Papa’s World – When they were little – now one in college – one to start in fall – one into H.S.

A few short years ago – Maddy ( finished Sophomore college) Ella – (enter college in fall) all grown up now!

Maddy has been named to third team in her conference playing soccer – as a Sophomore she was in the top five on her team in four different categories –

Ella – is playing her last soccer for her senior year – undefeated – and aiming for states. She is one of five or six off her team to have signed letters of intent to play in college – she will be attending Randolph College and in the same conference as Maddy.

Ella – Papa – Maddy – it seems like just yesterday – we were the support team for their mother and father and uncle and Tammy and Sherry running the ten mile Cherry Blossom Race in Washington D.C. – where we stationed ourselves to welcome them all across the finish line! Here we are in our front yard before we left for D.C. They were troopers – following me around – standing up on a bench so they could watch the race! Carrying clothes – back packs – water bottles – everything needed for the finish line that day in May.

As the years passed – Sarah came along – the baby little sister – always making the older two laugh.

She has a way about her – always the forefront of fashion.

Wants her grandma to take her to N.Y.C. to see Broadway and shows!

Sarah – Maddy – Ella and Papa – Christmas eve waiting to go to bed – and wake up for Christmas morning!

I miss those special times – all three sitting at the top of the stairs – waiting for their parents to get up – smiling – laughing – such great kids and polite.

Today – we are scattered – us being in S.C. Maddy – coming home from Lynchburg Va.

Ella completing her senior year of H.S. and Sarah about to enter H.S.

Papa with Maddy at one of her early travel team games – she went on to driving herself 65 miles each way for practice three times a week to join a more elite travel team where we lived in Loudoun county , Va. catching the eye of college coaches – now playing at The University Of Lynchburg in Va.

Thinking back to the early years – the smallest one out there with a skill set – determination and quickness. I always thought she should of gone into track as she ran a 5:40 mile and did not train much!

Now – today all three are so tall – athletic – Maddy at 5 ‘ 6″ Ella at 5′ 8 1/2 ” and Sarah almost to 5’ 8″ ( 15 years old soon)

I miss those days of the three little ones – giggling – laughing – on the trampoline – hiking – soccer – dance – running –

being little girls – climbing up into my lap – singing songs as I picked them up!

Today – they are young ladies with their grandma – the little ones are gone but not forgotten – MEMORIES!

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PAPA’S WORLD – when they were little – now all grown up!




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