very close to her and is the one who does not want us to leave

or asks when we are coming again.

She is sweet – but also very determined and head strong.

Marley is the new puppy – a GoldenDoodle –

who judging by her legs and feet – is going to be very large!

She is loving – likes to run and pull her leash – Taylor – Cassidy’s sister –

is the one who handles her the best.

She nips and chases both Bode and Cassidy!

Our front porch in October – Low 80’s to high 70’s in the daytime

low 70’s at night – beautiful weather – slight warm breezes – why we moved here!

Front porch sitting early morning with my coffee on this glider!

Protected from the sun and rain when it blows the other way.

I told Sherry – we had to have a front porch and this is one of the models

along with a office room – that was available!

The office was her wish list!

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Papa’s World – Granddaughters – Maddy and Ella – College Soccer – same conference – different schools – game on!

Maddy – our oldest granddaughter – entering her third year at the UNIVERSITY of LYNCHBURG!

She has like it seems played soccer all her life – since she was old enough to put on a uniform.

Always the smallest on the field – at first the ball was almost bigger than her!

But – in her Junior HS year she had a grwoth spurt – and ended up being 5′ 6″ tall and a star soccer player.

She went to Lynchburg and as a Freshman played in 13 games and starting last year as a starter.

This past weekend – in their first game – lost a hard fought game to a team from Florida – a very good non division team – 2 to 1 – but the write up was about how she played and the skill set she brings – almost several times bringing them back for a tie.

She has excelled and is one of the best players on a very young team – starting 7 Freshman.

The Freshman are all big – 5′ 11″ to 6.0 ‘ tall and all really good.

They won their second game 6 to 0 over a team from NY city.

Ella Myers – # 10 – a 5′ 9″ freshman at Randolph College in Lynchburg Va. just ten minutes away from her sister Maddy.

She was recruited by two schools and in a preseason interview – her now coach said –

“Ella Myers – will play and get a lot of minutes at midfielder”!

She has started all the preseason games – and both regular season games – and played almost the entire games!

They have won both games and in the second game – a 0 to 0 tie going into minute 64 of the second half –

she scored her first college goal in what would be the winning goal – ( one was added later) as a Freshmen.

She had a very hard journey to get here –

breaking a bone in each foot at different years –

losing a couple years of playing plus not having a couch that believed in her playing!

Yet – TWO COLLEGE coaches saw the potential and recruited her.

Her HS team came within one goal of a state championship!

She just missed by inches of scoring that goal!

HER MOTTO I have given her –


Both of them overcame the odds – from being the smallest with huge skills – from overcoming broken bones and a coach who did not believe in her – to both of them starting on their respective COLLEGE SOCCER TEAMS!

And YES – they will play against each other come Ocrober 6th.

and we plan on being there to see it!

Cheering both of them on – a win for us no matter the outcome.

Sarah who is fifthteen – could of been just as good had she continued –
Maddy – oldest and still the smallest of the three girls and Ella –
proud of all three –
you go Sarah and reach for the stars in your own dreams!

It will be a grand time watching this match and who knows – if the teams continue winning meeting in a playoff.

So proud of you Ella for showing them what they had and how they overlooked you!


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Papa’s World – She will turn 18 this summer – it seems like yesterday she was Tiny – Ella College – Randolph College Va.

Ella – our second oldest granddaughter – enrolling in Randolph College in Lynchburg Va.

We called her “TINY” as she was growing up –

Her father came up with that nickname –

Today she stands 5′ 8 1/2 ” –

Our little girl is all grown up!

Along with her entrance into the four year program – she will also play college soccer – being recruited – she had two schools to select from – and it just so happens to be cross town from the University of Lynchburg – where her sister starts on the soccer team there – and yes they will compete against one another!
Ella with her mother Debby – all three granddaughters are as tall or taller than their mother. Debby’s mother – Sherry – is 5′ 9″ – so they are most likely inheriting the Swedish genes from her.
It is a beautiful campus – nestled in the foothills surrounding Lynchburg.
The soccer field a easy walk from the dorms.
Ella with her father Mike.

She endured two injuries during her Middle school and H.S.

Both were broken bones in her feet.

One she was stepped on with a cleat

and the other she just landed wrong on it.

She lost two seasons of playing soccer

but when she did – was recruited by two different colleges.

Today she walks the path to her future!

Due to the Pandemic – her H.S. soccer season was moved from the fall to the spring.

