Papa’s World – family – most are gone – but memories linger on – missing them.

My step father John – my mother Mary and my brother in law Bill.

John was a decorated WWII hero – with the purple heart and numerous other medals.

He captured a castle and a Nazi officer out of uniform – there is a story in a military journal

that is in the WWII museum in Eldred Pa.that chronicles that event.

He took from that officer a automatic machine gun pistol – vintage WWI – that also resides in the museum

and is worth upwards in the thousands of dollars. They keep it locked away as it is so valuable.

He was wounded several times and went back into action.

Bill was a vet of the forgotten war – Korea – he seldom talked about it but while I was growing up –

he gave to me his sleeping bag that he used in the cold winters there.

I admire his stamina as all it was is a wool blanket inside a canvas liner!

I would get very cold while sleeping outside on the ground in it!

He was more to me than a brother in law – he was my friend and like a brother to me.

One time I was out with him on patrol in the cop car – he was the town cop –

We drove down across the tracks and out past the old pipe building –

he saw a woodchuck and said to me –

“Do I get him”?
“Sure I said”!

He pulled out his gun and from the front seat shot that old woodchuck –

I almost went deaf from that gun going off!

I said ” JESUS CHRIST BILL” and then we both just burst out laughing!

Lesson – never fire a gun from inside a car – you can barely hear for like 10 minutes!

John and Mary ( my mother) holding pies that she made from scratch!

Mom was known all over the town and county and into NYS for her baking.

She would bake rolls – bread – pies and cakes. Sweet rolls and sticky buns.

There was not anything she could not knead and bake and all from memory!

She did not need a receipt – she just did it after almost 85 years of her life baking!

She baked as a child learning from her mother who passed at 85 years old.

Mom was next to the youngest of 11 kids and was almost 98 years old when she passed.

She supplied pies and cakes and rolls for a diner in town.

She was so kind and loving – warm and gentle – but she also was a strong women – way before her time – she believed in equal rights and taught me that – she would come up with these sayings that made me laugh – ” You are as useless as a two petered billy goat”

Or she would say ” You are as useless as teats on a boar hog”! She had me in stitches –

she also played the accordion my father the spoons and sang and my uncle jack the wash board.

They would do this at family picnics and if the beer was free – at social events.

When she was young – she traveled with my grandma in the logging camps of Pa.

Making breakfast – lunch and dinner as a way to make money in the depression.

My father passed away in 1969 after a long battle with cancer – leaving mom a widow and my younger brother just entering H.S. After about ten years she met John – and they remarried – both of them.

They were together until he passed away at age 81.

She called him “JOHNNY BOY” and he was so good to her – just what she needed after ten years losing my dad.

He could fix anything and construction was his forte.

His cars and trucks immaculate even though they were ten years old – showroom condition.

He fixed up and remodled the house which she had kept going all those years .

That same house today is still in the family after almost 78 years –

my great niece lives there today.

Mary ( Mom) and John ( her Johnny boy)

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Just another memory of my family gone but not forgotten.

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Papa’s World – North Myrtle Beach – dinner at Local on the Water!

Good day – while living for nine months at Ocean Keyes – which is in North Myrtle Beach – we became fond of

the place to eat right on the ICW is called LOCAL ON THE WATER!

View from the deck looking West along the ICW from the deck.

This complex has several bar areas and places to eat.

This also is the place where dolphin cruises depart along with boat rentals!

A big campground sits across the ICW on the other side.

The outdoor stage along with the covered outdoor bar – plenty of room to spread out and listen to the music –

this afternoon was a lone singer who was quite good!

Get there early as it fills up fast!

Our family was at their table – the rest of the kids were playing on the swings! You can see the main bar area in the background!

If in NORTH MYRTLE BEACH – check this place out – we have taken many guests here!

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Papa’s World – Revisited our old neighborhood – NMB!

Main Street and Beach Blvd intersection of North Myrtle Beach – during our nine-month condo stay here – we walked this almost every day – heading for the beach – you can see the stage at the entrance to the beach.

The radio station 94.9 THE SURF is on the left along with HODO’S Beach Club and the Old Arcade on the right.

The parking lot on Friday nights is full of beach chairs and the streets are closed off for concerts on the stage.

Turning around from the intersection is Main Street and you can see Sherry walking up the street.

We were here at the beginning of the Pandemic and this was a ghost town – although the stores were open.

Our favorite nightclub to go to where we finally learned what THE SHAG was!

A dance that came from the Rythem and Blues of the 40s and became a cross-over called Carolina Beach music.

And has become the state dance!

This scene has been ongoing for 80 years!!!!

“ENTER THROUGH THE JUKEBOX DOORS” so goes the advertisement heard on the radio.

This club is full of history – pictures and items from the past 80 years!

The dance is like the STROLL-JITTER BUG – SWING where you never lose contact with your dance partner.

Yearly competitions are held here and every four months SHAG comes to town –

Bands – music- dancing in the streets!

Like the Hollywood Walk of Fame – the sidewalks are full of plaques from all through the years of people and dancers and dates!

The big water tower that overlooks the town has a picture of a couple dancing THE SHAG!

On the beach from the beach entrance – we walked this every day while we lived here!

Sherry walking North Myrtle Beach – one of the widest beaches at low tide I have ever been on!

Exiting the sixth street beach entrance and looking up the street to where we stayed at the back entrance to Ocean Keyes.

Over 700 condos and a huge lake with six water fountains.

Six pools – tennis courts and a workout room.

Loved living there but no garage and no storage space – or else we might have stayed there.

Looking back from sixth street beach parking to the main town of North Myrtle Beach – our old neighborhood.

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Papa’s World – Alabama Theater – Christmas show.

The family came after Christmas but before New Year to spend four days with us – Instead of presents – we bought tickets to Pirates Voyage and The Christmas show at Alabama Theater in Barefoot Landing, North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

This is our view of the stage – we sat right in the middle behind the equipment for all the sound and lights.

Marcus – Bode – Tammy – Cassidy – Sherry(MorMor) Taylor – happy grandkids and they really enjoyed the show.

We were so happy they came down from NVA – and got to share with them the theater.

Sherry – Taylor – Papa – getting ready for the first act to start!

Marcus and Bode – father and son – a selfie by Bode!

Tammy and Cassidy – selfie by Cassidy – the eyes tell the story!

Cassidy – Sherry – Taylor – a selfie by Sherry whom all three call MORMOR – Swede for MothersMother.


Papa’s World – Eating dinner at CROOKED HAMMOCK!

A family outing at Barefoot Landing in S.C. NMB – dinner at CROOKED HAMMOCK – before our Alabama Theater performance and Christmas show.

When in North Myrtle Beach – this is one of our favorite places to go – eat and have a drink – CROOKED HAMMOCK BREWERY!

