Papa’s World – making memories – cookies – with the oldest grand daughters!

First you gather the ingredients – then you gather the grand daughters and their mother!
Mother ( Debby) Ella Sarah Sherry ( grand ma) Maddy

Memories are made each year during the holidays –

making Christmas cookies is one of them!

Sherry has done this for years – and they all love it!

They laugh and laugh at her and with her!
The results – or a small fraction of the results – all decorated by each of the grand daughters!

She teaches them her heritage and is passed down generation to generation.

Sherry is Swedish – her grand mother was born in Sweden.

She is 5 ‘ 9″ tall – and Ella is almost as tall – Sarah will be that also and Taylor at 10 years old

comes up to her chin!

The temptations are there – YUMMY!
She is a educator – teaching them to be themselves – honor – compassion and self worth!

Respect is what they have for her.

Admiration – and laughing – both at her and with her.

Going shopping with Grandma!

MEMORIES for a lifetime!

Ella Sarah Sherry

We will come up once more and spend a couple days and Christmas eve.

Then we will go back to Tammy’s for Christmas day!

The little ones are so excited and she made cookies with them also!

To them she is not grand ma – but MORMOR – mother’s mother in Swedish!

After Christmas we will once again head back to S.C.

Knowing that Memories were once again made

and captured into this blog

for future reading – seeing !

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My little contribution to the cookie making!
ELLA will be on a soccer team in college – and will play against her sister Maddy at the University of Lynchburg!

But that is another blog in the works!

Papas World – Looking back on the year 2019

Many things transpired in 2019 – here is a look.

Unknown to us – this Castle would become a controversy at one of the debates!

When we were in Northern California with our friends –

we visited Napa Valley – and choose two wineries to visit-

This is the Castle we picked over google –

and it also is where a Democratic runner for the ticket

had a pay per plate for a chance to be with the canidate.

Little did we know that this place is very famous for such events!

In the famous WINE CAVE!

We traveled – we hosted friends – we lived life in 2019.

We visited the Capital building
in Washington DC.
In front of the statue
of famous women of USA
with a part unfinished
saved for the first

We live 30 some miles from Washington DC.

and have made trips into the city

but had never toured the Capital building.

Paul and Jo
friends from Tucson
With them we went to Congress!

We went to their Congress women’s office

and were taken on a tour of the Capital

and got to see Congress!

17 mile road
to Pebble Beach

We got to see Pebble Beach – have a drink overlooking #18.

And a picture in front of one of the most famous pine trees!

The signature LONE PINE of Pebble Beach!

HS buddy and wife
stopped in for a couple nights
we go back 60 plus years!

Friends from the past – memories shared – catching up for 52 plus years.

Watching our oldest grand daughter
play her first year in college
of soccer at the
University of Lynchburg
Our friends for 38 years
celebrating the Bills win
Jim and I go back 42 years
playing softball together

Our life is full – friends – family -adventures –

crossing of the bucket list!

The team
celebrating health and nutrition
in Austin Texas
Sherry back row middle

Our life continues – helping people eat right –

making a difference in the lives of all we can

and seeing how it has the effect it does on children!

Sharing life with friends for over 38 years
Hosted a Movie star ( over 150 films & Tv. )
and a World known
acordian and piano player

We had no idea we would be doing this

but opportunity knocked and we answered

Got to sit and talk about their careers


FIVE grand daughters
ONE grand son!

We are blessed to have the grand kids nearby.

And of course the one boy is loved- esp. Ella & him

He adores her and she him! Ella far left.

Where we started this blog
At the Castle
outside the “WINE CAVE”

I could go on and on – 2019 has been a great year-

full of friends- family – adventure and sharing.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


and I live life to the fullest

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Papa’s World – First visit to dorm room of grand daughter

After two and one half months – we went South 3 1/2 hours

To Lynchburg University – in Lynchburg Va.

Actually – this city has FOUR UNIVERSITY’S !

We were here to watch her play soccer and also to see the campus

and her dorm room !

Maddy to the left
number 13

She came in with 19 minutes left in the first half

( only two Freshman subbed in )

and she played the rest of the first half –

all of the second half and the overtime !

He has moved her to back row defense !

Her mother and sister also came down –

and we rented a airBNB for the night –

After the game we walked around the campus

and went to her dorm room

Maddy bring up the ball
in a playoff game
on Monday
which they won 4 to 0
This game she played
almost the whole game

The coach seems to have adjusted her from midfielder

to defender – which then has her playing 75 % of the game

as a freshman !

The end of the playoff game

We took a tour of the waterfront in the old part of town.

We stayed the night with her mother and sister there

and then they had to leave early as Ella had a travel soccer game

( they won 4 to 0 )

We went back to the air BnB to celebrate Maddy’s 19 th. birthday

With dinner and cake.

We toured this on Sunday with Maddy

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This Cemetery dates back to the late 1700’s

On the historical register

with over 20,000 graves.

We got to spend time with Maddy

And share a morning and early afternoon and lunch.

Set up her TV.
Hang some block out curtin’s
in her dorm room
Share her favorite bundt cake
Maddy Ella Debby

We got to share family time

look who has gotten taller !
Maddy and Ella
together once again
Papa Maddy Sherry

Thank you

Papa’s World


A day with Maddy !