She is about to begin playing –

Her travel soccer was played although the number of games reduced.

She competed and will move onto the next level in the Fall.

Ella and Sarah – sisters.

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Sherry and Ella






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Papa’s World – through the years – Deb and Mike – soul mates.

This describes them to a “T”!

It has gone by so fast – the day they were married.

It seems like only yesterday –

now fast forward – and three beautiful daughters later

They still adventure out and into the mountains

be it camping – hiking or compete in a obstacle course together!

Tough mudder or Spartan race!

Both completed three Spartan races!
Maddy Debby Mike Ella Sarah

The family has grown – one in college( playing soccer) – Maddy.

One a senior and attending college in the fall and also playing soccer ( Ella)

And the third youngest still in H.S. Freshman – aspiring in arts and dance. (Sarah)

Three beautiful daughters!

They love the outdoors – hiking – zip lines – camping – lakes – swimming.

When they were young – all smiles – family.
Father and daughter – camping and hiking!
Father and daughter – teaching soccer to her.
Father and daughter – caring for her.

Through the years – teaching them about life –

Mother bringing them up in church
Mother – although she now looks up to Ella – leading her by example!

Once a Buffalo Bills fan always a Bills fan!

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The years have passed – the family grows on – always seeking the outdoors.



Through the years – DEB and MIKE – SOULMATES!





Papa’s World – she picked her choice from two – Ella is playing College Soccer!

Ella – back when I called her ‘TINY” – a nickname her father to this day still calls her!

When she was small – she would follow me around –

when there was company she was not sure about –

she would hold my pant leg or climb up into my lap.


She has the kindest heart – always doing things you ask of her with no complaint.

Our only grand son – Bode – adores her – hanging onto her as she did to me.

She has had a trying past four or five years –

Twice braking a bone in her feet

so that she was in casts and crutches so she could not play soccer.

Missing valuable time – but when she did

she proved she belonged out there!

She caught the coaches eyes when she played – and when healthy – she was voted MVP of her JV team – alongside of her sister – who was voted MVP of her varsity team!

Today – she has sprouted up – four inches taller than her big sister

who is in her second year of college soccer at University of Lynchburg.

Ella and Maddy – loved these two little ones.

With all the adversity of her broken bones in her feet

and this past year – her senior year – because of the Pandemic

her soccer season was postponed to be played in the Spring

if they can!

The whole World has changed – but for Ella – she had choices.

Two of them – where to go to college and which coach to play for!

Not a easy choice for a 17 year old!

Taking classes on line – working her job and not playing H.S. soccer

although she did play travel team this past fall.

Ella – when she is able to play – shows great speed and control

Those two teams and coaches recruited her

attending her games when she played

It would be a hard choice to make!

Sisters – Ella will be attending Randolph College – playing against Maddy at the University of Lynchburg with youngest sister Sarah – only 14 years old!

She now is almost 5′ 9″ tall – TINY has grown up!

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Papa’s World – Last tournament – travel soccer

She is quiet – except when she smiles – laughs –

caring – always thoughtful – kind –

little ones love her –

they can tell right away.

Ella – our second oldest grand daughter

Ella number 10 on the move soccer her passion

Along with her older sister – she loves soccer.

Maddy plays for University of Lynchburg – in Va. she is a sopomore.

Ella is a senior in James Wood H.S.

But also played for Blue Ridge United Soccer in Winchester Va.

For the last four years – she has experienced broken bones in her feet.

Slowing her down – but determined to come back and play once again.

Ella is tall – almost 5′ 9″

She has made up for lost time –

almost half her years of playing went away with the broken bones.

She never quit – attending games on crutches.

She still has her H.S. senior year to play – if they can – in the Spring!

Now the good news !

She has TWO OFFERS to attend Universities and a spot on each team!

She is excited – but has choices to make.

F.A.I.L. this is Ella!

She will make some coach a diamond in the rough.

Sprinting ahead to the goal with the ball

Determined – athletic – and some day will play against her older sister!

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Papa’s World – making memories – cookies – with the oldest grand daughters!

First you gather the ingredients – then you gather the grand daughters and their mother!
Mother ( Debby) Ella Sarah Sherry ( grand ma) Maddy

Memories are made each year during the holidays –

making Christmas cookies is one of them!

Sherry has done this for years – and they all love it!

They laugh and laugh at her and with her!
The results – or a small fraction of the results – all decorated by each of the grand daughters!

