Papa’s World – Golfing THE LAKES with friends on our Anniversary!

Good day from PAPA’S WORLD!

On the day of our anniversary – June 25th. – we journeyed to Boiling Springs, N.C. to play golf-

at THE LAKES golf course with our friends Buck and Cindy McBride!

Cindy – Buck – Sherry and Papa.

We have been friends for over 35 years – and now that we live some 38 miles from them –

we get together to play golf as often as we can.

Looking for Bucks golf ball in a pond – no gators in there – we checked it out!

The course is off the beaten path and is the oldest course in Brunswick County, N.C.

But it is a fun course and not crowded when we played in the early afternoon.

Most golfers like to play early – when it is not so hot –

It does not bother us and we like no one pushing us!

Buck and I have been golfing partners for years and years – going way back to WNY!

We all like music and when together sing!

It was a great way to spend the day – celebrating our anniversary – then having dinner at their house.

Sherry and Cindy – are good friends – good golfing partners.

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Papa’s World – Through the years – our life!

June 25th. 1982 – our wedding day – Papa and Sherry

We dated a little over a year before we got engaged and then a year later married.

We both were married before – she had two daughters – I had two sons – and we had each other.

We lived way out in the country – the driveway was 1/10th of a mile long –

great in winter to sled ride.

That first year I mowed everything by hand – it took five days!

And then – rest for two and start over again – we bought a riding mower!

On marriage was based on the Church on the rock-solid!

Those early years were lean years – combining two sets of kids –

running back and forth – very little extra money –

but we survived and to this day look back fondly on all those times.

We always traveled by van – all of us.

We would pack breakfast – lunch, and dinners – take adventures –

the kids loved it.

Camping – in tents – visiting friends.

Then the kids started leaving one by one.

Marriages – moving – college – our family was just the two of us.

We started to travel – the country and the world

The kids were gone – we had moved from the country and into town.

Now – the house was empty and we had the opportunity to transfer to NVA.

We went to NVA and the daughters and family followed us.

We bought and sold three houses in NVA.

My sons stayed in Pa.

But – it seemed like the extended family all moved to NVA.

Retirement came – and once again – we thought of selling and moving farther south.
We made the move in 2020 – and today we are in OIB, Cameron Woods, N.C.

The family stayed in Pa. and Va. – her sister is building a small condo near us.

The family has visited us many times – my sons are coming end of summer.

Forty years have passed since that wedding day – and we still are one and going strong.
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Papa’s World

Papa’s World – celebrating our forty years with family – our anniversary.

Family – they all came to celebrate our anniversary of forty years.

Since we have moved to the border of S.C. and N.C. – we are 400 to 500 miles away from the family back in NVA!

We told them we were coming back for graduation and they made plans for a winery –

that we all could meet at for an afternoon including Marley – the Goldendoodle.

Marley was a hit – our son-in-law Mike is allergic to cats and dogs – but out in the open, he was okay.
The grandchildren and finally a boy – BODE!
The winery had big open spaces and we pretty much had this space to ourselves.
Mother and daughters.
Taylor Cassidy Tammy Marcus Bode & Marley
Sarah Debby Mike Ella Maddy
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PAPA’S WORLD – celebrating our forty years anniversary
Salute – from PAPA’S WORLD

Papa’s World – FORTY years and still going – To my wife – HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


June 25th. 1982 Portville, N.Y. June 25th. 2022 Cameron Woods Community, OIB, N.C.

Today we celebrate 40 years of being married – we still,

love each other – still following our dreams.

Equal to one another – belief in one another – sharing – respect – caring and moving forward –

one day – one week – one month and one year at a time.

The years have not changed our being together.
Making our dreams together.
One day – one place – two together

Two souls – two minds – not always agreeing – but always backing each other.


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Papa’s World – our memories from back in time!

We were married on June 25th. 1982 – yes – our forty-year anniversary is coming up!

Sherry and me.