Papa’s World – A young woman – in college – playing soccer – Maddy

Good Morning
Two months ago
she left in the
middle of August
to attend the University Of Lynchburg

We had not seen or talked to her in that time –

She was at University – early – for the women’s soccer team.

She had been training all Summer –

running – she had to run two miles in under 12 minutes !

Team bonding
late Summer

The coach – Dr. Todd Olsen – is a motivator –

Team bonding – both mental and working together –

achieving a goal placed before them.

His teams have reached the NCAA Division Three playoffs


Winning the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in 2014.

Losing in the Quarter finals last year

Being involved
building that trust
in one another

I have watched from afar

His program is the real deal


is what he says !

The Team
bonding on the field
Becoming one
Maddy second from top left

Today they are in second place in their conference

out of fourteen teams

having won the conference last year

with a 23 – 3 – 1 record

Today they are 9 – 3- 1 having played a power early schedule

Playing the number two team in the country

to a 1 to 1 tie.

Not bad for having graduated TEN SENIORS from that team.

University of Lynchburg Va.

Maddy as a freshman – does not start -very few do –

But she has played in 90 % of the games

They are stacked at Mid fielders –

So – he has moved her to defense

back line in front of the goalie !

protecting the goal

When she first started playing soccer

that is where they put her

because of her quickness and speed

Later – because of her ball skills and passing

they moved her to Midfielder.

Maddy defending

When you play this level in college

everyone is quick and fast !

With her time playing midfield
she brings to that back line
the ability to advance the ball
and draw in the defense
bringing the ball
up field
Drawing the defense
opens up the lane

I could see that she adjusted well –

She has the skill

She played a total of 25 minutes

He has 33 players on the team

With 11 being seniors !

Maddy is one of 10 Freshmen !

He subs in and out – keeping them fresh.

Maddy’s number 13
was passed down to her
from a senior from last year
who assists the team this year
” She wanted that number’s tradition passed down “

As a Freshmen – Maddy finished 5th. overall in the two mile

She finished first among the Freshmen.

Maddy bring the ball

She has handled the switch extremely well

She loves the team – the coaches and the school

A scavenger hunt designed for team building
Each team had a color theme
The coach does this team building
once a week
and twice a week in the off season
Every FOUR years
he takes the Team to
Puerto Rico
To do social work
Helping others in need !
Maddy – after the game
with her three little cousins
and Bode screamed the entire time
she was playing
Sarah 13 sister Debby (mother) Maddy & Ella 17 sister

We brought her home to sleep in her own bed

after two months being in a dorm room

but more important –

for her Mother’s birthday

and spend time with her sisters & family.

Mike ( father ) Sarah and Bode
Maddy and Sherry ( grandmother)

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She is excelling – she is happy – she is now a “HORNET ” !

For University of Lynchburg , Va.

Women’s Soccer team.

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Papa’s World – Tonight – graduation – Tears – Thoughts

Eighteen years have passed – so many memories of the little one


There was a time – I would pick her up from the babysitter after work –

I would be done at 2:30 PM.

Her parents both worked –

and she would come running to me and leap-

Her arms encircling my neck as I knelt down –

” PACA” she would shout !

( that is how she said PAPA )


There was the time –

she was in the back in her car seat –

I heard a “SOB”

and I looked in the mirror –

She made eye contact

and held up her little hand –

TEARS were streaming down her cheeks –

not making a sound !

She had twisted a hair tie around her little finger –

It had almost turned a deep blue – black !

I pulled off the road to the side

and got out – quickly – I got it off –

I rubbed her little finger –

it hurt her so bad .

” PACA – PACA – ” she kept saying.

TEARS and her nose was running –

I cleaned her up –

all the time rubbing her finger.

Graduation from Elementary school

Then – the years passed –

they had moved to the other side of Winchester –

She was almost 11 years old –

so cute – so classy –

She was the student body president !

She was going to MIDDLE SCHOOL –

She had already played soccer for SEVEN YEARS !

She joined Track –

and ran the mile –

running a 5:48 –

The high school coach wanted her on the track team !

But “SOCCER ” –

it was at the same time – her love –

Soccer won out –

she was on the Travel Team – H.S. team –

and as a Sophomore –

she tried out and made the Loudoun County RED TEAM

Traveling 60 miles – three times a week – one way – to practice !


The time went by – track fell behind – soccer bloomed !

Six teen – sweet

She has always loved MANATEE’S – so – at six teen – for her birthday –

We took a trip to Florida – and her mother and her flew down one way.

She went to Crystal River – Springs –

and there – her dream came true-


Party Saturday

Now – the DAY

has finally come -but first – AWARDS !

Maddy and Ella

Ella helped her with her awards – she earned –

last day –

schools out for her

From that little tot-to a lady

She is all grown up now –

she doesn’t remember the word “PACA”

But – I shall always remember her saying it.

I will remember the songs we sang-

The little voice from her car seat in the rear-

The hugs – the little arms around my neck-


Tonight – we watch her walk that final step of High School –

Tonight is the end of a time well spent –

Tonight – she will look not back –

Tonight she will look forward to a new beginning –

One – that she has already begun –

for she has a new schedule –

A new training schedule

which she already has started –

A training schedule for the UNIVERSITY OF LYNCHBUG –

Her new team – ” THE HORNETS ” –

COLLEGE SOCCER – starts now.


Thank you for reading –

eighteen years – a little memory for me

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