Papa’s World – FRIENDS – BAREFOOT LANDING – BEACH TIME – and of course RAIN!

Before our friends arrived – we took our walk to the beach!

They would all be here by noon!

So – we walked – and then we went back and waited for them to arrive!

Back to front – Jim – Dottie – Sherry – Buck – Cindy and Papa.

Our first stop on Saturday afternoon would be Barefoot landing – and Crooked Hammock Brewery –

where the gals would do a flight of four beer tastings.

The guys already knew what beer they wanted!

Sherry has been trying beer and staying away from her Vodka and Tonic!

So she is slowly acquiring the taste as the rest of us drink beer.

Here we are along the ICW – looking at the boats!

NOTE: we normally do not drink – only when we get together with family of friends –

we go weeks on end without – mostly drinking healthy shakes or water

coffee ( me) tea ( Sherry) – I am for the most part a light beer drinker –

I do not like wine much or hard drinks –

Sherry = prefers when she has a drink – a wine of her choice or Vodka and tonic and not many of them.

Making our way past Greg Normans and onto the brewery along the ICW!
In the Brewery of Crooked Hammock.

After the stop at the Brewery – we continued on toward a new place that just opened up –

Called LANDSHARK – where we would have lunch!

Cindy – Dottie – Sherry – have all been friends for over 39 years!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –

Later that day – FAT HAROLD’S – and the Rain came in the next day!

Continued in next blog – THE RAIN AND THE BEACH!



SHERRY CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH ( saved my life) SSC The Juice Plus Comapny


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Next blog – Landshark – rain – beach with friends!

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