Papa’s World – From us to you – wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Papa and Sherry wish you a Merry Christmas

Our very first Christmas in our new home! Sharing some pictures! Keeping some memories.

Our front entrance with wreathes both front and back – candles in the front windows.

A child was born – swaddled in clothes – the baby who changed the world – bringing joy to each and every one. Bringing light into a dark world. As Christians – we believe.

Our wall is dedicated to our Dream – beach living!

In the joy of this season – the first for us here – we had a dream – a dream to live near a beach – we have two – Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach – keep positive thoughts – rejoice in your dreams!

Our Charlie Brown Tree.

In this season of joy to us and the world – giving is more important for us. We found a family of five.

Two little girls and one little boy and parents.

On Facebook – the mother asked if anyone had decorations they did not want – for they had none.

We had so many in storage – and had gone away from the green trees of lights and bulbs.

So – Sherry contacted her and we made arrangements to drop them off some 17 miles away.

When the mother thanked us through PM later – she said now they could decorate for the kids.

Asking is hard to do – giving is easy – tis the holiday season – tis the joy of giving.

Our first lighted front of the house.

We decorated early this year – to be able to enjoy it being our first time here.

In this first holiday year – Christmas caroling by Sherry and neighbors.

A golf cart ride around the neighborhood to see the houses all lighted up!

A neighborhood cocktail party and two we missed for other commitments.

Our first holidays here and already the joys of friends we have made and friends we have still to make.

Today as you read this – our thoughts are with you.

All those years ago – a babe was born – we celebrate that birth in a Christian way.

We celebrate family – friends and those in need.

We celebrate a way for peace in the world and at home.

Thanks for reading – thanks for following – thanks for being a part of my life and this blog.

PAPA and SHERRY – wishing you love – happiness – joy and a MERRY CHRISTMAS on this day!

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