Papa’s World – My first thought when we walked main street – all the golf carts we were back in The Villages!

They were here early – starting just back from the entrance to Fat Harold’s Beach Club where we go and watch them do the Shag dance!

There are a lot of golf carts in North Myrtle Beach – and they actually block off this portion of Main Street –

and make it into one big tail gate lot for golf cars – and there is no one way they park.

The are front to back – sides – going in different directions and by the start of the music – jammed in there!

Sherry with her chair on her back as we walk down the side walk toward the beach – this was early – about one hour before they were scheduled to begin the music!
Some carts parked facing away from the beach – when we walked by here later – they were almost all touching each other – just enough room to walk about – chat up your neighbor and sip a drink – somehow they had set up speakers in the middle divide and the band could be heard through those speakers – actually sounded better than where we sat.
Looking back up main street across Ocean Blvd. Now these carts are all facing front but behind them – they are in different directions – I think at the end the police help them get out – we did not hang around as lightening was coming from upo the street behind these carts! The rain did hold off – later in the night.
Part of the crowd in chairs they set up – we were to the left and not as crowded and easy to get in and out.
The stage at the arch on main street entrance to the beach.

It is here that the OD PAVILION – before it was destroyed in the ’50’s from a hurricane –

The SHAG DANCE started!

HOTO’s also is here as well as the OD TIKI HUT and radio station 94.9 the SURF!

HOTO’s behind the red sign and THE SURF RADIO STATION 94.9 – and the OD TIKI BAR.

The music was good – although in different areas as we walked about – it was better – must be where we sat!

The crowd was big and this the second concert of the season which goes every Thursday night –

till the end of October!

I am happy for the merchants as it has been a long 15 months of the pandemic.

I think the vaccinations plus the number of people who already have had covid19

has brought us closer to herd immunity.

The clouds were moving in – we both had rain alerts on our phones and behind us toward rte. 17 – thunder and lightening! TIME TO GO HOME!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World






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