We brought together two sets of children – her daughters and my sons.

Those were lean years – working and trying to stay ahead.

But we managed and survived.

In the late ’60s at the American Olean Tile Plant where I started on 6-5-67.

I worked for this company which later through transition became Dal-Tile.

We merged several times with other corporations and when I retired we were Mohawk.

After 47 1/2 years, I retired from a branch in Va.

As also did Sherry as she worked for them for 32 years!

I have no regrets as I worked many jobs in many locations in two states.

And that is where we met – all those years ago.


Along the way, we have made many friends – but we have really close friends.

Thanks for reading and in my next blog will be those friends!


Papa’s World – through the years – pictures for memories – family and friends.

Our life is in pictures and memories.

We have been so blessed in having so many friends along with our close-knit family.

This summer will be our 40th wedding anniversary – time has gone by so fast!

Dottie Jimmy Sherry Cindy Papa Buck

They have been a part of our lives for almost the entire 40 years.

Vacations – travel – sports – golfing – singing – laughing – spending quality moments together.

It has been a journey that I wish would go on for another 40 years.

Yes – we have been blessed to have friends such as these.

Maddy Ella Mike Debby Sarah Papa Sherry Tammy Cassidy Bode Marcus Taylor

We have been there for the entire time of them grwoing up – two going to college.

Seeing the first boy being born –

Vacations and holidays – over night sleep overs – horse back riding – hiking – campfires –

lakes – kayaks – boats – spending quality times together –

Mother and daughters working together to bring healthy living to family and friends.

Forty years – memories – pictures – great times – living life to the plus.

Our wedding day – June 25th. 1982

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Papa’s World – Trisha and Shawn – birthdays – anniversary – love you!

Shawn and Trisha

My youngest son – Shawn – and wife – Trisha –

Both back home in NWPA

Where they grew up and we moved from.

The life time commitment

the lifetime of love

wedded – a lifetime ahead

blessings on their union


Asking – love – being together

one for the other

in Gods eyes


Traveling – sharing love

building a life together

forming and expanding their lives

fun times



Birthdays – another year passes

life has gone on –

the journey together –

happiness –

bonded in love.

What greater gift for one another!

Birthday wishes

family together

another year passes

but the family remains

time is but a passing moment upon moment

family is seconds with out end.

Happy birthdays to you both
daughter in law – family.
Happy anniversary to you both
Troy Papa Sherry Shawn Trisha

Being far away – but being close in hearts

distance but love bridges that gap.

Family – always family.

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Trisha Shawn Troy – my family back home

Happy birthdays

Happy Anniversary

love Dad


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Papa’s World – 39 years – the many faces of love and marriage – still going strong!

The years have come and gone – me the serious one – she the smiling one – together – we make one!
One leading the way – one guiding the way!
We did not meet on – line – nor in line – we are old – we were young – still the same !
Happy is as Happy was – still the same!
We have had the best – and the best is yet to come!
Yes – she hit it that far – does she beat me? YES! Do I care? NO!

Through the years – many adventures – many moves and many memories!

The early years are gone – the middle years came and went – but what remains is our beliefs – in each other and the World around us!

Respect – admiration – challenges – ideals and courage. I believe as she believes – in each other.

The sun rises each day on this marriage – 39 years worth – it never gets dull!
Living life doing it our way!

Thirty nine years – 6-25-1982 – the best is yet to come! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY – LOVE TOM!

PAPA ( TOM) & SHERRY 6-25-82 married.

Papas World – children – now grown up – memories

In 1982 – June 25th. we were married – each for the second time.

We had dated for a year and half.

We were engaged the previous December at Christmas.

Our journey was to begin – and now – soon to be 38 years!

As we grow older – the kids are still kids to me.

That is what I call all four.

My two sons
Troy to the left
Shawn to the right

Troy can build a house from the ground up –

Shawn is a ranked pool player in the USA & Canada

Shawn has his own energy company – across Pa.

