Papa’s World – 1982 – 2019 Couldn’t do it with out you!

That day 37 years ago – I believe was a Friday –

A little white church in a little town in SWNY state.

Sherry & Tom 1982

That is the day we were married .

Good morning

This was the second marriage for both of us –

I had two sons and she had two daughters –

And in those 37 years –

they have become almost mine.

How I feel

Our life together has many twists and turns –

Moving on

and beginning a new life in another state.

The girls followed us twenty years ago –

and here we remain today.

Tom & Sherry

Today we celebrate that love –

as best friends.

As mates for life –

Now – as we reach those years of Autumn –

We are comforted by being one –

Sherry & Tom

Happy Anniversary to the one I love –

That little white church all those years ago –

Our vows were based on the rock foundation of the church –

And it remains that way today.

Tom and Sherry

1982 to 2019 Couldn’t do it without you – we found each other.


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And welcome to Papa’s World

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