She teaches them her heritage and is passed down generation to generation.

Sherry is Swedish – her grand mother was born in Sweden.

She is 5 ‘ 9″ tall – and Ella is almost as tall – Sarah will be that also and Taylor at 10 years old

comes up to her chin!

The temptations are there – YUMMY!
She is a educator – teaching them to be themselves – honor – compassion and self worth!

Respect is what they have for her.

Admiration – and laughing – both at her and with her.

Going shopping with Grandma!

MEMORIES for a lifetime!

Ella Sarah Sherry

We will come up once more and spend a couple days and Christmas eve.

Then we will go back to Tammy’s for Christmas day!

The little ones are so excited and she made cookies with them also!

To them she is not grand ma – but MORMOR – mother’s mother in Swedish!

After Christmas we will once again head back to S.C.

Knowing that Memories were once again made

and captured into this blog

for future reading – seeing !

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My little contribution to the cookie making!
ELLA will be on a soccer team in college – and will play against her sister Maddy at the University of Lynchburg!

But that is another blog in the works!

Papa’s World – spending a few days with our daughter!

The last couple days we traveled to the home

of Mike & Debby and the three grand daughters.

We are leaving and taking Sarah and Ella with us

to the beach in Sand bridge – near Va. Beach.

We walked our three miles up what they call THE DAMM HILL!

And it was hot and humid – but we also walked across the dam

at Lake Holiday in Cross Junction Va.

The walk is full of up and down hills

but all on the road surface!

a view of the 240 acre lake from the dam.

This is in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Va.

West of Winchester.

Behind us in this picture is the last big hill –

the one they call THE DAMM HILL and it is steep.

The family practices health and nutrition

Debby is a Qualified National Marketing Director

for The Juice Plus Company.

Mike is a Phys Ed teacher

Sarah Maddy Ella

We are taking the two youngest – Maddy has to work

and in two weeks will be moving into her new dorm room

She achieved a 3.85 GPA in her first year as a Freshman

She was named to the conference ALL AMERICAN ACADEMIC

while playing soccer –

and as part of that – will move into the brand new suite dorms for atheletes

at University Of Lynchburg – in Va.

Sarah and her love bird FENNY – who likes to bite me!

But she carries him-her around like this all the time.

He will even sleep like that as she holds him-her.

We bird sat – while they went away for a week –

and he will say PRETTY BIRD

after you uncover his cage in the mornings!

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Papa’s World – always a home here – vagabonds!

This home is full of HEALTH – NUTRITION –

and our three oldest grand daughters –

Maddy – Ella and Sarah!

Sarah Maddy Ella

Until recently – Maddy was the tallest – at 5’6!

Now Ella stands 5 ‘ 8 1/2 and Sarah is going to catch her!

Sarah at 13 – is 5′ 6!

Sherry – my wife and their grandmother – is 5′ 9!

The Swedish DNA is coming out and up!

These two are very close –

BUT – Maddy eats almost no meat!

Where Ella does.

All three have been on Juice Plus for almost 14 years

and Sarah is a Juice Plus baby!

Sarah with I think Maddy

Their parents Mike and Debby –

practice whole food eating – no dairy or gluten

and always reading labels –

all must be organic and no harmful additives.

Every year for the past 18 to 20 years

they have taken a vacation to Raquet Lake in upstate New York!

Where there is no wify or internet

unless you can search and find it!

Being unconnected as they call it.

Back to nature – canoeing – hiking the mountains.

And the girls love it!

We have been spending time with them since we sold our house.

Here in the Blue Ridge mountains of NVA

outside of Winchester Va.

At Lake Holiday.

Maddy will return for her Sophomore year

at the University of Lynchburg – playing soccer!

She was named as a Freshman

To the All – American Academic awards

with a 3.85 GPA!

And as a Freshman played in every game!

Ella is on the Blue Ridge United Travel Soccer team

and also the Varsity team at James Woods H.S. in Winchester Va.

Sarah is our dancer and a film & producer of small videos.

She wants to go to NYC!

And Sherry is going to take her!

Ella Debby Mike Sarah Maddy

We are blessed to be able to stay here

and interact with them all.

Soon – in the next day –

We are taking – Ella and Sarah with us –

To the beach in Sandbridge Va.

Maddy wants to stay and work –

as she will be leaving for college in early August!

