Papa’s World – Family Beach time – SUNSET BEACH, N.C.

Marcus – Bode – Taylor and Cassidy at Sunset Beach – a warm December day before New Year!

Pickle ball in the morning – followed by a couple hours of beach time. Then it was getting ready for Crooked Hammock!

For this time of year – quite a few folks were on the beach enjoying the warm sun.

MorMor ( swede for MOTHERS MOTHER ) on the beach with Cassidy – Taylor and Tammy.

Sunset Beach pier and our view down the beach and then out to the surf. It was a fun time even though too cold to swim.

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PAPA’S WORLD: Family beach time – SUNSET BEACH, N.C.

Papa’s World – Loving our life – the SALT LIFE!

Living life one day at a time – in N.C and S. C. – THE SALT LIFE!

While we love Christmas – the lights -music – trees – – grandkids – leaving behind the cold – snow and ice – instead enjoying the sand and surf!

Toes in the sand – warm sunshine – blue sky and white clouds – our retirement dream come true!

Gingerbread houses – egg nog – Christmas carols – but we also have decorated boat parades and golf carts!

The beach – sand surf – and sand castles and sculptures – living the SALT LIFE!

We still root for the BILLS team of our roots in WNY! From the cozy sports bars here in N.C.!

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Papa’s World – Thanksgiving day walk on Sunset Beach – N.C.

Sherry and her sister Debbie

Auntie as we call her – came to spend four days with us over Thanksgiving – we kept her busy!

Fat Harolds – Carolina Opry – beach – shopping – Boundry House to eat – Christmas boat flotilla –

Ocean Isle Beach golf cart parade – more shopping and exploring the upper end of OIB.

It was a good four days – tired but got a lot in.

Beach access and Sunset Beach pier.
That would be me and Sherry!
For Thanksgiving day – there were quite a few people on the beach and a couple in the water!

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Papa’s World – our dream is now true – living the Salt Life – near the beach!

While not living right at the beach – we do have two beaches four and six miles away!

We moved to the Ocean Isle Beach area of North Carolina – eight miles to the border of South Carolina.

The locals call it THE SALT LIFE!

We call it living our dream.

Yes – we have already experienced a major Category One Hurricane – IAN!

And we will tell you it was scary with the trees!

Bending sideways – East to West!

We decided we will leave if it goes past a TWO and a direct hit!

We left what we thought to be our dream retirement home in NVA!

But – the stock market went down and the home values went up – time for change – time to sell and move on!

Warmer weather beckoned – we wanted out of the ice and snow.

We wanted to golf as inexpensive as we could.

We found it all right where we are – 100 golf courses – warmer weather and close beach life.

Kayaking the ICW and the marches of OIB and Sunset Beach.

Retirement – friends – family (VISITORS) have kept us busy – exploring – entertaining –

loving every minute of it!

Papa’s World now – no regrets – living the SALT LIFE!
Sherry and Papa – thanks for reading – LIVING THE SALT LIFE!

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Papa’s World – walking the East end of OIB for sunrise with friends from N.H.

Our friends – Bob and Pam came in their RV to a campground near us for a four-day visit.

On the last full day here – we all got up before dawn – we stopped by to pick them up –

and we went to Ocean Isle Beach to the far North East end – to see the sunrise.

The weather had changed – a hurricane was coming into Florida and a cold front had arrived!

The beach was deserted – lonely – awaiting the storm to come through in a couple days.

The sunrise starts on a cold gray morning and an almost deserted beach.

We should have done this! LOL, It was breezy and cold.
This would be as good as it would get – time to go!
Bob Papa Pam Sherry – I want warm weather!

Now, this is more like it! LOL

Thanks for reading Papa’s World – not saying goodbye old friends – but until we meet once again – LATER!

Papa’s World – old friends from N.H. living the salt life in OIB, N.C.

Papa’s World – Sunrise at OIB with the Goodmans!

Pam and Sherry on OIB – it got cold – the storm was on its way – but we made it to the beach for sunrise.

On the North East end of OIB – deserted in the early morning – just the sound of the surf.

The sunrise peeking through the clouds on a chilly morning!

Sunrise on the beach – major storm on its way from Florida – Tropical storm here.
Bob – Papa – Pam and Sherry – great friends who are RV – ing – stopped to see us.

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PAPA’S WORLD – Sunrise at Ocean Isle Beach – with friends in N.C.

Papa’s World – Papa and Sherry – a perfect day to walk Ocean Isle Beach!

Sunset the night before – going to be a cloudy day – not the sun beating down on you!
The following day – cloudy – then blue skies and white clouds – warm and breeze – a perfect day to walk the beach.
After the gray clouds moved on – we were on the surf line walking – the water was still warm.

Why we moved to the border of S.C and N.C.

Being only four miles away – we can pretty much come here when we want!

True and True!

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Papa World – PAPA and SHERRY – BEACH LIFE!

