Papa’s World – The MAZE at Sunset Beach!

We have what everyone calls THE MAZE MAN – who starting in the Spring – creates MAZES on Sunset Beach near the 13th. street!

He creates the by hand and free to the people on the beach to walk and solve!

They are really big and you walk them from a starting ENTRANCE point to the end EXIT point!

there is only one way to make it through to the exit and requires several attempts most times and sometimes you can not find the way out!

Here our granddaughter Taylor is on her way to solving the MAZE!

That would be me in the woods – rabbits have nothing to fear from me!

The MAZE is a fun activity to keep exuberant grandkids occupied! LOL

Sherry takes a selfie of Taylor and Bode solving the MAZE on Sunset Beach, N.C.

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD my site:

The grandkids – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode – PAPA’S WORLD – THE MAZE AT SUNSET BEACH, NORTH CAROLINA!

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