Papa’s World – Friends – Family – Neighbors.

Golfing with our friends of many years – Cindy and Buck – dinners afterward – joining them in the Carolinas!

Just a little smile for the day! LOL HGD!

Neighbors – our senior community – most are retired – living the SALT LIFE!

Neighbors get together at Local On The Water – good times with good friends we have made since moving in here!

Humor – laughs and funny smiles in Papa’s World!

My son and partner – family good times on the beach – family memories.

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Papa’s World – Life with us in Carolina and before!

This is our new Community center in Cameron Woods Community – OIB, North Carolina.

We now are residents of Noth Carolina – having moved here almost 3 years ago.

Coming from Northern Va. for the past 21 years and before that in WNY!

We are the product of the ’60s and 70’s growing up thru the 50’s.

Working in WNY and transferring to NVA – our lives have transformed into senior living and retirement.

Papa taking a selfie of our neighborhood walking group an Mondays and Fridays!

Our favorite pass time is beach walking -and golfing and walking with friends and neighbors.

Living life one day at a time and living life to what I call the plus!

Helping where we can – Memory Care unit – Book club – helping people out who have dogs –

Life is full of wonderful situations – positive things and getting rid of negativity.

Growing our own produce without soil and pesticides. eating as healthy as we can.

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PAPA and SHERRY – living life to the plus one day at a time – Life in the Carolinas and before!

Papa’s World – Happy times in North Carolina with friends.

The six of us have been friends for about forty-plus years. Living as neighbors to Cindy and Buck and Jim and Dottie grew up in the same little town in NWPA called Eldred in the Alleghany mountains as I did.

Jim – Sherry and I all worked for Dal-Tile – (American Olean Tile) in Olean, N.Y.

And of course, being and working in WNY – we all were Buffalo Bills fans – and we watch them whenever we can by going to

Buffalo Bills sports bars in our areas.

Cindy and Buck live 30 miles from us and we get together often to play a round of golf – have dinner and just enjoy our friendships.

Papa – Dottie – Cindy – Sherry – Buck and Jim – Dottie and Jim live in Va. Beach and in the coming years will build on a piece of property in Northern North Carolina.

They will be about three-plus hours from us when they retire.

Sherry – Cindy – Dottie – Forty-plus years of being friends. When we all get together – it comes down to Gals vs. Guys in a golf scramble.

The last time we gave them two strokes – they missed a four-foot putt on the last hole for the WIN!

So we tied 37 to 37!

Sherry and Cindy – both into walking miles and miles – I try to keep up!

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Playing golf at Magnolia Greens in Leland, N.C. where Buck and Cindy live. Living life one day at a time!


Papa’s World – Thinking of family far away!

The family is far away – but ever so near in our hearts – all have at one time or another come for visits – bringing us together again.

Trisha and Shawn – my youngest son – from NWPA – a long way to travel – FLY MY SON – FLY!!!

Andrea and Troy – my oldest son – also from back home in NWPA – a long way – close to our hearts.

Ella – Mike – Sarah – Debby ( Sherry’s oldest daughter) Maddy – the Myers family from NVA – not as far – but still a drive!

Marcus – Taylor – Doggy Marley – Cassidy Tammy ( Sherry’s youngest daughter) Bode – NVA – the closest to us 6 1/2 hours away.

The beach beacons to one and all – the WHY we moved here – “THINKING OF OUR FAMILY – FAR AWAY”!


Papa’s World – Welcome to my world – OIB!

We have now lived here for 17 months – where did that go? Our home is most likely ( hoping) our last major move.

We decided on moving here – near the borders of N.C and S.C. because it was still within 61/2 hours and 8 hours of our families in NVA.

We have close friends who live about 33 miles away and more close friends who are building in that same area.

We enjoy our location for the close access to the beaches and major shopping and golf while still having that country feel.

While we do have the threat of Hurricanes – we are not in a flood zone. Having gone through category one – we have decided on anything past an category two – we most likely will leave.

We enjoy the 30- minute drives to shopping at the outlet mall and the many offerings of shows and entertainment of Alabama Theater and Carolin Opera!

Sunrise on OIB with boats racing for a fishing tournament – warm weather – ocean breezes in summer-time

lead to what locals call down here “THE SALT LIFE”!

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Papa’s World – our dream is now true – living the Salt Life – near the beach!

While not living right at the beach – we do have two beaches four and six miles away!

We moved to the Ocean Isle Beach area of North Carolina – eight miles to the border of South Carolina.

The locals call it THE SALT LIFE!

We call it living our dream.

Yes – we have already experienced a major Category One Hurricane – IAN!

And we will tell you it was scary with the trees!

Bending sideways – East to West!

We decided we will leave if it goes past a TWO and a direct hit!

We left what we thought to be our dream retirement home in NVA!

But – the stock market went down and the home values went up – time for change – time to sell and move on!

Warmer weather beckoned – we wanted out of the ice and snow.

We wanted to golf as inexpensive as we could.

We found it all right where we are – 100 golf courses – warmer weather and close beach life.

Kayaking the ICW and the marches of OIB and Sunset Beach.

Retirement – friends – family (VISITORS) have kept us busy – exploring – entertaining –

loving every minute of it!

Papa’s World now – no regrets – living the SALT LIFE!
Sherry and Papa – thanks for reading – LIVING THE SALT LIFE!

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Papa’s World – Dinner on the waterfront – Calabash – Captain Nances.

Shawn – Trisha Autumn Sherry Troy Andrea – family from NWPA!

It was planned for Thursday evening – dinner – on the water – family night – and it did not disappoint!

View of the waterfront – Shrimp boats bring their catches here!
Boats and docks of the fishing fleet of Calabash – you can buy fresh catch – and all the bars and grills serve the fresh catch!
Family gathering – first time for all of them coming this far south to visit.

A little humor for the day!

Sherry Troy and Andrea

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Papa’s World – North Myrtle Beach – Barefoot Landing – Crooked Hammock – FAMILY!

Ella – Maddy – Sarah granddaughters visiting the NMB entrance by the Arch!

