Papa’s World – first-time visit to Fat Harolds for neighbors and sister-in-law!

In North Myrtle Beach is a club called Fat Harolds – and this is the third location in the last 80 years!

It all started in the early ’40’s – on the beach – a Pavillion – where the beach music scene started.

The original club was taken out in the ’50s by a hurricane.

The music was started in the Carolinas and became a nationwide dance – called the SHAG!

Until the pandemic – they held national and international competitions here at Fat Harolds.

It is a combination of some Jitterbug – Swing – Boogie – and I think either six or eight steps!

You never lose contact with your partner and the intricate steps are fascinating to watch.

On Wednesday nights the crowd swells – to where there is no room on the dance floor!

This is now our generation coming here to dance – and man are they ever good!

You can tell by the shoes – men and women wear special dancing shoes!

But I see younger people also here – the next generation is now coming –

after all – it now is 80 years and still going strong.

There is a radio station right on the beachside of Ocean Drive – 94.9 THE SURF

They play all the beach songs – and classics – but there is music and songs dedicated to this era –

and some national bands that play nothing but beach music as it is called here.

Every six months – Spring and Fall – they have a 7 to the 10-day festival – here in NMB –

All the clubs take part – live music in all of them and live music on the beach in the square.

Thousands of people come here to stay and dance.

The Pandemic cut it back but now it is back after a year off.

And Wednesday nights they broadcast live from Fat Harolds – playing all the beach sounds.

Shagging – once again!

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD –



Our neighbors – Steve and Diane – Sherry’s sister Debbie – Sherry and Papa.

Their first visit and experience at FAT HAROLDS on the BLVD SHAGGING! North Myrtle Beach – S.C.

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