Papa’s World – Tayor and Cassidy – first violin concert!

Taylor on the left and Cassidy on the right – their first violin concert!

It seems like only yesterday they were so tiny – crawling on the floor – or walking to preschool with their backpacks as big as they were!

Cassidy – Sherry ( MORMOR) swede for mothers mother – Taylor – at the Alabama Theater for the Christmas show.

In the middle – Cassidy and then Taylor – first violin concert – they started at the beginning of the school year.

So proud of both of them – another milestone in their young lives.

Sherry – Taylor – and Papa. Love these moments in time – memories are priceless!

Cassidy and her mother – at the Alabama Theater Christmas show = mother and daughter – bonded for life.

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Papa’s World – From LITTLE ONES to young Ladies – OUR OLDER GRANDDAUGHTERS!

What seems like only yesterday – has been 22 years in the making!

Early family picture before Bode and the twins not walking yet.

The three oldest are on the left with their parents – Maddy – Ella and Sarah – on the right – Taylor and Cassidy- the twins.

Maddy – now 22 – Sarah – now 16 and Ella – now 19

I remember all three – on Christmas day – early – sitting at the top of the stairs – giggling – waiting for their parents to wake up and go down for their stockings!

This picture would have been about that time!

Now today – Ella – Maddy, and Sarah.

Ella and Sarah are tall like their grandma – Sherry who is 5’9″ – both Ella and Sarah are as tall or taller.

Maddy is 5’6″ – like her mom.

Maddy is a senior in college – Ella a Sophomore in College and Sarah is a Sophomore in H.S.

The time has gone by so quick – the little ones are all grown up and now are SISTERS!

By that, I mean confining with one another – all there for each other –

although years separate them – bonding keeps them close.

Sarah Maddy Ella SISTERS

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The reason why for the granddaughters – Sherry – grandmother.



Papa’s World – ladies of Papa’s World – I am so lucky!

Debby Sherry Tammy – my world of ladies!

For forty-two years – forty married – they have been my life!

While I am their stepdad – they are like my own –

I am the luckiest man in the world.

Tammy and her family – the LITTLE ONES I call them.

They call me PAPA – and it is like a badge of honor to me.

They hug me goodnight when we stay with them – Bode gets up in the morning and the first thing he does

comes down the stairs to our bedroom – and usually, I am blogging –

He runs up to me and throws his arms around my neck –


The day we were married – 6-25-1982

We combined two families – four very young kids – and started the next forty years together.

Debby and her family

Debby was eight going on nine when Sherry and I married – we were engaged for one year prior

and dated one year prior to that.

My three oldest granddaughters – Sarah – Maddy – Ella

The three of them – laughing – giggling – so full of life – love them – proud of each of them.

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Papa’s World – When did they grow up?

It seems like only yesterday they were little ones running around!

Today they are grown up – two in college – one in H.S.

Where did that time go?

They still are full of laughing – smiles and giggles.


Sarah came along unexpected – and was always running around – clinging to her sisters.

All three are athletic – Sarah in track and the other two in soccer.

Walking the beach – Sarah – Maddy and Ella

The growing up – in college – and now young adults – and coming to our home – loving the beach.

They are these women

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PAPA’S WORLD – When did they grow up?

SARAH – MADDY – and ELLA – the Myers girls!

Papa’s World – oldest granddaughters and parents visited.

The Myers family – Debby – Mike – Maddy – Ella and Sarah – from Lake Holiday – Winchester, Va.

They came for a short visit – the first time for Mike and Sarah.

Sarah is the youngest at 15 years old.

Then Ella at 18 years old and Maddy at 21 years old.

Here they are under the pier at OIB.

Sarah – how she has grwon – almost 5’10 – funny – laughing and full of unbounded energy.
Sarah and Maddy – on OIB beach- all the girls are sports-minded – Sarah is in track and field.
Sarah, who had years of dance.

Ella also is 5’10” and will start her Sophomore year at Randolph College –

where, as a Freshman, she started and played soccer at mid-field.

Maddy – will be a senior and three-year starter at the University of Lynchburg, in soccer.

She is co-captain this coming year –

Proud parents – Debby and Mike Myers

The time here is going so fast but they will be back in the future.

It is hard to get everyone together as college- H.S. – breaks all differ and Mike is a teacher and his breaks are different.

But we found out the two oldest will play against each other in September as they did last year.

A trip up to Va. is in the future to watch them.

The sky at night from our front yard.

A very good day bonding and gathering on the beaches –

family time together –

The Myers from Lake Holiday, Va.


Papa’s World – oldest granddaughters – Maddy – Ella and Sarah.

All three have CHARACTER

It seems like only yesterday they were running around – laughing – excited – little – little girls.

Sitting on the top of the stairs – waiting for their parents to get up on Christmas mornings.

The youth soccer games – then the travel teams – and for Sarah – dance – acting – animated.

Today – they are 21 – 18 and 15 – all about to leap forward another year older.

Maddy is a senior to be in college and Ella is a Sophomore to be in college.

Sarah is a Sophomore to be in H.S.

Maddy at 5’6″ is now the shortest – Ella is 5’10 and Sarah is almost as tall.

They take after their grandma’s Swedish heritage – Sherry is 5’9″.

Both Maddy and Ella play soccer and start on their college teams – Maddy will be one of the captains.