Bring a little humor into your life!

We choose to move to Ocean Isle Beach after living for nine months in North Myrtle Beach –

sixteen miles away.

We are about eight miles to the S.C. – N.C border.

We have access to two beaches within six miles and a half dozen others within thirty minutes!


Strolling the beach or just sitting on the pier at either beach is a dream come true.

We worked a combined 79 1/2 years between us at the same corporation.

We are retired but still have had an internet business for sixteen years –

allowing us to live the life we dreamed about.

We both wanted warm weather as it does not bother us.

We both love the water and the ability to explore and have options each day.

LIVING LIFE TO THE PLUS as we call it.

Our goal in life.

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PAPA and SHERRY – Papa’s World – BEACH LIFE!

Papa’s World – The amazing MAZE on Sunset Beach!

Sherry – Cassidy – Taylor and Bode trying to solve the MAZE on the beach on the 12th. street beach access!

Almost every day weather permitting – for the last 8 to 10 years – a man ( I do not know his name)

appears on the beach with just a shovel and draws these amazing MAZES!

There have been numerous newspaper articles – Facebook and other social pages and stories

of his unique style of PUZZLES on the beach at low tide.

Sherry is about to enter the MAZE and right below to the left is a diagram on how to SOLVE the MAZE!

The diagram also has instructions on how to TURN at each intersection –

you can not just walk straight through – you must turn in any direction.

The instructions are written in the sand – all done by freehand – and with just a shovel!

The articles I have read – he does this as a hobby and for years for his wife until she passed away.

He decided to continue in her memory each day – she would accompany him and test out the MAZE!

I would like to meet him and talk to him!

While we were there for 45 minutes – at least a hundred people stopped and tried to solve the MAZE!

If you are ever on SUNSET BEACH – go to the 12th. street beach access – either drive or walk the beach- and you most likely will come across a lot of people walking THE MAZE – and it is different each day. He says he starts in the middle and just works his way to the outside and they come in straight lines – curves and other forms of drawings!
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Sunset Beach, N.C. with the grandkids!

Although Ocean Isle Beach is closer to our home – we always take the company to Sunset Beach!

The beach is wider and more flat and shallow!

Plus – Sunset Beach is more residential and not as commercial.

This time we had our three grandkids – Cassidy – Bode and Taylor.
All three love the beach – but Cassidy and Bode – you have to pry them out of the water!
Bode and Taylor
Cassidy is the one who calls MORMOR ( Sherry ) all the time!

The two – Bode and Cassidy are just alike although it is Taylor and Cassidy who are the twins.

Taylor takes after her MorMor who is tall – as do her cousins Sarah and Ella.

All three are going to be over 5’10”!

Cassidy and Taylor hunting for Shark teeth – Cassidy found one!
Cassidy has a heart of gold.

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SUNSET BEACH, N.C. with the grandkids

Papa’s World – oldest granddaughters and parents visited.

The Myers family – Debby – Mike – Maddy – Ella and Sarah – from Lake Holiday – Winchester, Va.

They came for a short visit – the first time for Mike and Sarah.

Sarah is the youngest at 15 years old.

Then Ella at 18 years old and Maddy at 21 years old.

Here they are under the pier at OIB.

Sarah – how she has grwon – almost 5’10 – funny – laughing and full of unbounded energy.
Sarah and Maddy – on OIB beach- all the girls are sports-minded – Sarah is in track and field.
Sarah, who had years of dance.

Ella also is 5’10” and will start her Sophomore year at Randolph College –

where, as a Freshman, she started and played soccer at mid-field.

Maddy – will be a senior and three-year starter at the University of Lynchburg, in soccer.

She is co-captain this coming year –

Proud parents – Debby and Mike Myers

The time here is going so fast but they will be back in the future.

It is hard to get everyone together as college- H.S. – breaks all differ and Mike is a teacher and his breaks are different.

But we found out the two oldest will play against each other in September as they did last year.

A trip up to Va. is in the future to watch them.

The sky at night from our front yard.

A very good day bonding and gathering on the beaches –

family time together –

The Myers from Lake Holiday, Va.


Papa’s World – Neighbors going North – saying goodbye on the beach!

Happy hour on Sunset Beach – neighbors going North.

We gathered at 6:00 pm. for some snacks and cocktails on Sunset Beach –

it was very windy but warm and at that time of day – we pretty much had the beach to ourselves!

The wind was so gusty – it blew my chair over after I got up!
We were there for an hour and a half – talking – laughing – Cameron Woods Community

A small group as it was during the week and many people were not around.

The Sunset Beach pier – entrance and parking lot.

Neighbors come and go all week long – some work from home – others retired.

Diane – Steve and Betsey – going North and back again.

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Papa’s World – After dinner – once again on the beach – SUNSET that is!

Nature paints the skies at sunset.

We were excited when we moved near the border of S.C. and N.C. – a ten-minute drive to the beach.