Doing audits and energized for the elderly & low income.

All through the state and power companies.

Troy runs the crews.

Both are kind – caring and live back in North West Pa.

Very proud of these two.

Shawn is married to Trisha – he has two sons

Ryan and Dylan

Troy has no children of his own

but is loved by the children of his ex.

Debby is a Qualified National Marketing Director

for the Juice Plus Company.

Living the dream and living the life of health & nutrition

Debby is married to Michael

and they have three daughters

Maddy – Ella and Sarah

Tammy is also into health and nutrition

as a Sales Coordinator for the Juice Plus Company

along with her own Upscale Consignment store for children

She is married to Marcus and they have three children

The twins Cassidy and Taylor

and the only boy – Bode.

We are happy – after all these years

soon it will be year number 38!

To my wife Sherry – Happy Anniversary

To our children – thank you for seeing us through the tough times

combining all of us together

and being there when we need you.

And thank you all for reading Papa’s World



Papa’s World – Laughter – living – health – evolving

Image may contain: 2 people
My thought in life – think young – smile – be involved with your grand kids – and look for the positives and let the negatives roll off your back !

Every day in my life – I look for what is funny and positive – keeping a open mind – I avoid News Channels – seeking information on my own.

I have come to maintain my healthy living style with my wife – Sherry – who is a certified Health Coach – thank goodness for that.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Sherry Overbeck Fitzsimmons, people smiling, eyeglasses and closeup

This June will be our 37 th. anniversary – seems like only yesterday – and next week I turn 70 and in two months she also turns 70.

In marriage as in life – compromise is a must – as is laughter – and in our case travel and family – most important to us is family. We have a close group of a few friends – trying to get together every four or five months.Since we are scattered about over a 400 mile range – sometimes that can be a little daunting.

Image may contain: 6 people, including Michael Myers, people smiling, people sitting and shoes

Our family where we live consists of Five grand daughters and the newest – and only Boy ! As you can guess – he has all our hearts. Both mother’s and their mother – whom is called MORMOR ( Swede for Mother’s Mother) promote healthy living and eating. ALL are on the product called Juice Plus – as well as the Omega’s – from Algae – not fish oil – and try to be gluten free.

The oldest does not eat meat – and has signed a letter of intent to play soccer at the University of Lynchburg in Va. We have two more soccer players – a gymnastic – who all the time is doing gymnastic moves – a Equestrian – and a Ballet and Modern dancer.

They are very important to us and I can honestly say – their youth keeps us young in body and mind.

June 25 th. 1982

The years have flown by – we are now watching our grand children going off to college. But – the legacy that we brought forth almost 13 years ago – has been instilled in each and every one of them as well as their parents.

Today – we are living life to the plus one day at a time – walking 3 plus miles a day – doing shreds ( getting rid of toxins ) going dairy free and gluten as much as we can.

And – for me – sharing good thoughts – smiles and interesting family – friends and my life blogs.

My motto through life :

” Do all the small things well and they in turn will take care of the larger things ” ! Hope you enjoyed the read – HGD !!!!

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Papa’s World – 1982 – 2019 Couldn’t do it with out you!

That day 37 years ago – I believe was a Friday –

A little white church in a little town in SWNY state.

Sherry & Tom 1982

That is the day we were married .

Good morning

This was the second marriage for both of us –

I had two sons and she had two daughters –

And in those 37 years –

they have become almost mine.

How I feel

Our life together has many twists and turns –

Moving on

and beginning a new life in another state.

The girls followed us twenty years ago –

and here we remain today.

Tom & Sherry

Today we celebrate that love –

as best friends.

As mates for life –

Now – as we reach those years of Autumn –

We are comforted by being one –

Sherry & Tom

Happy Anniversary to the one I love –

That little white church all those years ago –

Our vows were based on the rock foundation of the church –

And it remains that way today.

Tom and Sherry

1982 to 2019 Couldn’t do it without you – we found each other.


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