Our acts of kindness result in happiness for others.

Sherry ( MORMOR) Taylor Marcus Bode Cassidy Tammy – family night out – visited us after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve.

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Papa’s World – The power to take your life in a new direction!

It was not easy to decide to sell our home – almost everything in it –

and move to another state – some 450 miles away!

It all started with the stock market slide – around the time the Pandemic hit!

Our retirement is in the 401 K and it took a big hit!

But – there is always a but!

The housing market was taking off!

From the last reduction in prices around 2006 –

and losing in that market –

We were now almost even – a rebound!

And it was going up!

Our oldest grand kids – Maddy Sarah Ella

With the three oldest grand kids

One in college – one in the fall in college and one who has a life of her own

And the three little ones – we would make it a point to return often –

after all – we were retired – and Sherry had her home based business –

that could go anywhere with phone and internet service

We would sell!


After 14 1/2 years – with the downturn behind us in the housing market

WE MADE A PROFIT and had all of our equity!

We followed our plan – sold our house and furniture –

for three months we went back and forth between our daughters houses!

We had our equity to either rent – or buy – we had choices!

And then by chance – I stumbled upon this – having no thought of moving to S.C. !

Our view today – we left end of September and went to North Myrtle Beach to Ocean Keyes!

Since that time – we have been home twice – holidays for three weeks – and now for a week!

The grand kids have been down – the little ones – and by the time you read this –

the older ones will have been here!

Our family – when we returned for a visit.

Our family when they came to visit!

We have started a new life – away but close enough to make it home in seven hours.

We are happy in our senior years – living life to the plus each day!

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A new life – walking the beach every day –

We have each other – we have family and we have friends.

It was not easy – but God works in ways I can not explain.

We have started a new life and a new house build!

It will be done around the early part of June!

We had no idea a year ago we would be doing this!


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Papa’s World – my brother Mike – known in the family nicknamed by Bill as JUICE – gone – but not forgotten – we grew up together.

Mike – shoveling snow for my mother.

He had red curly hair – a smile a mile wide and a laugh and giggle that you knew right away who it was.

He was my younger brother – we were like a second family for my parents –

Donna and Roger were 15 and 10 years older.

We had a sister who died at birth in between the two sets of kids.

We fought like cats and dogs do – but we also were close.

He instigated a lot of it and would scream bloody murder as loud as he could when I had enough.

I was the one who into trouble but mom always knew as she later told me.

He was just o darn likable with that hair and giggle.

MOM ( Mary) Sue ( Susan) his wife and Mike ( we look alike here I think.)

We played all the time together – cowboys and Indian’s – running the neighborhood –

He was always hurting himself – one time he climbed up on top of a attached shed at a neighbors house.

He was going to ambush me but I saw him and pretended to shoot him.

I saw what he was going to do and I yelled STOP – but he did it anyway –

always acting real life he sort of collapsed and rolled off the shed to the ground as if dead.

But there was a stone bird bath under the shed roof and when he came down he hit his elbow on it!

Off to the doctors office we went and then in the ambulance to the hospital to have surgery on the elbow!

He had to have a pin put in and that elbow was off to the side -making his arm seem crooked.

Mom ( Mary) talking to Mike’s daughter Jennifer at the kitchen table.

A few years later – we were on the front porch – and he had climbed up onto the porch railing – I told him he had better get down before he fell.

Well – as always – he gave me that silly laugh and giggle – and I could not help but smile until he did fall.

At the end of the porch beneath that railing – a 2 x 10 stuck out – he came down and hit that board with his other elbow and we repeated the same thing all over again with another surgery – now he had two elbows exactly the same!

But -it seemed like it was a perfect solution for him as it perfected his golf swing and he had a lot of power and strength in those arms – one time I was with him – and this was way before anyone was hitting the ball 300 yards.

We were playing the old number one hole at Smethport – he was a Freshman – me just beginning my senior year –

He hit that ball and because of how his elbows were now shaped – he hit it straight with power. That hole was a gradual uphill some 305 yards!

His ball ended up past the hole and into the yard behind it! Some 50 or 60 yards past! Uphill!

If I had not been there to see it – I would not believe it!

Gene Fazio – who was a card member of the PGA and a premier golfer in the Pa. and NYS area –


Mike was a scratch golfer even with those elbows.

Mike later with a red beard and that red curly hair!

Mike ended up bigger than me – he was as tall as my father who was a little over six foot tall.

The brother’s – Roger – Mike and I got our curly hair from my dad – my grandfather was bald.

Mike ended up around 215 pounds and played football – but he could kick that ball just like he hit golf balls.

Far and straight – he became a field goal kicker way before that was common in H.S.

His kick offs were always through the end zone and he went on to college at Mansfield University of Pa.

Where he became the kicker for the college football team.

He graduated in Criminal Justice.

My step dad John – Sue and Mike.

As I said before he was always doing something and getting hurt!

He was riding my bike one day and I told him to get off as he was not big enough to ride it!

His legs could barley touch the pedals – sure enough his foot slipped and he came down on the cross bar –

off to the hospital we went again – operation for a rupture!

My brother in law Bill nick named him JUICE!

I really do not know why other than he was like electric – energy running through him – always a live wire!

Then one day Bill and I were sitting on the front porch –

and he said “HERE COMES JUICE”!

And then Bill said “JESUS CHRIST”!

And Bill hollered at him – “JUICE- PUT THE ROPE DOWN”!

But too late!

Mike was walking up the street twirling a dog rope with a clasp on the end of it over his head like a cowboy!

He got it too low just after Bill yelled to put it down and it started to wind around his head lower and lower.

It came around and smacked him right on the mouth –


Off to the dentist office we went – oral surgery to extract what remained in his mouth of that tooth.


Red hair – bearded – always smiling and that silly laugh – giggle.

I MISS HIM as he passed away when I was 35.

Sue Mike Jenifer

My brother MIKE – loved – close as brothers are – gone way too young – but never forgotten.




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Papa’s World – A little dinner get-together with neighbors at Local on the Water in NMB!

We had 13 peole who made it – good time – was very loud with the music – hard to hear – and we were spread out!

The music was country western and very good – I would go again to just listen and watch them.

The venue here is impressive – but if we come back I would want to eat in the back room where we could talk and visit – and maybe in smaller groups where we could see everyone and hear them.

But – for dancing and or just listening to the band – AONE in my book!

Our little neighborhood group – plus several could not make it – good times – good company –

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PAPA’S WORLD – A little neighbors get together at Local on the Water – in North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Papa’s World – Barefoot landing with family!

We decided to have a drink here and they could also shop!

Our family from NWPA came to visit for a week – an almost 15-hour drive!