A lot of nights we just look at each other after cleaning up the kitchen and “LET’S GO”!

Ocean Isle Beach is a ten-minute drive over the causeway and to the sand.

However – we really like to drive the extra five minutes and go to Sunset Beach!

Here we drive to the far west end and park and walk the long boardwalk over the dunes.

The view up the beach east to the pier.

Even at this time, the beach is busy with people – swimming – walking, or catching late rays from the sun.

The beach here is flatter than OIB and we like that!

This evening the wind was coming off the ocean causing the waves to be higher.
All in all – a great evening to just relax by the sea!

Sunset Beach after dinner – one of the WHYS we moved here to Cameron Woods Community.

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Papa’s World –

Papa’s World – BEACH tome and FAMILY time with the LITTLE ONES!

Sherry Bode Cassidy and Taylor – gathering shells on the East end of Ocean Isle Beach

When the project of saving the beach from erosion on OIB on the East end came to a close –

not only was there a new 900-foot wide new beach –

but it was full of dredged up seashells and of course, the little ones went searching!

Good day everyone from Cameron Woods Community – Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

These three – esp Bode and Cassidy – you have to have something planned out to do every day!

Taylor Bode Cassidy and their MORMOR Sherry


All three just love her – Cassidy calls her every week or texts her often.

This is Sherry and her influence on them
While Bode played with his cousins – we walked the beach and stopped in here for refreshments.

This summer we will travel North to their home and bring them back for a week with us.

Taylor Bode and Cassidy in the shadow of MORMOR –

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Good Evening from Cameron Woods Community – Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

Papa’s World – exploring the East end of Sunset Beach!

Sunset beach on the East end opens up to a wide expanse of beach before the channel that separates this beach from Ocean Isle Beach.

It is very wide here and at low tide – you feel you almost could walk across the cove to the other island.

There were only us and a few other people out there this day.

Here are Debby – Sherry, and Ella – a few others were walking – but the gusts of wind made it cold.

Our granddaughter Ella – loves her beach time.

The tidal pools were warm – the air cold and the wind gusting – but the sun was warm – which made it bearable to spend an hour or so exploring this part of the beach.

If ever on Sunset Beach – go to the East end and explore – this must be what it was like hundreds of years ago!

Wide-open and almost deserted beach – tide going out and exposing even more beach.

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Papa’s World – Picking up seashells and then lunch at Provision Company.

We decided to go to Holden Beach – walk and find seashells with Diane and Steve.

Sherry has now a collection of seashells that she has made a place in a container in the living room.

It is a stand with an old fashion metal suitcase on it and coral and driftwood under it.

On the wall is a black cursive metal sign that says “HOME”!

Sherry loves the beach – sand – water – surf and sounds.

We can get to all three beaches here in less than thirty minutes!

This one is the farthest away.

But – we chose this one to come to because we wanted to have lunch at the Provision Company!

We were here once before and the unique thing for me is that you are ON YOUR HONOR on drinks!

They do not keep track – any kind of drink!

There is a soda fountain – a bar and a beer cooler.

You just grab what you want – or get a mixed drink – then when you check out –

you pay your lunch bill and TELL them what you had to drink!

There hardly is any wait at all for a table!

The whole place is covered in license plates and dollar bills – with names on them.

You order as you come in and give them your name.

Then grab a drink and wait outside on the deck.

Steve – Sherry, and Diane waiting for our name to be called for a table with the view of ICW!

They already have your order and you grab a drink and when they call your name – the table.

Then you get your food within minutes of sitting down.

If you want another drink – just get up and in our cases – grab it out of the cooler.

When you go to leave – you stop at the cashier – tell them your name –

she asks what you had to drink – you tell her and then you pay for the drinks and meal!

Simple and on you HONOR! I LOVE IT!

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Papa’s World – TERMINAL GROIN – OIB – part 2!

The Terminal Groin – part of saving the beach erosion.

When completed – this huge granite rock break wall –

will allow the sand that is dredged from the channel

and pumped out and form a new beach to the left of the wall.

The first and second streets are no longer here

have eroded away.

These houses were in danger as high tide brought the ocean right up and underneath them.

The pipelines from the dredging of the channel – blowing water and sand out to form the beach!
The beach is formed behind that granite wall barrier and is pushed around by bulldozers.
The homes – now sitting on the third street – are now oceanfront – and were nearly lost.

You can see the very large sandbags that were placed to try and save the homes.

Water would run right up to them and underneath.

The beach will continue along the shore – and the sand will build up against the wall of granite rocks.

Each rock weighs in tons – three at a time are transported by forty-foot tractor truck and trailers.


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Papa’s World – Ocean Isle Beach – Terminal Groin!

East end of Ocean Isle Beach and the project “The Terminal Groin”

For the past twenty-plus years – the beach here has eroded away – taking with it the ends of first and second streets. Third street and fourth street were in danger as the waves came up and under some of the houses. They started building the break wall that extends some 900 feet straight out and into the ocean, and then a right turn and a short distance – the boulders are huge granite – three boulders to a forty-foot long trailer bed – hauled in by the truckloads.

