Papa’s World – after moving into the new home – our first official walk on the beach!

Ocean Isle Beach – N.C. the first time to walk here after moving in!

The beach is but 4.5 miles away – shorter if you are a crow!

We live in Cameron Woods – part of Ocean Ridge but across the main highway from it.

We are on the mainland – three miles to the causeway over the ICW!

We actually have a choice of two beaches – for Sunset beach is two miles futher in the opposite direction South!

And if we want to travel – we are 16 miles back to North Myrtle Neach where we have lived the past nine months!

The beach here is different – the sand a darker shade – not as flat and the waves seem to be rougher !

The beach also is not as wide as NMB or as many people!

People surf and ride the waves more here.

The water is very warm just like NMB!

And we are finding our way around!

There are music concerts throughout the Summer and into October on Friday nights!

Getting there is a major problem as we tried to attend the free concert and got stuck in a three mile

traffic jam trying to get across the causeway!

So – we truned around and did not go!

We are learning – do not go at the last moment – go early – walk the beach – have dinner and then get the chairs out and pick a space to chill and wait for the music to start!

Both beaches have these concerts on different nights as does NMB!

Right across the street form our home – Ocean Ridge – such beautiful skies here.

Our first beach walk – thank you for reading Papa’s World




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