Papa’s World – Through Winter into Spring – Tower Garden.

We now are over ten years of growing our own produce – and down here in the Carolinas – border of N.C. and S.C. –

we have grown year-round – Summer – Fall – WINTER and into the beginning of Spring!

In WINTER when it does get cold – we cover it up during the night and day if we have to – the sun can get through

this mesh covering also protects it from below freezing – 19 degrees one night – and we put our flowers under it!

Here are the last Springs flowers which I moved to the back and covered with the mesh!

The Tower Garden ( and the flowers on the back patio – we had continuous produce all year!

This spot protects the plants and also is in the sun for most of the early morning and early afternoon!

All I do is make sure water is in the base – by watching the WHITE FLOAT rod – when it goes down to the marker on the float –

I add water – and every so often – I add a cup of nutrients ( 2 different types)


We eat salads almost every night and soon in this planting – cukes and tomatoes and celery along with lettuce and herbs.

For over SIXTEEN YEARS – we have added the above natural FRUITS – VEGETABLES – BERRIES – OMEGAS

to our daily diets in CAPSULE – GUMMIE – BARS – and DRINK forms. ( 30 different FRUITS – VEGGIES and BERRIES)

The OMEGAS are not made from FISH OIL – but from ALGAE FARMS ( which fish eat Algae to produce OMEGAS)

to avoid the MERCURY found in fish.

This blog is to bring information on healthy choices from us – Papa and Sherry nearing our middle 70s

You can research and contact me through these email addresses.


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