Papa’s World – going back in time – “WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG”!

This picture has Debby – sitting on ground in front – Tammy – with her arm around Sherry’s fathers shoulder – Sherry’s mother second from Tammy’s left in back row – and me holding Nathan – this was taken almost 32 years ago. Cassidy looks just like her mother Tammy !

We have always been a close knit family – Barb and Bill have passed on – all the cousins have children.

Sarah – who now is almost as tall as Sherry – has always wanted to dance.
The twins as babies – Taylor and Cassidy – then Sarah Maddy – Debby and Ella – who starts college and will pay soccer against Maddy.
Taylor – our grand child who loves to ride horses.
They are growing up so fast – I still call them the little ones!
Bode – blond hair and a smile – who searches me out in the morning to sit on my lap!
The little ones when they were samll but just a few years ago.
Maddy – Ella and Sarah – grwoing up – no longer the small ones – young ladies now.

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