Papa’s World – Friends – then the rain came – golf inside – walk in the rain – finally beach!

Our well laid plans for a day of golf went out the window as the storm moved in and stayed all day!

We had planned this for over a month – we would golf on Sunday – at 1:00 PM. but – it was still raining at that time –

So – we did the next best thing – we had a putting contest – in the condo!

We laid out a nine hole course – even a dog leg left – short putts and long putts!

We used clear plastic cups as holes – all you had to do was hit the cup –

and even one hole went from carpet – to regular floor – and if you missed – you rolled way past to the front door!

Dottie – on hole number seven before the carpet – over regular floor – to front door hole number 8!

It came down to Jim and Cindy – tied at end of nine and still tied after extra hole playoff!

Then it was closest to the cup with out going past it.

Jim won by just a couple inches!

The rain slacked off – enough that we decided to go outside and walk to the beach!

Jim – Papa Cindy and Dottie and a surfer dude carrying his board!

The surf was up and large waves!

It was not raining hard and soon let up!

The beach and surf – hardly anyone there!
Okay – rain stopped – Jim and Cindy checking out the water with their umbrellas!
We went back to the condo – picked up our chairs and drove back to the beach.

Jim – after a while – went for a swim – it was warm and so was the water – well – a little chilly!

We stayed for over a hour – and hardly anyone was there!
Time to go back to the condo – fix dinner – relax – play games – even though golf was a wash out –

we had a fun day – putting – walking in the rain and then enjoying the beach by ourselves!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – –



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