Papa’s World – on our way to WNY we stopped at Deb & Mikes to stay the night!

We were on our way for a long weekend at Lake Chautauqua and stopped overnight in Lake Holiday!

We had planned this – but they had taken Maddy back to college that day and left Ella and Sarah home.

So – we arranged to have the two of them meet us in Old Town Winchester for dinner.

Our friends Buck and Cindy were with us so they got to once again vist the family.

Debby’s flowers are just beautiful – colors everywhere.
Mike made a Swedish Bear and Ella painted it and did all the artwork on it – Welcome in Swede.
Some more of her flowers.
Debby’s Mantra.

Walking around the yard – does not do it justice as the whole back yard is the same. She has a green thumb.

Buck and Cindy saying their goodbyes and thanking them for having us overnight.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –

By the time this blog posts – Ella will have started her Freshman year at Randolph College – right across the city from Maddy at the Unversity of Lynchburg.

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