Papa’s World – Spring cleaning – pollen season – the back patio!

The yellow pollen was everywhere – so happy that we had the back lanai enclosed with EZ-BREEZE – allowing us to keep

it outside and not all over our furniture indoors!

But – the outdoor patio was covered as were the outdoor window screens and the screens to the lanai!

So – out came the water hose – and I moved all the furniture off the patio as well as the rug.

I began to wash everything down – starting with the siding and the screens.

I gently used the shower feature on the hose to rinse off the Tower Garden – and the big chairs which are too heavy to move and are connected.

The chairs are really heavy and connected – hard to move for Sherry and me!

I also gently showered the flowers – which we have grown since last spring and the Solo Stove fire pit!

Now on such a nice day – I would rather be out golfing – but this yellow pollen from all the pine trees is everywhere.

I have even seen it in the ocean!

When done and everything is back in place – glad to have it over with and nice and clean – however – this will have to be done again as the pollen season lasts for a while.

When the wind blows it is like a yellow dust cloud floating in the air.

A good rain will wash a lot of it down onto the ground but it forms a yellow scum on the water in the ponds!

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