We walked around and showed them the marina and stopped –

then we decided to have a drink – and LULU’S is a favorite spot for us to relax and people watch.

A mixture of drinks I just had my usual draft!

SMILE – you are in PAPA’S WORLD!
My oldest son Troy!

Trisha – Papa Sherry Autumn

The first time they have been in the south for a visit.

I told them next time they need to fly

not drive 15 hours!

My youngest son Shawn and Sherry

Andrea and Troy

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Papa’s World – bringing color to the back yard with Crepe Myrtles and Oleander bushes.

I wanted color back here – the builder planted white Crepe Myrtles out front – these are WATERMELLON!
We also replaced all the Pine Straw and moved it to the tree line where we had three Oleanders put in!

They are young plants and hoping they will take hold – watering them everyday – but next year they should bloom

a bright RED againest the back drop of the protected tree line.

The second Crepe Myrtle – all trees in the yard now have stone and brick or edging depending where they are. The ones next to the house are mulched in black and serve as a contrast to the light gray siding.

A quiet neighborhood – but already a man rang the doorbell trying to sell home securtiy!

We are slowly putting in flowers that will come back year to year – hoping to make this area wild but colorful!
This will be a on going work in progress – adding a little bit here and there!

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Papa’s World – Heritage Shores nature walk with family!

In Cherry Grove – North Myrtle Beach is a nature walk over the marsh and onto an island.

My two sons – Troy and Shawn – we had a high tide and rain and part of the paths were ankle-deep in water.
But we managed to make it all the way around except for Sherry – Andrea and Trisha who decided to turn around and go back the way we came.

It was just past here when my oldest son Troy spotted a snake that I did not see!
About to come to the gazebo overlooking the marsh and waterway.

Troy and Andrea take a break and take in the expanse of the bay.

Andrea and Autumn on a viewing deck of the marsh – yes gators are here but never have seen them.

Troy and Andrea exploring another viewing deck.

Walking the path through the bush.


You can see the water on the path here.

Thanks for reading Papa’s World – my family visiting from NWPA!

Troy Papa Shawn – sons.
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Papa’s World – North Myrtle Beach – Cherry Grove – old neighborhood!

At Cherry Grove looking South toward the tall buildings of North Myrtle Beach.

Here is where we took the grandkids for lunch after mini-golf – to SNOOKY’S.

This was the area we lived in for nine months at Ocean Keyes while the house was being built.

We would walk this beach every day for our three-mile walk.

This area here is where you ride the jet skies – paraglide and the big banana boats!

A great family beach!

Walk to main street and shopping.

The grandkids wading and looking for shells and sharks’ teeth!

SNOOKY’S is our favorite beach bar and grill in NMB!

We have taken most family and friends here.

Also – the water was very warm and great for swimming and wading.

A lot of people also were shell hunting!
Bode and Taylor in the surf.

What a good day – mini golf which is all Bode talked about and he picked out the mini golf course.

Lunch at Snooky’s and then some time hunting shells in the surf of Cherry Grove.

If you are interested in making the Myrtle Beach area your vacation spot – I recommend this area

as it is a great place for families and the beach are fantastic.

Sherry Cassidy Taylor and Bode in the surf at Cherry Grove, S.C.

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Papa’s World – North Myrtle Beach – Barefoot Landing – Crooked Hammock – FAMILY!

Ella – Maddy – Sarah granddaughters visiting the NMB entrance by the Arch!

Decided to go to North Myrtle Beach where we lived for nine months until our house was built!

Mike and Sarah had not been there and we wanted to do a little shopping.

Then it was onto Barefoot Landing – another place we would go to while living in this area.

On the ICW and boat marina of Barefoot Landing.
Walking along the lake at Barefoot Landing

Shopping – looking around and Mike and I went to the waterfront bar of Crooked Hammock.

Waterfront bar of Crooked Hammock in Barefoot Landing – NMB, S.C.
The brewery and restaurant of Crooked Hammock

It was a fun-filled day exploring with the family –

Sarah got to go to her store that sells crystals

Mike got to see where we lived for nine months

All the ladies are like this!

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The ladies in Mike & Papa’s World

Papa’s World – North Myrtle Beach Saint Patrick’s day parade and festival.

The parade had been canceled due to weather – rain and strong winds.

Our granddaughter was leaving that afternoon to go back to the Unversity of Lynchburg, Va.

So we made an early trip to NMB with her to take in the parade and see some vendors.

Maddy with some of the spoils thrown from the participants from the parade.

Everyone was throwing candy – shirts – hats – beads!

Sherry coming back from a golf cart dispencing Margaritas!

It was a fun time – and lasted over an hour!

A Statue of Liberty and a hat were given away!
Bonding time with grandmother and granddaughter

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Papa’s World – Saint Patrick days parade – NMB!

Maddy wanted to walk the beach and see the ocean one last time before she went back to college.

The parade had been canceled the previous week because of the strong wind and rain.

So – this time our granddaughter Maddy was here but she had to leave in the afternoon –

So we drove to North Myrtle Beach so she could enjoy a few hours of just plain fun –

and take her last walk and see the ocean before she left.

Here Shery and Maddy walk out to the ocean at the main street entrance to NMB.

Walking the main street in North Myrtle Beach before the parade.

Hundreds of vendors were set up – food – drink – items for sale.

We were there early – around 8:30 am.

Coffee for our early morning walks around town viewing the vendors before the thousands of people show up.

Sherry and Maddy sitting on a towel on the curb of Ocean Blvd.

We did not carry chairs – and we had front row seats sitting on a towel on the curb.

The parade lasted one hour – and was quite colorful in green and white and orange!

Papa and Maddy – time for some green beer!
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It was a great four-plus hour spending time with our granddaughter before driving back to the house.

Sad to pack her up to leave in the early afternoon – but we had her entire spring break with us.

Saint Patrick’s day parade in North Myrtle Beach

Papa’s World – New home – the build begins – living our dreams.

As the day begins at the condo – the build of our new home begins some six-teen miles away – in Cameron Woods at Ocean Isle Beach – N.C. We searched and searched – but all in vain as the cost to buy was equal or more than to build what we wanted!

Our view here I shall always remember – in all we will be here for nine months!

I captured this shot as a flock of geese were coming right at me before

rising up over the lanai and roof.

We decided to build – that way we would have everything we wanted

A single story – no stairs – covered front porch – screened in covered lanai.

Close to the beach ( four miles) in the country!

Close to golfing ( over 20 courses near by)

And with in 6 1/2 hours to travel back home

or family to travel here!

Materials for the new home – ground is ready – all utilities in and inspected – waiting for pour of concrete!
Forms and moisture barrier
Some view in one direction of neighborhood – I think in total maybe fifty homes will be here.
When done – a two car garage with pull down stairs and finished storage overhead.