All the beach you now see in this picture is being pumped in from the dredging of the channel behind the groin – which they do anyways to keep the channel clear for boats.

The water came up to the huge sandbags to under the pilings of these houses.

The “GROIN” will continue until late April when it will be completed. Here you see the pipes blowing out sand to form the new beach.

Large bulldozers spread the sand out and the next picture shows how deep the sand is.

The beach access after some sand addition – the last storm –
water came under the steps to the sandbags and over them.
A look West along the new beach – graded – the sandbags were put in place to help keep the water back.
Sherry walking in OIB.

I will continue with the next blog on The TERMINAL GROIN PROJECT”

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Papa’s World – Warm sunshine brings out the gator and the beach!


Living in Ocean Isle Beach – Cameron Woods – 7 miles to the S.C. border –

the weather is what I like – yes – we have had that rare ice and snow –

but then you get days such as this where it is tee shirt – shorts and sandals!

That is when our resident pond Aligator comes out to the sun itself!
We have a walking trail around this pond and sometimes we see it and other times we do not.

We have seen tons of turtles in here – all types of birds hunting for fish and some have seen otters.

I think there are two gators in here and some babies although I have never seen the little ones or two gators at the same time.

And then it is but a short ten-minute drive to the beach – where the sound of the surf and warm sand entice you to bring a chair and just sit in the warm sunshine!
Tee shirt – shorts and no shoes – toes in the sand –

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Papa’s World – another awesome BEACH DAY in Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach.

We do seem to have sunrises and sunsets here just by walking outside –

go to the end of the driveway – look right – SUNRISE look left – SUNSET!

The ocean and beach at Sunset Beach

But the beauty of the two beaches is what has drawn us to Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach!

Sherry’s HAPPY place – gazing out to sea.

Although OIB is closer – we prefer to walk on Sunset beach as it is more level!

And when we have grandkids – we bring them here as it is calmer.

The pier at Sunset Beach.

What we noticed here in N.C and S.C at North Myrtle Beach – is just how wide the beaches are!

Even at high tide!

While the water was cold – the sun was warm.

Not many people here this day during the week -but there were families enjoying the sand!

Two little girls drawing pictures in the sand!
Footprints in the sand going to the water.

Another sun-filled day and a beach walk – why we moved here – dream come true.

One last look before we depart.

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Long walkway back – preserving the pristine dunes of SUNSET BEACH, N.C.

Papa’s World – Viewing the sunset at SUNSET BEACH – in the windy cold!


Just a little over a month later from our New Years Eve beach gathering and toast to 2021

We once again were back to see the sunset – only it was windy and cold –

far from the 65 degrees of NYE!

The approaching sunset peeking through the trees!
Papa – Diane and Sherry

We first parked and walked to the end of the street – here the last of the end of the houses –

and this then begins Bird Island – marshland protected and wide-open beach.

Our neighbor Diane

The tide was going out!

Here you see the last of the houses on the marsh and bayside – with the tide going out – This is the end of Sunset Beach and the beginning of Bird Island.
Sun setting – time to go to the beach.
This is where we gathered for NYE and drank a toast to 2021!
The pier and people walking the beach.
Sherry – braving the wind chill – it was cold.

As we looked out on the ocean – to think we can do this every night if we want to –

and there still is Ocean Isle Beach – living our dream.

One final look before we returned home – Sunset at SUNSET BEACH, N.C.

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Papa’s World – New Year’s Eve – continued on Sunset Beach, N.C.

Papa – Buck – Jim – all together – over 100 years of friendship.

We gathered on Sunset beach – to one see the sunset and two to drink a toast to a new year!

These are my oldest friends – we have been together for a very long time –

Jim and I played softball together around 1978.

Sherry and I were neighbors with Buck and Cindy in 1988! But knew them from before.

Meeting our neighbors on Sunset Beach

Kathy – our next-door neighbor who gathers up our packages while we are gone –

Diane and Steve – who live three houses from us are from back in WNY where we lived!

We decided to do something as a group as our other friends came to stay for a long weekend.

The reason for the name “SUNSET BEACH”!

When we got there – people had been in the water – too cold for me – but it still was around 65 degrees out!

Diane and Steve – who live three doors up from us – were the very first people we met in building.

We found we had in common where we had lived prior to 1999!

They were from WNY as we were and now had their winter home in Cameron Woods –

and a summer cottage on Rushford lake – just a few miles from where we lived!

So we four have become friends in our new community –

walking in the mornings and watching the Buffalo Bills games together as they are big fans.

Kathy is our next-door neighbor – single and whenever we are away – and packages arrive – will keep them for us until we return.
Good question! LOL
About to celebrate the sunset and a new year!
Sherry and Jimmy

It was a fun time – friends and neighbors – new friends and old friends.