Sarah is a free spirit – funny – outgoing – and will run track.

Sarah – Maddy – Ella

The Myers girls – our oldest granddaughters.

Our little granddaughters are gone –

replaced now by beautiful young ladies.

Maddy has a major in Environmental Science

Ella is going to be an elementary PHYS ED TEACHER.

Sarah – who knows – she is a free spirit – a runner and dancer and acting.

She also is young and has many years left to decide.

Debby and Mike – Mother and Father – are proud parents.

Our family from Lake Holiday, Cross Junction – Winchester, Va.

Little girls have almost all grown up.

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Papa’s World – Sunset on SUNSET BEACH, N.C.

While visiting us – our daughter and granddaughter went with us to Sunset Beach

to view its renowned sunset.

Here Ella, Sherry, and Debby stand gazing across the marsh to the West.

It seems everyone heads to this location –

as I dropped them off and had to drive a couple blocks to park.

But – it was worth the walk back in time to capture the mother and daughter doing a selfie!

Debby and Ella, just as the sun is setting over the marsh.
Three generations – Grandma – Mother and Daughter.

The trip was worth it and while no clouds for reflection – the marsh provides that quiet feeling!

Debby and Ella at Sunset Beach for the Sunset over the Marsh.

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Papa’s World – Christmas Holiday – 2021!

Papa Sarah Maddy Ella Sherry

Memories of when they were small and today all grown up!

There are times I wish to see them that way again!
The three older granddaughters decorate the tree.

Two are in college – one is the first year of H.S. All we are hoping to have down with us at the beach.

I just know they will love our new home!

They would come and spend days with us before we moved – now college and H.S.

Those times are memories of the past – today – and in the future – memories of beach days!

Our three oldest granddaughters and their parents


PAPA’S WORLD – living healthy – one day at a time!

Papa’s World – Memories from the past – Part Eight!

Ella – Mike – Debby – Sarah – Maddy – THE MYERS!

Our three oldest granddaughters and their parents – who lived North of Winchester, Va.

All the soccer games for the older two – who now are in college and playing soccer.

All the dance recitals and dance performances for Sarah –

All the Christmas Eve and mornings – all three awake and waiting – sitting at the top of the stairs.

All the hiking – running 5K’s with Sherry – mother and granddaughters!

Memories of family bonding – memories of family tears and memories of family joys!


Tammy and Sherry – waiting for the start of the 5K.

Mother and both daughters run – as do some of the granddaughters.

MEMORIES of mother and her daughters crossing the finish line after 10 miles in Washington DC.

MEMORIES of them holding hands as they crossed that line – staying with their mother for ten miles!

MEMORIES of running for hope for Saint Jude’s Children Hospital. TRAINING – for half marathon.


Sherry – Debby – Tammy

MEMORIES – daughters following mother into health and nutrition

MEMORIES of working to help children eat healthily

MEMORIES of growing your own produce

MEMORIES of health and science and research






Papa’s World – When they were little – now one in college – one to start in fall – one into H.S.

A few short years ago – Maddy ( finished Sophomore college) Ella – (enter college in fall) all grown up now!

Maddy has been named to third team in her conference playing soccer – as a Sophomore she was in the top five on her team in four different categories –

Ella – is playing her last soccer for her senior year – undefeated – and aiming for states. She is one of five or six off her team to have signed letters of intent to play in college – she will be attending Randolph College and in the same conference as Maddy.

Ella – Papa – Maddy – it seems like just yesterday – we were the support team for their mother and father and uncle and Tammy and Sherry running the ten mile Cherry Blossom Race in Washington D.C. – where we stationed ourselves to welcome them all across the finish line! Here we are in our front yard before we left for D.C. They were troopers – following me around – standing up on a bench so they could watch the race! Carrying clothes – back packs – water bottles – everything needed for the finish line that day in May.

As the years passed – Sarah came along – the baby little sister – always making the older two laugh.

She has a way about her – always the forefront of fashion.

Wants her grandma to take her to N.Y.C. to see Broadway and shows!

Sarah – Maddy – Ella and Papa – Christmas eve waiting to go to bed – and wake up for Christmas morning!

I miss those special times – all three sitting at the top of the stairs – waiting for their parents to get up – smiling – laughing – such great kids and polite.

Today – we are scattered – us being in S.C. Maddy – coming home from Lynchburg Va.

Ella completing her senior year of H.S. and Sarah about to enter H.S.

Papa with Maddy at one of her early travel team games – she went on to driving herself 65 miles each way for practice three times a week to join a more elite travel team where we lived in Loudoun county , Va. catching the eye of college coaches – now playing at The University Of Lynchburg in Va.

Thinking back to the early years – the smallest one out there with a skill set – determination and quickness. I always thought she should of gone into track as she ran a 5:40 mile and did not train much!

Now – today all three are so tall – athletic – Maddy at 5 ‘ 6″ Ella at 5′ 8 1/2 ” and Sarah almost to 5’ 8″ ( 15 years old soon)

I miss those days of the three little ones – giggling – laughing – on the trampoline – hiking – soccer – dance – running –

being little girls – climbing up into my lap – singing songs as I picked them up!

Today – they are young ladies with their grandma – the little ones are gone but not forgotten – MEMORIES!

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PAPA’S WORLD – when they were little – now all grown up!