Papa’s World – 39 years – the many faces of love and marriage – still going strong!

The years have come and gone – me the serious one – she the smiling one – together – we make one!
One leading the way – one guiding the way!
We did not meet on – line – nor in line – we are old – we were young – still the same !
Happy is as Happy was – still the same!
We have had the best – and the best is yet to come!
Yes – she hit it that far – does she beat me? YES! Do I care? NO!

Through the years – many adventures – many moves and many memories!

The early years are gone – the middle years came and went – but what remains is our beliefs – in each other and the World around us!

Respect – admiration – challenges – ideals and courage. I believe as she believes – in each other.

The sun rises each day on this marriage – 39 years worth – it never gets dull!
Living life doing it our way!

Thirty nine years – 6-25-1982 – the best is yet to come! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY – LOVE TOM!

PAPA ( TOM) & SHERRY 6-25-82 married.

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