Decided to go to North Myrtle Beach where we lived for nine months until our house was built!

Mike and Sarah had not been there and we wanted to do a little shopping.

Then it was onto Barefoot Landing – another place we would go to while living in this area.

On the ICW and boat marina of Barefoot Landing.
Walking along the lake at Barefoot Landing

Shopping – looking around and Mike and I went to the waterfront bar of Crooked Hammock.

Waterfront bar of Crooked Hammock in Barefoot Landing – NMB, S.C.
The brewery and restaurant of Crooked Hammock

It was a fun-filled day exploring with the family –

Sarah got to go to her store that sells crystals

Mike got to see where we lived for nine months

All the ladies are like this!

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The ladies in Mike & Papa’s World

Papa’s World – Cameron Woods – the beauty of the coming twilight!

Sunset Beach, N.C. from the pier.

After spending the day here at Sunset Beach – one of the top ten beaches in the country –

we drove the short ride back to our Cameron Woods Community.

Arrived home after several hours at Sunset Beach to our home.
My good thought for the day!

After dinner and having a small sprinkle of rain – I went outside in the clean fresh air – warm –

and beheld the night early evening sky!

The end of the day at Cameron Woods Community.

It was a good day – one that we spent at the beach and then back home once again.

Cameron Woods – the beauty of the coming twilight!

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Papa’s World – Part two – golfing Brick Landing Golf Course!

Sherry hitting off the fairway with the sights and sounds of the marsh in the background!
View of my tee box – senior tees – ICW and pond in front!

The course is tight with water everywhere!

Be sure to bring balls!

Papa – selfie with the ICW and docks for boats along the fairway!
Sherry teeing off from the ladies’ tees – note how narrow everything is!

The course was very fun – we lost golf balls but found some also.

It was dry and needed rain – the balls just ran and ran into water!

After we both hit our tee shots – we ended up here by the 150-yard marker!

We actually used Sherry’s ball as it was about ten yards farther –

but we still had to go over another pond and to the green!

“You have to have BALLS to golf the BRICK” Landing Golf Course!

A beautiful day and we ended up on the beach – golfing – walking on the sand and surf.

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Sherry – after a day of golf – then walking the surf of SUNSET BEACH, N.C.
From the pier at SUNSET BEACH, N.C.

Papa’s World – How to celebrate one’s birthday -Golf – Sunset and PAINT the front porch!

The day prior we went golfing with our friends the McBrides at Carolina National Golf Course.

Cindy Sherry and Buck

Friends for a very long time – they live some 30 plus miles from us – and we play once a week when we can.

Buck teeing off

We were playing a Fred Couples signature course in Carolina National just outside Supply, N.C.

Cindy baked me chocolate chip cookies as a birthday gift.
We were almost the last group out for the afternoon and we played nice and easily enjoyed the wildlife such as this large turtle crossing the fairway.
Sherry was about to tee off and placed it right down the middle.
Sherry – victory in the guys vs gals golf scramble!

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PAPA’S WORLD – at Carolina National – gals vs guys!

Papa’s World – the day before my birthday – at Carolina National – friends and golf.

The day before my birthday – we celebrated with our close friends – Buck and Cindy –

She even baked chocolate chip cookies for me!

Cindy Sherry Buck – Carolina National – a Fred Couples course.
Sherry is about to tee off right down the middle.
We play a scramble – guys vs. gals – Buck hitting from where my drive ended up.
Cindy – perfect form and they whipped us pretty well!
Sherry – senses victory – they played great – us – not so good – but I got the cookies!

Carolina National – outside Supply, N.C. second time we have played here – a good course!

After we finished up at 6:30 pm. we headed into the clubhouse for dinner –

although they quite handily won the scramble – we always have fun

and will get together again to continue our years-old match of gals vs guys!



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Papa’s World – living our dream – beach and family and friends.


We moved farther south – all the way to the border of N.C and S.C.

We wanted it to be warm in the winter – four seasons without snow and ice.

We wanted to be close enough to the beach that we could drive and spend hours there or walk.

A place family and friends would visit – one floor – but enough room to have people stay.

We found our place in the sun in CAMERON WOODS COMMUNITY

It is a quiet place – room to walk –

friendly neighbors – we all are new here.

And we found our beaches – two of them – Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle Beach

Our life has changed – we did like where we were – but times change – getting older

has a way of making those changes.

And now our families are starting to visit.

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Papa’s World – TERMINAL GROIN – OIB – part 2!

The Terminal Groin – part of saving the beach erosion.

When completed – this huge granite rock break wall –

will allow the sand that is dredged from the channel

and pumped out and form a new beach to the left of the wall.

The first and second streets are no longer here

have eroded away.

These houses were in danger as high tide brought the ocean right up and underneath them.

The pipelines from the dredging of the channel – blowing water and sand out to form the beach!
The beach is formed behind that granite wall barrier and is pushed around by bulldozers.
The homes – now sitting on the third street – are now oceanfront – and were nearly lost.

You can see the very large sandbags that were placed to try and save the homes.

Water would run right up to them and underneath.

The beach will continue along the shore – and the sand will build up against the wall of granite rocks.

Each rock weighs in tons – three at a time are transported by forty-foot tractor truck and trailers.


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Papa’s World – And our neighbors got a swimming pool delivered!

Welcome to our neighborhood!

Our neighbor across the street told us that they were going to put in an inground pool!

The only problem was no room to go between houses to put it in the backyard!


The beginning of the lift as I stand on my front porch!

The house you see here is the one it had to be lifted up and over and placed in the backyard

of the house next door to the right!

On its way to going over the corner of the blue house to the backyard of the house to the right.
Moving toward the target and the guide rope is now between the houses.

Slowly moving to the back of the house.

Lowering the pool down to the backyard.
Going down in place!

From start to finish – 30 to 45 minutes!

And then they had all left and I got to see how they craned this very large pool into the backyard!

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Papa’s World – Viewing the sunset at SUNSET BEACH – in the windy cold!