A time to get together – laugh and count our blessings.

A time to throw out the old and bring in the new.

Thanks for reading Papa’s World – a new year of

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Mike Tammy Debby Sherry Taylor Cassidy Ella Maddy

MEMORIES of our week on Oak Island, N.C.

We stayed close to the beach for one week.

The kids were small ( the twins) and the tidal pools were great!

View from our deck as Debby and Tammy return from a run!
Taylor watching her mommy return from a run.

We had a great view of a huge open lot and then one house at the beachfront!

It was a direct walk to the beach entrance.


Ella holding Taylor – Sherry, and Sarah!

We had a perfect week with weather – sunshine and blue skies.

Sarah today with Bode who was not born yet for the vacation on Oak Island.

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Papa’s World – Family memories – vacations and life in general!

The families we left behind.

Life is full of memories – past experiences – vacations – get-togethers – sharing fun times!

We told them all that we would only be 6 or 7 hours away and we have done that!

And that we would come back often and we have done that also!

They have visited numerous times and Spring and Summer are ahead to make more MEMORIES!


Maddy – today a Junior at the University of Lynchburg.

Sarah – A freshman in H.S.

Ella – today a Freshman at Randolph College

Both are older girls who play college soccer.

MEMORIES of past and present!

Sarah Mike Tammy Debby Ella Maddy Cassidy

MEMORIES of vacation times spent together.

Crossing the sound on a ferry boat!

Many a year we spent together as families – in the sun – water and sand!

MEMORIES of times in the past.


They are close with each other and with their mother Sherry –

All three ran the ten-mile Cherry Blossom race – crossing the finish line holding hands.



When a person comes into your life and you share 40 years together forming MEMORIES!

Today – we are by ourselves in N.C. while the families remain in Va.

Although distance separates us – memories – love and ZOOM – keep us all together!

MEMORIES of families in transit!


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Papa’s World – the Tour of BALD HEAD ISLAND comes to an end – FERRY RIDE back to the mainland.

One last lookup close to OLD BALDY LIGHTHOUSE!

Our time to leave is almost upon us – we turned the golf cart in – almost five hours of riding around!

OLD BALDY LIGHTHOUSE just outside the bike and cart rental!

Be sure if you do this – check out what places to eat are open!

On Wednesday – ONLY ONE WAS OPEN!

Also – find a map – we found one at the Ferry Boat Terminal – you will need it!

If more than two of you – I suggest a cart with seats – facing forward – it is hard to see looking back!

The ride on the Ferry boat!

Sit outside if you can – find the sunshine – and watch for the boats!


I had no idea they patrolled these waters here!


I did not expect to see this – among the many barrier islands here

and between the mainland and Bald Head Island!

Making me wonder if that is why the Coast Guard is here?

And just how deep is this channel here?

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Papa’s World – Bald Head Island – beach and departure – one last time on the beach.

Sherry – Diane and Steve

There was hardly anyone here on the beach – in the distance, we could see a few people –

And we watched the fishing boats offshore – some dozen of them –

Soon – we spotted the Dolphins – two pods – they seemed oh so close to the edge of the water.

Diane and Sherry – the only sound was that of the surf.
My view of a quiet lunch sitting on a deserted beach.

Soon – our little tour would be over – I would try to get a golf car where everyone is sitting forward!

It was hard to see as you were always looking backwards –

And – pick up a map at the ferry depot.

You can get mixed up really easily and end up in dead ends!

Diane and Sherry – at the edge of the water.
A bite to eat – advice – on Wednesdays – only one place is open to grab lunch – other days – more places are open.

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Just me and my shadow


Papa’s World – BALD HEAD ISLAND – part THREE!

BEACH ACCESS – one of the dozens across the island.
Diane and Sherry after walking up the dune of the beach access.
Sherry – Diane and Steve – the sound of the surf is the only sound.

We found every place we stopped and walked onto the beach to be like these pictures!

Hardly anyone around to be seen!

We could see a dozen fishing ships and Dolphins from the beach.

The island is full of these beach access’s with places to park your golf cart.

BALD HEAD ISLAND also has a marsh side and a boat launch!

We stopped many times to wander and sightsee!

Plenty of time to sit and reflect on our blessing of life!

Thanks for reading Papa’s World – part four will continue the tour of BALD HEAD ISLAND!

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BALD HEAD ISLAND PART FOUR – in my next blog – thanks for reading! HGD!!!!!!

Papa’s World – Bald Head Island – part two.

The streets on cul-de-sacs – palm trees and each house have a small little cottage over the golf cart garage!

The streets are two-way – most of them – through the housing – the houses are a mixture of cape-cod and craftsman style. Two stories and little cottages in the front. Most have elevated views of the ocean and many are beachfront.

The ladies – Diane and Sherry – explore the path to the beach and water.
While Steve goes over the map – get a map or you end up in dead ends!