We will have around 1900 sf. of heated space –

in addition to a 140 sf covered and screened in lanai

and a open 10 x 14 concrete patio.

There will be a covered front porch

and views of the neighborhood.

The back will be woods with no one building there

as it will be a conservation area.

We will be four miles to Ocean Isle Beach and six miles to Sunset Beach

A thirty minute drive back to North Myrtle Beach

and a fifthteen minute drive to Calabash

and a fifthteen minute drive to Shallotte.

All this in the middle of some twenty golf courses we will be playing!

The concrete is poured – and rain is now slowing up everything!

But – all the inspections have been completed

and our contractor calls us every Monday to give updates

and answer any questions!

The forms are out – concrete is in – framing will be next!
View of the garage and the woods behind the new build.

We drive over every Sunday – no one is working!

That way – if it is not raining – we can get out and look it over!

This will be our third house together building.

All three were unique and we have input on all of them.

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Papa’s World – Heritage Reserve with the grand kids – hiking!

Bode – walking into the Heritage Reserve – Cherry Grove – S.C.

The little guy learned that not hiking is in the mountains like he thought!

Crossing streams or climbing rocks – that is all he had ever done on a hike

Showing him nature – the marsh – water – sand – scrub trees –

He learned that there is more to this Earth – hoping to bring him back

in warm weather as we were told you could see “GATORS” then!

Taylor walking the path through the trees!
Taylor Cassidy Tammy Sherry ( MorMor) making their way into the preserve!

They were excited – walking into the trees on the sand path –

looking for birds – snakes – spiders

hearing the sounds and the marsh views!

Taylor and MorMor – she is only 10 years old – already up above her MorMor shoulders who is 5′ 9″!
Bode – exploring and me reading to him what is here!

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Papa’s World – first-time visit to Fat Harolds for neighbors and sister-in-law!

In North Myrtle Beach is a club called Fat Harolds – and this is the third location in the last 80 years!

It all started in the early ’40’s – on the beach – a Pavillion – where the beach music scene started.

The original club was taken out in the ’50s by a hurricane.

The music was started in the Carolinas and became a nationwide dance – called the SHAG!

Until the pandemic – they held national and international competitions here at Fat Harolds.

It is a combination of some Jitterbug – Swing – Boogie – and I think either six or eight steps!

You never lose contact with your partner and the intricate steps are fascinating to watch.

On Wednesday nights the crowd swells – to where there is no room on the dance floor!

This is now our generation coming here to dance – and man are they ever good!

You can tell by the shoes – men and women wear special dancing shoes!

But I see younger people also here – the next generation is now coming –

after all – it now is 80 years and still going strong.

There is a radio station right on the beachside of Ocean Drive – 94.9 THE SURF

They play all the beach songs – and classics – but there is music and songs dedicated to this era –

and some national bands that play nothing but beach music as it is called here.

Every six months – Spring and Fall – they have a 7 to the 10-day festival – here in NMB –

All the clubs take part – live music in all of them and live music on the beach in the square.

Thousands of people come here to stay and dance.

The Pandemic cut it back but now it is back after a year off.

And Wednesday nights they broadcast live from Fat Harolds – playing all the beach sounds.

Shagging – once again!

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Our neighbors – Steve and Diane – Sherry’s sister Debbie – Sherry and Papa.

Their first visit and experience at FAT HAROLDS on the BLVD SHAGGING! North Myrtle Beach – S.C.

Papa’s World – Shopping – stop for drinks – at Patio’s by the water – and then dinner.

A beautiful morning sunrise – our friends car in driveway – and later a shopping trip to Calabash.

We decided this day would be shopping – a unique store in Calabash called Calahans.

This has been a store of destination for decades and decades.

“L” shaped and 100 feet long or more on each side!

There are thousands and thousands of items – beach – lawn – apparal and holidays – all of them!

Steve in the old English telephone booth outside

It was fun – but I am a people watcher – not a shoper – I know what I want – and I am in and out!

But – Elaine and Steve had fun – I got to visit with a guy sitting on a bench –

and Sherry got to look some more at what she has looked at at least six times! LOL

And then it was on our way to Little River, S.C. to the waterfront.

I told them this is where the locals go and hang out.

There is even a biker bar there!

But our favorite is called “PATIO’S” and sits on the water – has live music –

and good food!

We are on the lower deck behind the other two patio decks – and also behind the band.

We have a VIEW of the water and boat traffic – plus this is where they dock the two large Casino boats.

This is the waterway the big boat came down on – and turned completly around and docked right in front of us!

It was incredible to watch as it from end to end – you would swear it could touch both shores!

The Casino boat after turning around right there and docking – and passengers getting off.

It loads up here – ticket office right there and there were hundreds of people on it!

It goes out to the ocean to the international border line – and then they anchor and they gamble!


We decided to stay – order dinner – I HAD A SALAD –

and listen to the band play ’70’s and ’80’s music!

The food was good and so was the music!

My beautiful wife of almost 40 years – who is a CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH from Dr. William Sears!

Who keeps me on track and healthy after my heart attack almost 8 years ago.

Sherry has had her own internet – multi level business for almost 16 years.

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Available in over 20 country’s Worldwide.

Her team is nationwide and is called TEAM GENERATIONS –

helping mothers and fathers –

children and grandparents and now grandchildren –

build their immune systems long before Covid.

Our daughters are also in the business and one has surpassed her mother in both the business and title!

Debby is now a QMND for The Juice Plus Company –

having gone full time as soon as she joined the team.

Debby – her husband and Sarah – between Sherry and me – and the three little ones from Tammy! Everyone takes juiice plus!

There are no restrictions on what level you achieve and once there – you never lose it.

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Papa’s World – 1.4 miles South from the last house on Sunset Beach – sits a mailbox – KINDRED SPIRIT – now going onto the middle of 5 decades

A large piece of driftwood sits on a sand dune just above the mailbox – dedicated to the man who put it there some four and one half decades ago – along with another hippie female friend.

We had read about this famous mailbox – several books have been written about it –

It is a 1.4 mile walk South on what is called Bird Island – an nature preserve –

located on the Southern half of Sunset Beach in N.C.

I am not sure if this is the other half – the lady friend of Frank – but this is one of two benches next to the mailbox – a place to sit and think and write your thoughts in the journal provided in the mailbox.
The large piece of driftwood with the plaque – overlooking the nature preserve – there are trails back in there to explore – walk in silence with only the breeze – the calling of the birds and the surf .
Papa – at the entrance to the benches and mailbox – waiting as another guest takes her picture.
I can not even imagine how all those years ago – they managed to carry everything here to install the mailbox!
The KINDRED SPIRIT mailbox and benches – this is maintained by persons unknown – has been all these years – and replaced many times as the old ones have slowly eroded away.
It is a lonely spot – yet so many people walk here everyday and leave there writings and thoughts –

throught the years – those journals have been preserved and are considered historical writings –

and are preserved in a museum! I do not know which one but I plan to find out.

