Papa’s World – Revisited our old neighborhood – NMB!

Main Street and Beach Blvd intersection of North Myrtle Beach – during our nine-month condo stay here – we walked this almost every day – heading for the beach – you can see the stage at the entrance to the beach.

The radio station 94.9 THE SURF is on the left along with HODO’S Beach Club and the Old Arcade on the right.

The parking lot on Friday nights is full of beach chairs and the streets are closed off for concerts on the stage.

Turning around from the intersection is Main Street and you can see Sherry walking up the street.

We were here at the beginning of the Pandemic and this was a ghost town – although the stores were open.

Our favorite nightclub to go to where we finally learned what THE SHAG was!

A dance that came from the Rythem and Blues of the 40s and became a cross-over called Carolina Beach music.

And has become the state dance!

This scene has been ongoing for 80 years!!!!

“ENTER THROUGH THE JUKEBOX DOORS” so goes the advertisement heard on the radio.

This club is full of history – pictures and items from the past 80 years!

The dance is like the STROLL-JITTER BUG – SWING where you never lose contact with your dance partner.

Yearly competitions are held here and every four months SHAG comes to town –

Bands – music- dancing in the streets!

Like the Hollywood Walk of Fame – the sidewalks are full of plaques from all through the years of people and dancers and dates!

The big water tower that overlooks the town has a picture of a couple dancing THE SHAG!

On the beach from the beach entrance – we walked this every day while we lived here!

Sherry walking North Myrtle Beach – one of the widest beaches at low tide I have ever been on!

Exiting the sixth street beach entrance and looking up the street to where we stayed at the back entrance to Ocean Keyes.

Over 700 condos and a huge lake with six water fountains.

Six pools – tennis courts and a workout room.

Loved living there but no garage and no storage space – or else we might have stayed there.

Looking back from sixth street beach parking to the main town of North Myrtle Beach – our old neighborhood.

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