Papa’s World- Spring cleaning – front porch – sip coffee!

In the Spring – when it is warm – my go-to place to sit and sip my coffee is the glider on the front porch!

Just sit there in peace and quiet and watch the birds soar in the sky – listen to the wind coming through the tall Carolin Pines!

But first – I have to wash it all off as it is coated with the yellow pollen dust of those same pine trees!

The glider after washing it off and the siding with the crabs – the floor and the stones in front – the windows all had yellow dust.

The three Swedish horses our oldest granddaughters made for us – rested on the stones – amongst the hedges and plants.

This is my coffee place in the early morning!

The front window with the OIB sign – the place we had built and now call home in the Carolinas!

Beaches ( two of them) and golf ( 25 courses within 30 minutes) are two reasons we selected this community!

Entrance to the front door – our crabs on the wall – a welcome wreath – home – family and friends visiting – PRICELESS!

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD – my site:

Through this door passes family and friends – Carolina hospitality – living the full SALT LIFE!


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