We had the car for about five hours – and also a map to get around. Here we can see where we want to go – but it is on the other side of the channel – we had to retrace our way back to the main road.

The island has a main road that goes all the way around – and many roads into neighborhoods!

They can be dead ends or through a maze of roads cut through to the other side.

So it is best to have the map.

There also is a 18 hole golf course here – we caught glimpses of it through the trees.

One of the many beach access with a place to park the golf cart!

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Diane and Sherry walking from the beach access to the beach and ocean.


Papa’s World – Walking the beach – small pond small gator and then back home.

One of our pleasures is walking on the beach!

It was warm – 74 degrees – sunny and slight breeze on Ocean Isle Beach.

We try to walk as often as we can – now that most of our traveling is done – company here and gone.

A large fishing boat just offshore.
A lone fisherman – on the horizon more fishing boats and Sherry walking with the reflection of the sun on the water.

Then we made our way home to come across a small pond – not with golf clubs in it – but a GATOR!

This pond is right by the highway – at a red light – and a shopping plaza with a gas station a stone’s throw away!
I pulled into a parking space and was about 30 feet from this GATOR – he looked to be about 4 or 5 feet long!

The pond here is small – maybe 60 feet by 30 feet – a collection pond for runoff water!

I had not seen a gator here before – so it just goes to show do not trust any body of water!

Standing out front of our house – all these except the one have been completed and closed.
The blue sign is in our yard and we are looking West here.



Papa’s World – a cleansing with morning showers and then the Sun for a afternoon walk on the beach

A look outside from our porch – I heard the rain – a drizzle – cleaning everything in the early morning!
A look to the West as the sky is clearing – the next phase to be built is at the end of this street.
A look once again toward the East and the Ocean as the storm clouds continue to move.

It was a nice rain – lasting maybe a hour.

Enough so everything looked fresh and clean and it was a warm rain – 75 degrees at day break!

Then the Sun came out from behind the clouds!

We had the afternoon sunshine and warming up to 82 degrees!

The water has remained warm also at the ocean.

Making it a perfect way to walk the surf and beach!

Sherry stopping to take a picture of a large fishing boat just off Ocean Isle Beach – a ten minute drive for us to reach.
Ocean Isle Beach

Now that we are settled in and almost all of the repairs we listed have been completed

we are trying each day to go to the beach to walk!

It is so relaxing – and there are still people renting homes here!

We at the time I write this – almost one third of the way through October!

And it has been really beautiful weather –

low 70’s at night – 82 to 84 degrees and sunshine in the daytime!

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Papa’s World – for exercise – walking healthy – our go to spot – the beach!

One of the reason we came South and where we choose to build our home – Ocean Isle Beach.

We tried many areas down here and were drawn to this area in N.C. called Ocean Isle Beach.

We are some eight miles or so to the S.C. border – and we are situated on the mainland –

some four miles inland with the ICW between us and the beach.

We also are close to numerous golf courses – which is another reason we moved South.

We decided as we age – it was time to take it serious – well – we are not good – but love to play!

Opposites attract – that is us!

We tried out NMB in S.C. and really liked it there – but in order to find what we wanted –

we each had a list – it would of cost too much in renovations and thus way over our price point.

Then by accident – we stumbled on to a new community being built.

And we could get everything we wanted – all new – for the price we would of paid before renovations!

And here is one of those things on both our lists – access to a beach to walk each day!

We are in our autumn years – still able to get out and about – and one of those reasons why –

is to maintain a healthy lifestyle – eating and walking.

Sherry is a CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH – and prompts me to stay active.

That also is why we golf – being outside in the fresh air –

four to five hours each time – some walking – we trade off and on – and swinging those clubs(often)

She has run her own internet business from home going on sixteen years.

Her site: her email for contact: ssherrylynn49@fitztdf

Very important as you age – to eat healthy and move – my heart doctor always tells me MOVE!


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Papa’s World – relaxing and walking the beach – we have seemed to like one better than the other!

Although Ocean Isle Beach is a ten minute drive – we seem to be going to Sunset Beach more often!

This beach is a extra ten minute drive – 8 miles away.

The difference is one is commercial and the other residential.

One is not flat and the other is.

One is more calm than the other.

Both have piers – both have plenty of parking – at least we have had no problems.

The pier at Sunset Beach – a lot of people sit under it to get out of the sun.

And you can see how calm the water is here and the beach wide and flat at low tide.

You can wade out and only be waist high!

Ocean Isle Beach has bigger waves and the beach is up and down.

There is where the mini golf is – the community park with concerts.

Bars and grills and a community center on the beach with bathrooms.

Sunset beach is almost all beach houses and rentals – hardly any big buildings!

We do go to both – Ocean Isle Beach has a big Farmers market a block from the beach.

Sunset Beach has their market on the mainland side as well as their concerts are mainland.