The view behind the mailbox at the top of the sand dune – the nature preserve and in the distance –

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH – when on Sunset Beach – go South and I think at 40th. street – the end –

just find a place to park alongside the road – be sure your tires are completly off the pavement – and if a bike path off that also.

Then find the beach access and come to a sign at the beach – it tells you the distance to the mailbox and further down the beach – the jetty and the mouth of the river – where the Casino boats from Little River enter the ocean – going out to the International border line to gamble.


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Papa’s World – a little side trip to Tanger Outlets in Myrtle Beach – coffee and ice tea.

And that is how we live our lives – one day at a time.

We decided to just get out on a nice day and run some errands – the twins birthday is coming up –

and Cassidy and her MorMor have been in conversations every day – she ( Cassidy) calls

at least once a day and relays on Taylors thoughts! LOL

Our first stop after a half hour drive – was the Tanger Outlets – in Myrtle Beach. Where Sherry had some shopping

for birthday gifts to do for the twins. We are flying home – had vouchers we had to use – and will be kid watching

for a extra long weekend – as their parents are going to a wedding.

It also happens to be the twins birthday!

I wanted a coffee and a place to sit in the shade to people watch while Sherry went to the stores she wanted to go to.

She bought a unsweetened ice tea which I watched over for her while she shopped.

Here I am sitting outside the food court under a huge umbrella – sipping my coffee – and just enjoying

a very beautiful day with a slight breeze!

Living here affords us opportunities we did not have before – shopping – outlets – beach –

everything you can say “These people are going home from vacation – we get to stay”!

A day walking – visiting the beach – this is our WHY we came here.


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Sitting at Tanger Outlets sipping coffee – having a great day!


Papa’s World – once more – a trip back to the hood – NMB – pick up mail – visit HOTO’S!

We decided to just sit for a while – share some fries and her ice tea and me a cold IPA!

Every Friday – in season – 94.9 THE SURF radio station – broadcasts live from the outside TIKI bar!

If you listen to BEACH MUSIC of the last 60 some years – it comes from here – as the station is right next door.

It was a beautiful morning – and we were notified by the next occupants of the condo – we had mail there!

The mail system – well – no matter how hard you try to change address’s – some seems to always slip through.

Sitting in the open air HOTO’S TIKI BAR AND GRILL right on the NMB main street entrance.

In the far left corner is where the radio station broadcasts from. Their main station is in this building –

We did not know about BEACH MUSIC until we moved down here.

After all it is only from starting in the ’40’s and right straight through to today – still producing tunes we like.

A lot of the music was what I called MOTOWN but to my surprise was produced for the Carolina beach crowds!

Our little drive back here is only thirty minutes in nice easy traffic. And for $2.00 a hour you can pay –

or park and walk – either way it is a deal!

This is where OCEAN DRIVE and MAIN STREET North Myrtle Beach join – at what I call the ARCHWAY

to the main entrance to the beach!

Full of bars and grills – stores – ice cream – hot dogs and fish places everywhere to eat!

– music and free concerts all through the seasons.

We like this area and it is safe to walk around in – I do not care for the main Mrytle Beach –

and I would not walk around there after dark!

Sherry – certified health coach – – ssherrylynn49@fitztdf
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Going back to the “HOOD” where we lived for nine months!

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH – 94.9 THE SURF – HOTO’S bar and grill on the beach.

ON THE BEACH main street entrance just outside HOTO’S bar and grill!

Papa’s World – at the lake house on Lake Chautauqua – W.N.Y.

Our neighbors from 30 plus years ago in Pleasant Acres Drive.

The Johns now have a lake house on Lake Chautauqua in W.N.Y. A large natural lake some 30 miles long.

For the second year in a row – we have gathered there at the invitation of Carol and Mike –

for a long weekend of telling stories – catching up and boating!

Early morning view from the enclosed porch overlooking the deck – dock and lake with the sunrise.
Buck – Mike – Carol sitting and just relaxing on the porch.
They have accomplished this in this home away from home.
They are here most weekends.
Mike Carol Sherry Cindy(hidden) Buck

We boated for hours and went tubing twice ( yes I did) and loved it!

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Mike doing the fixings for drinks
The lake house – sunrise – firepit and dock and boat.

Next blog – dinner on the water in the boat – friends.

Papa’s World –

Papa’s World – on our way to WNY we stopped at Deb & Mikes to stay the night!

We were on our way for a long weekend at Lake Chautauqua and stopped overnight in Lake Holiday!

We had planned this – but they had taken Maddy back to college that day and left Ella and Sarah home.

So – we arranged to have the two of them meet us in Old Town Winchester for dinner.

Our friends Buck and Cindy were with us so they got to once again vist the family.

Debby’s flowers are just beautiful – colors everywhere.
Mike made a Swedish Bear and Ella painted it and did all the artwork on it – Welcome in Swede.
Some more of her flowers.
Debby’s Mantra.

Walking around the yard – does not do it justice as the whole back yard is the same. She has a green thumb.

Buck and Cindy saying their goodbyes and thanking them for having us overnight.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –

By the time this blog posts – Ella will have started her Freshman year at Randolph College – right across the city from Maddy at the Unversity of Lynchburg.

Papa’s World – going back in time – “WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG”!

This picture has Debby – sitting on ground in front – Tammy – with her arm around Sherry’s fathers shoulder – Sherry’s mother second from Tammy’s left in back row – and me holding Nathan – this was taken almost 32 years ago. Cassidy looks just like her mother Tammy !

We have always been a close knit family – Barb and Bill have passed on – all the cousins have children.

Sarah – who now is almost as tall as Sherry – has always wanted to dance.
The twins as babies – Taylor and Cassidy – then Sarah Maddy – Debby and Ella – who starts college and will pay soccer against Maddy.
Taylor – our grand child who loves to ride horses.
They are growing up so fast – I still call them the little ones!
Bode – blond hair and a smile – who searches me out in the morning to sit on my lap!
The little ones when they were samll but just a few years ago.
Maddy – Ella and Sarah – grwoing up – no longer the small ones – young ladies now.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – fitztdf@fitztdf



Papa’s World – at the beach with the little ones!

Bode – heading out to Taylor and Cassidy at Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.

They were so excited to be able to go to the beach each day – and it was hot – so we decided late afternoon

would be a better time to go – and they played the whole three hours in the surf – riding boogie boards

diving under the waves and getting us nervous as they would inch out farther and farther –

until I would wade out and move them back in.

“Papa – can you fasten this”?