Just a little over a month later from our New Years Eve beach gathering and toast to 2021

We once again were back to see the sunset – only it was windy and cold –

far from the 65 degrees of NYE!

The approaching sunset peeking through the trees!
Papa – Diane and Sherry

We first parked and walked to the end of the street – here the last of the end of the houses –

and this then begins Bird Island – marshland protected and wide-open beach.

Our neighbor Diane

The tide was going out!

Here you see the last of the houses on the marsh and bayside – with the tide going out – This is the end of Sunset Beach and the beginning of Bird Island.
Sun setting – time to go to the beach.
This is where we gathered for NYE and drank a toast to 2021!
The pier and people walking the beach.
Sherry – braving the wind chill – it was cold.

As we looked out on the ocean – to think we can do this every night if we want to –

and there still is Ocean Isle Beach – living our dream.

One final look before we returned home – Sunset at SUNSET BEACH, N.C.

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Papa’s World – And it was 10 degrees below freezing -“BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE – NO HEAT”!

Papa watching Saint Bonaventure basketball – the furnace quit!

It happened two days in a row and the temps were in high teens and low twenty’s –

cold for this far south – seven miles to the border of S.C.

The thermostat went blank – the furnace quit –

and we immediately dug out the two electric liquid heaters we kept from back north.

We had decided to not get rid of these when we downsized!
While they are electric – they are safe – the liquid inside ( oil ) heats up and radiates the heat – and are not hot to the touch to burn you.

We had these for heat back north and we are going to use them in the lanai when we enclose it.

That will become a four-season room – 11 x 12.

So -when this happened we plugged them in and they kept a constant 65 degrees temperature in the entire house!

We have had ICE and SNOW in the last two weeks and now it is in the ’60s!

We are still under warranty and we called in – they had someone there within three hours both times.

At first, he could not find anything – and ran diagnostics –

there was a blown fuse on the unit up over the garage –

this is what cut the low voltage current to the thermostat.

Once he replaced that – he tried to get it to burn the fuse out again – nothing!

At that time we had been having lights flicker the past two weeks –

this was because of the ice storm and the little snowstorm.

So we thought that was the problem and he suggested we contact the electric company

and have a surge protector installed.

Then the next day it happened again!

No lights had flickered!

We called it in again and he showed up again within two hours!

The company who services our heating and air.

This time while he was there – he replaced the fuse and it started – then it popped the fuse –

It was the unit outside that when it started -it had a vibration –

so he opened it up and found a wire that moved and rubbed against a spacer –

causing it to short out!

It only happened at certain times and he was there when it happened!

Cold outside!

Everything was replaced – the wire tightened – so it does not vibrate – and we are fine.


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Papa’s World – our very first RARE winter ICE STORM – Cameron Woods – OIB – N.C.

One-quarter inch of ICE over everything!

Moving South to the border of N.C. and S.C. – we must have brought winter weather with us!

This is a very rare event in this part of the country and we were here to experience it!

It started raining the day before and by nightfall – the temps had dropped to freezing!

By morning it had gone down to 26 degrees!

that is cold down here!

Everything is covered in a coat of ice.

We knew it was coming and were prepared not to go out on that black ice!

We had flashlights and our generator if needed – but I did not want to go that far!

We were told to be careful with the garage door being ice shut!


We lost the electricity three times for short periods – the news the night before showed the electric

company bringing in some 200 personnel from the midwest to help out – and they were terrific!

Ice everywhere – the trees were coated!

Our Oleander plants – three of them – were bent right over – they survived!

Thank goodness we did not have the wind – no big trees came down or branches.

We dodged a bullet and when the sun came out – the ice melting on the trees

created a drizzle of steady raindrops.

The bushes and mulch are covered in ice.

We have had a cold wave that extends all the way South deep into Florida!

We were worried about our TOWER GARDEN – so I dug out our protective look like metal covering!

We had used this back in NVA but not with ICE!

The back patio – to the right – the covered TOWER GARDEN!

Our experiment to grow twelve months of the year continues!

This protective covering kept the plants – green leafy – safe – the pump kept running on a timer –

and we continue to grow our vegetables even through mid-twenty degrees and ICE!

The covering is perforated – absorbed the sun in the daytime and protects the veggies

during the low temps at night and the freezing rain.

Any questions on the TOWER GARDEN or JUICE PLUS – email

or visit her own personal business website: CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH

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Papa’s World – Memory of early family vacation!

Cassidy Maddy Sarah Ella and Taylor

Some were big – some were small – others were barely walking and two were tall!

Oak Island – family times – family vacation.

MEMORIES as I recall – all in one location – joy for all!

Taylor and cousin Ella

The sweetness of youth – the bonding of cousins.

MEMORIES of the little ones and memories of the bigger ones!

Cassidy going to the beach

MEMORIES of innocence – laughter – funny looks!

Taylor – take the glasses off – time to eat!

MEMORIES of crawling – then unsteady steps – walking and running!

Cassidy – peeking in at Maddy.

MEMORIES of playing with the older cousins – timeless pictures – cuteness in diapers.




Papa’s World – Cameron Woods Community – Cocktails in the driveway with old and new neighbors – JELLO SHOTS

Our old company REALSTAR has now become LENNAR!



We are situated off Old Georgetown Road – across from Ocean Ridge Plantation – this also – parts of it – is Ocean Ridge.

Across that street is home to the BIG CATS golf courses of Ocean Ridge.

A large flock of turkeys just behind the new community center!

YES – there is wildlife here – I have seen Turkey and Deer – among the trees and houses here.

I have seen Gators in the ponds and some have seen snakes( I saw a large Blacksnake) while others have seen Copperheads.

I suppose raccoons and possums – I have seen Eagles and large hawks – a really big red-headed woodpecker.

While we are country – we are about two miles to three different grocery stores –

multiple bars and grills and many other shops.

AND – we are on the mainland side of the ICW and minutes away from Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset beach.

In other words – I think we have it all right here!

The ongoing build of our community center – pool and pickleball courts.

We all are hoping for a SPRING finish date – a place to gather – exercise and relax by the pool.