I like the drive to Ocean Isle Beach better – easier to get to.

Ocean Isle has little shops – and easy to walk around.

Many side streets and channels with houses.

Sunset Beach has a marsh on the South end and is where the Kindred Spirit mailbox is.

With low tide – the beach is really wide.

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Papa World – Sunset and night time on Ocean Isle beach with company – ice cream!

Good day!

We decided to take our company to Ocean Isle Beach – play some mini golf –

walk to the ice cream store and then go out onto the beach at sunset!

Eating ice cream on the beach just before sunset!
As we walked out onto the beach – we passed this “WILL YOU MARRY ME” proposal!

The people had gathered waiting for the surprise – we did not see it – but it was beautiful.

Eating the ice cream – no wind – warm – the tide was in.
Our comapny left two dogs home!

It was a fun day – we had gone to Sunset beach in the early afternoon –

then to dinner in Calabash and after here to play mini golf and walk the beach with ice cream!

The sun sinking in the West – dusk near – they had walked to the pier – now it was time to depart!

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And now after sunset – the rising of the moon and the glow across the water!

Papa’s World – at the beach with the little ones!

Bode – heading out to Taylor and Cassidy at Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.

They were so excited to be able to go to the beach each day – and it was hot – so we decided late afternoon

would be a better time to go – and they played the whole three hours in the surf – riding boogie boards

diving under the waves and getting us nervous as they would inch out farther and farther –

until I would wade out and move them back in.

“Papa – can you fasten this”?

Being young as they are is a exercise in pure energy – being old as I am – it was a exercise just to stand and brace against the waves!

But – I loved every moment of it.

Cassidy and Taylor – heading for the waves.

We did this for five afternoons – on the last night before the parents came – it was mini golf and Italian ice!

I – they – we had enough of facing the big waves and Bode wanted to play as soon as they arrived.

The twins actually ended up liking the mini golf and a lot of laughs on how each one putted the ball.

Both as different as they are but the results were the same.

The beach – we decided the last time for them – we would go to Sunset beach – and they loved it!

As did we – less commercial – more level and the sand more fine.

And it was not as rough as Ocean Isle Beach.

Calling them in for a break – away from the big waves which they were in.

Taylor would stcik more in and closer to us – these two have no fear and are so alike.

Taylor staying closer to us – Cassidy heading out to the waves.

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SHERRY – their MORMOR ( mothers mother)
The twins heading for the waves at Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.


Papa’s World – Part two – inside the new house – almost done – furniture arrived!

The guest bathroom – off the front hall but between both bedrooms.

Still thinking this one through – the rug we are trying out – she might just keep this one! LOL

Front bedroom – carring on the light gray and yellow theme. It is in here that drawings form Ella and Cassidy are hung.

This room also has the Swedish heritage items – as Sherry is Swede – her grandmother came ferom Sweden.

A drawing of a little girl in the rain with umbrella by Cassidy when she was nine.

This to me is like a HALLMARK card – so simple yet so carefully drawn of a little girl by a little girl.

This was drawn by Ella when she was 17 years old

A picture of our front porch in Brambleton where I sat everyday until the sun got too hot!

She captured it perfectly right down to the flowers and Swedish horses!

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Papa’s World – Sherry’s happy places!

When ever we are on the beach – she is drawn to the water – wading – watching the surfers.

The beach draws her – to let off stress and a quiet place to walk – the sounds of the surf – the warm waters.

With friends – out and about – exploring the world with these two – every couple years we plan a break.

Buck and Cindy are our close friends – we moved into a house next to them 36 1/2 years ago –

and had known thenm before that. We get along and enjoy much of the same things.

Cindy is very active as is Sherry – always on the go. They walk together when we are around.

Now – our new home is about 40 minutes away from them.

We try to golf once aweek or go out to a show or dinner.

Family has and always will play a part in our lives. Sherry now is the oldest – and they all look up to her.

Here is Bode in front row with the five grandaughters behind him.

She reminds me so much of her father – tall – slim – smile – always on the go and a born entrepreneur

He always was looking for a way to make money and she has that also.

Not afraid to stand up in front of people and talk.

And they played golf just alike!

I became very good friends with him before he passed away – he told me many things promising I would not repeat them. All had to do with the War and I shall keep that promise I made to him.

I repsected him that much – it was a bonding moment for him and me.

Sitting on the Intercoastal waterway – just her and me – watching the boats and having dinner.

She loves our new area – back in NVA she would take dozens of visitors on tour guides into DC.

She is a leader – a natural born one at that!

And now – our new home – close to the beaches and the ICW – close to golfing and close to friends –

A place for FAMILY to visit and room to have them.

This is her happy place once again – walking – meeting new neighbors –

exploring and in a area that does not have the freezing ice and snow.

The new lanai and her putting her finishing touches on it!

These are but a few of her happy places – places she feels most comfortable in.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –


Sherry – in a happy place along the ICW – CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH –

Papa’s World – after moving into the new home – our first official walk on the beach!

