Papa’s World – Sherry’s happy places!

When ever we are on the beach – she is drawn to the water – wading – watching the surfers.

The beach draws her – to let off stress and a quiet place to walk – the sounds of the surf – the warm waters.

With friends – out and about – exploring the world with these two – every couple years we plan a break.

Buck and Cindy are our close friends – we moved into a house next to them 36 1/2 years ago –

and had known thenm before that. We get along and enjoy much of the same things.

Cindy is very active as is Sherry – always on the go. They walk together when we are around.

Now – our new home is about 40 minutes away from them.

We try to golf once aweek or go out to a show or dinner.

Family has and always will play a part in our lives. Sherry now is the oldest – and they all look up to her.

Here is Bode in front row with the five grandaughters behind him.

She reminds me so much of her father – tall – slim – smile – always on the go and a born entrepreneur

He always was looking for a way to make money and she has that also.

Not afraid to stand up in front of people and talk.

And they played golf just alike!

I became very good friends with him before he passed away – he told me many things promising I would not repeat them. All had to do with the War and I shall keep that promise I made to him.

I repsected him that much – it was a bonding moment for him and me.

Sitting on the Intercoastal waterway – just her and me – watching the boats and having dinner.

She loves our new area – back in NVA she would take dozens of visitors on tour guides into DC.

She is a leader – a natural born one at that!

And now – our new home – close to the beaches and the ICW – close to golfing and close to friends –

A place for FAMILY to visit and room to have them.

This is her happy place once again – walking – meeting new neighbors –

exploring and in a area that does not have the freezing ice and snow.

The new lanai and her putting her finishing touches on it!

These are but a few of her happy places – places she feels most comfortable in.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –


Sherry – in a happy place along the ICW – CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH –

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