Until that is finished – we have had a few get together’s at outside sources –

The latest outside was at Rivers Edge Golf Course in Shallotte N.C.

And then we had a DRIVEWAY COCKTAIL PARTY at Diane and Steve’s house at the bottom of Waterway and Lindley.

The invites were neighborhood-wide through the Cameron Woods Community Facebook site.

About 24 neighbors gathered – on a cool night – the fires were welcome for warmth.
OH YEAH! manny naughty desserts and snack foods were present!
It was a chilly high ’50’s evening.
There were trays of JELLO-SHOTS – here are two of the four going around!
After an hour – all that was left of the JELLO-SHOTS!
We are a mixture of retirees – work from home – second homes – still working – to full-timers!

Cameron Woods is almost done with Phase Two – and an even larger Phase Three will begin under the new company LENNAR! There is guess’s that will not end there as some of the new roads in the next phase ends at the tree lines! No Cul-De-Sac – just like it will continue on!


Thanks for reading Papa’s World – CAMERON WOODS COMMUNITY – OLD GEORGETOWN ROAD – 28469 – N.C.

CAMERON WOODS COMMUNITY – looking forward to more neighbors’ meet and greets!

Papa’s World – Sunset Beach, N.C. a day on the beach with friends – sun – sand and surf!

Our friends – Steve and Elaine Starks – true friends who appreciate you for who you are!

We have known them since our volleyball days back in the mid to late “80’s.

We have vactioned with them and their children – shared meals and presents.

Moments in time of destress and family passings.

TRUE FRIENDS all these years and now they have come to vaction in our new home.

Coming in from cooling off in the ocean.

We planed a beach week – golfing day – eating out for seafood and now – minature golf –

as their son and daughter in law along with grandbaby – join us.

It has been a wonderful time rehashing old stories and listening to new news fom back home.

They are from Portville N.Y. as were we before moving to NVA and now N.C.

They visited us in NVA and now here.

We took a little five and half mile walk on the beach with them!

One of the things they agreed to do with us was walk to what is known as the KINDRED SPIRIT mailbox

that is installed about 1.4 miles down the Sunset Beach and known as BIRD ISLAND!

It was installed there going on five decades ago – by a peace loving hippie couple.

In that mailbox are journals to wrtie your thoughts.

These journals are considered historic essays – thoughts and from all types of people and currently are in a musuem.

SUNSET BEACH is listed as a top ten beach in the country!

It is very wide when the tide is out – and rather calm – hard packed sand for easy walking!

The water was a balmy 82 degrees in mid September!

Now – the tourist season is mostly over – kids back in school – college kids gone so business scale back.

But – the beach remains the same – we almost have it all to ourselves!



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Papa’s World – Granddaughters – Maddy and Ella – College Soccer – same conference – different schools – game on!

Maddy – our oldest granddaughter – entering her third year at the UNIVERSITY of LYNCHBURG!

She has like it seems played soccer all her life – since she was old enough to put on a uniform.

Always the smallest on the field – at first the ball was almost bigger than her!

But – in her Junior HS year she had a grwoth spurt – and ended up being 5′ 6″ tall and a star soccer player.

She went to Lynchburg and as a Freshman played in 13 games and starting last year as a starter.

This past weekend – in their first game – lost a hard fought game to a team from Florida – a very good non division team – 2 to 1 – but the write up was about how she played and the skill set she brings – almost several times bringing them back for a tie.

She has excelled and is one of the best players on a very young team – starting 7 Freshman.

The Freshman are all big – 5′ 11″ to 6.0 ‘ tall and all really good.

They won their second game 6 to 0 over a team from NY city.

Ella Myers – # 10 – a 5′ 9″ freshman at Randolph College in Lynchburg Va. just ten minutes away from her sister Maddy.

She was recruited by two schools and in a preseason interview – her now coach said –

“Ella Myers – will play and get a lot of minutes at midfielder”!

She has started all the preseason games – and both regular season games – and played almost the entire games!

They have won both games and in the second game – a 0 to 0 tie going into minute 64 of the second half –

she scored her first college goal in what would be the winning goal – ( one was added later) as a Freshmen.

She had a very hard journey to get here –

breaking a bone in each foot at different years –

losing a couple years of playing plus not having a couch that believed in her playing!

Yet – TWO COLLEGE coaches saw the potential and recruited her.

Her HS team came within one goal of a state championship!

She just missed by inches of scoring that goal!

HER MOTTO I have given her –


Both of them overcame the odds – from being the smallest with huge skills – from overcoming broken bones and a coach who did not believe in her – to both of them starting on their respective COLLEGE SOCCER TEAMS!

And YES – they will play against each other come Ocrober 6th.

and we plan on being there to see it!

Cheering both of them on – a win for us no matter the outcome.

Sarah who is fifthteen – could of been just as good had she continued –
Maddy – oldest and still the smallest of the three girls and Ella –
proud of all three –
you go Sarah and reach for the stars in your own dreams!

It will be a grand time watching this match and who knows – if the teams continue winning meeting in a playoff.

So proud of you Ella for showing them what they had and how they overlooked you!


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Papa’s World – I finally took pictures of the gator in our pond where we now live!

Down at the end of this street in Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – is our pond – and home to a six foot GATOR!

I have seen it a couple times – but never all of “IT”!

We decided at near sunset – 7:30 pm. after watching the BMW golf tournament –

to take a walk down and around the pond.

Hoping we would see the GATOR!

Well – we did and it was laying on some grass and weeds about 75 feet from the edge of the pond!

The reflection of the houses on the water and right in the middle it lays!

I am guessing 5 to 7 feet long when the tail is out straight!

It never moved and in the fading light – I had to look twice to make sure!

So we walked along the path to see it at different angles! And it never moved!

I had the feeling it was watching us!

We have now seen it at different times – but never all the way out of the water.

At least I have taken a picture of it!

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Paps’s World – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode – first day of school and Marley walking to bus stop!

On Wednesday – it marked the first day of school for fifth grade for Taylor and Cassidy and first grade for Bode.

