Papa’s World – a cleansing with morning showers and then the Sun for a afternoon walk on the beach

A look outside from our porch – I heard the rain – a drizzle – cleaning everything in the early morning!
A look to the West as the sky is clearing – the next phase to be built is at the end of this street.
A look once again toward the East and the Ocean as the storm clouds continue to move.

It was a nice rain – lasting maybe a hour.

Enough so everything looked fresh and clean and it was a warm rain – 75 degrees at day break!

Then the Sun came out from behind the clouds!

We had the afternoon sunshine and warming up to 82 degrees!

The water has remained warm also at the ocean.

Making it a perfect way to walk the surf and beach!

Sherry stopping to take a picture of a large fishing boat just off Ocean Isle Beach – a ten minute drive for us to reach.
Ocean Isle Beach

Now that we are settled in and almost all of the repairs we listed have been completed

we are trying each day to go to the beach to walk!

It is so relaxing – and there are still people renting homes here!

We at the time I write this – almost one third of the way through October!

And it has been really beautiful weather –

low 70’s at night – 82 to 84 degrees and sunshine in the daytime!

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Papa’s World – Friends – then the rain came – golf inside – walk in the rain – finally beach!

Our well laid plans for a day of golf went out the window as the storm moved in and stayed all day!

We had planned this for over a month – we would golf on Sunday – at 1:00 PM. but – it was still raining at that time –

So – we did the next best thing – we had a putting contest – in the condo!

We laid out a nine hole course – even a dog leg left – short putts and long putts!

We used clear plastic cups as holes – all you had to do was hit the cup –

and even one hole went from carpet – to regular floor – and if you missed – you rolled way past to the front door!

Dottie – on hole number seven before the carpet – over regular floor – to front door hole number 8!

It came down to Jim and Cindy – tied at end of nine and still tied after extra hole playoff!

Then it was closest to the cup with out going past it.

Jim won by just a couple inches!

The rain slacked off – enough that we decided to go outside and walk to the beach!

Jim – Papa Cindy and Dottie and a surfer dude carrying his board!

The surf was up and large waves!

It was not raining hard and soon let up!

The beach and surf – hardly anyone there!
Okay – rain stopped – Jim and Cindy checking out the water with their umbrellas!
We went back to the condo – picked up our chairs and drove back to the beach.

Jim – after a while – went for a swim – it was warm and so was the water – well – a little chilly!

We stayed for over a hour – and hardly anyone was there!
Time to go back to the condo – fix dinner – relax – play games – even though golf was a wash out –

we had a fun day – putting – walking in the rain and then enjoying the beach by ourselves!

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