Being young as they are is a exercise in pure energy – being old as I am – it was a exercise just to stand and brace against the waves!

But – I loved every moment of it.

Cassidy and Taylor – heading for the waves.

We did this for five afternoons – on the last night before the parents came – it was mini golf and Italian ice!

I – they – we had enough of facing the big waves and Bode wanted to play as soon as they arrived.

The twins actually ended up liking the mini golf and a lot of laughs on how each one putted the ball.

Both as different as they are but the results were the same.

The beach – we decided the last time for them – we would go to Sunset beach – and they loved it!

As did we – less commercial – more level and the sand more fine.

And it was not as rough as Ocean Isle Beach.

Calling them in for a break – away from the big waves which they were in.

Taylor would stcik more in and closer to us – these two have no fear and are so alike.

Taylor staying closer to us – Cassidy heading out to the waves.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


SHERRY – their MORMOR ( mothers mother)
The twins heading for the waves at Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.


Papa’s World – Broadway at the beach – the little ones and then the beach.

Taylor – so mature and so grown up – yet – while walking in and out of the water – will grab my hand –

Or the hand of her MORMOR ( Swede for MOTHERS MOTHER) she is growing tall – and at 10 – is up to the chin of Sherry – who is tall in her own right.

She is the quiet one of the three – always does what you want and never gives you a rough time.

Cassidy – the other half of the twins – “Someday I will be big” is what she has said.

She is normal size for her age – Taylor has always been bigger – that is why they were early by doctor’s order.

Taylor was taking all the nutrition in the womb – so they had to come out!

They were so tiny – just over three pounds each – but Taylor has maintained that same difference.

Cassidy is a sweet little caring girl who acts like a little mother to Bode – her brother –

but acts more like a twin to Cassidy!

She is a spark plug – so full of energy – natural in sports – cart wheels – over back ward steps –

skate boards – and almost every day face times her MorMor.

Bode – the little guy who at six is growing fast – is so like Cassidy they should be twins –

But he is growing like Taylor! So sweet and caring – yet very determined – and a little fish in the water.

Cassidy is never far from him – they fight but she watches over him like a mother.

He is going to be a golfer – soccer player like his father,

he is into trucks – machines and bikes.

He almost never wears a jacket or socks and shoes – even in the cold.

He is a natural athelete and every time we visit – at 5:30 in the morning –

he knows I am up and blogging – will come to where I am and climb up in my lap!

“PAPA – can I watch you”? Yes little one you can.

FOUR years ago – they are growing up so fast.

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Papa’s World – The arrival of the “LITTLE ONES”

Sherry on arrival at Myrtle Beach International Airport with Cassidy – Bode and Taylor.

Sherry flew back to NVA to watch the twins in a play and because both parents work – instead of them paying

for a couple weeks at summer camp –

they bought plane tickets instead and she flew back with them for me to pick up!

The parents were coming down the following week anyways for a in law family vacation about a hour South of us.

We spent the day yesterday with them – in the sun and the warm water of the ocean.

They were so excited and we planned a full week with them. A few dust ups as childeren will have –

But once we seperated the two –

Cassidy and Bode – it was fine.

Taylor – who is only ten years old – will be taller than her MorMor ( Sherry ) who is 5’9″.

They were so excited to do a number of things – being a gradparent can be exhausting! LOL
After seeing the POWER BOAT ride and wanting to go right away – the little guy got nervous!

I had purchased the tickets for he and I – and while standing in line he said to me –

“Papa – can we get a refund”?

“No” I said.

“PAPA – I am scared – will you hold onto me”?

OF COUSE and I did and he loved it – wanting to go again!

About to start out – Bode and I in the back seat – where it seemed all the water came in and on top of us!

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I will continue in part two the next blog – “THE ARRIVAL OF THE LITTLE ONES”!



Papa’s World – inside our new home – Part 5 – Cameron Woods – Oceam Isle Beach – N.C.

Hallway entrance to master bedroom – great grandmothers desk ( Sherry) numerical location of our prior home – lamp that was a shower present ofr her mothers wedding – a door stopper that belonged to my parents and grandmother – family picture and Mount Nebo church done by my son in law Mike. And a large family history picture of the grandkids to the right.
In the master bedroom looking back to the hall way entrance. We sold all our furniture with the old house – so everything we had to buy and shop for.

The bedroom outfit in each bedroom and all the chairs and couches and kitchen table – end tables – stand for TV and desks in office. Outdoor patio and front porch furniture.

This was given to us as a wdding present form a fellow emplyee who worked with Sherry in the front office and has hung on our bedroom wall in every home we have lived in together. This being home number six!
Our first king sized bed we have purchased – along with a couch that pulls out into a twin bed that Bode used when they were here – all three grankids had a bed to sleep in.

We were worried about beds to sleep in – and we have enough plus our office ( blow up queen mattress to sleep both families) plus we needed storage for clothes and items – by planning with extra drawers and arranging coat closets and linen closets plus the overhead storage in the garage – we have come up with ample space along with oversized night tables and storage shelves under one bed.

This was given to us on 6-25-1982 from Pastor Dan who married us that day in Portville N.Y.

And has hung on every wall of every house we have moved into.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Master bathroom – all tile and hardwood floors come from Dal Tile where we worked a combined 79 1/2 years before we both retired.
This is the end of the inside of the new home in Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.

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Before the new mulch – our new home.

PAPA’S WORLD – by Tom Fitzsimmons contact email

Papa’s World – Part FOURof new home pictures in Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.

A look from the front hallway into the vaulted ceiling living room – to the sunroom and beyond to the open patio.

We wanted open living – being able to see all who are visiting!

And – we wanted LIGHT – FILLED rooms!

Here is the aforementioned rooms along with parts of the kitchen and breakfast nook!

Beyond the breakfast nook is the covered – screened in lanai.

I spend a lot of time out there with the ceiling fan going!

The Kitchen – not real big but comfortable for the two of us to work the same time in!

Seating for four at the island and seating for six at the table with out the extra leaf!

Vaulted ceilings give a feeling of being open and large.

We wanted family to be able to visit – so in the next picture is the Sunroom – with a queen sized pull out sofa!

This makes into a QUEEN BED!

And we wanted the light to come in from outside!

The patio is directly behind these windows and to the left is the lanai!

The screened in Lanai!
Looking out of the lanai to the patio – the tree line is protected and will not be cut down!
This hutch was hand made by Sherry’s father Bill before he passed away.
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Next is PART FIVE of inside the new house – Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.



Papa’s World – inside the new home – Part Three – the tour continues!

The middle bedroom – decorated with pictures of where Sherry grew up – Mount Jewett, Pa.

