Papa’s World – Black Pearl – Cherry Grove – Mini golf with family!

Papa – Troy – Andrea – Sherry – Autumn – Shawn – Trisha took pictures – after we came home from playing mini-golf.

Our families drove some 14 1/2 hours from NWPA to spend a week with us.

We did a lot of exploring – nature walks – resort areas – beach time- sunrise and sunsets.

This day was a nature walk in Cherry Grove before we set out to play mini golf at


Selfie by Trisha – Shawn’s wife.

Shawn – Troy, and Papa

It was a fun time – guys vs. gals and we barely won!

Andrea – Sherry, and Autumn

It was a day in the low ’80s – a little breeze and a lot of fun.

A little play on words! LOL

Sherry standing in the BLACK PEARL!
Well – we all have a LITTLE BOY in us! LOL

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Papa’s World – New Year’s Eve – Solo Stove fire – Golf chipping game!

The group on Sunset Beach – toasting the sunset – then moving on to our back yard and the Solo Stove!
The backyard – patio and our Solo Stove firepit.

We left the beach at sunset and moved to our new home – started the fire and played a chipping game.

Our plan was to enjoy the mild weather before moving inside – snacking and Karaoke!

Debby and Mike had gotten this for me for Christmas.

We spent time outside – sitting around the fire and chipping golf balls at this target.

People also sat in the lanai – while others sat around the fire. And also a putting contest that Cindy had brought – Jim and Buck were the champs!
We all moved inside to eat and set up the Karaoke – and have a few drinks!

It was a fun evening – but still hours away from midnight!

Next – is the actual blog on the singing and laughing and good times of our very first New Years’ Eve

in our new home.

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Papa’s World – Friends – then the rain came – golf inside – walk in the rain – finally beach!

Our well laid plans for a day of golf went out the window as the storm moved in and stayed all day!

We had planned this for over a month – we would golf on Sunday – at 1:00 PM. but – it was still raining at that time –

So – we did the next best thing – we had a putting contest – in the condo!

We laid out a nine hole course – even a dog leg left – short putts and long putts!

We used clear plastic cups as holes – all you had to do was hit the cup –

and even one hole went from carpet – to regular floor – and if you missed – you rolled way past to the front door!

Dottie – on hole number seven before the carpet – over regular floor – to front door hole number 8!

It came down to Jim and Cindy – tied at end of nine and still tied after extra hole playoff!

Then it was closest to the cup with out going past it.

Jim won by just a couple inches!

The rain slacked off – enough that we decided to go outside and walk to the beach!

Jim – Papa Cindy and Dottie and a surfer dude carrying his board!

The surf was up and large waves!

It was not raining hard and soon let up!

The beach and surf – hardly anyone there!
Okay – rain stopped – Jim and Cindy checking out the water with their umbrellas!
We went back to the condo – picked up our chairs and drove back to the beach.

Jim – after a while – went for a swim – it was warm and so was the water – well – a little chilly!

We stayed for over a hour – and hardly anyone was there!
Time to go back to the condo – fix dinner – relax – play games – even though golf was a wash out –

we had a fun day – putting – walking in the rain and then enjoying the beach by ourselves!

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Papa’s World – a evening with friends golfing Magnolia Greens – late dinner!

A bright sun rise to a eventful full day of walking – getting ready – visiting the storage unit – and finally – teeing off!
Buck on the first tee at 4:40 pm. We were golfing late – Cindy had a lot of stuff to do at work!

So – the plan was made – golf nine – eat dinner and then go home!

We could of stayed with them – but – lugging all the stuff I need – my sleep machine etc. just easier to drive the hour plus drive back to the condo – besides – plenty of more times exist in the future!

Sherry getting ready to tee off on the second hole!

We played our scramble format – Buck and me – they played best ball – WE LOST!

Cindy teeing off – Sherry spotting the ball!

Now – we lost two holes to them – one by one stroke and one by two strokes!

We play even up – and we tied the other seven holes.

But – on the hole we lost by one stroke – we parred – they birdied!

On the one we lost by two strokes – they parred and we four putted – just the way it goes!

Cindy – birdie putt – made it – we parred – they are so good!

We have played this format for years and years – we at one time played couples vs couple – then we played mixed couple vs. mixed couple – but the gals challenged us – the other ways split pretty even – this way – THEY WIN!