It also was the first day for Marley – the new goldendoodle – to walk to the bus stop!

I think she has become Tayor’s to walk as she takes her all the time.

Taylor – Marley – Bode in the back and Cassidy!

At first Marley would not walk just plopping down in the middle of the sidewalk – where Taylor would pick her up and carry her – but I think she has gotten over the puppy stage now – and Taylor seems to be the one who controls her!

The three plus the dog walk a couple blocks down the street to where the school bus stops and picks them up.

We are headed there and by the time you read this will already been and came back home again.

The parents are going out of state to a wedding and we will fly home( using a few vouchers we had)

to stay with the kids and Marley.

It will be a extended weekend – and looking forward to seeing everyone including Deb – Mike and Sarah.

The other two oldest are now in college.

To think one year ago – we did the same thing – only we had sold our home and stayed there for two months until we moved to S.C. – going back and forth to Winmchester and Leesburg.

We helped out with the home schooling due to the pandemic.

The kids did well but need to structure of school and friends and classmates.

Taylor in the lead with Marley and then Cassidy followed by Bode – walking to the bus stop.

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The kids really like school – making new friends and new teachers.

First day of school and walking Marley to the bus stop!


Papa’s World – Part two – inside the new house – almost done – furniture arrived!

The guest bathroom – off the front hall but between both bedrooms.

Still thinking this one through – the rug we are trying out – she might just keep this one! LOL

Front bedroom – carring on the light gray and yellow theme. It is in here that drawings form Ella and Cassidy are hung.

This room also has the Swedish heritage items – as Sherry is Swede – her grandmother came ferom Sweden.

A drawing of a little girl in the rain with umbrella by Cassidy when she was nine.

This to me is like a HALLMARK card – so simple yet so carefully drawn of a little girl by a little girl.

This was drawn by Ella when she was 17 years old

A picture of our front porch in Brambleton where I sat everyday until the sun got too hot!

She captured it perfectly right down to the flowers and Swedish horses!

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Papa’s World – our morning walk in Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – Ocean Ridge!

The entrance to Cameron Woods which is part of Ocean Ridge across the highway.

In part we choose this development because it has a place to walk! Quietly – and not much traffic!

Also close to the entrance – a retaining pond – one of many in the area.
A look from the street into Cameron Woods – Ocean Ridge.

This area was supposed to be developed much like Ocean Ridge across the street –

where the BIG CAT golf courses – four of them – are located.

When the downturn came – this section discontinued development –

somehow – Realstar became involved and is developing Cameron Woods in among all the lots that were previously

sold by the main developer.

For whatever reason – no one is building on them except maybe 8 to 10 houses.

This area is like entering a national forest!

The beginning of my walk back to the house from the gate. QUIET – hardly any cars!
At the beginning a few of the less than a dozen homes that were built here.
Then you enter the forest – there are utilities here – water – sewage and electric – berms and drains and street lights with Ocean Ridge on them.
I wonder just why no one is building in these sections with many named roads turning off the main road.
Might it be all tied up in courts or someone bad mouthed the development!

Very interesting – and we have been told – they paid a lot for these properties.

We made the right choice – our development is thriving – another and last section will soon open up.

By the end of the year – our section should be completed and all sold out!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –

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Wild life is here – I have seen deer – turkeys – gators – turtles – birds of prey – not any snakes just yet!
PAPA amongst the beautiful trees on our walk.
HOME – the walk ends – Thank you for following!

Papa’s World – Sherry’s happy places!

When ever we are on the beach – she is drawn to the water – wading – watching the surfers.

The beach draws her – to let off stress and a quiet place to walk – the sounds of the surf – the warm waters.

With friends – out and about – exploring the world with these two – every couple years we plan a break.

Buck and Cindy are our close friends – we moved into a house next to them 36 1/2 years ago –

and had known thenm before that. We get along and enjoy much of the same things.

Cindy is very active as is Sherry – always on the go. They walk together when we are around.

Now – our new home is about 40 minutes away from them.

We try to golf once aweek or go out to a show or dinner.

Family has and always will play a part in our lives. Sherry now is the oldest – and they all look up to her.

Here is Bode in front row with the five grandaughters behind him.

She reminds me so much of her father – tall – slim – smile – always on the go and a born entrepreneur

He always was looking for a way to make money and she has that also.

Not afraid to stand up in front of people and talk.

And they played golf just alike!

I became very good friends with him before he passed away – he told me many things promising I would not repeat them. All had to do with the War and I shall keep that promise I made to him.

I repsected him that much – it was a bonding moment for him and me.

Sitting on the Intercoastal waterway – just her and me – watching the boats and having dinner.

She loves our new area – back in NVA she would take dozens of visitors on tour guides into DC.

She is a leader – a natural born one at that!

And now – our new home – close to the beaches and the ICW – close to golfing and close to friends –

A place for FAMILY to visit and room to have them.

This is her happy place once again – walking – meeting new neighbors –

exploring and in a area that does not have the freezing ice and snow.

The new lanai and her putting her finishing touches on it!

These are but a few of her happy places – places she feels most comfortable in.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –


Sherry – in a happy place along the ICW – CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH –

Papa’s World – last days at the condo and walking the beach – Ocean Keyes NMB.

Last morning sunrise – 6-30-21 – view from the Lanai – OCEAN KEYES – NMB
Another picture – 6 – 29 -21

Everymorning – when we wake up – me really early – Sherry – laying in bed to open her eyes and see this.

We – for nine months – have been blessed – staying – walking – listening to the surf – all from this condo.

A selfie on the lanai – and how our hearts and souls feel.
One last beach walk – wading in the warm ocean water – me carrying my shoes – the numerous tidal pools

people sitting in them -a look at the North Myrtle Beach proper – widest beach on the strand – walking –

comfort – the people -we will be back for it is but thirty minute drive for us.

After the beach walk – once again sitting on the lanai – awesome view – going to miss this!

When we return – I sit on the rocking chair on the lanai – or at the table – watching the water fowl –

seeing the huge fish from above and the endless turtles.