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Papa’s World – First visit to dorm room of grand daughter

After two and one half months – we went South 3 1/2 hours

To Lynchburg University – in Lynchburg Va.

Actually – this city has FOUR UNIVERSITY’S !

We were here to watch her play soccer and also to see the campus

and her dorm room !

Maddy to the left
number 13

She came in with 19 minutes left in the first half

( only two Freshman subbed in )

and she played the rest of the first half –

all of the second half and the overtime !

He has moved her to back row defense !

Her mother and sister also came down –

and we rented a airBNB for the night –

After the game we walked around the campus

and went to her dorm room

Maddy bring up the ball
in a playoff game
on Monday
which they won 4 to 0
This game she played
almost the whole game

The coach seems to have adjusted her from midfielder

to defender – which then has her playing 75 % of the game

as a freshman !

The end of the playoff game

We took a tour of the waterfront in the old part of town.

We stayed the night with her mother and sister there

and then they had to leave early as Ella had a travel soccer game

( they won 4 to 0 )

We went back to the air BnB to celebrate Maddy’s 19 th. birthday

With dinner and cake.

We toured this on Sunday with Maddy

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This Cemetery dates back to the late 1700’s

On the historical register

with over 20,000 graves.

We got to spend time with Maddy

And share a morning and early afternoon and lunch.

Set up her TV.
Hang some block out curtin’s
in her dorm room
Share her favorite bundt cake
Maddy Ella Debby

We got to share family time

look who has gotten taller !
Maddy and Ella
together once again
Papa Maddy Sherry

Thank you

Papa’s World


A day with Maddy !

Papa’s World – A young woman – in college – playing soccer – Maddy

Good Morning
Two months ago
she left in the
middle of August
to attend the University Of Lynchburg

We had not seen or talked to her in that time –

She was at University – early – for the women’s soccer team.

She had been training all Summer –

running – she had to run two miles in under 12 minutes !

Team bonding
late Summer

The coach – Dr. Todd Olsen – is a motivator –

Team bonding – both mental and working together –

achieving a goal placed before them.

His teams have reached the NCAA Division Three playoffs


Winning the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in 2014.

Losing in the Quarter finals last year

Being involved
building that trust
in one another

I have watched from afar

His program is the real deal


is what he says !

The Team
bonding on the field
Becoming one
Maddy second from top left

Today they are in second place in their conference

out of fourteen teams

having won the conference last year

with a 23 – 3 – 1 record

Today they are 9 – 3- 1 having played a power early schedule

Playing the number two team in the country

to a 1 to 1 tie.

Not bad for having graduated TEN SENIORS from that team.

University of Lynchburg Va.

Maddy as a freshman – does not start -very few do –

But she has played in 90 % of the games

They are stacked at Mid fielders –

So – he has moved her to defense

back line in front of the goalie !

protecting the goal

When she first started playing soccer

that is where they put her

because of her quickness and speed

Later – because of her ball skills and passing

they moved her to Midfielder.

Maddy defending

When you play this level in college

everyone is quick and fast !

With her time playing midfield
she brings to that back line
the ability to advance the ball
and draw in the defense
bringing the ball
up field
Drawing the defense
opens up the lane

I could see that she adjusted well –

She has the skill

She played a total of 25 minutes

He has 33 players on the team

With 11 being seniors !

Maddy is one of 10 Freshmen !

He subs in and out – keeping them fresh.

Maddy’s number 13
was passed down to her
from a senior from last year
who assists the team this year
” She wanted that number’s tradition passed down “

As a Freshmen – Maddy finished 5th. overall in the two mile

She finished first among the Freshmen.

Maddy bring the ball

She has handled the switch extremely well

She loves the team – the coaches and the school

A scavenger hunt designed for team building
Each team had a color theme
The coach does this team building
once a week
and twice a week in the off season
Every FOUR years
he takes the Team to
Puerto Rico
To do social work
Helping others in need !
Maddy – after the game
with her three little cousins
and Bode screamed the entire time
she was playing
Sarah 13 sister Debby (mother) Maddy & Ella 17 sister

We brought her home to sleep in her own bed

after two months being in a dorm room

but more important –

for her Mother’s birthday

and spend time with her sisters & family.

Mike ( father ) Sarah and Bode
Maddy and Sherry ( grandmother)

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She is excelling – she is happy – she is now a “HORNET ” !

For University of Lynchburg , Va.

Women’s Soccer team.

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