Papa” World – looking back in time – THE TWINS – Taylor and Cassidy – such sweetness!

A little over 10 years ago – they came along – so tiny – early – because they determined one was taking all the nutrition.

And – the day they decided this – just happened to be their mother’s birthday!

That is right – mother and daughters now celebrate the same day birthdays!


Cassidy and Taylor – they were so small with Taylor weighing some 13 oz. more!

Does not sound like much – but they both weighed some 3 lbs. plus oz. !

Through out life for them – Taylor has always been the bigger of the two.

They were so darn cute – playing hide and seek!

Cassidy is a little spit fire – Taylor more laid back!

They continue to grow this way – my thought is – Cassidy will end up taller than her mother who is
5′ 6″ tall – and Taylor is taking after her MorMor ( Sherry 5’9″) and will be close to 6’0 when all is said and done! She already is over 5′ at ten years old! Look at Cassidy’s socks!
Taylor and Bode with MorMor( Sherry) Bode is going to be tall also as he is only six years old!

Sweetness – Taylor rides horses – Cassidy is the more serious type – she teaches the other two crafts.

Taylor is always ready to help her in schoolwork –

Cassidy the more daring one – you can just tell that by the picture!

Both love their MorMor and both will call her!

The little SPIT FIRE! Cassidy – ” Someday I am going to be big” she says!

She has the biggest heart – always watching over the other two – her and Bode are two peas in a pod!

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Papa’s World – setting up the in home class home – VIRTUAL!

This World now has become the ABNORMAL

is now NORMAL!

By the time you have read this – we have already left –

and are in our rented Condo in North Myrtle Beach.

Yesterday we decided to set up the classroom

Where we have been staying at Tammy and Marcus house.

Sherry at the table – our new office desk

We are staying in the basement which is all finished off.

We have our own bedroom and bathroom.

And this room Sherry is in – is a second living room on that floor

which is where the kids have all their toys and a sectional couch.

Now – we have moved our home office into there.

We kept this breakfast table from our home

This is the first living room in the basement –

we saved our breakfast table and brought it here.

You can see the rest of the room in the mirrors.

This is where for the past two months

we have made our home office-

plus spending time with Debby and Mike at Lake Holiday.

We converted it into desks for the twins.

This now will be starting next week their classroom.

Bode – his desk

We also moved this desk out of the playroom and set up for Bode.

I feel bad for him – this being his first year out of pre-school.

I think he needs that in person touch of his first year.

But – time will tell.

He has everything he needs at this desk.

This is our first attempt

I am sure it will change.

But for now – all three are excited.

All three have computer skills – much more than I.

The school starts sometime next week.

We will be here for that and the following couple weeks.

But then we move out and go South.

This is but one page of this chapter in our life being a vagabond.

We will meet new people – make new friends –

and see old friends.

Leaving behind – our hearts remain

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Setting up in home class room – virtual



Papa’s World – Laughter – living – health – evolving

Image may contain: 2 people
My thought in life – think young – smile – be involved with your grand kids – and look for the positives and let the negatives roll off your back !

Every day in my life – I look for what is funny and positive – keeping a open mind – I avoid News Channels – seeking information on my own.

I have come to maintain my healthy living style with my wife – Sherry – who is a certified Health Coach – thank goodness for that.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Sherry Overbeck Fitzsimmons, people smiling, eyeglasses and closeup

This June will be our 37 th. anniversary – seems like only yesterday – and next week I turn 70 and in two months she also turns 70.

In marriage as in life – compromise is a must – as is laughter – and in our case travel and family – most important to us is family. We have a close group of a few friends – trying to get together every four or five months.Since we are scattered about over a 400 mile range – sometimes that can be a little daunting.

Image may contain: 6 people, including Michael Myers, people smiling, people sitting and shoes

Our family where we live consists of Five grand daughters and the newest – and only Boy ! As you can guess – he has all our hearts. Both mother’s and their mother – whom is called MORMOR ( Swede for Mother’s Mother) promote healthy living and eating. ALL are on the product called Juice Plus – as well as the Omega’s – from Algae – not fish oil – and try to be gluten free.

The oldest does not eat meat – and has signed a letter of intent to play soccer at the University of Lynchburg in Va. We have two more soccer players – a gymnastic – who all the time is doing gymnastic moves – a Equestrian – and a Ballet and Modern dancer.

They are very important to us and I can honestly say – their youth keeps us young in body and mind.

June 25 th. 1982

The years have flown by – we are now watching our grand children going off to college. But – the legacy that we brought forth almost 13 years ago – has been instilled in each and every one of them as well as their parents.

Today – we are living life to the plus one day at a time – walking 3 plus miles a day – doing shreds ( getting rid of toxins ) going dairy free and gluten as much as we can.

And – for me – sharing good thoughts – smiles and interesting family – friends and my life blogs.

My motto through life :

” Do all the small things well and they in turn will take care of the larger things ” ! Hope you enjoyed the read – HGD !!!!

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Papa’s World – growing – growing – growing – veggies!

For the past seven or eight years –

has it been that long ?

We have been tending our gardens –

for twelve months a year –

inside and outside !

We grow what we eat

Welcome to Papa’s World –

today –

what we grow

what we harvest

what we eat !


Somewhere in this jungle are TWO TOWER GARDENS !

And this is after Sherry pruned a lot off !

We are ankle deep in squash –

and tons of tomato’s –

We have eaten all our lettuce – since May 1st.

And we are replanting them – eight pods !


Yes – we even grow Celery and Beets !

Our growing season is a full twelve months –

because at the end of November –

We take these down – clean up –

soak them for two days in vinegar and water

And plant in our inside Tower Garden we have in the garage!

Thus – we eat twelve months of the year fresh –

no pesticide Produce !

Open pods for more lettuce

The main chore you have to do – is make sure water is in the base !

In the heat wave of Summer – I add water each day –

and only rarely do I add the Nutrients !

I have a RV filter on my water hose –

And now I do not even test the PH !

We have installed as a company – THOUSANDS of Tower Gardens –

across the United States –

In the schools –

With a developed curriculum –

( most schools have money for such projects )

In schools to teach children in a hands on gardening

to grow their own food !

My wife’s ( Sherry ) team –


has been responsible

for the installation of over 100 Tower Gardens in our NVA area !

Early morning light

Our success in growing has been where we grow them –

catching the first morning rays of the Sun –

and there after another 4 to 6 hours.

Half way through May

As the Tower Gardens looked three weeks after planting –

As they look today – 7-22-19

Eating healthy – knowing what you eat – no pesticides –

growing with no weeds –

no dirt –

just water –

air and nutrients –

Teaching in the classroom with hands on growing food –


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Papa’s World – 1982 – 2019 Couldn’t do it with out you!

That day 37 years ago – I believe was a Friday –

A little white church in a little town in SWNY state.

Sherry & Tom 1982

That is the day we were married .

Good morning

This was the second marriage for both of us –

I had two sons and she had two daughters –

And in those 37 years –

they have become almost mine.

How I feel

Our life together has many twists and turns –

Moving on

and beginning a new life in another state.

The girls followed us twenty years ago –

and here we remain today.

Tom & Sherry

Today we celebrate that love –

as best friends.

As mates for life –

Now – as we reach those years of Autumn –

We are comforted by being one –

Sherry & Tom

Happy Anniversary to the one I love –

That little white church all those years ago –

Our vows were based on the rock foundation of the church –

And it remains that way today.

Tom and Sherry

1982 to 2019 Couldn’t do it without you – we found each other.


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