Papa’s World – First visit to dorm room of grand daughter

After two and one half months – we went South 3 1/2 hours

To Lynchburg University – in Lynchburg Va.

Actually – this city has FOUR UNIVERSITY’S !

We were here to watch her play soccer and also to see the campus

and her dorm room !

Maddy to the left
number 13

She came in with 19 minutes left in the first half

( only two Freshman subbed in )

and she played the rest of the first half –

all of the second half and the overtime !

He has moved her to back row defense !

Her mother and sister also came down –

and we rented a airBNB for the night –

After the game we walked around the campus

and went to her dorm room

Maddy bring up the ball
in a playoff game
on Monday
which they won 4 to 0
This game she played
almost the whole game

The coach seems to have adjusted her from midfielder

to defender – which then has her playing 75 % of the game

as a freshman !

The end of the playoff game

We took a tour of the waterfront in the old part of town.

We stayed the night with her mother and sister there

and then they had to leave early as Ella had a travel soccer game

( they won 4 to 0 )

We went back to the air BnB to celebrate Maddy’s 19 th. birthday

With dinner and cake.

We toured this on Sunday with Maddy

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This Cemetery dates back to the late 1700’s

On the historical register

with over 20,000 graves.

We got to spend time with Maddy

And share a morning and early afternoon and lunch.

Set up her TV.
Hang some block out curtin’s
in her dorm room
Share her favorite bundt cake
Maddy Ella Debby

We got to share family time

look who has gotten taller !
Maddy and Ella
together once again
Papa Maddy Sherry

Thank you

Papa’s World


A day with Maddy !

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