This room is where we put pictures of Mount Nebo – the historic 1800’s eight sided Swedish church –

which was built by the Swedes who settled here. It also is the final resting place of her realatives.

There is a copy of a very old map of the town of Mount Jewett – which we just framed but have not hung yet.

And of course the historic Kinzua railraod bridge – constructed in the late 1800’s –

across a valley and over 300 feet high and a mile long – and part of it taken down by a tornado!

This same bridge is where they filmed a episode of the TV series “BIGFOOT”!

This was all territory that belonded to the Seneca Indian tribe before the white man.

Looking back toward the hallway to the front door – with the bedrooms and guest bathroom to the left –

The office is to the right and behind that wall in the center. To the right is the hall leading to the garage and laundry room. We choose this model for the open concept and the enclosed office space.

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Papa’s World – Part two – inside the new house – almost done – furniture arrived!

The guest bathroom – off the front hall but between both bedrooms.

Still thinking this one through – the rug we are trying out – she might just keep this one! LOL

Front bedroom – carring on the light gray and yellow theme. It is in here that drawings form Ella and Cassidy are hung.

This room also has the Swedish heritage items – as Sherry is Swede – her grandmother came ferom Sweden.

A drawing of a little girl in the rain with umbrella by Cassidy when she was nine.

This to me is like a HALLMARK card – so simple yet so carefully drawn of a little girl by a little girl.

This was drawn by Ella when she was 17 years old

A picture of our front porch in Brambleton where I sat everyday until the sun got too hot!

She captured it perfectly right down to the flowers and Swedish horses!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – in the next blog I will have pictures of more of the house.

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Papa’s World – our new home – finally – we have the inside almost done – homeless no more!

Welcome to our new home – after a year – we have moved in!
I have had this CLOWN picture since 1973!

I traded for this picture with my brother – Roger – and I rather like it – but the girls always were afraid of it!

So – on this move – I put him up in the garage over my work area with my tools! LOL

And by his side – a painting a Union rep. friend of mine did while negoatiating a union contract in 1982!

Both – hold dear memories for me.

Welcome to our front porch – we have had all the pine straw removed – and replaced with black mulch.

The three Swedish horses were made as presents for us by he oldest granddaughters!

They even cast the concrete!

The front hallway – with the guests bedrooms and bath to the right – and what we both wanted – the office to the left.

The last year we have had to do all our office routines from a table or counter top after selling our home.

We had a home office there – Sherry has a home business – needing a desk top – telephone –

WIFI – INTERNET and storage for files.

Me – I used the downstairs breakfast table and later the kitchen table in the condo as did Sherry.

We both have desks in here – hers to the left – mine to the right – just like our political natures! LOL

Actually – I am the middle of the road – independent!

But now – I have space – desk and filing system for my daily blog articles!

She in turn has files – printer – desk – computer – WIFY – internet – our phones – and ROOM!

Her home based business is now in year 15 – her contact –

The second bathroom – between the two guest bedrooms.

Our old house was almost 3100 sf. on two floors – we did not need all that room – but still enough for family.

And we wanted in our autumn years – one level – and easy access!

The office is big enough to put a blow up queen mattress on the floor –

The sunroom has a pull out queen sized couch – matress –

and the master bedroom has a twin sized pull out mattress!

The house is just over 1900 heated space with a enclosed – covered screened in lanai.

You actually could put a blow up single on the floor there.

This is the third house we have built from ground up – each has been different – but each has our thoughts and ideas

at the time of the build – some we have carried forward – others not – evolving as we grow older.

I will continue in the next blog – thank you for reading Papa’s World – my blog site:

WHERE WE STARTED – THE GARAGE – a two car garage – but since we only have one car – it has been turned into

shelving – work area and some storage – also a pull down stairs to overhead storage where I have neatly

stacked the xmas crates – suitcases and some blow up mattress’s!

SHERRY ( GRANDMA & MORMOR – mother’s mother) PAPA – ( Tom) Grandpa


To be continued!

Paps’ World – the beginnings of a new day and later with friends at Lulu’s!

Even though we are surrounded by construction on new builds – my view each morning begins sometimes with the sun peaking through the clouds – the Ocean is but 3 miles away in that direction.
Welcome to Papa’s World and another day in my life.

This day we would later meet up with friends – for we had tickets at the Albama Theater in Barefoot landing –

To see the MOTOWN review straight from Broadway.

But first – I sit on my front porch every early morning – waiting for the sun to peak over the tree line.

The early morning is my favorite part of the day – has been my entire life.

When I was growing up and my brother left for college – I moved into his bedroom at the front of the house –

which faced East – every morning I would be awake listening to the birds chirping and then the sun coming through the two front windows of that bedroom.

In all my years since then – I have never lost that feeling of the dawning of a new day!

Sunrise at the new house in Cameron Woods – Ocean Ridge – Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.
But we had a show to see and first a meet up at LULU’S In Barefoot Landing with friends!
We have known them for over 35 years being neighbors before they moved to the Willmiington N.C. area.

Buck and Cindy – who now live about 40 minutes away in Magnolia Greens just outside of Leland.

We try to get together once a week to either golf or go to dinner or to a theater.

Sometimes we or they get busy and then it is several weeks before we golf!

We plan major trips every couple years – the last one was North California and Reno –

which we took ten days and traveled some 1400 miles covering the entire portion of the state near Sacremento.

We have been to Oahu – Spain – Gilbraltor and Morroco –

We have covered Mass. and Maine –

We did the wine country in Canada and Niagra falls –

a golfing vacation back home in NWPA and WNY!

We are in discussions now of a trip next year but have to wait and see how the year proceeds with Covid.

Sherry and Papa – Cindy and Buck – laughter is never not a option.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – SHERRY – CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH ssherrylynn49@fitztdf

It all started with a early morning sunrise!
Sipping my coffee on the front porch!


Papa’s World – our morning walk in Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – Ocean Ridge!

The entrance to Cameron Woods which is part of Ocean Ridge across the highway.

In part we choose this development because it has a place to walk! Quietly – and not much traffic!

Also close to the entrance – a retaining pond – one of many in the area.
A look from the street into Cameron Woods – Ocean Ridge.

This area was supposed to be developed much like Ocean Ridge across the street –

where the BIG CAT golf courses – four of them – are located.

When the downturn came – this section discontinued development –

somehow – Realstar became involved and is developing Cameron Woods in among all the lots that were previously

sold by the main developer.

For whatever reason – no one is building on them except maybe 8 to 10 houses.

This area is like entering a national forest!

The beginning of my walk back to the house from the gate. QUIET – hardly any cars!
At the beginning a few of the less than a dozen homes that were built here.
Then you enter the forest – there are utilities here – water – sewage and electric – berms and drains and street lights with Ocean Ridge on them.
I wonder just why no one is building in these sections with many named roads turning off the main road.
Might it be all tied up in courts or someone bad mouthed the development!