The otter that comes to swim and even a snake or two swimming –

No gators have I seen and was told there is none.

Swans come and go and at the far end – three white ducks I have named Huey – Dewey and Lewie.

Walking to the fridge and claiming the last German Pils – just for this occasion – salute!

It has been a memorable nine months – meeting people -having numerous family and friends visit us here.

Walking to the main street and all the live music both outside and inside.

The golf carts – the tourists and the six swimming pool here.

The pickle ball courts – the tennis courts – the work out room and the community center –

It is but a small piece of heaven -but it is heaven on earth.



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Papa’s World – My first thought when we walked main street – all the golf carts we were back in The Villages!

They were here early – starting just back from the entrance to Fat Harold’s Beach Club where we go and watch them do the Shag dance!

There are a lot of golf carts in North Myrtle Beach – and they actually block off this portion of Main Street –

and make it into one big tail gate lot for golf cars – and there is no one way they park.

The are front to back – sides – going in different directions and by the start of the music – jammed in there!

Sherry with her chair on her back as we walk down the side walk toward the beach – this was early – about one hour before they were scheduled to begin the music!
Some carts parked facing away from the beach – when we walked by here later – they were almost all touching each other – just enough room to walk about – chat up your neighbor and sip a drink – somehow they had set up speakers in the middle divide and the band could be heard through those speakers – actually sounded better than where we sat.
Looking back up main street across Ocean Blvd. Now these carts are all facing front but behind them – they are in different directions – I think at the end the police help them get out – we did not hang around as lightening was coming from upo the street behind these carts! The rain did hold off – later in the night.
Part of the crowd in chairs they set up – we were to the left and not as crowded and easy to get in and out.
The stage at the arch on main street entrance to the beach.

It is here that the OD PAVILION – before it was destroyed in the ’50’s from a hurricane –

The SHAG DANCE started!

HOTO’s also is here as well as the OD TIKI HUT and radio station 94.9 the SURF!

HOTO’s behind the red sign and THE SURF RADIO STATION 94.9 – and the OD TIKI BAR.

The music was good – although in different areas as we walked about – it was better – must be where we sat!

The crowd was big and this the second concert of the season which goes every Thursday night –

till the end of October!

I am happy for the merchants as it has been a long 15 months of the pandemic.

I think the vaccinations plus the number of people who already have had covid19

has brought us closer to herd immunity.

The clouds were moving in – we both had rain alerts on our phones and behind us toward rte. 17 – thunder and lightening! TIME TO GO HOME!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World






Papa’s World – Golfing at Crow Creek and finally we beat them!

We have driven by this golf course it seems like a hundred times!

This course sits on the right on Route 17 as you drive South to North Myrtle Beach in N.C.

It always looked so well groomed and made you just want to stop and take a picture!

Well – finally – we played it – with Buck and Cindy – our long time friends.

We try to play once a week with them – either toward there home which will be about 40 miles from our new home-

Or they drive down and stay the night as they did here and we golf the next day.

Cindy and Sherry – getting ready to be called up to the first tee!

It is always a scramble – we all hit – and then the gals go to their best ball and the guys do the same.

Then you do it all over again – and they are never in trouble – always down the middle –

and each one hits a good ball off the tee.

Playing the senior tees for us – they have a advantage on their tee box and our drives are about the same.

Plus – they are always in the middle of the fairway and I never know where I will be! LOL

This course is one that when you play it – you want to come back!

I would rate this one right up with the best ones we have played and it was a nice course!

There were so many scenes I wanted to take pictures of – but we had a group behind us that was pushing and a group ahead that was always waiting for the group ahead of them.

It was not to my advantage to take pictures as we waited as the group behind could not see what we were seeing with waiting on the other groups.

So – I just relaxed and waited – along with the gals and when we could hit – they hit first and I hit last.

All in all – it turned into a relaxing golf day as no one could go anywhere and we just played the course.

But – I want to return – and by the way – we finally overcame our losing streak – we beat them!

By a total of three strokes over 18 holes!

They are so hard to beat – and if we could putt – well – that would be a big difference!











Papa’s World – we golfed a course that runs into N.C. for some holes and then into S.C.!

Sherry and Cindy – waiting to tee off on number one of Farmstead – located on the border of N.C, and S.C.

Beautiful course that we wanted to play – I did not know it was divided onto two states

until after a couple holes there was a WELCOME TO N.C. sign on the cart path!

The hole leading into N.C. from S.C. – this was a old farm and the developed this course –

and a siter course called the Meadowlands!

I do not know the history here on this old farm

but it is unique in that you play two states!

Cindy teeing off for a par three – they – Sherry and her – both made it across and close to the green!
Buck and Cindy after nine holes!

Again – they beat us pretty good – but we had a ton of fun!

Great time – coffee break!

Nature – ponds – trees – shrubs – open fairways and lots of birds!

On our way back into S.C from N.C. !

Thank you for reading Papa’s World










Papa’s World – Mother’s day – with friends at Calabash – OYSTER ROCK!

Toasting to MOTHER’S DAY with good friends – Bob and Pam and Sherry! CHEERS!

We had planed this little get together for some time now.

They had been in Florida for the winter in their RV.

Moving around down there and then working their way back North.

They were in a campground eight miles from the condo’

So for three whole days – we gave them a tour – but the first day was Mother’s Day.

After their arrival we went down and joined them – sitting around – talking – and we stopped and brought them salads.

Then it was for a very quick walk on the beach where they were camping!

It was so WINDY – we took this picture and headed back to the campsite.

A lot of self control in not staying on the beach for a walk! LOL
The next day we picked them up – toured our new home and discovered the drywall had been installed!

Here – we are at Oyster Rock on the ICW in Calabash N.C. where we had reservations for dinner.

A walk along the boardwalk outside of Oyster Rock – here is where the fishing boats return with their catches!
Charter and fishing boats – they provide fresh catch for these places – including Oyster Rock – on their menus.
Fresh catch – Flounder – broiled!
Fresh catch – Mahi-Mahi! Catch of the day!
And of course – down here – HUSH PUPPIES!
Pam Sherry Papa Bob – a wonderful Mother’s day dinner with good friends!

