Papa’s World – North Myrtle Beach – dinner at Local on the Water!

Good day – while living for nine months at Ocean Keyes – which is in North Myrtle Beach – we became fond of

the place to eat right on the ICW is called LOCAL ON THE WATER!

View from the deck looking West along the ICW from the deck.

This complex has several bar areas and places to eat.

This also is the place where dolphin cruises depart along with boat rentals!

A big campground sits across the ICW on the other side.

The outdoor stage along with the covered outdoor bar – plenty of room to spread out and listen to the music –

this afternoon was a lone singer who was quite good!

Get there early as it fills up fast!

Our family was at their table – the rest of the kids were playing on the swings! You can see the main bar area in the background!

If in NORTH MYRTLE BEACH – check this place out – we have taken many guests here!

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Papa’s World- Spring cleaning – front porch – sip coffee!

In the Spring – when it is warm – my go-to place to sit and sip my coffee is the glider on the front porch!

Just sit there in peace and quiet and watch the birds soar in the sky – listen to the wind coming through the tall Carolin Pines!

But first – I have to wash it all off as it is coated with the yellow pollen dust of those same pine trees!

The glider after washing it off and the siding with the crabs – the floor and the stones in front – the windows all had yellow dust.

The three Swedish horses our oldest granddaughters made for us – rested on the stones – amongst the hedges and plants.

This is my coffee place in the early morning!

The front window with the OIB sign – the place we had built and now call home in the Carolinas!

Beaches ( two of them) and golf ( 25 courses within 30 minutes) are two reasons we selected this community!

Entrance to the front door – our crabs on the wall – a welcome wreath – home – family and friends visiting – PRICELESS!

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Through this door passes family and friends – Carolina hospitality – living the full SALT LIFE!


Papa’s World – Life in the Carolinas!

Spending the holidays in the warm Carolinas – at least warm to me!

Even when it looks gray and drab – at least I see no snow and ice – sand and water are fine for me.

Open-air shopping at the Outlets – love having my coffee and sitting here while I wait for Sherry!

Our family visiting for vacations – brings us much joy – hoping they all come again!

Living in Carolina – nine miles to the border of S.C. living our dream life one day at a time!

Watching sunrise and sunsets from our front driveway – living the southern lifestyle – CAROLINA LIVING!

Golfing with friends – is always a pleasure – one of the WHYS we choose to move down here!

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PAPA’S WORLD – LIFE IN THE CAROLINAS – living life to the plus one day at a time!


This the season – cold out – breezy – warm jacket – scarf – ear muffs – walking in the cold – head back to the house –


She answers – at least it sounds like a “SHE” telling me some channels I can play and then a playlist starts!

I listen to tunes – sometimes country – sometimes easy listening – I LOVE ALL MUSIC!

The music spins from one song to the next – I write my blog listening – relaxing – memories come flooding as I hear the words.

All my life I have listened to music – can’t tell you most times who is singing – but I associate it with different

periods of my life and happenings!

We have been together since around 1980 and married in 1982! Funny – we have in common birthdays –

Hers is 7-5-49 while mine is 5-7-49 – never saw anyone else with those numbers being married!

The dawning of a new day – I am at my desk with my computer – my blog site up and am writing – when suddenly – SILENCE!

It is as though something is missing – I listen and then it registers – NO MUSIC – ALEXA has turned off – all by herself!

Do not ask me why – I am not a TECH kind of guy – I guess there might be some way to set it to last longer!

Like golf – I just grit my teeth and play on!

I arise from my chair and venture out to the kitchen where “ALEXA” sits – wording comes across the screen –

I do not bother to read it!


She responds about some music channel – I turn around and start to walk away –

Kieth Urban comes out from the unit –

It is gonna be a wonderful day – “SILENCE IS NOT ALWAYS GOLDEN”!


Papa’s World – first-time visit to Fat Harolds for neighbors and sister-in-law!

In North Myrtle Beach is a club called Fat Harolds – and this is the third location in the last 80 years!

It all started in the early ’40’s – on the beach – a Pavillion – where the beach music scene started.

The original club was taken out in the ’50s by a hurricane.

The music was started in the Carolinas and became a nationwide dance – called the SHAG!

Until the pandemic – they held national and international competitions here at Fat Harolds.

It is a combination of some Jitterbug – Swing – Boogie – and I think either six or eight steps!

You never lose contact with your partner and the intricate steps are fascinating to watch.

On Wednesday nights the crowd swells – to where there is no room on the dance floor!

This is now our generation coming here to dance – and man are they ever good!

You can tell by the shoes – men and women wear special dancing shoes!

But I see younger people also here – the next generation is now coming –

after all – it now is 80 years and still going strong.

There is a radio station right on the beachside of Ocean Drive – 94.9 THE SURF

They play all the beach songs – and classics – but there is music and songs dedicated to this era –

and some national bands that play nothing but beach music as it is called here.

Every six months – Spring and Fall – they have a 7 to the 10-day festival – here in NMB –

All the clubs take part – live music in all of them and live music on the beach in the square.

Thousands of people come here to stay and dance.

The Pandemic cut it back but now it is back after a year off.

And Wednesday nights they broadcast live from Fat Harolds – playing all the beach sounds.

Shagging – once again!

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Our neighbors – Steve and Diane – Sherry’s sister Debbie – Sherry and Papa.

Their first visit and experience at FAT HAROLDS on the BLVD SHAGGING! North Myrtle Beach – S.C.