Very interesting – and we have been told – they paid a lot for these properties.

We made the right choice – our development is thriving – another and last section will soon open up.

By the end of the year – our section should be completed and all sold out!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –

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Wild life is here – I have seen deer – turkeys – gators – turtles – birds of prey – not any snakes just yet!
PAPA amongst the beautiful trees on our walk.
HOME – the walk ends – Thank you for following!

Papa’s World – the back yard – Crepe Nyrtles – Oleanders – pine straw and flowers.

Water – mellon Crepe Myrtle – stone and brick border.

The tree is in line with the one in front which is a white Crepe Myrtle – we wanted color in the back.

The lanai – which is screened in – and we will be able to view the two trees from inside.

On the opposite side of the yard – another water – mellon Crepe Myrtle – opposite of the white one in the front yard.
Three Oleander bushes that should bloom next year.

This tree line is protected and will stay there. Pine straw and flowers are what I plan for this area.

It is a work in progress – planting flowers – we love to plant flowers that return each season.

Much as I did at the old house in NVA!

Perinals mixed in with the wild and pine straw.
This area I really like the contrast – wild vs. planted Oleanders and pine straw.

In my mind I picture a bird bath here and a bird feeder. And on one of those big trees – one of those faces –

with eyes and nose and a smile!

Perhaps larger flowers that come back year to year.

We have this view from the lanai and the open patio and firepit.

We need to do some landscaping along the border here – just do not know what and when – but we will.


PAPA’S WORLD BLOG SITE: fitztdf@fitztdf


Papa’s World – Sherry’s happy places!

When ever we are on the beach – she is drawn to the water – wading – watching the surfers.

The beach draws her – to let off stress and a quiet place to walk – the sounds of the surf – the warm waters.

With friends – out and about – exploring the world with these two – every couple years we plan a break.

Buck and Cindy are our close friends – we moved into a house next to them 36 1/2 years ago –

and had known thenm before that. We get along and enjoy much of the same things.

Cindy is very active as is Sherry – always on the go. They walk together when we are around.

Now – our new home is about 40 minutes away from them.

We try to golf once aweek or go out to a show or dinner.

Family has and always will play a part in our lives. Sherry now is the oldest – and they all look up to her.

Here is Bode in front row with the five grandaughters behind him.

She reminds me so much of her father – tall – slim – smile – always on the go and a born entrepreneur

He always was looking for a way to make money and she has that also.

Not afraid to stand up in front of people and talk.

And they played golf just alike!

I became very good friends with him before he passed away – he told me many things promising I would not repeat them. All had to do with the War and I shall keep that promise I made to him.

I repsected him that much – it was a bonding moment for him and me.

Sitting on the Intercoastal waterway – just her and me – watching the boats and having dinner.

She loves our new area – back in NVA she would take dozens of visitors on tour guides into DC.

She is a leader – a natural born one at that!

And now – our new home – close to the beaches and the ICW – close to golfing and close to friends –

A place for FAMILY to visit and room to have them.

This is her happy place once again – walking – meeting new neighbors –

exploring and in a area that does not have the freezing ice and snow.

The new lanai and her putting her finishing touches on it!

These are but a few of her happy places – places she feels most comfortable in.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –


Sherry – in a happy place along the ICW – CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH –

Papa’s World – front porch sitting – sunrises and early morning coffee – we made it!

The view I have each morning when sitting on our new front porch!
And in the evening – we have the view to the West of sunsets!

As you can also see – we are in the middle of construction of new houses – we are the second to close –

but we have been through this twice before – and the values have already gone up!

This is our third build – in the last 22 years!

Moving South – first to the NVA area – outside of Washington DC – and buying and selling three times –

With twice building from ground up –

has led us here – in Ocean Isle Beach – Cameron Woods – and sitting on our front porch.

Our new house and most likely the last one!

We have done major landscaping since this picture was taken – removing the pine straw and replacing it with the black mulch – putting in white – gray stones around the trees in the front yard and large rocks around the lanai.

Today it looks like this – removed some bushes and put in the mulch!

We have just a few more ideas to formulate – changing a few things and we will be settled!

Another sunrise from the front porch.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –


Sitting on the front porch – sunrises and early morning coffee – this is PAPA’S WORLD!

Papa’s World – In the South – you live and golf by gators – you better be careful!

At our new home in Cameron Woods – sunrise from the front porch – at the end of this street is a pond – and a 7 foot gator lives there!
Our home – living in the South has taught me to be careful – look everywhere – snakes – spiders and gators!

I am careful where I step – I constantly look ahead – ticks are also abundant here!

But – we choose to be here – the weather is warm – but I am a warm weather person!
We finally went for a walk into the new section under construction – and found the big pond we were told about!

If you look real close – you can just see the eyes and nose of this little fellow!

He or she was about 2 1/2 feet long – just a baby – but WHERE WAS MOMMA?

We did not hang around to find out! When we started to walk away – it started to swim directly toward where we had stood! When we stopped – it stopped and when we started walking again – it swan to the bank and we could not see it! TIME TO LEAVE – and just WHERE WAS THE MOMMA!
GOLFING – we almost always see gators – so we stay away from the water!
YES – there are gators in these ponds!
As we drove by this pond on the golf cart – and I also watch out for snakes – although I have yet to see one!
Thank you for reading Papa’s World



And for my grand daughter Ella – we see turtles – lots of them!
Sherry – CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH – Papa – blogger –

Papa’s World – after moving into the new home – our first official walk on the beach!

Ocean Isle Beach – N.C. the first time to walk here after moving in!

The beach is but 4.5 miles away – shorter if you are a crow!

We live in Cameron Woods – part of Ocean Ridge but across the main highway from it.

We are on the mainland – three miles to the causeway over the ICW!

We actually have a choice of two beaches – for Sunset beach is two miles futher in the opposite direction South!

And if we want to travel – we are 16 miles back to North Myrtle Neach where we have lived the past nine months!

The beach here is different – the sand a darker shade – not as flat and the waves seem to be rougher !

The beach also is not as wide as NMB or as many people!

People surf and ride the waves more here.

The water is very warm just like NMB!

And we are finding our way around!

There are music concerts throughout the Summer and into October on Friday nights!

Getting there is a major problem as we tried to attend the free concert and got stuck in a three mile

traffic jam trying to get across the causeway!

So – we truned around and did not go!

We are learning – do not go at the last moment – go early – walk the beach – have dinner and then get the chairs out and pick a space to chill and wait for the music to start!

Both beaches have these concerts on different nights as does NMB!

Right across the street form our home – Ocean Ridge – such beautiful skies here.

Our first beach walk – thank you for reading Papa’s World