My buddy – my partner – golfing together – we did beat them a few weeks ago – but we had to shoot a 39 to beat them!
Thank you for reading Papa’s World – my drive – second shot coming up – we four putted – double bogie – LOST!
Sherry teeing off – right down the middle – both are that way!


Cindy and Sherry WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER – guys vs gals – the best is yet to come!






Papa’s World – after the escape room – GOLF !

Good morning
Of course – part two of why
we are all together
Guys vs. Gals

That is what we do – and this has been on going for years !

This time we only played nine holes –

On Sunday morning – as we also had to hurry home-

change and rush to a PIRATE BAR to watch the “BILLS ” !

That is my next blog – but today – we gave strokes !

As much as I did not want to – we did ! LOL

Buck Dottie Jim Sherry
discussing the course
before we had to be there
at 8:00 AM.
putting green
at Magnolia Greens
golf course
Buck and Cindy have lived here
for I guess 15 years
or more !
Cindy Dottie Jim Buck
greens were fast even with dew on them !
While every one else was putting
Sherry was chasing ducks !

The match was nine holes –

We had to give them THREE STROKES !

And two replays ( do not know about that )

Jim made that deal !

Me – after all these years

know better

they will kick your butt !

Plus – we had to use everyone’s drive at least once

Ended up using Bucks four times – mine three times and Jim’s twice.

They started us on the back nine
of 27 holes
The Azalea course
which the 24 th. fairway
runs right behind their house !
View of the 24 th. fairway
behind Cindy and Buck’s
house in Magnolia Greens

The gals went out first –

and we could tell if they were playing good

The antics on the green we could see and hear !

The three of us that are retired
keep telling the youngsters
that this is what you have to do !

The course was in really great shape –

and we never saw anyone until the 24 th. hole

a two some playing behind us !

Cindy Sherry Dottie
selfie before they started off

The gals played well – we could tell that this was going to be tough !

We watched them tee off – all three right down the middle-

That is their game

US – it is right or left !

They took a picture on one of their drives

all three balls were right beside each other

in the middle of the fairway !

Buck Tom Jim
The three amigo’s
Jim and I go back
to playing softball
in the late 70’s early 80’s
Buck and I
39 years
We watched as all three
hit this island green
par three – with water on three sides
they were putting for birdie!

We were sailing right along – one under par after six holes!

We were getting ready
lots of chatter

We were playing good – actually making putts !

One putted first three holes !

Jim checking score
That is when we started to sweat

Those THREE STROKES were going to be big in the end !

they will kill you
they never lose balls
and are always in middle
and on the green most times
in regulation !
Sherry Dottie Cindy

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Jimmy – on 24th. fairway
with Buck and Cindy’s house
in back ground
across the pond !

We had boggy’s on the last three holes

and they were watching and waiting for us on the last hole.

Giving them the three strokes

we ended up winning by ONE STROKE

and if we had not one putted those first three holes

well – as always – luck plays a role !

for health and nutrition
for business
Thank you
Papa’s World
where friends meet family
The 24 th.fairway
life is good
friends are forever

Next blog – ” SHOUT – the Bills make you want to SHOUT “

Papa’s World – When friends golf – win or lose – a great day

Last weekend – our friends stopped in on their way home from WNY –

We planned this out –

We made twilight tee times – for Friday at 3:00 PM.

The challenge was once again on –

GALS VS. GUYS – NO STROKES GIVEN – they are too good !


Now – we have done this many times before –

and it almost every time is a close match –

And it was also close this time –

Cindy and Sherry

Our friends – Cindy and William ( Buck ) McBride –

we have traveled the World together since we were neighbors

32 and 1/2 years ago.

In five weeks – we leave and fly to Northern California

Where we will meet up and tour for ten days !

Alogonkin Park Golf Course

The course is about twenty minutes from our home.

And there are Deer on every hole !

Buck teeing off

It was very hot out – 94 degrees – but by the second nine –

A breeze and shade –

Cindy teeing off

As I said no strokes are given – they do not need them –

if you do – they will kill you –

As it was – we beat them by ONE STROKE !


The second nine – we won by two strokes !


BUT – the difference was two reasons –

We ONE putted SEVEN greens –

and they THREE putted FOUR greens !

That is why we give them NO STROKES !

If we gave them strokes

All in all we had a grand time –

Cindy and friend
A lot of wild life

Looking forward to our trip in August –

We beat them – but had we not putted –

it would of been different –

But that usually is the way it goes.

Cindy and Sherry

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