Papa’s World – Friends – Barefoot Landing – Land shark – hanging out – Fat Harold’s!

At Barefoot Landing – North Myrtle Beach – walking to Land Sharks – Dottie – Cindy – Sherry – Jim and Buck.

We had gone to Crooked Hammock Brewery to taste beer –

and then decided to head over to the newly opened Land Shark to grab a late lunch –

Sherry and I come here all the time to walk – doing a couple loops will get us 2 1/2 miles!

We really like this better than Broadway on the Beach.

There are more places to visit here and sit!

This all sits on top of water on the lake!

Jimmy explaining to the sales lady why he won’t give his name and phone number to her! LOL

We planed to eat and then go to Fat Harold’s to watch Shag dancing later!

Dottie Cindy Sherry – planning for the golf game the next day if it does not rain!
We arrived at Land Shark!

This had just opened recently and was our first time here.

It was not as busy as the other place – but had many wide open spaces!

Seated – we had this area all to ourselves!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –




Later – we stopped in at Fat Harold’s to watch SHAG DANCING on the BLVD!

At FAT HAROLD’S BEACH CLUB – Sherry – Dottie – Jim – Cindy and Buck.

The walls – everywhere you look through out the rooms and bar

are covered with plaques and awards through the years of SHAGGER’S!

The picture behind Sherry represents the original shag clubs since the 1940’s which were destroyed

in a Hurricane in the 1950’s!

This building has been in operation since the 1990’s!

HISTORY of the dance which started here in NMB and spread around the nation and world.


SHERRY’s SITE: contact: ssherrylynn49@aol,com

Next blog – rain – golf inside – beaching it – walking in the rain!

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