Papa’s World – Finally the two Swans returned – by themselves – no babies!

They have been missing for about five weeks – I would catch a glimpse of them to the left of the lanai

Around the bend and through the shrubs and trees – once in a while

Sometimes I would mistake them for the lone swan –

But then I would see it futher down the lake.

Thought maybe they had a nest and were nesting little ones back in the marsh.

The two mated swans are in the top left of the picture while the lone swan is in the middle right of the picture – the first time I had seen all three in over a month!

But – there were no babies and the geese have tons of babies –

So – I do not know why they disappeared and seemed to glimpse them every once in a while through the trees.

That part of the lake is undeveloped and is marsh – swamp – trees and water – not the type of place you want to wade

through or even boat in there – at least I wouldn’t!

I was disappointed in no baby swans but happy in that the were back!

They still would have nothing to do with the lone swan.

This is as close as they would let it come!

Then – last week – a man showed up in a small skiff – he comes once in a while to fix the fountains –

the one we see that is close to us in the middle of the lake – gets clogged up and quits –

I have watched him a half dozen times come in and go to it and unclog it!

This time as he was coming down the lake – I watched the two swans take flight –

beating their wings against the water and become airborne –

they circled around and headed over the houses to the left –

There is another lake over there – I think they went there as they were frightened by the man and boat.

After that we went for a walk on the beach – and have not seen the two swans since!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – the one swan remains – mingling in with the ducks – mallards and geese.

I have seen turtles by the hundreds – a otter – some very large fish – a eagle several times -osprey – cranes – herons – egrets – storks –

And the three swans when all here.

A place that when you wake up with the sliding glass doors open – you hear the songs of the birds.





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