Papa’s World – From LITTLE ONES to young Ladies – OUR OLDER GRANDDAUGHTERS!

What seems like only yesterday – has been 22 years in the making!

Early family picture before Bode and the twins not walking yet.

The three oldest are on the left with their parents – Maddy – Ella and Sarah – on the right – Taylor and Cassidy- the twins.

Maddy – now 22 – Sarah – now 16 and Ella – now 19

I remember all three – on Christmas day – early – sitting at the top of the stairs – giggling – waiting for their parents to wake up and go down for their stockings!

This picture would have been about that time!

Now today – Ella – Maddy, and Sarah.

Ella and Sarah are tall like their grandma – Sherry who is 5’9″ – both Ella and Sarah are as tall or taller.

Maddy is 5’6″ – like her mom.

Maddy is a senior in college – Ella a Sophomore in College and Sarah is a Sophomore in H.S.

The time has gone by so quick – the little ones are all grown up and now are SISTERS!

By that, I mean confining with one another – all there for each other –

although years separate them – bonding keeps them close.

Sarah Maddy Ella SISTERS

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – my site:

The reason why for the granddaughters – Sherry – grandmother.



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