Ocean Isle Beach – N.C. the first time to walk here after moving in!

The beach is but 4.5 miles away – shorter if you are a crow!

We live in Cameron Woods – part of Ocean Ridge but across the main highway from it.

We are on the mainland – three miles to the causeway over the ICW!

We actually have a choice of two beaches – for Sunset beach is two miles futher in the opposite direction South!

And if we want to travel – we are 16 miles back to North Myrtle Neach where we have lived the past nine months!

The beach here is different – the sand a darker shade – not as flat and the waves seem to be rougher !

The beach also is not as wide as NMB or as many people!

People surf and ride the waves more here.

The water is very warm just like NMB!

And we are finding our way around!

There are music concerts throughout the Summer and into October on Friday nights!

Getting there is a major problem as we tried to attend the free concert and got stuck in a three mile

traffic jam trying to get across the causeway!

So – we truned around and did not go!

We are learning – do not go at the last moment – go early – walk the beach – have dinner and then get the chairs out and pick a space to chill and wait for the music to start!

Both beaches have these concerts on different nights as does NMB!

Right across the street form our home – Ocean Ridge – such beautiful skies here.

Our first beach walk – thank you for reading Papa’s World




Papa’s World – Toes in the water – beach life!

Finally we have made it to our dream –

We always vacationed at the beach

up and down the EAST COAST!

Today – until the end of February

we will be next to it!

Sherry and I sold our house and rented a condo

one half mile from the beach

in North Myrtle Beach – S.C.

We did this because I just happen to come upon

this rental – and the view of this small lake

from the top floor lanai!


And the bonus – during our three mile plus walk everyday

half of that walk is on the beach!

Of course said walk comes after my morning cup of coffee!

Why for five months?

Because we do not know where we want to live

only that it will fall someplace

from here to the northern border of N.C.

We have always talked of this

But where ever we go – the criteria is twofold

We will try to stay within 7 hours of our families

in NVA.

And a place that is warm – no snow – and lots of golf!

We did not know at the time just how much Sherry would come to love this place!

Being here – it is warmer than where we lived in the winter

and we walk everyday –

hardly any traffic as we walk within a gated community –

until we cross a road to the beach.

And then after a 1/2 mile walk – we have this!


She has leaned over to me and said


WE HAVE SAVED – we have worked all our lives.
We have found our quiet place – our love – and a place for family to enjoy.

We are close to the over seven hours for our trip back to NVA!

The family is now a long weekend away.

We still are searching!

Oh – you can ride golf carts here!


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Papa’s World – walking home from the beach at Ocean Keyes – N.M.B. going to miss this!

As we leave the beach entrance we use almost every day – and walk back to the condo – a two block walk to the gate.
This is the property just before we enter the gate at Ocean Keyes – We love this house and grounds!

This is along the sidewalk outside the fenced in yard – almost everything here comes back every year!

They have irrigation out here as well in the enclosed yard. It is shaded by Cypress trees –

and it is a inkling to what is inside the fence!

As soon as you walk through the gate – you see these three white ducks!

I have given them the names of HUEY – DEWEY and LOUIE ! LOL

Sherry – who is a CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH – will run ahead of me – then turn around and come back – to get her heart rate up – but I think she sees this sign and off she goes! LOL

I have to keep up or the sign in RED is for me!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – the next blog will continue the walk back through Ocean Keyes!

From here to the condo is 1/2 mile walking!





Papa’s World – FRIENDS – BAREFOOT LANDING – BEACH TIME – and of course RAIN!

Before our friends arrived – we took our walk to the beach!

They would all be here by noon!

So – we walked – and then we went back and waited for them to arrive!

Back to front – Jim – Dottie – Sherry – Buck – Cindy and Papa.

Our first stop on Saturday afternoon would be Barefoot landing – and Crooked Hammock Brewery –

where the gals would do a flight of four beer tastings.

The guys already knew what beer they wanted!

Sherry has been trying beer and staying away from her Vodka and Tonic!

So she is slowly acquiring the taste as the rest of us drink beer.

Here we are along the ICW – looking at the boats!

NOTE: we normally do not drink – only when we get together with family of friends –

we go weeks on end without – mostly drinking healthy shakes or water

coffee ( me) tea ( Sherry) – I am for the most part a light beer drinker –

I do not like wine much or hard drinks –

Sherry = prefers when she has a drink – a wine of her choice or Vodka and tonic and not many of them.

Making our way past Greg Normans and onto the brewery along the ICW!
In the Brewery of Crooked Hammock.

After the stop at the Brewery – we continued on toward a new place that just opened up –

Called LANDSHARK – where we would have lunch!

Cindy – Dottie – Sherry – have all been friends for over 39 years!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –

Later that day – FAT HAROLD’S – and the Rain came in the next day!

Continued in next blog – THE RAIN AND THE BEACH!



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