At Oyster Rock in Calabash N.C. on the ICW!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World







Papa’s World – Fish Market bar & grill – Ocean Isle Beach and the ICW!

The view from the top deck of the Fish Market bar & grill on the ICW & OBI harbor!

We had passed this from the causeway bridge every time we have come over to visit the beach.

And in reading up on it – found that it is the sister bar & grill to the one in downtown Shallotte N.C.

Which we were at one night after playing golf with the McBride’s and loved it!

Here – we decided just to have drinks and split shrimp wrapped in bacon!

I do not do this often so it was a treat for me!

AND IT WAS GOOD and fast service on that top deck.

You go to the bar – get your drinks – place your order – pay for it –

and it seemed like a few minutes a waiter comes up the steps and yells out your name with what you ordered!

The causeway bridge coming over the ICW from the mainland – we are four miles from here in our new house build
The ICW and beyond that the main land – this waterway comes into OIB where the bars are and gas pumps.

There is another bar and grill here called SHARKEY’S and next time we will check that out!

There are also boat rentals here – gift shop and fishing departures.

It is nice to know that we can be here in ten minutes from the new house.


Thank you for reading Papa’s World





A view of the boat dock and the area below where we sat!



Papa’s World – Sunrise – Ocean Isle Beach – Fish Market and the views of the ICW!

A Sunday morning sunrise from our condo – in Ocean Keyes – North Myrtle Beach – S.C. WELCOME!

On this Sunday morning we decided after church service at the new church we will be attending –

We decided to visit Ocean Isle Beach – which will be less than ten minutes from the new house!

We need to explore this area as most likely it will be where we go to.

They have a summer concert series of live music beginning the end of May.

So we checked out the stage and open seating area – it is bring your own chairs and maybe food and drink!

We walked to the community center which sits right on the beach –
has bathrooms (clean) and outdoor showers plus covered picnic tables.

Beach access and a volleyball net and court. We found where the public can park for free –

and it will be a great place to take family and friends.

Close walking distance to bar and grills and shops!

One of the two walk ways to the beach from the community center – the other is a long ramp for handicap access! Well thought out and it is open from 10:00 am. to about 5:00 pm.
One direction of the view of Ocean Isle Beach at almost high tide!
The opposite direction of the beach at almost high tide!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – the next blog will be of The Fish Market bar and grill!

We found Sharkey’s also but will return to try that one!





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Papa’s World – another beautiful sunrise and then a cool day of golf!

Waking up to this every morning – at the end of June – nine months of this – memories for a lifetime!
Golfing with our close friends at a golf course way out in the country of N.C.

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise – a bit chiily –

But the forecast called for low 50’s but Sunny!

It makes a big difference with hardly any wind!

As the Sun continues to rise – clouds form but are suppose to clear away!

I have come to accept here in S.C. – that the day changes dramatically

the higher the Sun gets in the sky!

So – you prepare for the day – getting a mental image in your mind

dress in layers – drink your coffee or tea

and know that the day – will turn out okay!

Another painted canvas by nature!

So it goes – sunrise – sunshine – cool but no wind – warmth.

A fine day to be alive and a fine day to golf with friends!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World




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Papa’s World – Living our dreams to the plus – one day at a time!

I have been fascinated by the beach – sand – surf and the waves my entire life!

When we were firs married – we went to the beach in the Outer Banks.

Our goal each year was to take the kids to the beach for vacation.

I always dreamed of one day – to somehow work close to the beach –

I would always say ” I am going to sell hot dogs on the beach – just so I could be there”!

Papa and Sherry ( MorMor) Swedish for MothersMother!

Today – everyday where we are –

we are living that dream.

We sold our home back in NVA.

Along with most furniture

and are renting a condo in Ocean Keyes – North Myrtle Beach S.C.

And we walk 1/2 mile through the gated community – to the beach!

Cold weather – I was like this – warm walking weather – I am ready to go!

Anything in the Sun – mid 40’s to mid 50’s and no wind – I am for it!

But – snow – wind – ice (slip and fall) I am out of there!

We searched and searched – condo’s – homes – rentals – different areas until we realized – it was equal to just build what we want!

So – we pulled the trigger – after we said to ourselves – we do not want to renovate at our age.

We want to live our remaining lives while we can –

playing golf – exploring and walking the beaches!

When we went back home for Christmas – we had our plans and showed the kids. We were ready to go – waiting for the start date!

We made our selections before Thanksgiving – the paper work was done –

The deposit made – banking finalized –

And when we returned from NVA –

We went to the lot –


Our dream is about to take place.

We have found our shopping stores – and are exploring the area –

Golfing is everywhere and the beach is four miles away!

We are on the mainland and cross the ICW to get to the beach.

Now – we will wait to get a close date-

we have to buy furniture and move from storage what we have left.

Our dream is about to become a reality – walking the beach – warm weather –

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –

our 2020 has been stressful with the Pandemic

our lives are changed and social distancing the norm.

But – our dream continues on –

Papa’s World



Sherry and Papa – living our dream life to the plus one day at a time.


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Papa’s World – Golfing at Thistle – Calabash N.C.

We have now golfed our second course since we moved to S.C.


We had a chance to grab tee times at this sought after course.

The whole theme is of Scotland

with the club house and grounds

and the road onto and into the course.

This part of N.C. close to the ocean is rather flat

but they molded this course into bunkers

with six tee boxes on each hole!

I was impressed at just how much they changed the landscape.

Plus – there is a lot of water hazards here!

And something you do not see in Scotland – GATORS!

This big one was sunning itself on the back side

of a raised green – and from the fairway

you could not see it!

Good thing no had hit long

because as I walked back to line up my putt

there it was!

Sherry and Cindy also saw another one when then went to find a ball

next to a water hazard

and carefully got out of there!

It was a great course – and because of the tees we played

we avoided a lot of water where they were!

