Papa’s World – Welcome to my world – OIB!

We have now lived here for 17 months – where did that go? Our home is most likely ( hoping) our last major move.

We decided on moving here – near the borders of N.C and S.C. because it was still within 61/2 hours and 8 hours of our families in NVA.

We have close friends who live about 33 miles away and more close friends who are building in that same area.

We enjoy our location for the close access to the beaches and major shopping and golf while still having that country feel.

While we do have the threat of Hurricanes – we are not in a flood zone. Having gone through category one – we have decided on anything past an category two – we most likely will leave.

We enjoy the 30- minute drives to shopping at the outlet mall and the many offerings of shows and entertainment of Alabama Theater and Carolin Opera!

Sunrise on OIB with boats racing for a fishing tournament – warm weather – ocean breezes in summer-time

lead to what locals call down here “THE SALT LIFE”!

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