A look at one of the many many water hazards!
Gator laying on the bank sunning itself
Sherry hitting from the fairway
Cindy hitting from fairway – they both are never in trouble always down the middle
Climbing the bank to the elevated green
Getting ready to tee off
And the dawn breaking of the day we went golfing from our Lanai

We always have fun golfing with Cindy and Buck

now that we are down here – they live about 40 minutes away

so we make tee times to play

this being the fourth time we have played together

since we came down late September and stayed with them for 5 days!

Sherry getting ready to hit

Thank you for reading Papa’s World



Buck Cindy Papa Sherry


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Papa’s World – after the escape room – GOLF !

Good morning
Of course – part two of why
we are all together
Guys vs. Gals

That is what we do – and this has been on going for years !

This time we only played nine holes –

On Sunday morning – as we also had to hurry home-

change and rush to a PIRATE BAR to watch the “BILLS ” !

That is my next blog – but today – we gave strokes !

As much as I did not want to – we did ! LOL

Buck Dottie Jim Sherry
discussing the course
before we had to be there
at 8:00 AM.
putting green
at Magnolia Greens
golf course
Buck and Cindy have lived here
for I guess 15 years
or more !
Cindy Dottie Jim Buck
greens were fast even with dew on them !
While every one else was putting
Sherry was chasing ducks !

The match was nine holes –

We had to give them THREE STROKES !

And two replays ( do not know about that )

Jim made that deal !

Me – after all these years

know better

they will kick your butt !

Plus – we had to use everyone’s drive at least once

Ended up using Bucks four times – mine three times and Jim’s twice.

They started us on the back nine
of 27 holes
The Azalea course
which the 24 th. fairway
runs right behind their house !
View of the 24 th. fairway
behind Cindy and Buck’s
house in Magnolia Greens

The gals went out first –

and we could tell if they were playing good

The antics on the green we could see and hear !

The three of us that are retired
keep telling the youngsters
that this is what you have to do !

The course was in really great shape –

and we never saw anyone until the 24 th. hole

a two some playing behind us !

Cindy Sherry Dottie
selfie before they started off

The gals played well – we could tell that this was going to be tough !

We watched them tee off – all three right down the middle-

That is their game

US – it is right or left !

They took a picture on one of their drives

all three balls were right beside each other

in the middle of the fairway !

Buck Tom Jim
The three amigo’s
Jim and I go back
to playing softball
in the late 70’s early 80’s
Buck and I
39 years
We watched as all three
hit this island green
par three – with water on three sides
they were putting for birdie!

We were sailing right along – one under par after six holes!

We were getting ready
lots of chatter

We were playing good – actually making putts !

One putted first three holes !

Jim checking score
That is when we started to sweat

Those THREE STROKES were going to be big in the end !

they will kill you
they never lose balls
and are always in middle
and on the green most times
in regulation !
Sherry Dottie Cindy

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

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Jimmy – on 24th. fairway
with Buck and Cindy’s house
in back ground
across the pond !

We had boggy’s on the last three holes

and they were watching and waiting for us on the last hole.

Giving them the three strokes

we ended up winning by ONE STROKE

and if we had not one putted those first three holes

well – as always – luck plays a role !

for health and nutrition
for business
Thank you
Papa’s World
where friends meet family
The 24 th.fairway
life is good
friends are forever

Next blog – ” SHOUT – the Bills make you want to SHOUT “

Papa’s World – it came – it went – and then it came back

It was in the ’80’s – I believe ’83 or ’84 – we gathered a group of us – my sister and her husband Bill – My brother – my friend Jim and wife Dorothy. And – John Murphy and a few more.

We rented this house at the Outer Banks of N.C. Now – Sherry and I had gone in ’82 – with a whole load of my brother’s friends. And we went back to the same house as it was right across the road from the beach.

Cindy – ( Not there) Jim ( there) Sherry ( there) Dorothy ( there)

We had no children with us – just adults – and a few brews ! The week was friends and family – and it started off with a volleyball game in the sand at the rear of the house. Then – on the second day – we got the news flash – a storm was coming – a big storm – could be a HURRICANE !

Winter in Pa.

Now – we all are from the North – Penna. – N.W. – in the snow belt – where if you mention storm – it most likely is SNOW and or BLIZZARD ! We very seldom get the HURRICANE effect except in ’72 – Agnes !

In NWPA – you live with snow every day – and this was all new to us. We went to the fire department – got a chart – yes – we were going to chart it – when it got close we would leave !

GRAB A BEER – head to the beach – Sun – warm breeze – surf – what else could you want !

As the week went on – the notice got worse – voluntary evacuation – you have to understand –

we had been planning this for a year – it was our vacation – a time where you only got two weeks vacation a year !


Our chart was up to date – we had the radio on tuned to a station 24 hours a day – the TV also – it was kind of fun plotting the course – seeing the path as it came up from the Gulf.

But we were some 800 miles away from it ! And the weather was beautiful – never mind that NONE of us had unpacked – we were living day to day out of our suitcases !

Then – it changed – to the good – it had turned and was going out to sea – we were saved – no worries – celebrate – it was Tuesday – had the next four days – Sun – brews- unpack – head to the beach.

We turned the radio off – packed the chart up – and got up Wednesday morning to a beautiful RED SKY !

Something was up – turned radio back on – it had turned and was heading right off the coast to where we were. The wind picked up – the roads closed and we were stuck. We could not get out !

There it sat 150 miles due East -the waves were getting bigger – the wind – well some shutters blew off – yes it was scary –

but we hunkered down and then it was over. The beach across the road – part of it was gone with a good five foot drop off.


Well – it was over – we still had a couple days left – we learned that these things can and are dangerous – we thought we were all right – but they change in a instant.

That was my first and last time with a HURRICANE – today – we still go to the beach – but we always check the weather – and if it seems to be coming – we do not go.

Some have passed on – the rest – we are still friends from all those years ago. We still get together every 4 to 6 months – and last September we were at the beach.

I would much rather go through a blizzard than a Hurricane and or major storm on the beach !

Just another story in the course of my life –

Papa’s World – it came – it left – and it came back !

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